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Pleasure (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #1) pdf Pleasure (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #1) , ebook Pleasure (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #1) , epub Pleasure (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #1) , doc Pleasure (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #1) , e-pub Pleasure (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #1) , Pleasure (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #1) 3af9b803886 Pleasure, Pain Or Purpose Is The Story Of Three Best Friends When Everything Seems Perfect, That S When A Curve Ball Is Likely Waiting Around The Corner Biljana Stevens Blissful Life Is Derailed After The Sudden Death Of Her Cherished David Now A Lonely Submissive, She Travels The World With A Crushed HeartA Contradiction All Her Life, Jasmin Stallworth Loved Barbies But She Also Loved Baseball With The Boys Now An Undercover Cop, Jasmine Has A Penchant For Risk Kinky Risk Will She Put Her Career On The Line And Her Life In Danger To Satisfy Her Hunger Vicky Knox And Her Husband Andrew Were Compatible, But She Longed For Than A Roommate Why Can T The Magic And Enthusiasm Always So Plentiful In The Early Stages Of A Relationship, Last A Lifetime Married Life Became Mundane Until Rough Sex And A Password Changed Everything Together The Three Friends Help Each Other Navigate Life, Loss And Love Oh, And Kinky Sexvery Kinky Sex

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    A 5 Star story we can all relate to We all experience Pleasure Pain or Purpose From page one this book drew me in to the lives of three best friends as they navigate life, loss and love It s clear from the start these women are strong and as devoted to one another as best friends can possibly be The opening lines made me laugh and think back on my own conversations with my female friends The author captured their banter perfectly I fell in love with all three women and the way their stories unfold each taking over a chapter and seamlessly rotating between their intertwined lives The way it was written is a fresh approach to developing the story line Billie has recently lost her life partner and the love of her life, David Throughout her journey she often bounces between feeling normal and happy to overwhelming sadness and despair, much like anyone in real life would feel if they have lost their love Her path the healing is well underway by the close of Pleasure and I can only hope she finds happiness again in the remaining installments of Pain and Purpose Jasmin, a tough cop with a love of adrenaline filled thrills finds herself mixed up with a known criminal With her handsome boss, Gladstone always keeping an eye out for her I can only wonder what will come of this triangle She bends rules and lives on the edge An edge I fear is bound to catch up with her eventually Vicky is struggling in a stale marriage Her husband, Andrew, has always been supportive but they live like roommates than lovers When a huge fight and infidelity threatens to rip them apart, a spark is ignited that cannot be denied Will this catapult them into a passionate relationship or push them further apart I am left with many unanswered questions that peek my curiosity as to what will come next in Pain and Purpose These three beautiful ladies could just as easily be best friends of mine as I can relate to so many things they are experiencing I love that in a book Well done Al I cannot wait to see what happens next

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    Pleasure Pain or Purpose Book One Pleasure is the story of three best friends This book focuses on Pleasure.To be honest, I don t know what I was getting into when I started reading this, just that the title and the cover was so entrancing for me, I wanted to get my hands on it And of course, Al Daltrey was one of the Authors in our ShhMaleAuthorEvent and chatting with him was an eye opener.I usually start my review with a quote, as it helps me with where I wanted to take this review or the flow but when I checked my annotations, fully expecting of highlights, I realized I had none Not because there was nothing that jump out for me, mind you, but because I was just enjoying reading this book and self analyzing if it does applies to me, or who I know of, that I ve got nothing Yep, face palm to myself.As the title suggest, this book was about pleasure But don t let it misguide you What I love about the book is that it focuses on you as a person, or of individual female of what fantasies or act will give them the most pleasure or what they desire sexually.The book has three main characters, and it s like I had a taste of everything And when I say everything, I mean everything It encompass everything No holds barred Also, it explores relationships of us with our friends, or with partners Of how females usually are.What surprises me the most is that while reading, I was actually thinking a woman is writing this book Because how can a male write that sounds like he s a female, and do it so effortlessly Seriously And how can that male author just know how it is how a female, or different females, act in situations I mean Yeah, it boggles my mind.Sexuality is my favorite topic in non fiction books especially when it s about exploring what you like sexually, owning it, making that desires yours I like how it brings someone s confidence, especially of a female And how she is able to express it literally But explaining your kink, your desires to your friends that isn t in the lifestyle nor who enjoys kink, well, this definitely was the answer to that question I had in my mind.Seriously, this is by far the best book I ve read that explores that idea This was just so beautiful it took me days to find words to express how this book has just touched me.The writing style of the Author was also new to me and it took me less time getting used to with it, but when I had, it just made me want to devour the pages as fast as I can.I can t wait to read what s next This is a serious must read ShhMaleAuthorEvent in Goodreads

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    Loved, loved, loved this book This story is very different than any erotica romance I read before.Three best friends share their cheeky banter, and their own personal shit going on.They each have personal struggles and different approaches in how to deal with their struggles Their banter was delicious, and their friendship was refreshing to read as they supported each other through thick and thin As each reveals their own personal issues they came clean admitting they each enjoy being subs and enjoy BDSM lifestyleWell, the result was a fun, hot, sexy and very steamy story Cannot wait for book2.

