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The Oxygen Advantage txt The Oxygen Advantage , text ebook The Oxygen Advantage , adobe reader The Oxygen Advantage , chapter 2 The Oxygen Advantage , The Oxygen Advantage c36d52 A Simple Yet Revolutionary Approach To Improving Your Body S Oxygen Use, Increasing Your Health, Weight Loss, And Sports Performance Whether You Re A Recovering Couch Potato Or An Ironman Triathlon Champion With A Foreword By New York Times Bestselling Author Dr Joseph MercolaAchieve With Less Effort The Secret To Weight Loss, Fitness, And Wellness Lies In The Most Basic And Most Overlooked Function Of Your Body How You Breathe One Of The Biggest Obstacles To Better Health And Fitness Is A Rarely Identified Problem Chronic Over Breathing We Often Take Many Breaths Than We Need Without Realizing It Contributing To Poor Health And Fitness, Including A Host Of Disorders, From Anxiety And Asthma To Insomnia And Heart ProblemsIn The Oxygen Advantage, The Man Who Has Trained Over , People Including Olympic And Professional Athletes In Reduced Breathing Exercises Now Shares His Scientifically Validated Techniques To Help You Breathe Efficiently Patrick McKeown Teaches You The Fundamental Relationship Between Oxygen And The Body, Then Gets You Started With A Body Oxygen Level Test BOLT To Determine How Efficiently Your Body Uses Oxygen He Then Shows You How To Increase Your BOLT Score By Using Light Breathing Exercises And Learning How To Simulate High Altitude Training, A Technique Used By Navy SEALs And Professional Athletes To Help Increase Endurance, Weight Loss, And Vital Red Blood Cells To Dramatically Improve Cardio FitnessFollowing His Program, Even The Most Out Of Shape Person Including Those With Chronic Respiratory Conditions Such As Asthma Can Climb Stairs, Run For A Bus, Or Play Soccer Without Gasping For Air, And Everyone Can Achieve Easy Weight Loss And Weight Maintenance Improved Sleep And Energy Increased Concentration Reduced Breathlessness During Exercise Heightened Athletic Performance Improved Cardiovascular Health Elimination Of Asthmatic Symptoms, And With The Oxygen Advantage, You Can Look Better, Feel Better, And Do It S As Easy As Breathing

About the Author: Patrick McKeown

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Oxygen Advantage book, this is one of the most wanted Patrick McKeown author readers around the world.

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    1 Nose breathe to get the body used to higher CO2 concentrations and avoid over breathing.2 Simulate High Altitude Training by controlled holding of breath again increasing resistance to Co2 concentrations.Not sure why this required a whole book Plenty of random anecdotes thrown in, to meet the length requirements of a book, and then a 30 page summary at the end, just in case

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    As one practicing and benefiting from the Wim Hoff Method I read this book to get insight into the science and effect of oxygenation of the body Although McKeown s method is different than Hoff s they both share many similarities and are attempting to achieve much of the same This book provides the physiological effects of the method in great detail, something I wish that Wim Hoff provided of in his course Unfortunately, as mentioned by a few others, this book is unnecessarily repetitious I kept expecting the next chapter would provide new insights but mostly it was just a rehash of the preceding chapters The information is helpful it just needs to be less redundant.

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    I have to say that I did find this book extremely useful and informative While I have read a lot of the reviews giving low scores to the book, for me it was useful and I have put in place a number of the techniques outlined to help improve my fitness and breathing.People are commenting that the book was repetitive, and it was at times, but you would expect that from a training manual or textbook This is a manual to better breathing and should be treated as such We learn from repeating the same task over and over again and this book uses that technique to help us implement it.The book was well written, informative, and gave reference back to those that deserved it As an asthma sufferer, I found that the breathing techniques have helped especially with my running and fitness even after only 2 weeks.

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    The book is useful but repetitive.A long blog post would have sufficed to explain the problem and the solution.As someone who practices Pranayama yoga breathing exercises , most of the exercises were known The book explained the science behind them.To summarize, the book has exercises so that we1 Breathe through the nose and not mouth2 Breathe slowly by getting accustomed to higher CO2 and lower O2in order to improve overall performance, focus and quality of sleep

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    This is by far one of the best books written on health that I have ever read The book is not only for those suffering from cardiovascular and other severe conditions but also addresses weight issues, improving one s fitness and functioning and, probably most important, one s mental and spiritual well being The author s main contention is the counter intuitive theory that over breathing is detrimental to our health and overall functioning The author contends that through breath retention and nasal breathing the increased CO2 and nitric oxide levels in the blood allows for increased saturation of oxygen entering the tissues and organs of the body and a widening of the blood vessels The author alludes to several sources including Christopher Bohr, Alfred Nobel and Konstantin Buteyco to support his assertions The author alleges that he suffered many years from an asthma condition that led him to seek treatment from the aforementioned Konstantin Buteyco, a brilliant Russian Physician, who developed pioneering methods for astronauts during the Soviet Space Race As a result of this treatment, the author fully reversed and recovered from his condition, left his corporate job and trained under Dr Buteyco Since this time, this work has become the author s profession and he has subsequently built on Dr Buteyco s innovative approach and has developed his own program called The Oxygen Advantage In my view and my limited experience with these exercises, breath retention is not an easy nor pleasant technique to practice nor to master in addition to the possible pitfalls that many breathing techniques present without the proper training and guidance Also, although one can expect a modicum of success initially, it would appear great effort and close adherence to these techniques would be required to achieve the same remarkable results as that of the author However, as aforementioned, this is a very unique, provocative and innovative approach that appears to offer astounding health benefits I would highly recommend this book

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    This book helped me change my life for the better It s surprising how a proper breathing technique affects so many different aspects of your life I d especially recommend this book for people who seek high endurance levels Be warned though this book is very repetitive and does rely a fair bit on anecdotal persuasion.

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    I consider ideas throughout the book as important, life changing, wise But the book itself is very repetitive The author created whole book based on literally several points, ideas, principles, methods The same as I experienced with Robert Kyosaki, Robert Cialdini Influence It s just not necessary for me to read whole book about one principle or several.

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    This has some unique perspectives I have started to follow the nose breathing method It takes practice but I like the results.

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    Awesome book bringing tons of knowledge about breathing, biochemistry and body functioning Gives much understanding how you can improve your health, physical conditions and sport performance.It s really impressive how many scientific articles and research works were processed for the sake of this book creation The book, indeed, represents essence of recent research and knowledge about how and to what extent breathing affects human health and different life aspects.If you have a chance, read this book you ll never regret the time spent for it.

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    Read the third of the book and currently practicing and implementing my learnings So far my life has changed, not only in the way I consume oxygen, but also in the way I consume in general I consume less social media, food, and thoughts This book is helping me learn that overconsumption is real and prevalent in today s society.

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