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On The Seventh Day chapter 1 On The Seventh Day , meaning On The Seventh Day , genre On The Seventh Day , book cover On The Seventh Day , flies On The Seventh Day , On The Seventh Day 17bd649ab7488 God Hates You Regardless Of Religion, Race, Sex, Sexuality Or Nationality He Hates All Of You Basically, You Are Fucked God Is Pissed Off He Has Run Out Of Patience With Humans And Decided That Our Time Is Over We Ve Had Our Chance And Its Back To The Drawing Board Fuck The Lot Of Them Is His Newest Gospel Mo, And Jay, Best Friends Who Ve Fucked Up In The Past, Beg Him For One Chance To Get The Humans Back On Track Alongside Mr Saluzar, The Head Of A Global Charity Foundation, And Nick, The Fallen Angel, They Hurtle Towards Armageddon And Their One Chance To Prove God Wrong They Have Seven Days To Save Us On The Seventh Day Contains Strong Language And Religious Irreverence Which Some May Find Offensive Irreverent Dark Humour From The Author Of Lanarkshire Strays And The DEaDINBURGH Series

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    On The Seventh Day by Mark WilsonI m running out of superlatives to describe the works of Mark Wilson Often compared to his compatriot, Irvine Welsh, I find that s a tad lazy as he has a completely different writing style I find that Mr Wilsons work is subtle and deeply considered than the full throttle assault Irvine welsh often adopts.When approaching this book and reading the little teasers again the Irvine welsh comparison was made like God hates you Regardless of religion, race, sex, sexuality or nationality He hates all of you Basically, you are fucked it would be fair to say I was expecting a full on twisted barrage of anti religious abuse Whereas what Mark Wilson does with this book is to gently satirise religion by way of the retelling of biblical stories through the eyes of Nick who is one of the main characters in the book, while The other main characters wreak havoc in the present as Jesus is resurrected by way of inhabiting the body of a nondescript Scotsman, along with Moses as his right hand man inhabiting the body of a Manchester United footballer.So the book has two streams throughout, That of Jay and Mo, trying to convince the entire world every single one of us that they must repent and adopt the one and only true commandment that God Stuart asked Moses to impart to the human race, which was, don t be a cunt , before Moses got idea s above his station and carved out those other nonsensical 10 commandments back in the day.The world looks on in disbelief and shock as Jay and Mo perform miracle after miracle at various points around the world spread like wild fire by social media Whilst the miracles convince many, the media, sceptics and a deadly agent provocateur cause their own havoc by their usual underhanded skulduggery and cynicism Whilst all this is going on the story unveils new characters and twists The afore mentioned Nick has his own issues with God Stuart an angrier cynical God you could never meet.These characters, especially Nick, take us to different places and theories and this adds to the books mystery and intrigue in such a way that it helps prevent the book from being a simply witty farce as Wilson shows just how much he researched his biblical theories and then reconstructed them or was it de constructed them through his magical Wilson eyes before putting pen to paper The result is a thoroughly entertaining, controversial, thought provoking, funny, outrageous at times story of what could happen if God or the son of God was to reveal him herself to the modern world The phrase you re talking through your arse takes on a whole new meaning in this story and literally had me laughing out loud Miracles are either believed by half the people or considered trickery or blasphemy by the other half and let s face it I know which camp I would fall in if a Scotsman and a premier league footballer called a press conference telling us they are Moses and Jesus reincarnated and we must all repent of God will fuck us over in 7 days On the seventh Day genuinely makes you think how we would react of the son of God made an appearance in these fucked up sceptical, religiously divided times whilst also being able to make you guffaw or Tut in outrage, if you are that way inclined.I loved On the seventh day and would highly recommend this to any of my friends and family and readers of the End Fanzine talking of which, at one point in the book Jesus Jay even receives a tweet from The End fanzine yes really asking him if he s up for an interview you can imagine my delight and pride at having our little fanzine included in the work of one Mark Wilson go buy this book now, you won t be disappointed..and while you re at it, have a look through Mark Wilsons other body of works and try them too The man has such a great talent and should already be a literary star.just like that cunt Irvine Welsh.

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    Hilarious, progressive, provocative, surprisingly thought provoking and genuinely unique My kindle version had some format flaws and a few spelling mistakes, but I m willing to overlook that.

