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    GUYZ GUESS WHO HAS A FAVORITE NEW SERIES DPoor, poor Marla LMAO It just keeps getting worse and worse for her You really have to give it to her, though She truly thinks outside the box Oh, Death thinks he can just take over MY city Fuck that I m taking over Hell

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    Marla Mason is a badass, anyone who creatively thinks her way though the problems she faces and wins is amazing Ultimate favorite urban fantasy lead female When death comes to town looking for his toy and banishes Marla from her town She says well screw that guy and goes to take over Deaths kingdom to get back at him That s the kind of big thinking that I love So urban fantasy books have a couple of problems that I ve run into There are a couple of lead character tropes that I don t like One the lead character is crazy go nuts strong, but dumb and blindly stumbles on to the plot Or the lead character is super smart and clever but to add to the mystery the author will keep us in the dark on key plot points to be reveled later Leaving me, as the reader, to be like wait where was I This especially bugs me in a first person point of view book But this book does a thing that makes sense Marla Mason is not dumb and doesn t just luck into the plot Marla is just so god damn busy there are always like five or problems for her to fix and sometimes, something will blind side her no matter how hard she tries to keep on top of things It reminds me of the quote from Star Trek The Next Generation Sometimes, you can make no mistakes, do everything right, and still lose It makes her triumphs over it that much satisfying, a great addition to this series and defiantly keeps me on board for the long haul.

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    Death takes over Felport and banishes Marla Mason, the chief sorcerer She can t get back into her city, she can t even communicate with anyone still in there, and even if she could, Death has powers beyond mortal comprehension.So she storms the Underworld God I love her.

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    Una continuaci n m s que digna a las aventuras de Marla Mason De nuevo ambientada en Felport, la protagonista se enfrenta a una nueva amenaza Rondeau, la mano derecha de Marla tiene mucha m s presencia en esta novela que en la segunda y se agradece El contraste entre ambos y su humor compartido los hace muy cre bles y a los di logos absolutamente brillantes.Tambi n en esta novela se presentan algunos personajes nuevos y repiten muchos de los conocidos en definitiva la novela comienza en Felport, la ciudad en la que Marla es la gobernante.Aunque en las dos primeras novelas el desarrollo se me hizo un tanto predecible no puedo decir lo mismo de esta No la he visto venir casi en ning n momento Dead Reign tiene unos giros muy interesantes con una conclusi n absolutamente sorprendente.Mi nica queja ser a el modo en que Pratt ata los cabos justo al final Todo me parece muy calculado y un poco artificial Es un defecto t pico de las novelas urban fantasy y posiblemente el motivo por el que en general no soy muy aficionado , definir poco los l mites de la magia y la sobrenaturalidad general As el autor puede ir sac ndose cosas nuevas de la manga en nuevas novelas y, desgraciadamente, tirar de deus ex machina cuando se mete en un berenjenal del que no puede salir por medios normales Y eso es lo que tenemos aqu Justo al cuando la novela acaba y para que el final quede preparado para la siguiente novela Pratt nos golpea con el deus ex en toda la cara Una absoluta pena que ha empa ado un pel n me experiencia general del libro.Sin embargo, y a pesar de esto, sigo pensando que es una novela muy divertida, entretenida y ligera que vale totalmente la pena.

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    Have to say this is probably my favorite Marla Mason book so far I already finished 4 Also, with that perspective, have to say this is beginning to look like a every other one is really good set up because 2 Poison Sleep was just long, and 4 Spell Games was also long, and went and ended on a cliff hanger, which I m still pissed about Dead Reign though, was a good, solid, ass kicking book What I like about Marla is that she has faults and they do NOT help her so she s realistic, flawed, and does not always win in the end and live happily ever after Friends die, shit gets bad, and she screws stuff up Things are not ok, and you have to deal with your mistakes and consequences of your actions I like that she had to face her demons quite a bit literally in this book, facing the karmic debt of people she s killed while fighting her way through the underworld Also the conclusion was not something you could anticipate or see coming Don t like to spoiler things, so I ll leave it at that.

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    This is yet another great addition to a really cool series.This book starts with Marla and Rondeau having a conversation about zombies while they re spying on a necromancer So you can bet I was hooked from the start Soon Marla and Rondeau are split up by circumstances, but they both know how to get things done, even if they have different ways of doing so I enjoyed seeing how each of them tried to make the best of the situation they were thrown into.There are lots of cool and fun events in this book I love the way Pratt mixes humor with a really suspenseful story Although I must say that I m sure by now that Marla will find a way out of trouble And some things that happen make me wonder if Marla isn t maybe getting too powerful On the other hand if the books keep being as cool as this one, I don t care if Marla is too powerful or not And this book does end with a very interesting cliffhanger, so you can be sure I ll read the next book soon.

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    T.A Pratt is a bloody bright writer I ve been listening too this series The details are so specific that you can tell he puts a lot of thought into his writing Listen to this series for a very entertaining story.

