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The Androids Bride summary The Androids Bride , series The Androids Bride , book The Androids Bride , pdf The Androids Bride , The Androids Bride 5ea01f202a When She Spoke Of Her Inability To Breed With The Soldier Robot You Frowned, C Raptin Said In His Electronic Voice Know This You Can Breed With Eisler You Can And It Will Be Expected Of You To Do So Karin S Mouth Grew Dry How Could We Possibly Karin Is A Dedicated Administrator In Her Once Prosperous Country Of Red Scale When Their Militant Neighbors Begin A Merciless War, Karin And Her Governor Father Contact The Isolated Country Of Lohocke For Help All They Know Of This Mysterious Neighbor Is A Legend About Metal MenThey Not Only Make Contact, But Are Promised The Help They Need The Price Karin Must Go To Lohocke And Become The Bride Of The Alpha Lord Eisler DurantKarin Has Been Tied To Lohocke In An Intricate Way Since Her Birth She S Ready To Accept Her Destiny At The Alpha Lord S Side Even If He S Not The Man She Expected

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    This was a fairly average sci romance It was just enjoyable enough to hold my attention without being anything memorable or special The real shame is that there was the potential for this story to be a lot better The sci fi elements of the story was pretty cool and the world building was fine This story was set in a legitimate robot utopia The characters and the romance were cute and likeable What held the story back was the simplistic writing style and not enough humor All in all I felt like this was an OK read that could have been a lot better Rating 3 stars.Audio Note Audrey Lusk did OK with the audio.

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    This was a fresh sci fi romance that I would read again It has a happy ending The world building takes over the story so the romance is rushed FYI there are some descriptive bedroom scenes.There are some proofreading errors The characters could use development Mature content114 pages

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    Why, oh why did it finish so abruptly The world building was great, the characters were very realist and the plot was a little original For all of its greatness, though, I have a grudge and a disappointment with this book A grudge because I found it by looking for romance novels involving an artificial intelligence And in case you do too, you should know that the androids here are cyborgs Physically and mentally machines, consciously, emotionally human Besides of the fact that the author takes a huge licence to play around the definition of the term android, it s okay, though, because Spoiler there is a sentient and totalitarian AI who can modify the minds of these too very human cyborgs And this was lovely Truly, the way the Skynet trope was played was artistic It was actually pleasent to read ABut sadly, a few things hinted at which that were expected to be developped, resolved, just like the heroine s relationship with the AI, never were The author kind of skipped forward in time and ended the show with minimum explanations I feel that the ending was rushed I could imagine than a couple things that could have been done to make the relations between the three main characters intense that would have perfectly fit the plot For exemple one of the main themes is transhumanism, yet the heroine never ever use a computer or had use for a chip the author wrote many other yaoi stories, but there isn t neither trace of intrigue, nor even a friendship shown between the two males characters despite of tons of facts and occasions to build one despite of showing curiosity about it, until the end, the heroine has not cared to decipher the third character s personality apparently, the AI s obvious sentience didn t phase her enough to remember doing it given the way they interact in the epilogue the genetic aspect of the mental disorder of the male romantic interest is never adressed yet he is expected to have children destined to rule after him, and I mean human children, as in, not modifiable.Sadly, as soon as the heroine finds out Lohocke s final goal, everything rushes and end abruptly on a boring and lukewarm tone As if the story had been on hiatus and the author never found the inspiration to conclude it In a nutshell, my qualm is that the authors teased about a complexe relationship relying on trust, power and identity, but in the end, we got served with a basically classic romance, kicking the third wheel out of the romance.Now, if you don t have set expectations and never had a crush on Terminator s Skynet or Asimov s Ultravac and just want to read something solid and well researched on cyborgs and robots, this book is an excellent choice.

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    I was very gun ho to start this book because the plot premise sounded great Unfortunately, the hero and heroine were a huge disappointment I can take one main character being all innocent and soft around the edges but two of them just doesn t work It was hard to care about two random people being victimized by their situations when I didn t know them Since this was such a short story there wasn t enough backstory in my opinion to make me really feel for either of the characters I never felt like I got to know who they were before this situation threw them together I got tired real quick of the world building as it took up much of the pages Would love a similar plot that was four times this length

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    A Science Fiction Romance..Karin marries the Alpha Lord to save her people I found the story intriguing, sy fy than Romance.The nutty professor meets multiple personality all rolled in one to make up the Alpha Lord.There was definitely a role reversal in this story I liked Karin.She was strong, brave and caring, while the Alpha Lord was a bit hesitant and troubled.Overall an interesting twist on scy fi romance, a little different from what I m used to but I liked it.Audrey Lusk did well with the narration Note This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    I really like the fancy ideas that come out of Yamila s mind.In this book, the planet of Karin Hassik Ten, Red Scale, is suffering a severe attack, with many deaths She urges her father, the governor Jol Hassik, asking for help to neighbors and can contact Lohocke, a place ruled by robots These don t have any interest in helping, but when Karin asks if they have something to give in exchange for help the answered promptly was YOU.Karin was chosen to be the bride of Alpha Eisler Durant To save her people Karin accepts the exchange.Thousand soldiers were sent the next day at the same time she should go to Lohocke.There, she meets her fianc , Eisler He also turned into machine but in a distant past he was also flesh housed.The marriage of Karin and Eisler would be for real, with all this involved how could you Oh You must be read to understand , But there was another secret about choosing her as his bride, and when she finds out, it may be too lateI loved the story and I felt sorry when the book ended Wow I swore that would have a second part For those who enjoy books that come out of the conventional.5 stars

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    I read the sample and couldn t wait to read the whole story I totally enjoyed the slow burn romance And the science fiction world building was first class And the characters were relatable Knowing and interacting with family and friends with asperges s syndrome one of the main character was so real and touching.A high functioning genius with a child like faith in his own creations Once I started this book, couldn t stop.not even one of my can t sleep and no pain pill will help headache stopped me Stayed up had to finish this This made me think about the world we are building for ourselves now Just out right good scifi

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    This was a sweet and nice story I ve liked Yamila s previous books and I enjoyed this one as well I ve read plenty of cyborg books, and this one had a unique story that I haven t encountered before about androids There s not much action going on It s of a drama story, but I liked the positive atmosphere that went on almost throughout the whole book It s a book you can enjoy without worrying if something bad will happen between the characters I recommend it.

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    Personal PreferenceIt s a good romance between an android and a human, it was well executed, but simply not something I like reading I didn t get a lot of detail of the land Either this is Earth in the future or an alien world someone would see on Star Trek The description of the Android Lord what did they call him Alpha Lord It was hard for me to picture him among other things.

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    This book held such promise, romance, sci fi, a bit of sex, but it s length was its downfall Way too short I felt as though the book was written hastily, because there was no depth, no flavor Of course, there were some errors in the writing, but not enough to bother me Another issue I had was the absence of chapters There are no breaks One thing is for sure, I could use a male with vibrating fingers and penis

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