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    In this book, Mark Wilson satirises religion, and he does it well Jay and Mo Jesus and Moses are given the job of trying to warn the human race that it s pissed God off big time, and are given new bodies to work from As they perform miracles and try to convince people to be nicer to each other, God Stuart and Satan Nick let us in on their religious thoughts, and theories about what has gone wrong with the world.It is obvious that Mark has done a lot of biblical study to write this book, and the discussions about good vs evil, faith, and the use of miracles, are at times as philosophical as they are funny There is a lot of swearing, and if you are religious then some parts may offend I didn t mind the swearing, in fact, some of it is hilarious, and instead of being offended in any way, the story made me think about how I d react if Jesus made a re appearance and told me God hated me I still don t know how I d react This is a strange mix of book It made me howl with laughter in places, and in others made me consider my place in the universe, sometimes immediately after each other I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it A very funny, and very clever book.

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    This is readily Mark s most well executed work to date It is also going to get some nasty reviews It is blasphemous, progressive, raw as fuck and hilarious But it also has something to say about the world, about us, and our responsibility for ourselves and our world It doesn t get much better than that for me.I was privileged to be a beta reader for this book, and it was the most challenging beta read I ve ever done I was simply too caught up in the story, too lost in the universe to be focused on finding those little details which need to be ferreted out before publication I ve just put it down and I m already ready to read it again On the Seventh Day is definitely not for everyone Do yourself a favor and read the blurb Are you offended It s only going to get worse Or better, depending on your perspective.

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    POSSIBLY SPOILERRIFIC Oh, but what a theological jewel this book is A fantastic take on the seemingly kaleidoscopic battlefield that is religion in the 21st century.God is a sadistic you know what, Jesus, Moses and Lucifer are trying desperately and in vain to claw back some damage limitation and the human race is pretty much, well, doomed Some fabulously familiar names from stories we all know, mixed in deliciously with the all too familiar backdrop of supposed cynicism, social networking and surprising adulation.Clever, funny and positively impossible to put down.What a read.

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    What starts out as great satire turns into a profoundly entertaining story line with an explosive and satisfactory climax I ve read three of Wilson s books to date and this is easily his best work.

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    Some may be offended by this book, may consider it blasphemous NRA sponsored militia s in the bible belt may Those Christians who would turn their back on refugees fleeing warzones may Those church goers who would snatch what little dignity the poor have left may If that s you then I m glad you wasted your money, though given the blurb well, that would make you Donald Trump stoopid.It is irreverent, no doubt Such is the nature of satire Satire also makes you think Given the current state of the world, if there was a God, does the idea of him her pressing the reset button seem so far fetched If you re a Christian, a proper one, not like them in the previous paragraph, wouldn t you think after yet another act of cruelty fair enough F ck it, this isn t working But like good satire it s also entertaining There are two threads interwoven One, Jesus Jay and Moses Mo trying to save the world The second has Satan Nick sitting in a bar telling his woes to a girl haven t we all about how it came to this I have to say I empathised most with the Nick character What that says about me is between me and my team of therapists Story details, how it all ends read it and find out Unless your one of those first paragraph people, in which case I can recommend a great film called The life of Brian Trust me you ll love it.It takes guts to take on something like this It takes writing skill to pull it off Mr Wilson has both in spades.

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    I ve always enjoyed fiction that portrays supernatural or divine entities as if they were people I m thinking Pratchett Gaiman s Good Omens, soMe of Tom Holt s fiction and films like Dogma So I was looking forward to Mark Wilson s novel.It differs from the aforementioned works in that it is sweary, adult and perhaps cynical However, this gives it a cutting edge for me Wilson tells his tale from a number of perspectives including that of Jesus and Moses who have returned to Earth in order to try and save the human race The cynical response they get from people is the source of much of the humour in the novel and feels as close to reality as it s probably possible to get in this kind of novel.If you re easily offended by swearing and sexual references then this probably isn t the book for you However, if you can look past that then you ll enjoy this book In his own way Wilson tackles a number of deep philosophical ideas, albeit with his tongue firmly within his cheek Interesting, funny and thoughtful Read it.

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    Where do i start with this one it had me loving it and hating it at the same time and it played with my mind as i do have my own beliefs The first chapter or so put me off and i thought its not for me this is the one book from Mark Wilson that i wont like But i persevered and found myself getting and drawn into the story as it went Mark takes us into a different way of thinking about god and religion and what if s in this one, but remembering that it was never written to offend and it is what it claims to be satirical I found myself enjoying it and loved the humour patter and onliners and as always Mark has made the characters believable and likable and the scenes are easily pictured To write something like this is a huge gamble but id say it paid off.

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