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    Obsessed and thinking of nothing but my own ache, I pushed her backwards into the wall A small gasp of air was all I heard as I took hold of her wrists and pressed them above her head 5 obsessed stars And when I say obsessed I mean that I m obsessed with this series It was so fantastic and so well written Sometimes losing what matters the most can lead only to being obsessed Avery Bradfield has always been na ve and innocent, and living in the shadow of her best friend It wasn t until she met Spencer that she learned what true happiness felt like But when Spencer left her heartbroken and her best friend Colby turned her back Avery was left to find a reason to hold on In the process she discovered a side of herself that no one, including her, realized existed Spencer Phillips had known pain and loss throughout his life It was memories of heartache that kept him from allowing anyone too close At least until he met Avery Bradfield Her innocent love changed everything inside of him, but he figured that out a little too late A mission to bring her home found him facing his biggest fear another man and fighting for the only thing that matters in his life Both focused on forgetting who they d once been, Spencer and Avery will discover a bond and passion that they have never before known as they fight to find their way back together Only one thing can keep them apart the demons they are both trying to hide Avery and Spencer s story is full of heart and passion You really pull for these two characters as you read I loved their story and I love the together This series has been so much fun to read and I am now a huge fan of NJ Flatman Great job Received a copy in exchange for an honest review Read and reviewed by Melissa for Alpha Book Club

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Obsessed download Obsessed , read online Obsessed , kindle ebook Obsessed , Obsessed a1d460b9cf40 Sometimes Losing What Matters The Most Can Lead Only To Being Obsessed Avery Bradfield Has Always Been Na Ve And Innocent, And Living In The Shadow Of Her Best Friend It Wasn T Until She Met Spencer That She Learned What True Happiness Felt Like But When Spencer Left Her Heartbroken And Her Best Friend Colby Turned Her Back Avery Was Left To Find A Reason To Hold On In The Process She Discovered A Side Of Herself That No One, Including Her, Realized Existed Spencer Phillips Had Known Pain And Loss Throughout His Life It Was Memories Of Heartache That Kept Him From Allowing Anyone Too Close At Least Until He Met Avery Bradfield Her Innocent Love Changed Everything Inside Of Him, But He Figured That Out A Little Too Late A Mission To Bring Her Home Found Him Facing His Biggest Fear Another Man And Fighting For The Only Thing That Matters In His Life Both Focused On Forgetting Who They D Once Been, Spencer And Avery Will Discover A Bond And Passion That They Have Never Before Known As They Fight To Find Their Way Back Together Only One Thing Can Keep Them Apart The Demons They Are Both Trying To Hide Join Avery Bradfield And Spencer Phillips As They Venture Through A Love That Tests Their Limits, Pushes Them Through Their Fears And Shows Them That Sometimes Addiction Takes On Many Forms