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    Oh, my goodness Just when I thought Ellis couldn t get worse, he does The guy comes across like he knows what he s talking about, but then buried deep in his appendices which not everyone will read he actually confesses that he doesn t know that much ancient Hebrew He bases many of his theories on linguistic connections between Egyptian and Hebrew, trying to convince readers that David and Solomon were nothing than Egyptian pharaohs He s laughable in that he says that god is an alien from a star Now, if he had said that god or the gods were merely technologically advanced humans I could have accepted that, but an alien Any scrap of credibility he had evaporated.His logic throughout this series is circular and he repeats his hypothesis ad nauseam and it would appear that he thinks by repeating himself that he sounds convincing No He didn t convince me the first time, and saying it a second time doesn t either It s not that I m a mainstream christian and think he s bound for hell , it s just he makes some very basic errors For example, he claims that the number 666 in Revelation is related to King Solomon, but NO It has nothing to do with him it s a reference to the Emperor Nero Any first year Religious Studies text would have told him that I like a good conspiracy and alternative history, but this guy is just way out there.Why do I continue reading his books In a word OCD I started the series, and well in for a penny, in for a pound I ll finish it, as I m told he gets better, but I highly doubt it.

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Eden In Egypt download Eden In Egypt, read online Eden In Egypt, kindle ebook Eden In Egypt, Eden In Egypt d941af64007d New Revised And Expanded Edition Adam And Eve Were Pharaoh Akhenaton And Nefertiti The Bible Says That A River Flowed Through The Garden Of Eden And Then Split Into Four Branches There Is Only One River In The Near East That Does Exactly This, And That Is The Long Oasis Garden Of The Nile Valley And Its Division Into The Originally Four Branches Of The Nile Delta This Observation Takes Ralph Into The Depths Of The Genesis Account, And It Would Seem That Adam And Eve Were Actually Akhenaton And Nefertiti And So The Genesis Story Is Actually A Distillation Of Akhenaton S Hymn To The Aten Thus The Garden Of Eden Was Originally The Garden Of Aten Akhenaton S God At Amarna In Middle Egypt The Book Also Demonstrates That Hebrew Is A Direct Descendant Of The Ancient Egyptian Language, And That The Bible Was Written In Egyptian Sequel To Tempest Exodus Followed By Solomon, Pharaoh Of Egypt V