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The Loyal Heart (Lone Star Hero #1) summary The Loyal Heart (Lone Star Hero #1) , series The Loyal Heart (Lone Star Hero #1) , book The Loyal Heart (Lone Star Hero #1) , pdf The Loyal Heart (Lone Star Hero #1) , The Loyal Heart (Lone Star Hero #1) 24a76a6fb9 Robert Came To Galveston To Fulfill His Promise To A Dying Man And Look After His Widow He Didn T Expect To Find Love In The Unlikeliest Of PlacesRobert Truax, Former Second Lieutenant And Confederate Officer In The Civil War, Made A Promise To His Comrade Phillip Markham If Anything Happened To Phillip, Robert Would Look After His Beloved Wife, Miranda She Was His Life, His World, His EverythingAfter The War, Robert Is Left To Pick Up The Pieces And Fulfill His Pact When He Arrives At Miranda S Home In Galveston, Texas, Things Are Worse Than He Imagined Phillip S Name Has Been Dragged Through The Mud, Everyone In Town Believes Him To Be A Traitor, And His Widow Is Treated As An Outcast Even Disturbing Is Her Emotional Well Being Miranda Seems Hopeless, Lost, And So Very Alone Robert Had Thought His Duty Would Be Simple He Would Help Miranda As Quickly As Possible In Order To Honor A Promise But The Moment Robert Laid Eyes On Her, His Plans Changed He S Mesmerized By Her Beauty And Yearns To Help Her In Any Way He CanHe Makes It His Duty To Protect Miranda, Turn Her Reputation Around, And To Find Some Way To Help Her Smile Again But It Doesn T Prove To Be An Easy Task Robert Knows Something About Phillip That Could Shake Miranda To The Core And Alter Her View Of The Man She Thought She Knew So Well

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    Rating 3.5This was a good story revolving around 3 honorable men who fought for the Confederacy and were then captured and spent the remainder of the war in a prison camp on an island in Lake Michigan The 3 men promised one another as well as a fallen comrade that they would always be there for one another Philip s beloved wife, Miranda, was his main concern before he died When trouble befalls her, one of his comrades, Robert Truax, heads to Galveston to see if he can help her With the other two arriving later on to assist both Robert and Miranda.I really enjoyed the relationship between the 3 men Their promise to always be there for one another as well as Philip s wife was important to each of them It was evident how strong their connection was Robert s story of becoming a self made man from an orphaned childhood and scrabbling for everything depicted how strong and determined he was to improve himself But he still fought lack of self confidence and feelings that he wasn t good enough Miranda learned that she was stronger than she thought and had of a will to live than her grief and troubles indicated to her I appreciated the slow growing feelings between Robert and Miranda There were a couple of things in this book that brought my rating down First, I loved the reminiscences and background of the soldiers but I found that several times the transition from one chapter to the next with background story was awkward Second, there were a few places where I felt a scene was inserted in the chapter that really wasn t necessary to the flow of the chapter Finally, the faith thread was very light throughout the book I noted that the library had marked it Inspirational rather than Christian Fiction I do look forward to reading of this series as I would like to find out what happens to the other men FAVORITE QUOTES But he did say from time to time that a man can t be judged only by the region where he lives or the dialect in his speechThat was his way of reminding me that every soldier in the North wasn t a terrible person, just like every man in the south wasn t perfect either Love isn t full of conditions or threaded with threats and pain What does God want God wants us to find solace in each other To remember to give thanks for what we have To love the people we care about and show kindness to people we don t He wants us to live and breathe and learn from our past.He does not want us to find retribution That is for Him to do, not us.

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    Not only is Shelley Shepard Gray s new series a Texas romance but it s a post Civil War Texas romance And as much as I love reading Civil War era fiction, I love reading about the Reconstruction years even The emotions and the uncertainty and the feeling adrift that many experienced are so intriguing to me Everything as the South knew it changed and where there had once been hope and confidence there was suddenly very little of either It is this very psychology that Gray portrays through her characters in The Loyal Heart Shelley Shepard Gray starts her newest series off with a mix of strong and memorable characters sure to delight and intrigue readers In fact, the character I found most compelling Ethan Kelley is only in the present story briefly but he made such a vivid impression that I m hoping he gets his own book later on in the series The thread of suspense adds extra dimension and emotion to the plot of The Loyal Heart and keeps the story moving at a steady pace The romance is quite simply delightful blossoming from a friendship at a natural progression that made me smile and swoon interchangeably I m already looking forward to the next book in the series, which features a character we didn t see much of at all in this one, and wishing February would hurry up and get here so I can read it I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review See my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower

