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    This gritty trilogy set in a post nuclear war world comes to a satisfactory conclusion It s been a pleasure to get to know Kenstibec, now no longer Ficial artificial or Real human.

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    A very entertaining book Not what I expected and a step up from steeple.

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    The book is out for almost two weeks and I m the first to even mark it as read This is ridiculous This book is even better than the first two, and I feel that there are not enough good new writers or even old writers out there that we can afford to overlook a series as good as this one The story is everything the above synopsis which is also better than most says It is never boringly predictable, and also well written Extremely entertaining.Do yourselves a favor and read the series.

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    To steal a quote from the movie Blade Runner More human than human The final novel sees Kenstibec in his limbo state, neither Ficial nor Real, but coming to terms with his situation Full of trills, mystery, tension and action, this was a strong finish to the trilogy Previous characters and new for you to love, hate or pity and with strong dialogue to immerse you in the story Thoroughly enjoyable read.

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    Rig the third and final installment so far following Kentisbec and his quest to build I have loved this series and am really sorry Mr Wallace that I can only give this one three stars though I m pretty sure some random rating on Goodreads isn t going to ruin his Sunday and I hope it doesn t as everyone deserves a restful and happy Sunday Ken is back and is and Real, however he s also lost some of the fun and lack of giving a flying that is his hallmark I personally didn t think he needed to fall for someone, that has never been a part of his character so far Bridget is back and is a good fun character and a moral compass for the story Both Carlos and Bruiser are very good additions and I hope if there s books though if you ve read the end you like me will probaby doubt it.The world in which Ken inhabits has gotten bigger and his adventures are still good fun and action packed and the Drome Races conjure vivid images along the Mad Max lines or if you every played Battle Cars board game, then you can see a bit of that in there as well.My biggest problem was the last few pages, the ending of Ken s story was ruined for me He isn t your typical hero but really deserved and better closure than that I can only hope that Ken and Bridget, Marsh, Carlos and Bruiser sail again.But, thank you Mr Wallace for creating this world and making the majority of it a massively enjoyable experience.

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    Absolutely loved this book up until the last dozen or so pages ending seemed to loose momentum otherwise would have been 5 5 The trilogy may or may not end here some story threads could be picked up again, I hope so as it s my favourite sci fi series since The Tripods about 40 years ago It s the first book I can ever remember intentionally slowing down my reading speed so it lasts longer.so we ll done Jon Kenstibeck, ably assisted by a pleasure model, fatty and canine companion

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    This series reminded me of Gormenghast where the first two excellent books are followed by a weak third which suffers from taking the protagonist out of the environment of the first two novels in this case a future Britain which worked so well into the wider world.If you like 20,000 leagues under the Sea meets Rollerball meets Mad Max you may like this novel

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    Yet another super irritating 3rd in a trilogy except it doesn t say anywhere that there are 2 preceding books you should read first I m starting a policy of refusing to read any books by authors who allow their publishers to do that.

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