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    a few disappointing urban fantasy reads recently, Dead Reign by T.A Pratt was a welcomed change This is the third installment of the Marla Mason series, and it gave me just what I was expecting to get out of it I m glad I held back continuing the series after finishing up Poison Sleep a few months back, as reading Dead Reign when I did was just what I needed at the time.Death has come to Felport, and naturally it s chief sorcerer Marla Mason who has to put a stop to him before he destroys her precious city The timing is inconvenient as she has to appease the ghosts of the founders by throwing a party in their honor or risk mayhem through her city By the same token, she s short on allies and people who she can trust, not that trust has ever been something she could count on in her world Needless to say that Marla finds herself outmatched by a god, but that has never stopped Marla from picking a fight to defend her city.Marla Mason is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in fantasy, a no nonsense kickass heroine with a heart of gold At least that s how she resides in my mind love is blind I guess We see of that here as Marla takes on an entity that simply is too powerful even for her But who cares, right If someone is going to take over Felport it ll be over Marla s dead body, and who better for the job than Death himself.After each installment the character interaction has been better and better The author seems to have hit his comfort zone the dialogue has good rhythm and the characters and the world complement each other perfectly While in the first Marla Mason novel there were a few head scratchers for me in how some elements might have seemed a bit out of place, everything being introduced just seems to fit naturally right now regardless of how outlandish it may seem It all starts with how well Marla has come along, and especially the great supporting cast she has been surrounded with, beginning with her sidekick Rondeau who has become a fascinating character in his own right Dead Reign than just being a novel about Marla overcoming odds to protect her city, it s also about soul searching for her As such, I couldn t think of a fitting title for the novel, the dead in some form or another have left their imprints allover this novel Marla undertakes a journey where she literally faces the demons of her past, which in ways have been stunting her personal growth Through the novel we get to know her better than ever before, expressly aspects of her past that we ve been in the dark about Not only that, we also learn about the nature of magical artifacts, in particular that of the dagger of office and Marla s cloak.My only real complaint is that through Marla s journey we are faced with a few scenes that I didn t care much for, particularly ones that were rehashes of events we ve already experienced Other than that, a ton of fun and full of gratifying events It has a cliffhanger for an ending, one that I very much liked I say that, but know that the plot that was laid out in Dead Reign was concluded It s inconsequential though since you can just pick up the next novel and continue the story without a problem, which I did.In any case, another entertaining novel from T.A Pratt which has the Marla Mason series steadily climbing the ranks among my favorite urban fantasies It s a series that I can easily recommend to any urban fantasy reader, and welcome readers outside the sub genre to give a try.

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    One of my continuing goals is to try out new authors As there will unlikely be a new Dresden Files books this year, I m exploring, for me, some new urban fantasy authors For all of the negatives that have been posted about Butcher s writing and the Dresden books, I ll have to say I don t think Pratt s Marla Mason is quite as good a read.On the plus side Marla is a much engaging character than Hamilton s Anita Blake I m willing to buy Marla s wise ass commentary and attempt at a no nonsense attitude From a characterization view, Pratt s character would benefit from giving the reader than just the surface snark and toughness There are hints about deeper aspects of Marla during her Underworld excursion, which I was happy to read, but not quite enough to insure that I would read of the character s adventures.The pluses remain an engaging enough lead character, some small world building, and perhaps the biggest piece of credit that I have to give Pratt is that his solution to Marla s problem is not easy or a Russell T Davies cop out.On the minus side the city of Felport should have bee, I believe a real city Butcher has used Chicago, Blake St Louis and I forget the city Kim Harrison uses I think that a real city would have worked better as its own background character The story might have been better as a novella or short story, because I think the concept isn t quite long enough for a novel.The concept is that the incarnation of Death comes to Felport, deposes Marla from her position as chief sorcerer, and banishes Marla from the city Marla has to find a way to beat the banishment spell and regain her seat of power.In the interests of full disclosure this is the third book in the series, and with the publisher dropping the contract, Pratt is now essentially self publishing the new book can be found on An argument could be made that the character work done here pays off in later books So from a character view Marla is much better than Anita Blake, as I couldn t buy into Blake no matter how hard I tried The city setting would have been better in a real city, even though I admit Simon Green does make London s second city, the Nightside work in his short stories.Towards the top of the TBR pile is an Iron Druid book for me to try out, and I m considering giving Kim Harrison another try in this genre.

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    This is the third book in the series, featuring Marla Mason, the head of all the hidden magic society in Felport, an imaginary East Coast city in the tradition of Gotham and Metropolis, though I d say Felport is closer to the former than the latter Aside from a new urban center, and the magic, Marla s world is pretty close to our own Anyway, in this book, Marla takes on Death, mostly because he steps in her territory and won t leave her alone When having a character, even a powerful one, face a god, it can be pretty difficult The series is good at making it clear that Marla can t go toe to toe with Death , so she needs to be clever than that Almost typed subtle, except Marla ain t subtle at all Marla has two powerful artifacts The first is the knife Death wants back, and was able to surprise him once The second has some pretty severe drawbacks, so Marla doesn t keep it on hand Anyway, this was an entertaining read, both as to how do you beat someone who could kill you with a thought, and is only keeping you alive because he s the godly equivalent of a little boy that pulls the wings off of flies and to see Marla s past We also get to see some of the characters from the first book, which I didn t expect they were based in San Francisco, so weren t regulars in the city I d complain that Death really should have just killed Marla, except it s made clear that he s a little sadist, and that killing her would jsut make the knife pass to another mortal he d have to deal with My one complaint was that the series used a bait and switch at the end Marla finishes up the plot, and who should appear at her door but the bearer of the next plot Metaphorically speaking, I mean I hate when books do this.

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