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    The Loyal Heart 2016, Zondervan , first in the Lone Star Hero series by Shelley Shepard Gray, is a Christian romance set at the end of the Civil War I requested this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review because Ms Gray has been on my list of authors to try for some time now I m so glad I did, as I enjoyed the story very much The Heroine Miranda Markham is a widow Her husband, a Confederate officer, died in a POW camp shortly before he would have been released In order to eke out a living, Miranda has opened the mansion she inherited from her husband as a boarding house She is struggling with grief, rumors about her husband being a traitor, and resentment from her in laws, as well as other problems It is almost too much for her to bear Fortunately, she has some very faithful, upstanding servants and a hero soon to come into the picture.The Hero Robert Truaxx was a Confederate soldier stuck in a POW camp Fortunately, he had a small, close knit group of Confederate officers there to help keep up his spirits, and they shared a pact to look after one another once the war was over Phillip Markham, Miranda s husband, was in this group After months pass, Robert stays as a guest at Miranda s boarding house to make sure she s doing well He s appalled to learn how bad her situation is, and is committed to help her get through her problems What I liked The way Ms Gray has written this story is, in my opinion, masterful I am so looking forward to reading of her works in the future I don t tend to read Amish fiction, but I would love to try another of her Christian novels, or one of her Westerns as Shelley Gray Miranda s character is complex She is beaten down, yet slowly moving forward She is grieving, yet ready for healing Robert, too, is an excellent character He is very sensitive toward Miranda, but at the same time, he is very strong for her Both characters are well drawn, and the secondary characters are also impressive What I didn t like I always find grieving widows a bit hard to handle emotionally I ve never been there and really don t want to be But I found the grief to be believable without overwhelming me, so my didn t like is actually almost a like I d recommend this book to fans of Christian or historical romance The book is a clean read, but there is some violence I look forward to reading the second book in the series, which I m hoping will have one of Robert s comrades as the hero.

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    Chivalry lives I read lots of reviews describing swoon worthy moments This is the first novel I ve read that has compelled me to use that term The Loyal Heart absolutely included swoon worthy moments I adored the heroes in this novel They each exhibited a no nonsense, take care of it attitude to problems And oh boy, did main character Miranda Markham have problems In addition to all the swooning, I loved the way the author unfolded the story There was a certain amount of tension or underlying current to the novel that wasn t clear initially The story slowly built to a crescendo and then ended with a lot of action.The setting in both Ohio and Galveston, Texas was well described and easy to visualize I could feel the cold in Ohio and the humidity in Galveston.I ve also read the Chicago World s Fair Mystery Series While it was good and I enjoyed each of the novels, The Loyal Heart is my new favorite by Shelley Shepard Gray I eagerly await the next book in the series.My gratitude to publisher TNZ and its Fiction Guild for a complimentary copy of the novel The opinions expressed are my own.

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    An exciting new series A Lone Star Hero s Love Story by an author I adore I love the premise of the series desperate men in a desperate situation making a pact to watch out for one another even after the war ends It speaks of their honour and valour and put this reader into a bit of a tailspin cause there s nothing so swoony as a take charge hero who s got your back Gray tackles the difficult subject of depression in The Loyal Heart Miranda has been victimized and subjected to relentless cruelty for so long that it s taken its toll She s in a vulnerable place when Robert arrives on her doorstep I love the way she is able to draw from his strength and kindness It s like a rebirth slowly takes place over the course of the novel and Miranda comes out better, stronger and sure of herself than ever before Wonderful growth both in character and in the relationship that sparks between the Lieutenant and the widow Robert is a self made man who dons the veneer of gentlemanly manners with ease He s a delicious contradiction of cold steel and passionate heat And gallantly devoted to easing Miranda s pain He s half in love with her before he even steps over the threshold of her boarding house at least with the impression her enamoured husband has left with him I think it s fair to call Robert noble He wouldn t agree since he s of lowly birth and had to scrape for a living until he joined the army Such a deliciously complicated man and the perfect complement for Miranda The suspense is intriguing and it take outsiders to cut through the tangled web of deceit which has trapped than just Miranda in its sticky mess Compelling secondary characters both purely evil and divinely good flesh out this captivating read Eagerly awaiting book two My thanks to Zondervan Publishing and Litfuse Publicity for providing me with a copy of this book.

