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A Bittersweet Hood Dilemma chapter 1 A Bittersweet Hood Dilemma , meaning A Bittersweet Hood Dilemma , genre A Bittersweet Hood Dilemma , book cover A Bittersweet Hood Dilemma , flies A Bittersweet Hood Dilemma , A Bittersweet Hood Dilemma 56e7bca3536dd Every Hood Has Its Drama And Every Hood Has A Love Triangle Tokyo Is What You Call An Around The Way Girl Life Has Not Been Easy For Her Since She Ran Away From Home To Be With, Darrion Darrion Was The Love Of Tokyo S Life She Was His Down Chick Until She Finds Out Darrion Has Another LifeTassana Is The Girl Good That Wants A Taste Of Hood Life She Does Anything To Live It She Too Has Another Life She Has A Craving For Dope BoysKauzie And Tokyo Has Been Friends For Thirteen Years But He Is Secretly In Love With Her Only Problem Is He Can T Get Rid Of Tassana Who Is Tokyo S SisterIn This Twisted Hood Triangle There Is A Lot Of Deceit, Lies, And Heartache Two Sisters And One Man Who Can He Choose Tassana Has A Plan To Conquer All

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    Man o Man Natavia has done it again It slord where do I start Toyko is my girl and Kauzie is just THAT nigga And No Hands is my homie for lifeI couldn t put this book downnot a dull moment It s a must read just like her other books

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    First book ive read by this authorThis book was a very good read. first book ive read by this author But it wont be my last On to part 2.

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    When I say drama baby I mean this book had so much drama in it The things a women will do for love and family What a page turner this book is a five star book 4real

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    Lawd knows it was bittersweet I don t like Tassana trifling ass at all She was too bitter and jealous for all the wrong reasons She didn t appreciate the good man she had and it probably was the fact she was too busy trying to have one up on Tokyo Tokyo was rough around the edges and let a no good dude cloud her judgment but for the most part she was actually a good person Kauzie is that dude, hands down It took him awhile to realize and accept his true feelings but he finally got right No Hands needs to treat Kyree better and stop with the foolishness Tudos is dumb and weak I didn t feel any type of way when things changed for him because it was long overdue Dez is a mess and Darrion and Geechie seem a bit thirsty Oooh Osari is about to shake things up I already know he has the wrong person from the ending but I know she ll make it known I can t wait until Tassana gets everything she deserves for being so grimy I wonder if Tasira is as crazy as her brother.

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    Although Tokyo was deemed a little hood rat, I couldn t help but love her Yes, she made some bad relationship decisions in her teen years Yes, it sent her life spiraling out of control Yet, she didn t allow any of it to determine her destiny She worked hard at making sure she was happy in all aspect of her life In every love story there is always someone in the back ground trying to manipulate the perfect couple In this case, Tasanna is the culprit She s made some awful decisions when it come to love as well Unhappy with her situation, she set a series of events into place to destroy what Tokyo has Will Tokoyo allow her or will she fight for what she wants.As hood and as street smart as Tokyo was, I couldn t believe some of the choices she made concerning the love she had for Kauzie I really enjoyed reading this book It kept my attention and it also had me cracking up It was hilarious in parts I would definitely buy and read part two as soon as it drops.

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    Tokyo has no problem being herself Hate it or love it she still going to shine After seeing being a ride or die chick gets you nowhere.Love is a hope she has given up on.Tassana is a fake Bougie chick Though she feel she is better than everyone she also craves the lifestyle that they live.Her sneaky ways will find a way to catch up with her and she might lose it all.Kauzie is in a love triangle.Stuck between the girl he has put in time with but don t love and is home girl who has always had his heart but to young to realize it.Who will he choose Natavia did not disappoint with this story.I love the bond these characters had I really felt like I was in the hood Great comedy If you are looking withe a book filled with drama and deceit This the book for you.

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    THIS.BOOK.WAS.EVERYTHING Okay it is not often I read a book that I literally can not put down until I finish but this was that book Where do I even start Tokyo and Kauzie are that couple I was rooting for them the entire book No Hands is one of the funniest characters ever He is the type of dude I wish I could really hang out with just to always bust out laughing Now this book has deception, drama, and sex Now for Tassana, she made me want to jump through this book and put my foot so far up her you know what As my Nana use to say fat back ain t greasy and Tassana thought she was slicker then a can of grease But any whoot just pick up this book you will love it

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    4 I never get disappointed with author Natavia Tokyo has really made some stupid decisions in her life but her ratchetness draws you in Can t always judge a book by its cover Love me some Kauzie with his cocky ass I can t wait for part 2 Can t wait for Tassana to get what she deserves Took a star away for grammar errors

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    I really wanted Tokyo to win in this one even if she was really off the chain in the things she did Nothing compared to the mess of a hole Tassana was into though, I thought she d learned her lesson but of course she just couldn t get herself together I m looking forward to the next one.

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