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    An excellent ending to a superb series Going to miss the shit out of Ruby Dee FULL REVIEW COMING ON RELEASE DAY.

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    RabidReads.com Finally The last book of any series is usually bittersweet to say the least, especially when it s a series that was so well loved by me from the minute that I found it I started this series because I loved the cover I quickly fell in love with the characters, the premise, and of course the romance I wanted to read this book, but I am really not happy to say goodbye to all the characters that have become so beloved to me A copy of this book was given to me by the author, in exchange for a fair and honest review.Ruby is just one of the wonderful characters in this book As the main character, she has been through it all pain, loss, suffering, and of course a great love and many friendships She s an RB, the last of her kind and constantly on the brink of extinction throughout this whole series RB s are the scariest and strongest of all werewolves One can take out a platoon of soldiers, before the soldiers even realize what is happening Ruby was not aware that Scarlet the RB lived inside her until her parents were brutally killed, and Ruby, once blind most of her life, had her sight restored Some readers love Scarlet I, on the other hand wasn t won over by her until this book, possibly somewhat in the previous book as well She is the total opposite of Ruby, violent, selfish, arrogant,sarcastic, loyal, the list goes on Sean is Ruby s great love He s immortal, and the son of Ares, the God of War He is ancient, lived to kill wiping out the Fae, among others for too many years to count, and falling for Ruby completely changed him He can still be ruthless, but, oh has she has softened him And then there is Cooper What can I say, I love his character dearly, and have since the beginning He s just such a wonderful man, also a wolf, and loves Ruby dearly, as she does him not romantically, although I wanted that for them through several books So many characters than I can mention, ones I loved, ones I hated, and one that was enigmatic to say the least Gavin , all made this a well rounded series.This particular read was the culmination of all the problems from throughout the whole series Too many to go into here Natusch ties all the ends up neatly and presents it to her readers in such a way that the reader becomes totally invested all over again Not that I was ever not invested in this series There s lots of romance for Ruby and Sean, a possibility for a happily ever after for Cooper, plenty of action suspense, and the whole last part of the book had me crying.Me, crying while reading is something I hadn t done in years especially an ugly cry Quite the accomplishment for this author This book wasn t always easy to read, especially towards the end I have to mention that there is loss, and my red eyes proved it That s just a heads up Well written as always, I loved the whole thing, and there s nothing I would have changed about the series ending Well, maybe a couple of things, but it all added to the story The redemption in my eyes anyway of Scarlet was the icing on the cake for me, as well The pacing was perfect, the premise well executed, and it than earned a five star rating Highly recommended FYI As of this writing, Caged is free on .

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    Betrayed is, without a doubt, a flawless conclusion to The Caged Series From Ruby s first sight of Sean s gorgeous green eyes in Caged, we ventured through an emotional and physical war with her She has grown from a captivating and graceful being, though haphazard and left footed at times, to a driven and unmoving warrior I adore her in all of her badassery and overwhelming love for others Yes, that means you too, Scarlet I knew you had a softer side, but we will keep that between us We don t want to ruin your soulless street cred wink This was the first time that I have finished a series without wanting I was given everything that my heart desired, save for the moments my heart was broken And in the end, I was given even than I anticipated As I turned the last page to rest, a tear rolled down my cheek, and a smile of joy and content spread across my lips.

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    I m in awe of the finale in the Caged Series This book was brilliant and had you on the edge of your seat Alliances were made , hearts were broken and some devastating losses But through everything things end exactly as they should be Scarlett and Ruby were the perfect blend of character Her pack was outstanding and Sean was her destiny 3 No matter where her family ends up in some way they will.always be together Another 5 star read by Amber Lynn Natusch.

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    OMG Definitely a roller coaster ride Love it Awesome ending This is just so bittersweet for me though I would surely miss Ruby, Scarlett, Sean and even Cooper It s like saying good bye to my friends Thank you to my fav author, Amber Thanks for this awesome book Love this series

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    FINALLY It s been four years, almost to the day, since Caged, the first installment in the Caged series, was released, and Betrayed FINALLY gives us all the answers we ve been waiting for Plus, some answers to questions we didn t even know we had.This book brings the entire cast full circle with the series long story arc Unfortunately, not everyone can live happily ever after, so trust me when I give you this warning BRING TISSUES I actually didn t sob as badly as I thought I was going to, but I ve been preparing myself to read this book for MONTHS Maybe the build up was enough to keep me from ugly crying all over my Kindle.There are a handful of moments throughout this book that will shock you Moments which will make you want to reach out and shake the author You wont see it coming, and it ll hurt lol Like, a lot.The entire time I was reading Betrayed, I was very surprised by the amount of humor the author put into the story The entire series has built up, each book becoming darker and darker I expected the final book in the series to be near apocalyptic, but the old Ruby humor you re used to is still there If anything, I think she got funnier Overall, BETRAYED was an epic ending to an epic series and I m beyond sad to see it end Dont forget, though This isn t the end of this world The author has a spinoff series with 47North called the Unborn series which focuses on the Detroit chapter of the PC Plus, she s got something else in the works with this world that I cant spill the beans about just yet I ve already started reading it and OMG it s so good Another fantastic installment in the caged universe and I couldn t think of a better way to wrap up the series As a reader, there wasn t anything I would have wanted differently for the characters Well, there might be a few less dead, but.

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    I have been anticipating this final book of the Caged series for a good long time, and for one reason or another have not been able to dive into it until now I wasn t disappointed While it took me just a little bit to get back into the characters and plot, once I was in the story progressed very quickly What did surprise me was the lack of adult situations if you get my drift I recall the other books in this series as being a bit lascivious But that doesn t mean there isn t romance There wasn t as much laughter as I had hoped, but an abundance of tears Natusch herself said she was sobbing while writing crucial scenes I was content with how things wrapped up, but hope that these characters will not leave her alone and will push themselves into some of her other novels Will have to wait and see.

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    The end of a great series.This was a great series to read and Ms Natusch is one hell of a writer I started reading her writing with a different series, but I looked for other books and found these You won t be disappointed if you read them all, but you will wish that real life wouldn t interfere until you ve reached the ending This author is definitely going on my list of automatically read whatever she writes list.

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    Breathtaking Another breathtaking read by Amber Lynn Natusch So sad to see the series end but wow what and end This book, like all of her others, has a little bit of everything I finished this book in one day, just couldn t put it down If you like a supernatural read, grab this book along with the 8that came before it in the series and you won t be disappointed.

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    Perfect endingThis whole series rocked I loved how the author tied all the characters together Watching Ruby Scarlett character grow through the series was amazing I did shed a few tears in the end Loved all the characters.

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