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The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Eragon files The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Eragon, read online The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Eragon, free The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Eragon, free The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Eragon, The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Eragon 33c0ce07b A Wanderer And A Cursed Child Spells And Magic And Dragons, Of CourseWelcome Back To The World Of Alaga Sia It S Been A Year Since Eragon Departed Alaga Sia In Search Of The Perfect Home To Train A New Generation Of Dragon Riders Now He Is Struggling With An Endless Sea Of Tasks Constructing A Vast Dragonhold, Wrangling With Suppliers, Guarding Dragon Eggs, And Dealing With Belligerent Urgals And Haughty Elves Then A Vision From The Eldunar , Unexpected Visitors, And An Exciting Urgal Legend Offer A Much Needed Distraction And A New Perspective This Volume Features Three Original Stories Set In Alaga Sia, Interspersed With Scenes From Eragon S Own Unfolding Adventure Included Is An Excerpt From The Memoir Of The Unforgettable Witch And Fortune Teller Angela The Herbalist Penned By Angela Paolini, The Inspiration For The Character, Herself Relish The Incomparable Imagination Of Christopher Paolini In This Thrilling New Collection Of Stories Based In The World Of The Inheritance CycleCLUDES FOUR NEW PIECES OF ORIGINAL ART BY THE AUTHOR

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    The tales contained in this volume are all true, and every one is false I leave it to the discerning reader to untangle the contrary strands of history Oh My God I can t breathe My prayers have been answered.I am an absolutely massive long time fan of Paolini s work and have spent the last seven years of my life pining over this series.But that is all in the past because his new book came out A NEW BOOK cue the hyperventilating I justwhewgetting a bit dizzy from the excitement Without further ado, let s dive into the three brand new short stories from the dazzling world of Alaga sia The Fork Restoring the race of dragons, leading the Riders and protecting the Eldunar were all responsibilities he wanted, welcomedAnd yetEragon never expected that he would spend so much of his life doing this. Eragon strongest Dragon Rider in a century, Shadeslayer, defeater of kings has had his life reduced to an endless stream of petty squabbles and paperwork.Sure, restoring the dragon race seemed like an exciting job but in real lifenot quite so much.The Eldunar , essentially dragon souls, decide to show Eragon how they passed centuries underground and the young Dragon Rider is soon swept into an entirely unexpected story.This one was interesting, but it took me entirely too long to figure out the real identity Tornac I am extraordinarily dense sometimes most times So I spent much of this story going, interestingbut why is this one included Of course, once everything is revealed, I did have an AHA moment and enjoyed the story significantly .However, this one definitely felt like a side story and I wish it would have had a bit weight and would have impacted the main plot of the Eragon series The Witch As he stopped in front of Elva, she looked p at him with her violet eyes and smiled, wide and sharp toothed, like a cat before a mouse Greetings, Eragon, she said. Angela, the mischievous and mayhem inclined herbalist, was last seen walking off into the distance with young Elva.Elva, a cursed child, must suffer with whatever pains those around her feel If they re lonely, she feels lonely If they re hurt, she feels hurt.Due to Eragon s incomplete and incompetent curse removal skills, Elva still feels all human suffering but now is able to wield it as a weapon, making her service highly sought after.Angela spirited the girl away and sought to raise her without attempted kidnappers and murderers surrounding her.However, Angela does not intend to raise the child in complete isolation and pays a visit to Eragon Amiss The herbalist laughed, bright and merry No, nothing amiss You have an overly suspicious mind, Shadeslayer And, much to Eragon s amusement, Angela brings with her an incomplete and highly dubious autobiography for his perusal.I did enjoy this one significantly than the first after all, what s not to love when Angela s in the scene However, Paolini did such an excellent job of making Elva sullen, surly and unlikable in the main series that I struggled to disconnect myself from that initial impression.It s very difficult to turn around a character s personality, and infinitely so in a short story I did have a better understanding of Elva by the endbut honestly, part of me wish this entire story consisted of Angela running around wielding her battle ax.Also, just as a cool fact, the real life Angela aka Christopher Paolini s sister wrote part of this one isn t that the coolest The Worm She did not understand magic She put her trust in bone and muscle, not words and potions. Ilgra, a young urgal, witnessed the utter destruction of home