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    This author is ABSOLUTELY not for me Her idea of lifemate is so wishy washy, it s just twisted to use as the MC pleases I think there was adequate amount of grovelling but I still wish she tossed him for good.She truly was a strong woman who didn t need a guy The parts I hated he had a full on relationship when he met her In fact he just broke up with his cheating ex on the night of their second meeting the first being the rescuing, that probably doesn t count He was IN LOVE with this ex, so much so that he was considering rings and telling her his secret Yet he kisses the heroine the same night after breaking up with that very ex, and pushes for relationship two days later Although never having ONS and always doing long term relationship makes this guy not a manwhore, the point of only lifemate true love becomes moot and his ability to move on so quickly makes me question his character he didn t ever consider his ex cheating on him who according to her has dropped heavy hints, yet this woman who has clearly told her that she DOESN T cheat, yet her exes never trusted her, thus she only wants a no string arrangement, he does the exact same thing like her exes, and accuses her of cheating without hearing her explanation he let her walk away without ANY plans of seeing her again and then tries to apologise and get her back only AFTER his secret is out That is romantic Sorry to me that sounds like kissing ass bribing so she keeps your secret safe His thought was, paraphrasing here, he had no intention of ever seeing Aubrey again, but with his secret out now he has no choice Now you can tell me that he would have thought differently when he cooled down, BUT, you CAN T prove that any We shall never know The only reason he TRIED to think if he interpreted The the situation wrong or not was because he was trying to figure out the chances of Aubrey telling the OM of their secret, not sit back and calmly reflect he wasn t even going to call her, he expected HER to call him If it wasn t for his buddy spelling out that he s a dick, he would have let her go heroine was right on her first instinct to not agree on a relationship He was EXACTLY like her exes She spelled out, THIS IS A FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT SITUATION Yet he decides to act like a jealous boyfriend, she was still trying to explain calmly because a the OM was a douche mauling her and b she DOESN T cheat That s when he calls her a rebound Charming guy.

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    Made it 33% of the way throughAnd gave up So extremely slow moving and boring I couldn t finish Also, by 1 3 of the way through I still didn t know much about either character Sum it up as this, due to supreme boredom and lack of knowledge about the characters, I really don t care if both are eaten by a giant sea slug Then again, that might make it interesting

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    Review Coming

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    Four books in the series and each one is well worth reading The author ties the series together with finesse I can t say which was my favorite The Panda shifters have all been wiped out except for four male Alphas The only reason the deadly virus didn t kill these four is Alphas have extra resistance to infections Brett is an alpha without a clan He and the three other Alphas must be extra cautious because they are the rarest of all shifters They ban together to hide out from the scientists who are still at work trying to destroy all bear shifters The four become a Coast Guard Water Rescue team, and they are the best of the best Brett meets his lifemate during a water rescue A very good story line with excellent character development There are explicit sexual scenes so I do not recommend this series for 18 or under A short read, at least for me, but I highly enjoyed this series Sloane Meyers is an author with talent in shifter writing Again, I recommend this series but read in order

