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Poet Tongue pdf Poet Tongue , ebook Poet Tongue , epub Poet Tongue , doc Poet Tongue , e-pub Poet Tongue , Poet Tongue 3074af0dede Now Available On Kindle Animal Or Gentle Spirit Violet Is An Outcast She S Bullied At School, Her Boyfriend Is Abusive And She Doesn T Have A Family To Call Her Own But When A Terrible Truth Emerges, Violet Decides She S Had Enough With The Life She S Faced With, And Desires To Kill Herself But Someone, Or Something Thinks She S Worth Saving When She S Bitten By Tohon, A Werewolf Warrior, They Discover That Violet Has The Power To Destroy An Enemy That Haunts Tohon S PackThese New Werewolf Abilities Might Be Too Much For Violet To Handle On Her OwnIn This Riveting Young Adult Novel About Facing Your Fears, Death, Friendship And Love, Violet Must Decide Who She Really Is A Raging Animal, Or A Kind SpiritThis Book Is Available On Lulu

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    2.5 StarsWith one bite, her prophecy unfoldedPoet Tongue is a classic tale that, I feel, could really appeal to a lot of werewolf lovers The Story follows a pretty simple plot line a wolf meets his mate, who joins his pack but, as far as your typical romance goes, I like how, in this tale, both the love interests happen to be werewolves The supernatural being human plotline is fine, I like a lot of those stories too, but for once it s nice to see that the girl is a rough, tough werewolf too and can hold her ground The female love interests in romances like this are almost always treated like delicate little flowers that will shatter at a single touch side eyes Edward and Bella so it was rather nice to see Violet as a tougher character compared to most other female leads in YA supernatural romance.As far as the actual characters go, though, I kinda have mixed feelings about Violet As I said above, I liked seeing a tougher main character, but I also feel like there were aspects to her characterization and background that felt skimmed over Her family life, for example, was mentioned once or twice before being dropped completely I know that her father had abandoned her and her mother was never around and she was an only child, so there wasn t really much room for family involvement anyway, but that whole plot line felt like a cop out so Violet could just run off on her supernatural adventures without worrying about any other teenage responsibilities Also, I m not sure how I feel about the whole almost committed suicide thing I mean, it was literally mentioned in the summary so it s not like I didn t see it coming, but after Violet is bitten and transforms into a werewolf for the first time, her suicidal depression just disappears Nada Zip I mean, it s literally never mentioned again and none of the other characters especially the other wolves and Tohon, who was the one who found her trying to kill herself in the first place ever bring it up like they don t give a shit about her mental health I mean, hey, she literally almost killed herself and could snap again at any moment, but let s focus on mating instead, I guess The werewolves themselves were all right, I suppose, but they also kind of felt like carbon copies of Jacob from Twilight I don t know when or how Native American reservations became a cliche for werewolf stories, but that was definitely present in this tale, and the whole thing kind of felt like Twilight if Bella had had a backbone and had fallen for Jacob instead As a whole, the werewolf characters felt kinda lukewarm as far as development goes and I didn t find myself caring much for any of them Following the villain through his POV was probably one of the most interesting things about the plot, and I like the back and forth build up that ultimately led to the climax, but I do think the transition between following the villain and Violet could have gone a little smoothly Overall, this is the second book I ve read by author Kyla Stan, and I think it s safe to say I liked the other one a mermaid romance a bit The characters felt much developed in Forbidden Tides and the imagery was written beautifully in that book it felt a little choppy in this one However, despite the fact that this book wasn t really my favorite, I would recommend that you check it out if you re a werewolf fan especially if you found yourself on Team Jacob during the Twilight craze.

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    So basically I chose this one because I was very excited to read another book based on the fascinating native american culture And the author did not disappoint, however I do feel that there were some major loopholes in the story I don t want to give any spoilers so I will not go into details Te character portrayal was really good and interesting I personally think that Violet s character has a lot of potential and can be developed into a great character with time The plot along with narrative also flows smoothly and without any hitch.We also get glimpses of how the native american villages used to operate in previous times before the Europeans came to America I especially loved this part of the book a lot maybe because I like historical things.Overall I think this is a great YA novel and a beginning of an awesome series The twist in the end was just marvelous Even I did not see it coming at all I had to read the last few lines a second time to make sure that I m reading correctly No no I m not going to tell you, you will need to read it to find out but I will definitely suggest any young adult fans to give it a try and I think anyone who loves to read native american historical fiction or legends or culture should go for it too.

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    I was given the ARC in exchange for an honest review A delicious dark tale, and an interesting twist on werewolves It had dramatic teen angst, unforeseen adventure, blossoming romance, intriguing characters, and heartbreaking betrayal The story follows Violet through her lonely situation at home and into the trials and obstacles she faces both internally and externally, and how she grows as a character With Native American legends woven in for a feeling of an untouched ancient culture that poor Violet stumbles upon and ultimately gets swept up in, leaving her life behind As a lover of werewolf tales I appreciated that her werewolf characters felt animalistic, and not just some human in a wolf body, it added a layer of realism Also how the main love interests were not the typical human falls in love with a werewolf type romance The storyline moved along at a brisk pace but kept me totally involved, and waiting to see what happened next When these characters appear again for another adventure, I will be along for the ride.

