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    I picked up this book innocently enough I was at the library checking out the latest books on the rack reserved for new books The story sounded good enough for a quick, chick lit, easy read I was about half way through the book too far into it to put it down for good although I had figured out the story line plot a long time ago before I discovered that this was a Christian romance novel No wonder why there weren t any good sex scenes I kept waiting for them to appear.Overall I thought the book was okay I did find the main character, Laini, a little bit annoying, judgmental, and self righteous Laini kept saying over and over that she wasn t a prude and that her moral code was to not have sex before marriage I can live with that , not to kiss on a first date her dating rule was no kissing until the 3rd date oh, I don t know about that one.sometimes you have to break the rules , no snuggling cuddling until she s been dating for a good long time, dating seemed to consist of mostly hanging out not very much passion However Laini breaks her own rules kissing before the 3rd date and snuggling with her love interest before they are exclusive she does stick to the rule of not sleeping with anyone before she s married.Laini of course is the good Christian girl described on page 3 as a, 30 year old, freckled faced redhead with too many extra pounds on her petite frame The too many extra pounds is 20 Laini s new roommate Nancy the worldly one is described as an Italian knockout who could be a Victoria s Secret model According to Laini, Nancy is a borderline tramp she doesn t actually say this, but Laini s judgments do as demonstrated on pages 229 230 She s Nancy wearing a satin robe Behind her is .a man I stare at them in disbelief I mean, in all the years I ve lived in the apartment, no one has ever violated the man rule And this is a clear violation Men aren t allowed to sleep over, I Laini mumble I can tell she doesn t want me to bring up the fact that I know he s married and is cheating It s so frustrating to watch an ignorant woman Laini s thoughts, I m not a prude But I do have my standards And that was before I started going to church Before I really starting trying to live the way the Bible says Christians should live And her Nancy is, a Christian by her own words, and she s sleeping with this guy I just don t get it I don t know what you want me to say, Nancy This is wrong Even if he weren t married and weren t cheating I thought you felt the same way I do about sleeping around Nancy I m not sleeping around.I know this is wrong okay I don t need judgment from you Laini Judgment You think calling sin a sin is judgment Choose your own commandments to break I have a reputation in this building, and I don t plan to have people speculating about me because of you I had to skip over the extra preachy parts of the book and breezed through it quickly This truly qualifies as Christian fiction romance probably best suited for a 10 year old love struck girl.

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    Reviewed by Nikki Pringle for Reader Views 8 08 That s Not Exactly A is the third installment of the Drama Queens series by author Tracey Bateman This time around, we find Laini Sullivan, still single and now living on her own, nearing the end of her interior design coursework Her final, which she desperately needs to pass in order to graduate and receive her diploma, will be based on her work redesigning Nick Pantalone s New York City coffee shop Nick has confidence in her, but his nephew Joe, a gorgeous man who is out of Laini s league and in charge of the day to day operations, seems less than thrilled with his uncle s choice of interior designer Laini isn t so sure herself She seems to be a design disaster and is unsure that she has chosen the right career path, but needs this job in order to pass her class, and forges ahead with the work with the help of another designer that Joe hires on to the project With all of this going on she still has her weekend visits to her widowed mother on Long Island and the baking she does on the side for Nick s shop to juggle.Laini meets NYPD officer Mark Hall she is surprised and delighted that such a handsome, hard working man would take an interest in her, and tentatively dips her toe into the dating pool She harbors feelings for Joe, but tries to focus on the man that actually seems to want her and tries to put Joe out of her mind as an option Her friends and colleague s are convinced that Joe is interested in her, but all Laini gets is mixed signals when she is around him When Mark implies that Joe s family may have ties to the Italian mob, and city permits and work crews seem to appear out of thin air months before they should be available, Laini has to wonder if Mark is right Then she meets Joe s uncles, as well as his overbearing Nana, and is even convinced that this is one family she should not get involved with not that Nana would ever approve of her grandson dating an Irish girl , yet she is still drawn to Joe Will she be able to persevere with her work on the coffee shop and in her personal life Tracey Bateman has written a lovable character in Laini Sullivan Her struggles with family, friends, career and having a personal life are funny, witty, sad and entirely believable As Laini waivers between doing what she loves and doing what she thinks she should career wise, the readers are left with no doubt about which is the right decision As Laini falters through the growing attention from Mark and the mixed signals from Joe, readers also bounce back and forth between their choice of which is the right man for her That s Not Exactly A is a satisfying read The storyline is perfectly packaged and will leave readers feeling as satisfied as you would when enjoying warm cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven read the book and you will see what I mean.

