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    This book rocked my world It showed me how distracted my heart is, and how prone I am to wander Flavel shows how at the center of everything we do, is our heart Not the bodily artery, but the seat of all our emotions, desires, affections, words and actions We are commanded in Proverbs 4 23 to keep it with all diligence I need the Holy Spirit s help for this O for a better heart O for a heart to love God to hate sin to walk evenly with God Lord deny not to me such a heart whatever thou deny me give me a heart to fear thee, to love and delight in thee, if I beg my bread in desolate places John Flavel

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    I love reading the insight of those long ago Those who do not have the distractions we have today Survival and the main needs of the day were at the forefront but today, we think about what we will wear, what restraunt we will eat, go on vacation No wonder our hearts can be far from God This book is a detailed look at the heart By understanding the diligent and constant use of all holy means to preseve the soul from sinthe motiveand the fears of our heart The comfort of our our souls much depends on the keeping of our hearts How we understand grace comes from keeping our heart unto the Lord We can be very careless I saw that reading this How careless I have been Prayer and the heart are meant to be together I thought it was very insightful of Flavel Satan is angry and discontented spirit He finds no rest but in restless hearts This read is a reflection of the heart, that we would find peace and the knowledge of who God is.

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    This is quite like a smaller version of Ryle s Holiness It s very practical, and addresses as many facets as you can think of However, while they are communicated in a way which is easy to understand, that does not mean it is easy work I was convicted throughout the whole book Definitely read this short book, but prepare for the knife.

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    Finished reading this book on Valentine s Day In this book, John Flavel writes about the importance of keeping the heart He lists various circumstances in which the condition of the heart is in danger and then does very well to provide biblical truths and practical adivice to apply to each of those circumstances.

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    This is a book to read yearly, carefully, and prayerfully, if you want to do the necessary heart work of a Christian Subtitled, How to maintain your love for God.

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    Great short book of deep thought Practical application and so many good things that I practically underlined the whole book Will definitely read and re read

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    My goal in 2019 is to read some of the timeless Christian Classics that have made an impact on the body of Christ and are heralded as the best works in Christian literature John Flavel s book Keeping The Heart did not disappoint This book is not for the name it claim it crowd of modern evangelicalism but for the true child of God who needs to be reminded to check thyself before ye wreck thyself Steeped in Scripture, doctrine, reproof, correction, exhortation, this devotional has it all I ll leave you with an excerpt that rang my bell Hence, to the consternation of hypocrites and formal professors, I infer 1 That the pains and labours which many persons have undergone in religion are of no value, and will turn to no good account Many splendid services have been performed by men, which God will utterly reject they will not stand on record in order to an eternal acceptance, because the performers took no heed to keep their hearts with God This is that fatal rock on which thousands of vain professors dash and ruin themselves eternally they are exact about the externals of religion, but regardless of their hearts O how many hours have some professors spent in hearing, praying, reading and conferring And yet, as to the main end of religion, they might as well have sat still and done nothing, the great work, I mean heart work, being all the while neglected Tell me, vain professor, when did you shed a tear for the deadness, hardness, unbelief or earthliness of your heart And do you think your easy religion can save you If so, you must invert Christ s words, and say, Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to life, and many there be that go in thereat Hear me, ye self deluding hypocrite you who have put off God with heartless duties you who have acted in religion as if you had been blessing an idol you who could not search your heart, and regulate it, and exercise it in your performances how will you abide the coming of the Lord how will you hold up your head before him, when he shall say O you dissembling false hearted man How could you profess religion With what face could you so often tell me that you loved me, when you knew in your conscience that your heart was not with me O tremble to think what a fearful judgment it is to be given over to a heedless and careless heart, and then to have religions duties instead of a rattle to quiet and still the conscience Flavel, John Keeping the Heart Fig Kindle Edition.

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    4.5 The only reason I withheld a 5, is due to the monotony of the situations when the heart needs to be guarded It seemed to go on and on And yet, perhaps the monotony is aimed at causing the reader to realize, that there never seems to be a moment in life when the heart does not need to be kept I think most would be hard pressed to identify a moment in life when they couldn t identify with one of the issues that Flavel unpacked Very helpful Very insightful.

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    This is a helpful little book for self examination and a call to a deeper relationship with God He goes through a lot of different life situations great success, grief, persecution, etc and gives the challenges you can expect to find with each, and how you ought to keep your heart right with God It s a beneficial book, though it is a little bit of a difficult read.

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A Saint Indeed download A Saint Indeed, read online A Saint Indeed, kindle ebook A Saint Indeed, A Saint Indeed 081f59c4a26d This Classic Puritan Work, John Flavel, Is A Discourse Upon Proverbs , Keep Thy Heart With All Diligence For Out Of It Are The Issues Of Life Flavel Intended This Treatise For The Specific Purpose Of Illuming, Healing, And Guarding The Heart He Had The Strong Conviction, That Saints Should Be Marked By Their Holiness, Therefore Matters Of The Heart Were Of The Utmost Importance In The Christian Life Includes Linked Table Of Contents, NCX, And Footnotes