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    4 out of 5 starsThis book covers the lives of three best friends Biljana Stevens better known to her friends as Billie is still suffering from the loss of her lover and isn t sure she s going ever get over it Jasmin Stallworth is in the Special Investigations department and loves her job as a police officer Vicky Knox is the only friend who is married and she works in the medical research field and is mostly happy with her life outside of the bedroom at least This is my first book by Mr Daltrey and I loved his writing style I am usually a fan of the first person point of view, but in this third person novel I was able to gain a better understanding of all the friends and what they were really thinking at all times and get a better grasp on the situations I felt the emotions in this book and enjoyed reading about their feelings and their emotions rather than just about their bedroom life Billie is stuck in the past with David, her lover who died in a freak work accident She can t get over the fact that she has always felt like she was his and that they were to spend the rest of their lives together fighting the world together She doesn t know how to cope aloneor she doesn t think she does anyway Jasmin puts herself in a crazy ass situation and finds herself being submissive to a criminal guilty of killing cops She finds that she is stimulated by his control over her and they definitely have some hot and heavy scenes Vicky thinks she needs to heat things up in the bedroom with her husband and finds herself in a predicament she doesn t know what to do with I loved that the three friends relied so heavily on each other and found solace in their friendshipeven when they had a fight, they managed to make up I wish I had a group of girlfriends like them Mr Daltrey did a great job of putting me into this story and his imagination made my imagination go crazy, too I can t wait to read the other two books in the series, Pain Purpose, and I highly recommend that you try this one, too.

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    This is a departure from the other books of Al Daltrey, a refreshing one Have no doubt, his steamy erotic scenes are still there, however, he is delving deeper into story and characters.This first volume introduces us to three friends Each woman is different, yet they mesh well together All are facing struggles in their life and questioning where they are and where they are going I believe there is a character in there that every woman can relate to.Billie has lost her true love and doesn t think she will ever find a love like that again So she has chosen to run from her current life, removing herself from anything that reminds her of her past lifeJazz walks a fine line in her life of an undercover cop Danger excites her, and she may put herself in situations that could be out of her control.Vicky is in the crux of a disintegrating marriage and has to choose whether she will leave it or fight to make it work.I will tell you there is a cliffhanger, and I cannot wait to see where it leads in Book 2.

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    My 5 star review for Book 1 Pleasure.After reading Testing the Submissive and A Condo With Two Views I had a taste for Al Daltrey s writing, so I was eager to dive into this little gem I must say, Pleasure book 1 is very different to his other work but also a breath of fresh air Mind you, it still has his erotic kink to it, as I like to say His trademark A story which is based on three friends with a unique bond between them Single handenly they are all going through some sort of life changes but together they can conquer anythingThere were times when I did say to myselfI m going through this or I know somebody who is going through this, so clearly these things do happen to us.Al Daltrey be proud of your work, your writng and creativity has grown immensly Bring on Book 2

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    This is the second book of Al Daltrey s that I ve read and I must admit this is even better than the first The story of three female friends each one has her own issues There s Biljana a widow and still can t move on from her husband s death, Vicki who is having doubts about her husband Andrew and then there s Jasmine who is passionate about her work she will give her all and risk it all I love that in this book the author has made his characters emotional, the engagingly funny banter amongst the besties made me laugh at times, there s action involved and as expected there s also BDSM I thoroughly enjoyed reading these women s stories and the ending is a cliffhanger but not that type of a cliffy that will make you throw your kindle on the wall I am so looking forward to the next installment Hmmmm, I wonder how that will turn out Who is going to save the day

