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Healing Ties pdf Healing Ties, ebook Healing Ties, epub Healing Ties, doc Healing Ties, e-pub Healing Ties, Healing Ties 8501b67a3da A Work Of Contemporary Fiction That Introduces Andrea And Blythe Two Extremely Different Personalities Brought Together By Fate As Roommates In College The Beauty Of These Two Girls Is That They Accept One Another Unconditionally Despite Their Differences Together They Create A Unique Bond Of Friendship, That Reaches Beyond Other S Comprehension Unfortunately, There Are Those That Seek To Separate Andrea And Blythe For Their Own Good Andrea And Blythe Are Ripped Torn Away From Their One True Friend In Life Forced To Continue Their Life S Journey On Their Own One Of The Friends Will Choose To Rise Above The Pain, Following Her Heart To Achieve Her Dreams One Friend Will Spiral Into A Pit Of Despair When The Two Girls Are Apart Can An Unexpected Phone Call Unite Them Once Reconnecting Their Previous Bond Has Too Much Time Passed , Preventing Andrea And Blythe From Healing Their Friendship With An Ending That Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat, Immerse Yourself Deep Into A World Of Healing Ties

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    This book is very well written and gets you so involved you can t put it down The love between 2 best friends could not have been described any better It will certainly bring you to tears because circumstances beyond their control took over You will be pulling your hair out at the end wondering what will happen between these two great friends Hang on for a great ride you will have to wait to see about the healing ties between them.

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    I was sought out through facebook instant messenger by Jennifer She introduced me to a book that was written by not one, but several authors, that the proceeds are donated to help families affected by child loss, and she explained to me that she is the creator of said anthology and co publishing it through her company I became even excited So I explained to her that I am a book reviewer, and ask if she wanted reviewed and interviewed, and she said sure You re thinking this is that, aren t you So was I But instead, Jennifer offers up another book, which she wants me to review, and it is the one I am going to review now Healing Ties As I let myself crumble with sadness at the change in her plans, Jennifer explained everything, and that she is also my stalker She opened up to me, and wow This is one wild and lovable woman She is totally open and honest, and she just seems like someone who cannot sit still for five seconds I instantly felt I was getting to know an ADD or ADHD person who just loved to help others, and use her talents to benefit others I was instantly thrilled and excited to welcome Jennifer to my blog family, and read her book, especially when she told me all about it, even before I read it So here is my honest review of Healing Ties by Jennifer Roche We are going into the lives of Andrea and Blythe and we are going to get to know them, and see when they first met, and see what their friendship was like, and all the things that their friendship entailed As we all are aware, friendship have their ups and downs, and as we read, we will see and feel just how Andrea and Blythe build their bond, and work through things like best friends should, even when life gets in the way Within this book you will find that sometimes friendships do go different ways, but true friends do find their way back to one another.You also learn that yes, sometimes friends manage to keep secrets, thinking that maybe it is best to do so, when maybe it isn t And that in the end causes regrets.Through the transformation of life, growing up, and seeing and needing, and realization, Andrea and Blythe will see and come to realize that what they had is something that is and was destined to be Their friendship is a life lesson, and though it may have not been perfect, they needed it Together Andrea and Blythe have always managed to even think of one another when they weren t together, and missed one another Andrea and Blythe worked together learning that their friendship could teach them to learn to heal their ties This is a beautiful five star read, and it will bring tears to your eyes in some spots, and a smile to your face in several others If you have ever had that one perfect friend, I am certain you will even reminisce as you read this This book is a beautiful story, and worth the time and effort to read I enjoyed it immensely And I am grateful that Jennifer brought this book to my attention, as well as brought herself into my life I suggest you go out and get a copy, you will be glad you did

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    This review is a copy of my review.First, I received this ebook in a FB event and to be honest, I wasn t sure if I was going to read it I started it then once but I was drawn away until I read some of the comments on FB about the fine writing of the author and the relationship between leading ladies of this story So, I re opened the book again started from the beginning and fell deeply in awe this book and the author.In this story we meet Andrea and Blythe, the two ladies who form a bond that is beyond friendship but just short of complete adoration This bond is confusing to their friends, their families, and to almost everyone they meet But sadly, all does not go as the ladies hope Change is inevitable and that is the real crux to this story From here, I had to stay up and read the book till done This author has a solid grip on transferring emotions to the written page She also has the ability the describe the scenes with clarity and she expresses the dialog of the characters with ease.I don t do spoilers or try to reveal too many of the plot lines What I will say I truly enjoyed reading this story and recommend you read it, your boyfriend or husband read it, and you tell your friends to read it

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    In this coming of age tale, two young girls mirror image doppelgangers form an inseparable bond that lasts throughout their lives despite a frosty parting of ways Andrea the rural naive girl from Iowa, and Blythe the rich party girl, meet as NYU roommates, and instantly connect despite their differences They continue to live together after graduation Andrea pursuing her dreams of a writing career, Blythe her socialite partying But after Blythe s mother threatens to cut her off if she doesn t give up her poor friend, an atypical lack of communication causes a rift that haunts both women throughout their lives.Almost immediately Andrea s life becomes an enchanted existence replete with fairy godmothers, handsome, politely eloquent princes, beautiful landscapes, and dreams fulfilled For Blythenot so good Roche s upbeat writing style matches Andrea s personality and is sprinkled with powerful and precisely evocative imagery Blythe moved about as freely as a leaf caught in a gust of wind p10 A page turning tale of friendship and redemption with a teaser finish, Healing Ties will leave readers spoiling for the next installment.

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    Healing Ties is a heartwarming, sometimes wrenching, story about two girls whose friendship was torn apart by interfering socialites and money But it s that that It s also about Andrea finding herself and Blythe the popular socialite falling from grace It s a story about forgiveness and the integral bond these two girls share Jennifer L Roche is a wonderful writer whose words ooze poise and potential.I was gifted this book for my honest opinion and I can honestly say that I thoroughly loved this book.

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    A wonderful and sweet young adult book that is a quick read about two college best friends who are separated due to one s parents I enjoyed the fact this book could be read with any audience in mind with no violence or sexual content that makes it appropriate for teens I cannot wait to read the sequel to see how Andrea, Cohen, and Blythe pans out Loved the surprise twist that is keeping me on the edge of my seat for the next book.

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    A quick read about two college friends who are separated due to one s parents influence One grows into herself while the other loses herself I enjoyed the story and look forward to the sequel to see what happens with their relationship No violence or sexual content, so appropriate for teens.

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    Healing Ties is such a well written book about two young ladies who show you can come from different styles of life and still make a difference The friendship they have goes to touch your heart that even through their obstacles they can make it through together This was such a wonderful book.

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    I really love this book a lot.

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    The beginning of the book had a rough start for me, but after reading a few chapters, I really got into the story and wanted to know what caused the split between the two friends When the book focused on Andrea, I felt we really got to know her as a person and see her overcome life s obstacles that prevented her from getting what she wanted out of life I liked the ending and how it set up for the second book in this series.

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