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    Mamas don t let your babies grow up to be cowboys Waylon JenningsLavonda Leigh s mama let her grow up to be a cowgirl in the rodeo circuit It was the family business after all Yet Lavonda escaped to big business as a communications expert only to find herself downsized She returned home to Angel Crossing, Arizona, to rethink her career path Lavonda becomes a caretaker of an abandoned ranch bequeathed to the local university She finds solace with the resident goat, donkey, and cat When the university asks Lavonda to guide a Scottish archaeologist through the desert to study beans, she is taken back when the scientist is not quite what he seems.Dr Jones Kincaid is trying to escape the damning effects of a failed project think Geraldo Rivero opening an empty tomb of Al Capone He uses the bean study to give him access to Arizona desert where his American ancestor may have stashed ancient treasure As much as he is desperate to revive his reputation, he soon realizes he needs something Lavonda Hormel delivers a heartwarming romance between two wandering souls who have in common than first look Both Lavonda and Jones linger in their respect families shadows until they meet each other The time spent on the ranch and in the desert give Lavonda and Jones the opportunity to see beyond their families expectations to find a treasure of a lifetime love.I enjoyed Hormel s vivid descriptions of the Arizona desert its beauty, mysteries, and dangers I also appreciated how Hormel introduced me to a cowgirl s life in a rodeo and a Scot s love of his culture, even on horseback in the desert I m off to find Hobnobs in the commissary

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    Lavonda Leigh is trying to get her life back on track After burning herself out while being a PR agent she goes back to her roots By taking care of the universities ranch she is able to have room and bored for free while trying to get her life back on track But this new job the university is requiring of her may be the worst yet Trying to take care of a damn Scotsman while he looks for beans Jones Kincaid s reputation is in tatters The only way out is to find the Kincaid Cache, the family treasure that was found years before him But the only way to go on a mission to find the cache is to lie to everyone and tell them that he is only trying to focus on the properties of the beans He thinks that he will be able to do both jobs easily That is until he finds out his border is the delectable Lavonda This was a good read that shows not all treasures are the ones made of gold This was an OK read, the only problem I had with it was the length This book could have been finished much faster, and the shorter length would have made it much enjoyable to me The scenes of suspense such as with the water rapids was good but the romance between the two characters didn t seem to be much than comforts in a dry desert I will say one thing The author did a wonderful job of showing how combustible the two main characters were without making every page a sex scene Overall this was a good read for romance lovers A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection.

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    Found the story line slow and not very interesting.

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    I liked this book even better than The Surgeon And The Cowgirl You will recognize the some of the characters from that book,which was Heidi s first I haven t read 2 yet The author does a great job of describing the Arizona landscape as well as the scottish traits of the kilt wearing cowboy The interactions between Lavonda and Jones keep the reader engaged until the very ,somewhat, suprising end I think you will enjoy the story very much.

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    I wish The Accidental Cowboy was twice as long as it was it is that good It was such a feel good romance and of course, the hero in a kilt didn t hurt I love how Heidi Hormel keeps the banter going between Jones and Lavonda Very funny This is a very contemporary romance with sexy tent scenes yet the feelings between Lavonda and Jones are tried and true I can t wait for the next Angel Crossing book by Heidi Hormel PS I also fell in love with the little burro Reese

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    Between the humorous banter, the pop culture references and the feline allergic, kilt wearing, Scottish hunk hero, the second Angel Crossing novel is a lot of fun This is a leisurely read that is well worth readers time 4 stars RT Book Reviews Miniseries Angel Crossing, Arizona

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    This is a fun romance This author always finds ways to weave interesting and funny details into her books The plot is what is expected but that is the point of a romance novel The characters are interesting and made me want to read the other titles

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    Great story loved all the characters,any book with a scottish hero is my favorite.Loved cat and reese thay added the extra fun to this book.

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The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, #3) download The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, #3) , read online The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, #3) , kindle ebook The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, #3) , The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, #3) 607bdb2b962a COWBOY IN A KILTWhen Former Bronc Rider Lavonda Leigh Is Asked To Guide A Scottish Archaeologist Through The Arizona Desert, She S Expecting A Fussy Egghead But Then She Discovers Tall, Strong Jones Kincaid Competing At The Local Highland Games She Can T Help Her Interest In Him And That S Before He Puts On His Cowboy Hat And Hits The Trail Like A ProJones Is After Than He S Letting On His Quest Could Clear A Past Scandal And Let Him Live His Dream Studying The Old West But As He Spends Time With Lavonda In This Rugged Landscape, He Realizes That What He Wants Isn T Just Academic He Yearns For A Life With Her On The Ranch If She Discovers His Deception, This Professor Turned Cowboy Will Lose His Reputationand Lavonda, Too