at the claws of one, terrible wild dragon she saw the dragon ravage their farms with fire and claw and the sweep of his jagged tail. V rmund, the dragon, sees little difference between friend and foe, between life and death, between Urgal and cattle And, with barely any effort, he decimates Ilgra s family He could life staggering amounts of stone with a word, but he couldn t turn aside death No one could. Upon the death of her father, Ilgra swears revenge And she spends years, and years, working her way towards that goal The rest of the clan may have forgotten, some have even forgiven, but not Ilgra Never.She will kill that dragon or die trying But when push comes to shove, she begins to realize the truth of an old adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friendThis one was honestly my favorite and it doesn t focus on any of the originals go figure I think the characters are extremely well done, the plot was unique and it had a really polished feel to it almost like an old legend passed down from the ages Overall I m just OVER the mother flipping MOON that Paolini has published another book Really, truly.Fingers crossed that this is the start of a new era for him Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Does the eagle worry about the length of the day Does the bear or the deer or the fish in the sea No So why should you This new instalment from the world of Eragon and Saphira was than I hoped it would be Initially, I had my doubts that a few short stories would do the trick that they would be able to transport me back into this world But to my great surprise, it was the perfect book for several reasons Of course, it s wonderful to see what happens to Eragon and his people and dragon after he left Alaga sia We get smaller and bigger glimpses of familiar characters sometimes they are only mentioned in a sentence or two, but some of them even appear in one of the stories The best thing about this book, however, is one very special and intriguing novella The book is divided up into three parts as the title suggests Each part contains three chapters Chapters one and three are always told from Eragon s point of view and serve as frames for chapter two The Witch, Part II, chapter two was written by Christopher Paolini s sister Angela who was the inspiration for the character with the same name that also happens to be at the centre of said chapter I must admit that it was my least favourite story out of the three It did not really catch my interest I loved the story in Part I, though, but my favourite remains the one from Part III, The Worm of Kulkaras I don t think that I have ever absorbed one of Paolini s stories quite like this.I utterly forgot about my surroundings, and for a few moments, the events from the book became real than reality itself It was a powerful story about revenge, empowerment, and the nature of things It is told from the point of view of an Urgal woman who swears to kill the dragon that killed her father and destroyed her village The I think about it, the genius it becomes But I don t want to take away too much, so you should make sure to read it yourself.Since this is only Volume I, I expect that one or two books with novellas will follow I expect that the next one will be told from Arya s POV, but I might have to sit and wait patiently to find out After reading this book, though, this might be easier said than done Thank you to EDPR for providing me with a free copy in return for an honest review.Find of my books on Instagram

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    I have come home.Just look at this beauty What a blast of fresh air this has been I had forgotten what it felt like to devour a book so pure in its storytelling that you lose track of time I feel like a reader again, if that is even possible.I read Eragon back in high school I remember that time clearly We had chatted about Saphira, Brom, Nasuada, Galbatorix in between classes, a discussion filled with starry eyed wonder for our new favorite series after Harry Potter And what a joy it is to relive those moments through a book that doesn t disappoint, as most sequels do I have never been gladder to be a reader, to be a lover of books, as I do now, because what is life without delving into tales of dragons and magic The first thing I would like to mention is that do not hesitate to read the book after seeing it s a compilation of short stories truth be told, I did have my inhibitions because after all, Paolini s customary 500 paged books are why we have grown to love the author But where the small book could have left my thirst unquenched, I find myself simply wanting , having grown fond, rather than less, of the characters I first started loving in Eragon Tales from Alagaesia is split into three stories We start with a prologue detailing Eragon s work since he has left for the island housing the many dragon eggs The valley has undergone extreme construction, and Eragon realizes there is much work to be done still, although that has him in low spirits owing to his thirst for knowing and attaining everything at once Underlining his concerns is the