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    Poet Tongue by Kyla Stan was fantastic I couldn t put this book down With all the problems of being a teenage girl, Violet Ashton now has to deal with changing into a werewolf And this isn t your typical werewolf story No Violet changes because of her emotions, instead of the stereotypical full moon I love the romance in this story It s paced perfectly and full of emotion With Tohon the love interest being part of the pack, the Native American culture included in this book were fantastic One of Stan s best writing qualities is that she always writes vivid descriptions of real problems that many people can relate to Trying not to post any spoilers, I will say that this story is filled to the brim with the perfect balance of reality and fiction There were some grammatical issues in this book, but I could easily overlook them because of Stan s ability to tell a story so vividly that I got lost in the pages I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves YA Romance.

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    I thought this was a really solid first book in a series The love story was slowly developed and nothing felt rushed I really enjoyed the aspect of Violet having to decide between her human life and that which she is now a part of in the woods.I think my favourite thing about this novel, and this author is her ability to include real life issues into her stories Wolves and other animals are being hunted and killed for no reason The write up at the end in regards to how you can help make a difference was really inspiring This novel is extremely action packed, and pack an emotional punch as well I would definitely love to continue on with this series to find out what happens next.

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    Finally I really struggled through the first half of this book, and I don t know if it was just the sporadic reading due to so much going on in my personal life or if it was the book, but it felt very disconnected From the second half and within itself About a quarter of the way through I started getting into it but again I felt very jumped around The second half though, I think chapter 18 on, it just clicked and flowed and I didn t want to put it down or put it down once I was able to pick it up again I love Tohon s character and the stories of his people I absolutely adored the twist at the ending However I didn t much like Violet s character not until the epilogue She seemed all over the place at times I love Kyla s voice though and look forward to her next book I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I loved this story Unable to put this down after starting the book, I read it all in one sitting I really enjoyed the story line and LOVED the ending I can t wait for the next in the series I voluntarily reviewed this book for an honest review

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    Werewolves have been used in many ways in literature and film sometimes for horror and blood and gore, sometimes for love and lust, sometimes as symbols of humanity or loss thereof or as symbols of big change and transition In Poet Tongue, the debut work by Kyla Stan, the werewolves are used to symbolize a change in character, but I was pleasantly surprised by the change they symbolized here.Violet is an outcast both in school and at home Her father is out of the picture, and her mother barely acknowledges her existence The cheerleaders and other popular students look down on her and bully her And he boyfriend well, he s a big jerky cheater Her only friends are Rose another girl on the fringes of the crowd at school and her heavy metal band mates Things are so bad that Violet has a suicide note ready and goes to the top of a cliff in the Washington State wilderness.This is a werewolf story, so it s pretty obvious what ultimately happens to her, and before long she s sprouting fangs, fur, claws, and paws But the change isn t fueled by the moon instead it s spurred on by her emotional state something she may need to learn how to control.Usually werewolves, or Skin Walkers as they re called here, come from other werewolves That honor goes to Tohon, a young adult member of a local pack that live in the woods He feels responsible for altering Violet s life forever and vows to protect and teach her Apparently, if she strays too far from the pack, she ll go rogue and be unable to control her animalistic urges.The imagery in this story is outstanding All scenery, particularly with the book s emphasis on nature, is vividly painted The character development is strong, and the relationship between Violet and Tohon evolves at just the right pace There s great internal conflict within Violet, and there s also enough external conflict a zealot and his followers out to hunt the Skin Walkers to keep the book gripping.My only quibbles with the story concern the fates of the supporting cast from Violet s previous life The jerky boyfriend gets some comeuppance for his jerky transgressions, but some might think it s a little too much Violet s friends in the band and Rose poor Rose deserve an explanation from Violet about where she s been and headed.These are relatively minor issues, and Violet s well developed character arc than makes up for them She grows strong in many ways and finds herself along the way It s a nice inversion of the typical werewolf as lone wolf outcast instead, she finds a place to belong because she chooses to defend and fight for the pack against its hunters Though she s a sensitive character, she s also a tough heroine Her toughness, and the story, is than skin deep at FOUR STARS.