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    Originally reviewed at Shifter HavenI have a special love for the first book in any new series The possibilities are endless, these are brand new characters to get to know and love And when it s done right this first story will do the world building we need to fall into these characters lives naturally and with an understanding of why they are and some of what makes them unique Or why we should care about them or their situation at all, basically.In An Alpha s Storm the first of the Water Bear Shifters series, we are given everything we need to fall into this world easily within the first chapter There has been an epidemic within the panda shifter world, the rarest of all bear shifters A virus has wiped out clan after clan of men, women and children Even worse, it wasn t a natural virus but one created by scientists specifically to wipe out the panda bear shifters forever An enemy whose hatred is so fierce they would destroy an entire race.Four men, four panda bear shifter alphas have survived against all odds Brett, Lance, Ben and Ace are the last members of their clans alive They cannot stay where they can be easily found and killed by their mutual enemy The four alphas will bond together, determined to survive and make their way into hiding in plain sight, among the humans who would destroy them if they knew of them.An Alpha s Storm is Brett s story Working as part of the Coast Guard s rescue team Brett has found a way to make a life for himself among the humans and work that requires his strength, agility and intelligence as a member of an elite rescue team This night they are called out to find survivors of a boat capsized Here he will meet Audrey and his life will be forever changed.Audrey is a marine biologist with an extremely chaotic and busy schedule She simply doesn t have the time for the annoyances of a relationship Men get angry at the lack of time she has to offer them, jealous of her work and in the end just as she is beginning to care for them it s time for them to walk away because she cannot provide them with the time and attention they feel they deserve And they aren t totally wrong she is forced to admit.She and Brett meet again, by the fates perhaps, in a crowded bar They move from friends, to friends with benefits rather quickly but mainly because Audrey will accept nothing deeper When an event happens that changes the dynamics between them, each is forced to face what life would be without the other And what risks are a necessary part of loving someone else.I enjoyed An Alpha s Storm very much As the first story in the series, it quickly set the background, and introduced the main characters in a natural, easy flowing way Brett and Audrey were a fun couple Each leery of being hurt again, each with their own ideas of what a relationship would do to change things between them When push comes to shove, Audrey has a decision to make And she certainly doesn t make it easy for Brett along the way.It s a good solid beginning And I m looking forward to reading the rest of the alpha s stories.

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    Sloane Meyers is an awesome author I love all her books Haven t read one of her books yet that I didn t like She takes her characters and makes you feel everything they are going through She is so awesome that she can a character from one series and put into another series and make it work I grade books according to 5 different things 1 Did the book grab me at the beginning Yes this one did Loved how she worked her way into the beginning of a new series of books 2 Was the author able to keep my attention through the whole book Yes she did Read it till I finished it 3 Are the characters well defined as to importance in the book Yes Brett and his other friends are, as well as Aubrey is too 5 Is the male model on the book awesome to look at Oh God is he Hunky model on the book doesn t hurt Sloane chose panda shifters for her Water Bear series I have only read two books that I know of with Panda shifters So with this choice Sloane did an awesome job I predict her Panda shifters to be best sellers.Brett Smith is a Panda Shifter, which is legendary and the rarest of all the bear shifters When tragedy leaves Brett and his buddies as the only 4 panda shifters left in North America, they hide out in the United States Coast Guard, where they can use their abilities as shifters to save people and still keep hidden at the same time Brett s girlfriend hurts him and he dumps her and goes hunting a one night stand Since he s used to getting what he wants he thinks finding that one night stand would be easier in a bar Then he meets a beautiful marine biologist who sends his bear into a frenzy, he can t help falling in love She only wants to be friends with benefits and that works until she discovers that he s been keeping shifter secrets from her, She refuses to even speak to him any Aubrey Carter is a marine biologist, and she pours all her time into her job She doesn t have time to deal with a boyfriend She meets a handsome stranger at a bar she has gone to with her visiting friend, and finds out he is actually the Coast Guard rescue swimmer who saved her life This stranger makes her rethink her philosophy of no boyfriend Aubrey gets really upset when she finds out by accident that he has been keeping secrets from her She doesn t want to ever talk to him again, but she can t seem to stay away from him Is it possible that she still needs saving, and that he s the only one who can rescue her Can Brett make it up to Aubrey for keeping secrets Or is it too late If you really want to know the answer to these questions and want to read an exceptionally good book then I suggest you read An Alpha s Storm I promise you will not be disappointed.