still open wound from having left everything, including the woman he loved, behind to serve the greater purpose, as he sees it The Fork Straight up a nod to one of the main characters from The Inheritance Cycle and whom everyone either pities or hates, depending on how they see him I for one grew to love him because he did go through a lot of shit The Fork is about Murtagh s encounter with foes in a drab inn in a small town There he meets Essie, a small girl considering leaving her town for good following bullying at the hands of the town s privileged kids Told from the perspective of the Eldunari to cheer up Eragon s spirits, the story serves to teach a few lessons, not least of which is one we all must remember Sometimes you have to stand and fight Sometimes running away is not an option Although the story doesn t offer many details about Murtagh s life following the great war with Galbatorix, it is evident he is still an outcast and would need to overcome a lot of his fears in the coming years to find true happiness The Witch A first, I think, in Paolini s works as this one was written by his sister, Angela, the woman after whom our beloved witch Angela is named in the books Eragon and Saphira are visited by Angela and Solembum ah, how I missed that cat , accompanied, unexpectedly by Elva, the child Eragon blessed We discover Angela has been writing a biography, and she asks Eragon to read the handful of chapters she has completed, some of which detail how Elva came to be with the witch, having previously been housed or imprisoned, depends on how you see it in Nasuada s castle The story sure made me hope Paolini actually writes a biography for Angela as I would love to know what quests she had gone on before meeting Eragon in the first book The Worm Much longer than the other two stories, this one turned out to be my favorite A normal day in the valley ends disastrously following a grave tragedy Everyone, the elves, the urgals, the dwarves and Eragon and Saphira, are overcome with despair Amidst the melancholic gathering, Eragon asks the Urgal leader to tell him a tale to cheer him up And we find ourselves in a land centuries old, where an Urgal clan is attacked by Vermund, a great, black worm of a dragon who wreaks havoc on an entire village Ilgra, a young female Urgal, watched the creature devour her father, a mighty leader Thereupon she vows revenge and bids her time as following a lengthy feast, the dragon perches itself atop the highest mountain and falls into a deep slumber, till when it will get hungry again and return to hunt and scrounge for food Ilgra embarks on a mission to train herself, so as to become strong enough to defeat the mighty beast We see her first becoming one of the Anointed Kull as mentioned in The Inheritance Cycle then trying to attack the dragon herself then challenging a shaman to teach her magic so she could fight the dragon using unseen forces As each of her efforts wears her down, she refuses to lose hope, using her deceased father s horn as a source of motivation The story s ending was the book s peak for me, as we learn how not every quest can go as you planned To see how Ilgra fared in her self imposed mission to singlehandedly fight a dragon, I leave you the task to read the book yourself As the story ended, I found myself once again inspired by the unique way Paolini draws his characters Who knew an Urgal, a beast of a race we learned to hate in the first few books, could be a source of inspiration But there were still things in life he could not overcome things that no one could It was a sobering thought When Eragon was younger, the knowledge would have bothered him now, though, he understood the wisdom of acceptance As the story drew to an end, Eragon wondered anew why he put so much pressure on himself to always win And just then his companions delivered a piece of happy news, a note on which the novel ends, leaving you hoping Paolini would pick up his pen soon.To conclude, I didn t know I needed the warmth of Saphira s character, the strength from the Urgal s way of living, the resilience with which Eragon has persevered, the quirkiness of Angela and the might yet beauty of all dragons until I picked up this book I sorely craved the happiness one gets from reading a satisfying novel I have always been, and I always will be, a true fan of Paolini s works and I hope to heaven we get a series based on Eragon s story not the garbage movie they churned out years ago to sate my hunger at least a bit until Paolini releases another book Books should go where they will be most appreciated, and not sit unread, gathering dust on a forgotten shelf, don t you agree Christopher Paolini

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    My ONLY complaint of this book To Damn Short I needed about 500 MORE pages to satisfy myself and was cut short literally And it was like taking a cap full of water when you haven t drank anything in days It left me yearning for and Paolini better be on the ball here with cause I NEED IT

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    Cute, but don t get too hyped It s not Eragon level.