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    Reviewed by Tracey Lou ParkerSomething new from the pen of Al Daltrey was sitting in my Kindle And I can t tell you how excited I was to read it Pleasure is a story that features three lovely ladies Each one with their own individuality, style and way of living Biljana, Vicky and Jasmin Childhood best friends who have remained close throughout the years.Biljana Devastated by the loss of her lover in a tragic accident Coming to terms with the grief that she was experiencing, she shut herself off from the world Gradually with time, the pain eased but the loss was still very much alive and nothing was making it better Through financial gain she decides to take herself off Change her surroundings and try to find the peace that she so desperately craved A new country leads to new adventures which slowly brings her back to life Mentally, physically and sexually.Vicky Happily married to Andrew or was she Their physical relationship had dwindled down to next to nothing and things were becoming boring After one heated argument, the passion between the two escalated and both were overcome by their feelings What happened next made her toes curl Fearing that something was terribly wrong, Vicky did the one thing I shouted at my kindle for her not to do Never read someone else s emails There will always be something you don t want to see needless to say, she didn t listen and what she finds will change her life.Jasmin An undercover cop who always went that extra mile for it and seemed to enjoyed it at the same time A close encounter with a criminal awakens feelings in her that she cannot deny, and she didn t Even though she knew it was wrong she couldn t resist She was irrevocably drawn to him, he knew it and played on it What was it that he wanted from her I loved the layout of this story Getting to know each of these ladies separately helped me understand where their personal journey was taking them Every chapter was dedicated to each of them and I was hooked As one chapter ended, another would begin leaving me wondering what was going to happen next The talented Al Daltrey brought insight into the workings of a woman s mind Love, lust and pleasure were the three main ingredients that these ladies shared This book was well written, well thought out and well presented Definitely a pleasure to read Thank you Al Daltrey I look forward to you next instalment Five pleasurable stars

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    Pleasure, Pain or Purpose is the story of three best friends When everything seems perfect, that s when a curve ball is likely waiting around the corner Biljana Stevens blissful life is derailed after the sudden death of her cherished David Now a lonely submissive, she travels the world with a crushed heart A contradiction all her life, Jasmin Stallworth loved Barbies but she also loved baseball with the boys Now an undercover cop, Jasmine has a penchant for risk kinky risk Will she put her career on the line and her life in danger to satisfy her hunger Vicky Knox and her husband Andrew were compatible, but she longed for than a roommate Why can t the magic and enthusiasm always so plentiful in the early stages of a relationship, last a lifetime Married life became mundane Until rough sex and a password changed everything Together the three friends help each other navigate life, loss and love Oh, and kinky sexvery kinky sex What ROCKED I loved how Al Daltrey explored each element of the title for each character Billie found Pleasure after loss, Jasmin found it during an intense situation in a jail, and Vicky briefly found it in anger Pain was evident for Billie during her grief cycle Jasmin had secrets And secrets are usually to hide from something that can hurt you Vicky s marriage was not where she wanted it to be Each of the girls had Purpose Billie showed us what unconditional love is Jasmin shows us that it is ok to be a sexual being and still be great at your job, even if the two mixed at times Vicky shows us the the importance of communication in a relationship and how quickly it deteriorates when not nurtured I also loved that I was able to take away what each girl stood for in the first part For me, Billie was Pleasure Jasmin was Purpose And Vicky was Pain The subtitle, Pleasure, applies to all but I have my reasons why each represented what they did What didn t ROCK I was NOT prepared for the ending I won t say what happened or why, but that is what I didn t like Overall I am completely intrigued to see where this trilogy end up It was a completely different style from what trilogies have become Each chapter a new look into one of the three friends Al can write a kinky story, but this is proof he can write than that Thinking about stories you read days later is usually a good sign that the next two installments will be just as deep, connecting, and emotional The friendships, love, and the ability for these strong women to stand strong, has me itching for book 2.

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    4.5 StarsCopy provided in exchange for an honest review.Pleasure, book one in the Pleasure Pain or Purpose series, introduces readers to three unique friends Though very different, Biljana, Vicky and Jasmin share everything with one another, or almost everything As they reflect on their changing lives we get a glimpse into each woman s individual story Though their careers and relationships have taken different paths, Pleasure focuses on the different sexual experiences the women have had in their lives, with current and other partners From vanilla sex to kinky BDSM sex, together they rely on one another for advice and support as they maneuver the confusing direction their lives have taken Pleasure was a very unique reading experience for me, as I had yet to read a novel that combined the elements of vanilla sex with kinkier sex, as well as included personal stories for each character Al Daltrey wrote PPP1 out of the box, giving readers female characters they could relate to on a number of levels and providing a setting that women from all walks could read and enjoy The women are relatable, not just due to their friendship and relationship with one another, but also from their heartbreaks, their sexuality, and their lump sum of experiences I easily became invested in Jasmin s story, saw myself in Vickie, and had a bit of a love hate problem with Billie The character development that went into each woman was astounding and really made the changing POV enjoyable for me I loved getting to know the women as separate individuals, as well as getting to experience their interactions together This is absolutely an emotional read though, with both the character s stories and how close to real life much of it resembled I smiled when they smiled, grew angry when the girls grew angry, and absolutely shed tears when my heart hurt for the characters and a bit of myself The smut was also very well written, in a way that allowed the readers to visualize it, but also understand what those sexual experiences meant for the character It was so easy to get lost in the women s lives that when I finally came to the end I might have been a little mad at the cliffhanger Pleasure is a fantastic release from Al Daltrey and I recommend it to readers from all walks of life If you are a fan of romance novels in general, especially with some delicious smut, this is for you Though it does end on a cliffhanger, Pain, is available now.

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