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Cadha's Rogue pdf Cadha's Rogue, ebook Cadha's Rogue, epub Cadha's Rogue, doc Cadha's Rogue, e-pub Cadha's Rogue, Cadha's Rogue 5f62f3b95ed Cadha De Witt Waits For Her First Love To Return From A Perilous Voyage, But Finds Heartbreak When He Doesn T Disembark With The Rest Of The Crew Despite Her Family S Insistence That Maas Wants To Begin A New Life In Scotland, Cadha Charges After Him, Alongside Her Newest AllyValc Has A Debt To Pay A Beautiful Young Woman Hires Him To Take Her To Scotland, No Questions Asked, But Their Journey Takes Them Through Too Many Dangers With Soldiers On His Tail And Pirates In The North Sea, Valc Doesn T Know If He Can Protect His Charge On Her Journey, Let Alone Protect Himself From Losing His Heart To This Mysterious Stranger

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    Historic Romance Don t believe that cover I am at a loss to understand how anyone could give this book 5 stars And yet, of the 30 ratings thus far, most of whom are advanced readers, every single one is 5 stars How can that be I really need someone to explain this to me.Now, on to the book Does that look like a YA cover to you No That s what I thought That cover had me fooled This book is absolute YA Not because the heroine, Cadha, is 18 or 19 years old, but because she acts like a petulant child, all the while complaining when everyone treats her like one At one point, an indignant Cadha says she s not some spoiled little rich girl who can t control her tantrums I didn t realize they had spoiled little rich girls in 14th century Holland, but I stand corrected There s no question but that Cadha fits that description.Cadha s baseline is anger The love of her life decides not to come home to her, will never come home, and what is her response Not tears of sadness Nope It s anger at her family for not realizing how much he loves her Of course, neither she nor her love ever thought to mention that love to her family Her sister just returns from being kidnapped, and what is Cadha s response She snaps at her sister, shocking herself with her own ferocity An old woman questions her seafaring expertise Cadha responds with a full on punch to the mouth, with blood dripping no less Just to be clear, that was an old woman s mouth There isn t a single chapter where the tide of her anger isn t rising I m surprised she didn t spontaneously combust by the end of the book.Next, on to the hero We are never told how old Valc is, but he comes across as a bashful teen He has absolutely no personality None Well, maybe milktoast Matters are not helped by the fact that he is disguised as a woman throughout much of the book.Finally, on to the love story As mentioned, Valc pretends to be a woman from the moment they meet Immediately upon finding out he s a man boy , they are thrown overboard and separated When they see each other again, Cadha is instantly in love with him Right And this in the middle of her desperate search for her lost love Un huh I have to say, this is the first time I have ever questioned the reasoning of my fellow GR readers Are there really that many people who enjoy reading books consumed by teen angst Where the heroine falls in and out of love willy nilly And the writingit s not horrible, but have they never read a truly gifted author Does every author deserve 5 stars in their eyes Is this the every child gets a trophy mentality The book is clean, no bad words that I recall and no intimate scenes, just a few kisses ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    A fun adventure If you love stories about treasure, pirate, high sea adventure and of course romance, Cadha s Rogue, written by R.L Syme, will surely please you This is the fifth story in the Highland Renegades series It s a fun pirate adventure with a spunky heroine Ms Syme didn t disappoint me Cadha de Witt waits for her first love, Maas, to return to her from a high sea voyage, but she soon discovers that he did not returned and preferred to stay in Scotland Her heart is broken, so she decides to find him at any costs Cadha, is a brave, strong and determine young woman, who wants to find the man she loved since she had been a young girl She will hire the help of a protector to travel to Scotland, but along the way, her journey will be filled with twists and turns, and the discovery of a new man Now, her hearts is torn between two men, the man she once loved Maas and this new protector Valc Which man will she choose But when she will decide, she will never let him go This story was well written, with beautiful characters and an intrigue that kept my interest until the end Also the plot was well created with a fast paced, a real page turner