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    4 STARS oh my precious, oh my heart Happiness, Eragon had decided, was a fleeting, futile thing to pursue Contentment, on the other hand, was a far worthwhile goal. The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm is a book Christopher Paolini had not intended to write.In fact, as he puts it himself in the Afterword, he wrote the first version of The Worm of Kulkaras a bit over two years ago as a means of clearing his head between sections of a larger sci fi project which I m anticipating, achingly The Worm by itself was too short to publish Thus it sat on his computer, alone and abandoned, until the summer of 2018.Then a sudden urge to write a Murtaugh story, and his sister Angela s enthusiasm to write a vignette from her character s point of view, was the catalyst we all needed to spark the beginning of a quick and accelerated publishing schedule that very summer And I, for one, am unbelievably grateful Be careful of waiting too long, though, Argetlam The future belongs to those who seize it The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm consists of three short stories intercepted with Eragon s own struggles of an unknown yet familiar and dangerous stranger on the road The Fork , a visit and a mystifying excerpt from the chaotic Angela s memoir The Witch , and an Urgal tale that would steal you away and surprise you with its honesty The Worm it is a brief return to the world of The Inheritance Cycle series.You need to read the four books of TIC to be able to read this instalment in Alaga sia You can t break something and mend it a moment later with pretty words Broken things stay broken Wounds heal into scars, not skin The Inheritance Cycle check the end of review for its books is one of those fantasy series that I believe every fantasy loving teenager should read with an exceptional magic system and diverse and detailed world building that only gets better as the series processes So you made it all up No, she said, giving him a serious look over her flashing needles I did not Even if I had, there are often lessons worth learning in stories Wouldn t you agree I hope you savour its delicious flavour and precious aftertaste as much as I did and treasure every short second of it Storyline The Fork It s been a year since Eragon Shadeslayer, Argetlam, Dragon Rider, Kingslayer, and bearer of many names departed Alaga sia in search of the perfect home to train a new generation of Dragon Riders.From a war full of risky fights and unexpected twists, now he is struggling with an endless sea of tasks constructing a vast dragonhold, wrangling with suppliers, guarding dragon eggs, and dealing with belligerent Urgals and haughty elves.Sometimes it was easier to fight a battle than to figure out how to deal with the mundane details of life.And of course he finds himself unbelievably missing the action.To cure him of this restlessness and offer him a much needed distraction and a new perspective, the Eldunar show him a vision of someone he knew, now far in the northwest Images blossomed before him, and within them Eragon saw and felt far than he d expected Or, and this is just a suggestion, you could try to fix the problem instead of running away I m all feels I ve been waiting for a peak at what this Tornac c mon, we all know who he truly is M uhum, nope, not spoiling it has been up to in the north And I m so glad he s got a purpose and has healed and changed so much eyes shaped like two hearts the size of the biggest pizza on earth This short story was so precious The Witch We all know Angela the herbalist with a gift for chaos and mystery And we all know Elva, the bitter cursed blessed child that despises Eragon and literally everyone Many will advise you to dig for the truth, but you must never, never do that I have dug I have seen what lies below, and I would not wish that upon the worst of you. Now imagine these two at your doorstep Yeah, not a pleasant surprise You might suspect that something s amiss.Well, if you count the witch wanting to get rid of that hurricane of a child for a few days something amiss, then yes, something is.It is so obvious how could it not be true But the obvious is often an illusion.That fan favourite enigma of a witch Angela of many names brings with herself an excerpt from her memoir written by Angela Paolini, Christopher s sister and the inspiration for the character I loved this short look into her past and I can t wait for sighh The Worm Eragon grief stricken and tired is in need of a story to learn a lesson that it is foolish to fight the inevitable.And an Urgal epic storyteller with an unforgettable legend of the past is the best thing he could possibly hope for Some things there are we cannot change There is no glory in fighting the inevitable Do you not understand Ilgra is a daughter of a respected Kull the bigger and stronger