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No Tomorrow explained No Tomorrow , review No Tomorrow , trailer No Tomorrow , box office No Tomorrow , analysis No Tomorrow , No Tomorrow d709 It S , And Billie Dixon Has Just Talked Herself Into A New Job As The Distribution Agent For Hollywood S Shoddiest Movie Studio, She Travels To Rural Arkansas Peddling B Grade Westerns To Poor Theaters When She Meets Amberly Henshaw, The Unhappy Wife Of A Preacher On A Crusade Against The Evils Of Motion Pictures, She Senses An Immediate Attraction Billie Knows It S Crazy To Get Involved With Amberly, But She Tells Herself It Will Just Be A Quick Fling Once Amberly S Fanatical Husband Finds Out About Their Affair, However, Billie Dixon Finds Herself In A Spiral Of Betrayal And Murder

  • Paperback
  • 222 pages
  • No Tomorrow
  • Jake Hinkson
  • English
  • 17 October 2019
  • 9780692524275

About the Author: Jake Hinkson

Jake Hinkson, a native of the Arkansas Ozarks, is the author of HELL ON CHURCH STREET, THE POSTHUMOUS MAN, SAINT HOMICIDE, and THE BIG UGLY His first two books are being translated into French by ditions Gallmeister and will be released in Europe in new hardcover editions in 2015 He lives in Chicago and blogs at

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    Jake Hinkson is one of the only crime writers today that really nails the feel of old pulp fiction His work feels perfect for a tiny paperback with some steamy cover art by Robert McGinnis or Robert E Schulz and a little Gold Medal logo on the corner This novel felt even like an old Gold Medal pulp than his others I ve read so far haven t read The Big Ugly yet , probably due to it s period setting.The story takes place in 1947 and follows a woman named William Billie Dixon her mother gave her her father s name as a big fuck you to the no good bastard , who works for one of the Poverty Row B movie studios in Hollywood, tasked with traveling to small country towns to peddle movie masterpieces like this one It s pretty mind numbing work but things get a bit interesting when she rides into a tiny Ozark town and falls for the bored wife of the town s blind preacher This can t end well, can it Something I really appreciated about this story was how Hinkson treated Billie s homosexuality Similar books that take place in the 40 s would have either handled it luridly, with pulpy, erotic overtones, or would have handled it with a precious, romantic touch, illustrating Billie s bravery and desire to follow her heart during a time of persecution But Hinkson does neither Instead, Billie just is who she is, a lover of women and a habitual heartbreaker, and Hinkson doesn t really dwell on it that s not what the book is about Also, I loved the characters of Lucy and Eustace, the brother sister sheriff duo, Billie s relationship with them, and the subtle way that Hinkson develops it The Lucy Eustace Billie relationship is one of my favorite aspect of all of Hinkson s work so far.But, alas, this novel isn t as completely awesome as others by Hinkson The first two thirds of the novel were great and featured the same skilled writing I love from the author, but the final act suffers a bit from what I thought was a big drop in momentum While I love where he ultimately takes Billie s character, there came a point where it seemed like I turned into just a patient observer as the story strolled along to an ending that I knew was coming but hoping that there might be some surprises along the way And while the ending was fairly satisfying, the last act never matched the plot strength of the rest of the book But hey, a less than stellar Hinkson book is still better than a lot of the stuff out there now The novel is ultimately about the unrealistic, romantic expectations and ideals that we all have, but how those ideals come with a price and real life is never the fairy tale that we expect It s also about how we tragically miss real, genuine opportunities in our lives because of these expectations Don t make this one your first book by the author, but if you re a fan of his other work, it s a solid addition A couple of dreams are all I have left So dream a little, just for me

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    Very hard to discuss my impressions of this remarkable novel by Jake Hinkson a true master of the Hardboiled Noir genre without overpraising it.As usual, I don t want to give away too much of the story The and New Pulp Press synopses reveal than enough as it is.The notion of a lesbian hired as an advance man for a sub B movie company hawking PRC Studios product mostly C Westerns throughout the Mid South in 1947 is completely unique Hinkson rewards B movie nerds with references to obscure films and B movie unknown actors that only an ardent movie fan or Western Film Festival regular would be able to recognize These little asides are unimportant to the plot but the references are a completely delightful touch.Hinkson s grasp of the era, the narrator s sexuality, the atmosphere and setting the rural Arkansas Ozarks is uncanny.The novel becomes very, very dark early on Eventually characters a reader might easily mistake as one dimensional, toss away walk ons when first introduced develop into complicated, multi faceted figures The sense of dread that permeates NO TOMORROW is overwhelming I haven t read a suspenseful novel in months.The writing is of a level that rivals the best of the practitioners of contemporary Noir.This novel might have been inspired by the Suspense Thriller authors Gil Brewer, Charles Willeford, Jim Thompson, and James M Cain but Jake Hinkson turns this novel into something even greater than the sum total of those mostly original paperback masters.This ranks among the best of the Noir novels of the 21st century.

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    The first two thirds of this novel confirmed why Jake Hinkson is one of my favorite writers, so I was sad when the energy dissipated in the last third One could argue that it was a thematic dissipation, but even so, that doesn t make for a great denouement and ending I could be way off base here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this was Hinkson s first novel, and that maybe he couldn t find a publisher until the success of his other books Wouldn t be the first time There are a lot of parallels with his non fiction noir writing and that is another reason to suspect that this is early work I mean, it is just hard to imagine that the writer of Hell on Church Street and The Posthumous Man and Saint Homicide and The Big Ugly would follow those books up with this one Could be wrong, but I think this one came first.

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    J ai vraiment senti le genre Film Polar Noir et c tait bien crit.Je n ai juste pas aim l histoire qui me semblait trop invraisemblable mais c est aussi a les histoires de ce genre.Mais je vais essayer un autre de ses livres.

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    Je reste perplexe suite la lecture de ce roman Je l ai trouv lesbophobe par moment dans l criture de Jake Hinkson Notamment dans le c t coup de foudre et absence de r alisme des premiers bats Parce qu videmment les bats sont r alis s directement, parce que oui les lesbiennes ne savent pas retenir leur pulsion Tout comme ce c t constant du cach par la pri re Alors oui, je veux bien le roman est cens se passer dans les ann es 40 aux USA, mais l criture aurait pu tre tourn e autrement pour viter la niaiserie qu inspire malheureusement cette histoire entre 2 femmes.

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    Un bon roman dans la tradition de Jim Thompson Les tats Unis ruraux, l Arkansas sale, salement ignare et salement chr tien Un roman f ministe, mon avis les trois personnages forts ou personnages phares sont des femmes la criminelle, l affranchie r veuse et la justici re droite et investie Bien r ussi

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    absolutely loved this book I could not put it down and really got into it from the very beginning The strong and wanna be independent women are all unique and fascinating There is a very good rythm and the author always brings a new turn when the novel is slowing down highly recommend this book to people who like the genre and for those new to it like me

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    Jake Hinkson returns to his favorite setting Arkansas and one of his favorite themes religion for another exciting psychological thriller It moves swiftly I finished it easily in a day and I did not foresee where it was going Hinkson s characters are always well drawn, especially the country types, and I enjoy how his film scholarship informs his stories too.

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    It s not what you think it is And to say anything , is to give it all away.

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    I ve tried several times to write a review of this, but everything I wrote kinda gave it away.So, I ll just say I liked it a lot and will reread it.

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