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    I actually picked this book up because the cover fit a reading challenge However, I was comfortable buying it because it sounded like something I would enjoy I found that the initial characterization of the main characters portrayed them as likable and I was looking forward to their story However, it turned into a story of a woman who was unwilling to take a risk and wasn t upfront about it and a man who seems to be thoughtful and kind but who turns into a raging possessive jerk who makes immediate negative assumptions and doesn t listen when someone tells them what was up By the end I was glad Brett admitted his error, but it took a bit too long for me given that his reaction was so extreme There were a couple of scenes that stretched my suspension of disbelief as well One is their workouts, as I suspect they are a bit than human in strength and speed Second, view spoiler when Brett is found out, it didn t make sense to me that he didn t realize someone was there until later hide spoiler

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    I finished the book only because I can t leave things unfinished I like the beginning, the hero is sweet and sort of awkward The heroine was meh They end up as friends with benefits even though he tells her he d like to date her, this made me dislike her a little He sees her in what looks like a bad position with someone else and over reacts She dumps him flat and then learns his secret but just gets even madder because he hadn t told her this huge thing when she wouldn t trust him enough to go on real dates He tries again to make up and she acts like a b Then a couple weeks later she s swimming and has an epiphany that she really does love him and want a relationship huh She rushes home, calls him and he rushes over and they live happily ever after Again, huh He s wimpy, she s bitchy and this book gets gets 2 stars only because the premise was interesting and I enjoyed the first 20 or so %.

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    This book was dreadfully dull The characters are incredibly flat and ridiculous The narration drags ridiculously and the book fails to adequately deal with the tropes of the supernatural shifter romance genre You never feel like Aubrey is Brett s lifemate You just always feel like she s a hot chick he likes to bang Myers doesn t give her characters an opportunity to show their best sides Instead, all we see is the worst of them and we re supposed to accept that they love each other anyway No When Aubrey suddenly realizes that she wants to be with Brett and texts him to come over now to her house, I just wanted to throw the book away She was downright cruel and obtuse in throwing him away and yet she expects him to come running the second she crooks her finger Justno.I won t read the rest of this series This was dreadful.

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    Not too happy3 1 2 Stars Brett and Aubreywell, well The premise was good and the story was just O.K much could have been done to make it well rounded His ex could have returned in the story There could have been some dangerous moments I lost all respect for him with his comment at the bar about a rebound I will still read the next story though to see if the series improves.

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An Alphas Storm (Water Bear Shifters, #1) download An Alphas Storm (Water Bear Shifters, #1) , read online An Alphas Storm (Water Bear Shifters, #1) , kindle ebook An Alphas Storm (Water Bear Shifters, #1) , An Alphas Storm (Water Bear Shifters, #1) b34ed0709c6f Panda Shifters Are The Rarest, And Most Legendary, Of All The Bear Shifters And Brett Smith Is One Of Them When Tragedy Leaves Him Without A Clan, He Hides Out In The United States Coast Guard, Using His Beastly, Alpha Strength To Save Lives On A Daily Basis He S Used To Getting What He Wants, And When He Meets A Beautiful Marine Biologist Who Sends His Bear Into A Frenzy, He Can T Help Falling In Love She S Hesitant To Let Him In, However, And When She Discovers That He S Been Keeping Shifter Secrets From Her, She Refuses To Even Speak To Him Any Aubrey Carter Is A Busy Woman She Pours Her Heart Into Her Job As A Marine Biologist, And Doesn T Have Time To Deal With A Boyfriend But When She Finds Out That The Handsome Stranger Next To Her At The Bar Is Actually The Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Who Saved Her Life, She S Tempted To Make An Exception After Discovering, However, That He S Been Keeping Deep Secrets From Her, She Goes From Curious To Angry She Swears Never To Talk To Him Again, But She Can T Seem To Stay Away Is It Possible That She Still Needs Saving, And That He S The Only One Who Can Rescue Her Can Brett Make Amends For His Mistakes Before It S Too Late And Will Aubrey Finally Open Her Eyes To Realize That True Love Is Worth The Risk Find Out In This Steamy Bear Shifter Romance AN ALPHA S STORM Is Part Of Sloane Meyers Water Bear Shifters Series While This K Word Novella Can Easily Be Read As A Standalone Story, You Ll Likely Enjoy Reading All Of The Water Bear Books