of the Urgals in their clan That all changes when a dark and terrifying worm of a dragon descends upon them, slaughtering their friends and families, and choosing the mountain next to their valley as his lair Abandon your quest for vengeance ere it destroys you What enchanted me the most about this story was its detailed and logical look on epics, and cunning take of bravery with shocking twists It reminded me of what I count as Paolini s ultimate masterpiece The Epic of Carvahall what I like to call Roran s chapters from Eldest.None were exempt not bear nor wolf nor cat nor even the most fearsome of hunters All fell prey in time It was not a question of if but when.It was also a testament to how much I love this species and their unique existence There was another Urgal tale I loved before that was among the deleted scenes of Brisingr.The Worm is definitely my favourite story of the book Storytelling Worrying about the time is exactly what you need curing of Does the eagle worry about the length of the day Does the bear or the deer or the fish in the sea No So why should you Chew what you can and leave the rest for tomorrow Christopher Paolini he manages to constantly amaze me with his apt writing and moving prose I don t know what it is about it it s fantastically magical, powerful, and enchanting in a classic way.To phrase it perfectly, reading Paolini is like sitting around the fire and listening to that epic storyteller who spins a tale and sucks you in thoroughly I mean, look at this Billows of smoke fouled the air, and ash fell thick as snow until a false twilight blanketed the valley, a dark shroud of destruction heavy with grief, bitter with anger. Angela Paolini as the inspiration for the character Angela, she used to provide the herbalist s dialogues in the original four books yes, our favourite chitchats and mysterious witty remarks from the witch were greatly provided by Christopher s fabulous sister And now, for the first time, she s picked up the pen and blessed us with her prose All matter in the universe is in motion all motion is relative Chapter V On the Nature of Stars which is an excerpt from the witch s memoir written by Angela is uniquely written, sounding completely like the chaos lover she is.It both furthers the character s mystery and serves to give us a peak at the science and science fiction woven into the fantasy world of Alaga sia masterfully showing us how they would perceive our known and unknown facts with the promise of Characterization and Relationships Eragon our powerful and wise boy is ever the delight to read I will never deny the fact that I ve repeatedly fangirled over him cause it s not something I m ashamed of He is seriously one of the best and most real epic heroes I know there are many, many things I can t control. Eragon allowed himself a brief, grim smile But knowing and doing are two different things.Did I say that he s wise Oh I did but whatever I ll say it again He is dedicated and devoted to his job and wishes to only focus on the tremendous task at hand And Saphira is ever the balance he s needed I think they ll be the best teachers ever when the time comes Murtaugh swoons I was actually screaming when he thought about going back And that FIGHT Thank you Christopher A scar is something to admire You re wrong, it just means you re broken But sometimes, if you work very hard, you can mend a break so that it s stronger than before He has healed beautifully in his solitude I loved his interactions with the little girl And the brief look at his grown bond with Thorn was something I appreciated Sighhh Where is Book Five and Murtaugh Angela do I even need to declare my utter obsession or is it an established fact by now I m in awe of Christopher s ability to come up with such memorable characters heart eyes, sheepish grin Strive for wisdom Or at least a decrease in idiocy. I need an Angela in my life accompanied by a Solembum if possible Her curiosity, nosiness, love for mayhem, different perception of order, questioning of beliefs, and her ideas are only some of the things I adore about her Elva the tortured, selfish, spoiled child who is in need of steadfast love and attention perhaps than anyone People are fragile poke them here or there and watch them crumble She is yet again on the offensive, and hurts without a second thought But she s still a child that didn t have time to grow naturally I m happy about where Christopher is now leading her with this book, the path he put her on The character development is on point Ilgra an unexpected favourite of mine, I d say She s a new character of the past, a legend among the Urgals, whose inspiring tale makes up the largest parts of The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm I do fear, said Ilgra But it does not stop me Daring, smart, cunning, brave but not foolishly so, proud but not illogical so, she s yet another