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Sing The Blues pdf Sing The Blues , ebook Sing The Blues , epub Sing The Blues , doc Sing The Blues , e-pub Sing The Blues , Sing The Blues eef798c7f86 Sing The Blues Is A Short Story Anthology Of Seven Creepy Dark Erotic Tales It Is The Second Book In The Trilogy, Symphonie De Mort, Soon To Be Published Game Play Is The First Which Will Be Revised And Re PublishedThe Stories Within STB Include A Kind Of Black Widow , Who Doesn T Steal And Kill Directly She Just Invites Herself Into Other People S Relationships An Odd Bod Remembers How His Mother Used To Smell On Her Deathbed Fruity With A Hint Of Decay, Maybe A Female Demon Exacts Revenge On A Misogynist Ex By Delivering A Punishment Fit For A King Of Sorts Gossip Can Be The Death Of Some People And It S Exactly What A Scorned Female Ghost Uses To Seek Her Revenge And Is It Wolves Or Sex Starved, Horny Men You Should Be Worried About Enter Their Lair To Find Out

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    Murderers, Misogynists and Demons oh my Tina Collins writes about the darker recesses of life with an urgency and impact that is positively visceral, fed with an undercurrent of vibrant eroticism It s hard to stop reading each story once you begin as dark visions of domestic discord, dystopian sci fi or the perversity that can lurk within the mostly human heart gives way to knowing insights into the truly animalistic nature that lies barely beneath the surface of our skins.Dark, visceral and highly readable.

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    This collection is exactly what the author said, an erotic anthology If erotica is your thing, then this collection delivers, in an impersonal, objectified manner The stories were all different, but they all had the unmistakable theme of power and dominance, told in the first person If you want to be scared sh..tless while being turned on, then this is the book for you Enjoy

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    I have to start this review saying that serious horror has never been a genre that appealed to me So, it was a huge surprise to find this very dark material sucking me in and refusing to let go This is not just serious horror this is thoughtful horror Her predators are real and terrifying listen and you will hear their footsteps behind you.Tina Collins has an eye for the worst of human nature, and she stuffs her characters with the basest of desires and motives sexual desire and gratification are the essential ingredients Her monsters human or not carnal needs are things we can all relate to at some level, and are the frightening and disgusting for it.The writing is incredibly easy to run with utter horror should not be this readable Her confidence in handling the subject matter means that it evokes images straight up after a while, it felt like I was wandering around Goya s black paintings scenes of despair and human futility, the big pictures quickly and beautifully rendered with deft splashes of words, and the details presented with subtlety and a master s touch.Somehow into all of this, she threads a tiny bit of hope, but mostly to extinguish it like a magician before your eyes Despair is pretty much the glue that binds these short stories together, and there appears to be no real happy endings here then but if you are getting the impression it all sounds too bleak and nasty, only to be enjoyed by sick individuals, then you would be very, very wrong The darkness resonates you read it and are surprised by how digestible each little course is.As a reader, I have felt rewarded by this book, embracing the dark side a little and being a bit at ease with its presence As a writer, I feel I ve learned something about the art of storytelling.I will be looking out for work from this author.

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    I didn t love this book I wanted to like it, but I didn t I agree with another reviewer that the stories need a little fleshing out They re very quick reads, but perhaps a little too quick Also, I felt that the writing was best when it focused on the supernatural paranormal or just the aspects of the story outside of the erotic parts For me, the erotic portions missed some heat or fun or intrigue something was missing I can t quite put my finger on it I realize that some of the stories and the sex were supposed to be cold and or calculated so, from that perspective, it probably just wasn t my cup of tea But when I ve read classic erotica, there was always a sense of doing something you shouldn t, something overwhelmingly passionate or a just a good romp The characters in this book had some humor fun to them or darkness, but the sex lacked feeling good or bad for me Maybe if there was a little bit of a mixture of the cold calculated erotica with something with a little feeling dark or otherwise , then I could get behind it It is a quick read, though, and the stories get better as the book progresses in my opinion The last two or three stories had potential, but they still fell a little short for me.

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    Short and darkly erotic Sing the Blues was not exactly what I expected from the cover, but the blurb clearly identified it as a collection of dark erotic tales, and it definitely delivers Some of the shorts are better than others, a couple I thought might be a bit too short and seemed like a teaser to a fuller story, which you sometimes get in an anthology It left me wanting , so I will look for of from this author in the future.

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    Note This is an unbiased review in exchange for a free copy of the book.Getting down to business, the book is a short one comprising of 7 short stories and a bonus horror story I would like to mention is that Erotica or Horror is not my favourite genre I had some free time and decided to experiment.Seems that the experiment turned out to be pleasant Think of wolves ,ghosts ,aliens and other things that creep you out , then you are in for a treat This one is a wonderful mix of short but powerful story telling Every story is unique and demands your attention right away Yet, lack of character names and much less emotional connect then other short stories I have read was a turn off.Conclusion Anyone interested in a quick read of sensuous yet mind boggling short stories should give it a try.Originally reviewed on

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    I don t usually prefer dark erotica, but this book might get me to reconsider The author describes scenes well I don t know if it s just me, but I think she has some creative word choices such as his particulars in particular Much explicitness of both heterosexual and lesbian sex Part of me felt redeemed by the revenge subplot.I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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