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    This is the third book in the Drama Queens Series It has all the main characters from the first books but this one concentrates on Laini Sullivan who is soon to graduate interior design school if she passes this last class that is That s why designing Nick Pantalone s coffee shop is so important During the designing and actually putting the design into the remodeling process Laini discovers things that really matter most in life Her world is turned upside down when two knock out hunks are interested in her She can t believe it There has been nothing going on in her life for years and now this She doesn t quite know how to handle it She keeps the main thing the main thing school, family and her dating guidelines she has to remember what they are even makes up a few new ones along the way She has to finish school and get a good job She doesn t want to go back to accounting boring been there done that.Laini discovers her passions in life not just the two men seeking her attention Can she make a living pursuing the passions of her heart She s afraid to find out In comparing these two men and what she wants in her life what most important becomes very clear for Laini with a little help from her friends Tabby and Dancy and God.I highly recommend this for a great time and a book that would work well for a book club pick.Disclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Nora St Laurent TBCN Where Book Fun Begins www.bookfun.org The Book Club Network blog www.psalm516.blogspot.com Book Fun Magazine www.bookfunmagazine.com

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    Have you ever had a time in your life when everything was going as planned but you started to doubt the plan This is the third book in a series, and I haven t read the other two, so I don t know the back story, but this book is about Laini Sullivan, a young woman who is in her final semester of interior design school, a school she entered after getting her CPA because her parents were accountants She has to do a project and has undertaken the design of a coffe house she frequents and to which she sells homemade cinnamen rolls She meets and dates a handsome nice guy Her mother, who has moped around the house since her father died twelve years ago, has a new lease on life Everything should be wonderful,but it isn t, until she makes the needed changes.While marketed as Christian fiction, this book is on the lighter side of that spectrum The character prays and attends church unfortunately this Irish girl isn t going to a Catholic church but it isn t one of those find God and all will be well books It is a light fun read.

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    I am a sucker for romance novels and this book definitely did fulfil the role as a romance book One of the dissapointments of the book was that within the first few chapters I could already predict the ending This was too bad because while reading the book I already knew what was going to happen but was just waiting until the end for it to happen Some of my favorite aspects of the book was that they portayed Laini as an actual normal women, they acknowledged her flaws but then moved on with the book While reading this I became attached to Laini which I think is a good to happen while reading any book Another thing that I liked about the book was how they involved God in it It was a romantic book but I didn t have to worry about it getting inappropriate I would recommend this book as an easy, light, and charming read.

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    Three cheers for a fellow Missouri girl Tracey s latest is a great read I don t know if it s because she s a Missourian or if it s just that she has a mind like mine heaven help her, let s hope it s the Missouri angle , but there was a point early in the book where I exclaimed out loud, Oh, my gosh Laini is me Well, okay, a smaller version, but still when you can identify that strongly with a character, it s a real plus The great thing is, I think most women would identify with Laini.When you get down to it, the book has to it than a bowlful of laughs There s real heart and depth I ll admit, I didn t get to read books one and two, but they re on my TBR list now How could I not want to read them after such a great experience with Laini

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    I really enjoyed this book I think my love for the book came from a personal identification with the main character I think this book is very relevant for a single woman in her 20 s or early 30 s whose friends are all getting married and having babieswhile Me the single friend is stuck struggling with her weight, lack of prospects, and desire for a family as well If this storyline sounds tired and overused to you, skip this story If you can relate OR want a fun, light read pick it up and enjoy

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    A cute Christian chick lit book I bought for my Kindle since it was discounted to a good bargain price, 1.99 plus TAX, hate that charges tax for Kindle books I had not read a book by Tracey Bateman, but I ll look for in the future This had a cute premise, likeable characters, predictable story line, and I really enjoyed it

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    I ve read the other two books in this series, and I enjoy them Just light, clean romances that usually have me laughing at least once I liked this one just as much as the other two It was a Christian book, but not very deeply, and I don t like how the character was never very concerned about her romantic interest s faith, so that takes it down a point for me But the story was cute.

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    It was okay I added a star because it was a good Christian book The writing was also good I just didn t identify with the main character Though it s supposed to be about a drama queen, I felt like Laini was a bit immature She was indecisive about her job, her love life and didn t seem to be financially wise for someone that was 30 Okay book just not interesting to me.

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