embodiment of epic yet unique and rational awesomeness Worldbuilding The span and depth of existence is far greater than anyone can know not even the oldest dragon or the wisest elf I have seen than most, but even that is less than a particle of dust, smaller than the smallest thing, and then smaller still.My general reaction towards Alaga sia s magic system, rules, and interwoven fabric of fantasy leading to sci fi and borrowing from science theories is infatuation and adoration at first, then contemplation, and in the end breathless wow sI find the criticism that it s not original because there are elves and dwarves, with mostly the popular characteristics related to elves and dwarves in fantasy like LoTR to be not relevant.Because he is borrowing from the existing mythology and contributing his own spectacular reasoning to it It s actually a great and precious form of art, and one that I relish Not to even discuss the amazing nature of the dragons, the unmatched Urgals, the history of humans, or the impressive attention to languages and their twists and interactions in names I m glad that Christopher Paolini took the unexpected and sudden chance to provide us desperate people with a brief visit back to his fan favourite world No matter your chosen path, you have my blessing May the gods grant you good fortune, and may you always be of sharp mind and clear conscience And I can t wait for his Sci Fi novel and later his Inheritance Book Five and other prequels sequels to come out into the world Companions Related books Eragon The Inheritance Cycle, 1 Eldest The Inheritance Cycle, 2 Brisingr The Inheritance Cycle, 3 Inheritance The Inheritance Cycle, 4 Book playlist I Could Use a Love Song by Maren Morris the beginning Dear Hate by Maren Morris ft Vince Gill The Fork Daydream by Wallace Collection The Fork Planetarium by Justin Hurwitz Instrumental The Witch Way Down We Go by Kaleo The Worm Broken Bones by Kaleo The Worm Last Day Alive by The Chainsmokers ft Florida Georgia Line the end

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    Christopher Paolini I did not even read this book when it came out I read it in 2011 and I ve been waiting for 5 YEARS IMAGINE THE POOR PEOPLE WHO VE BEEN WAITING SINCE IT CANE OUT PLEASE WRITE FASTER I NEED THIS.

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    At first I was, like And after, I was, like As for many, it was very exciting that C.Paolini was releasing a new book I ve been a huge fan of Inheritance cycle and couldn t wait for And of course, even if I was promised just a short glimpse , expectations were high But I was so disappointed Also, have you heard about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Even not all chapter were written by C Paolini and half of it is even not about Eragon or any familiar character It s said that he is working on a sci fi novel, but 7 years, luv 7 years to produce this, darling All we get is this He published his last book in 2011 and I wonder what else he was doing for 7 years Yes, I get the fact that he was a teen writing prodigy, he toured over 135 schools and libraries thank you Wikipedia and writing a book is not an easy job, but 7 years O_O Even GOT has 2 6 years breaks and I am sorry to say, the quality and magnitude is way different The chapters have a weird time frame, it jumps from one character to another leaving weird cliffhangers or no hangers at all Everything is so scattered, leaving me either uncaring or trying to make me wait another indefinite time frame for another book that explain everything but might come out or might not I think I don t care that much C.Paolini mentioned that he always wanted and had plans to use Alagaesia world for further stories, but in my opinion, it s not a worthy come back Also, I question the relevance of this book For example, fans that were 12 16 when Inheritance cycle was at it s peak, now would be 20 24, does it still interest them They moved on to different authors and series Is the book relevant to new readers who, in order to get acquainted with Alagaesia, would have to go through the three previous volumes I think the now factor was lost big time I always loved authors who write I might not be a huge fan of their work, but consistency and publishing something every two three years is a good thing People don t forget about you You stay relevant You move forward You find a way to talk to readers You continue series or finish them and start something new Now we get a half baked book in hopes to still attract the readers I think if C Paolini would have asked Go big or go home , he should have gone home Or I just don t get it That happens Sometimes.

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    My all time favorite series I m so glad we are getting a 5th book because the ending to Inheritance killed me I can t wait

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