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    The Loyal Heart was an interesting story I liked the setting of post Civil War Galveston, Texas I also enjoyed reading the flashbacks to the prisoner of war camp I felt as if these flashbacks allowed me to understand Robert Truax and the men he served with.I was intrigued with the way Miranda Markham s good name and standing in the town had been completely dissolved with rumors and innuendo The mystery of who was behind the rumors and threats kept me reading to discover the culprit Without going into detail because I certainly don t want to spoil anything in a book for a reader, I have to say that in real life, I am not sure that the even the events at the end of the book could have truly restored Miranda s good name after so many had believed and spread the rumors.Parts of the book moved slowly for me, even though I enjoyed the story The pace did pick up in the latter half of the book and I enjoyed seeing how things came together This novel contains mystery and a light romance.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.You can read this review on my blog at

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    Reviewed at The Power of Words m always eager to read anything Shelley Shepard Gray writes and The Loyal Heart begins a wonderful new historical series The characters are well developed and the dual settings of Galveston, TX and Johnson s Island, Ohio come alive Miranda steals you heart and emotions, and Robert Truax let s just say that he s the kind of hero that makes you go weak at the knees Some might think the pacing is a little slow at first, but the second half picks up speed, building to a suspenseful ending.If I had to describe this story in one word, it would be loyalty The setting is 1865 1867, but the premise knows no time constraints a group of men form a strong bond while in prison camp and make a pact to have each other s backs, to protect each other in the years outside of war That alone makes for great storytelling as we get to focus on the different men.The Loyal Heart is Robert s story Formerly a second lieutenant in the CSA, he is honorable, tenacious, sharp I loved his backstory, how he grew up on the streets, educated himself through reading, and was taught even by those he served with I appreciated how Shelley handled tough topics in a realistic manner, such as the lasting effects from the trauma of war and then depression through Miranda s character Grief over the loss of her husband was compounded by the instability of the Reconstruction years, and I found the historical aspect of this story very appealing.Robert and Miranda experienced my kind of romance, where rather than fighting they begin with friendship and steadily grow from there I hope we see of them, as well as Captain Monroe, Ethan and Thomas Lots to look forward to Recommended.Thank you to Litfuse Publicity and Zondervan for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    Mystery, drama and romance in post Civil War Texas A Civil War widow in serious need of help, finds it and in the former comrades of her husband in this Reconstruction era tale The setting of Galveston Island, Texas, a year following the war s end made an interesting backdrop to the story, with a bit of mystery, suspense, action later on, and a little romance Filling in the backstory of Miranda and Phillip s marriage, and his time in the prison camp together with his fellow soldiers, gave a good picture of what a remarkable man he had been The loyalty and honor that his former unit showed in dropping everything to help his widow proved it too He was an unsung hero and an important character in the story though absent The bit of intrigue and drama towards the end made this a satisfying read It seemed to finally snap together and look like Miranda s life might have a hopeful outcome after all she d endured Robert was a complex character, being a real hero for her, but still unsure of himself With the many characters introduced, I hope we will see of them in the rest of the series Recommend for fans of clean, historical fiction with some interjections of faith 3.5 stars Book provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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    The book slump is a real thing, my friends And this one in particular feels like it will never come to an end.From the beginning, I really like Robert He was very protective of Miranda, and I liked how he would take control of a bad situation and defend her honor Eventually, I did start to lose interest This is mostly due to the fact that this time period and setting don t typically hold my interest, and the main conflict did not intrigue me throughout the novel.At one point, I felt like Robert started crossing lines with his overwhelming need to always step in, even in situations where he was not asked I skimmed the last half of the book because I wanted to know if Miranda got her happy ending.I m sad to say this book wasn t a new favorite for me I have really enjoyed Whispers in the Reading Room by this author, so I do plan to try her books again in the future I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review All opinions stated here are my own.

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    The Loyal Heart by Shelley Shepard Gray is a Christian historical romance and I loved it It is set in the aftermath of the American Civil War Bonds and vows sworn in war time were not easily broken The novel follows the fortunes of one group of men who pledged loyalty to each other.No matter who wins the war, the reality is everyone loses Husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, friends on both sides perished War changes people Peace time can be hard to live through if loved ones are lost The novel deals with the subject of deep depression and thoughts of suicide Perhaps today was not the day to die after all War robs people of hope People mourn the loss of their dreams Men and women of strong grit survived instead of giving up It takes courage and determination to live without ones loved ones God is at the heart of the novel Miranda has faith in God but at her lowest moment cries out Jesus why I thought you suffered so much so I wouldn t have to As Christians we are never promised that bad things and bad times won t happen because they will The Lord never promised an easy life, only that He wouldn t forsake her Within the novel the past, present and future all interconnect The past always treads on our present Living through war means that one may have bad memories that surface without warning It is PTSD but was not recognised as such in the 1860 s People need love and help to survive The future may look uncertain but the future is already in God s hands and that means there is hope.The novel has the theme of loyalty There is the loyalty of soldiers and the loyalty of a household In tough times both support all their members.There is a blossoming romance, gently unfolding throughout the novel The reader becomes aware of it before the protagonists.I thoroughly enjoyed The Loyal Heart I enjoy all Shelley Shepard Gray s writings and always know that I will be in for a cracking read.A wonderful story masterfully crafted.I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.

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