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    This is the first book in The Highland Renegades book that I ve read and I really enjoyed it I love R.L Syme s writing She creates a world that feels so real You definitely feel like your in Scotland BlurbCadha de Witt waits for her first love to return from a perilous voyage, but finds heartbreak when he doesn t disembark with the rest of the crew Despite her family s insistence that Maas wants to begin a new life in Scotland, Cadha charges after him, alongside her newest ally Valc has a debt to pay A beautiful young woman hires him to take her to Scotland, no questions asked, but their journey takes them through too many dangers With soldiers on his tail and pirates in the North Sea, Valc doesn t know if he can protect his charge on her journey, let alone protect himself from losing his heart to this mysterious strangerI love how strong and independent Cadha is I love strong main characters Especially female When Cadha s first love doesn t return she decided to go find him She hires Valc to take her to Scotland to find Maas and along the way there s adventure, high seas and pirates and eventually she sees Valc as not only her guide of a protector So now she has to decide between the two men Cadha s Rougue is a great book and can be read as a standalone Another great book from R.L Syme

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    I give this book 4.5 stars.I received this book as an ARC for an honest review and it is the first book that I have read by R L Syme but it won t be my last I love historical novels, high sea adventures and romance and this book delivers them all.Cadha De Witt is in love with a man called Maas, who came to live with them when he was an orphaned boy or so they thought , while on a voyage to Scotland with Cadha s father, Maas is reunited with a sister he thought was dead and decides to stay with her Cadha is heartbroken that Maas did not return with her family and sets a plan in action to go to him.Valc Vanhorn is a man with a debt to pay, while dressed as an old woman he goes down to the docks trying to get custom for his ship, Cadha hires him and says she can be ready to leave shortly so Valc goes off to prepare even though he has doubts about the trip as it was to Scotland and the coast around there could be dangerous and also because he was instantly attracted to Cadha.This story contains attraction, passion, pirates, monks, Scots, old debts, new and old romances and love, it is well written and I could not wait to see how things ended Very enjoyable historical read with great characters.

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    Great story First of all, I have to be totally honest and admit I quit reading historical romances years ago, and even then it had been years since I had read any that weren t western themed Love those big Cowboy types That being said when this book showed up for me to review it was like, uh oh, what am I going to do I considered writing and saying sorry, but I don t read historical, but then realized that not only was that not fair to back out on the author like that, but it made me feel like my word wouldn t be worth anything to anyone, so I decided to read the book.I must say I felt like an idiot by the time I got through reading Other than having a lot of names that I couldn t pronounce, this was a totally great story Also, the action parts, as I call them, didn t drag on for pages The story ran smoothly throughout, and did what all really good books should do, it made me feel emotional I can t say I like having to explain to my husband why I m crying, but it wasn t the first time So if you are looking for a good book, historical or not, you definitely don t want to miss this adventure packed one.

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    This book was exciting and riveting The descriptions of historic vessels, clothing and traveling companions is very precise The author, R L Syme, has done extensive research to make her books accurate and entertaining Valc is an honorable man that could easily inspire the love of a woman He is strong, protective and resourceful Cadha s a difficult period of decision making and some heartbreak is expected in a young woman s journey This is the fifth book of the Highlander Series, but can be a stand alone read.

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    This is the 5 book in the Highland Renegades series Cadha de Witt has been in love with a man that she has grown up with He takes to the sea and to Scotland and does not return Her family doesn t really know the strong feelings she thinks she has for him..they just tell her that he wants to start a new life This leads Cadha to want to go to him and find out what is going on She secretly hires Valc to take her But along the trip they run into pirates and other things that delays there trip along the way Also they are finding that they are having strong feelings for each other.

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    Kindly provided with and ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review..This is Cadha and Valc s storysorry peeps to squash your dreams there as the blurb eludes to Cadha looking for her love Maasbut it was worth the switch xx 0 xxVery gripping read, I found myself hooked on the story line from reading the blurb.Funny, passionate and all round thumbs up from me Well done RL and many thanks for this opportunity xLater peeps xx

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    Cadha s RogueGreat book Very much enjoyed this one I laughed and I cried, but then that is often what good books do to you.

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    Different take on romance, for me anyway I wish there was historical information about Holland but this did have an interesting aside about the women s slave trade and pirates I like to learn a little something with my mindless happy ending.

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