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    Poet Tongue, by Kyla Stan, explores the life of a typical emo high school girl who is destined to become the chosen one for a tribe of werewolves or Skin Walkers as Stan likes to call them Violet, the protagonist, experiences very relatable high school dramas that most of us are familiar with bullying, boredom, and of course, heartache Like most young adult YA high school based dramas, the central focus tends to become the romance with a little action thrown in just for kicks For some reason, female characters in these novels are only concerned with finding true love Violet is no different During the first half of the story, most of her world revolves around Jake Then, during the second half of the story, her world revolves around Tohon Simply put, she cannot exist without being attached to a male character I have nothing against romance, I just enjoy it when its dynamic and both characters can stand on their own without falling apart Finding your soul mate is great and all but your partner should not define who you are This statement stands even if you re part of the same prophecy Unfortunately, Stan seems to waste a perfectly good Native American setting that is thriving with lore from Wishpoosh to Tisayac to Heron and the Hummingbird If she took the time to research the culture in order to dress Tohon in deer skin pants and give him a love of powwows, I think she should have gone a step further and given the readers something in terms of lore A black wolf and a white wolf coming together to save a tribe just doesn t cut it for me It can t get any clich than that Let me note, however, that Stan does attempt to flesh out Violet s character with some personal details We know what kind of clothes she likes to wear, what her favorite animal is, and her taste in music Despite these details, I still felt that Violet was extremely flat Everything she did felt predictable and she never surprised me with the spontaneity that makes humans, well, human I would have liked to see her respond to her problems with than just anger and silence Although, I will admit that seeing Violet standing up for herself is certainly better than the innocent, helpless, can do no harm female protagonists of other novels Still, despite this improvement, Stan could have spent a bit time shaping Violet into a solid, well built character For instance, I would have loved to see Violet fail While she s training to become the chosen one nothing bad happens to her directly Sure, there are moments when bad things happen and she blames herself for them but she never fails due to her own shortcomings If Stan was ever to consider rewriting this book, I would suggest she add a scene where Violet comes face to face with a threat and fails so that she can then turn around, learn from that failure, and grow into a deeper, mature character As it stands, Violet is simply a teenage kid who has her destiny laid out for her in an ancient prophecy Stan s saving grace, I think, is the fact that Violet is a werewolf and a pretty strong one at that Typically, YA werewolf novels consist of a male werewolf protecting his vulnerable female girlfriend In this case, it was a nice change of pace to see a female protectress So, as you can tell, this is a rather predictable werewolf story The plot reminds me a lot of the Twilight Saga and perhaps it s the story of what would have happened if Bella had picked Jacob instead of Edward Now, as far as plots go, there were no major plot holes except maybe the very end but I won t spoil that for you The story was pretty straightforward and all of Violet s actions were consistent with her motives, despite these motives being rather basic I liked that Violet was flawed It made her much relatable But, perhaps I found Violet so relatable only because I went through that emo phase myself at one point back when I thought Escape the Fate was actually a good band And, I ll admit, I still listen to them from time to time Still, Violet was simple maybe a little too simple The thing that bothers me about YA novels is that sometimes authors make things too simple too cookie cutter in an attempt to make it easier for their younger audience But, I think if high schoolers are expected to read and interpret Shakespeare then they are allowed a bit meat to their books Violet s story was straightforward and throughout my read, I was constantly yearning for something substantial than a battle of good versus evil, white wolf and black wolf.Based on Goodreads, Stan has five distinct works Poet Tongue seems to have been originally published in 2016 and has undergone three editions since then After reading the novel, I contacted Stan to mention a few grammatical mistakes maybe 10 or so that I picked up along the way She was very kind and asked whether these mistakes had interfered with my reading experience Truthfully, they didn t bother me all that much but there were definitely a few moments when I was forced to do a double take because I couldn t follow the sentence due to a skipped or misused word She explained that as a self published author she did not have the resources to fund a professional editor and therefore had to do most of the work herself So, I cannot judge her as harshly as a traditionally published novelist who gets their work edited by various professionals before publication If a book is sitting on the New York Times Bestseller list, I cannot tolerate grammatical mistakes but when it s an indie author doing it on their own, I m much lenient Given her situation, I think Stan did rather well and I applaud her for taking on this challenging endeavor.In terms of language, Poet Tongue begins a bit jarringly Stan s language is packed to the brim with metaphors, similes, and other literary devices Personally, I am a minimalist and I prefer free flowing writing Sometimes, I think that writers try too hard to be writers and, as a result, they muddle their novels with unnecessary clutter She did, however, get better towards the end of the book or I simply got used to it That being said, her language did not affect my overall enjoyment of the novel All in all, I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for an easy read In terms of time, it took me around 5 7 hours to read and I tend to read on the slower side The story is straightforward and easy to follow It won t really give you anything special or different but if you like the genre and don t mind reading something that s been done before then Stan s book might be the right one for you But, a disclaimer if the title Poet Tongue might entice you with the lure of poetry, you will not find it Poetry is mentioned once and only once unless you consider musical lyrics as a form of poetry So, I was a bit confused about the title choice It s catchy, don t get me wrong, but Violet is no poet tongue Final Score 2.75 Story Plot 4Characters 2Language 3Personal Enjoyability 2 Score determined via Review Rubric, located on my blog Flutter By Literature

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    A very good read from a promising first time author Good character development, you cared about the Violet from page one.

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