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    A Car Noir Thriller Read this on the strength of that cover blurb plus positive recall of the author s first novel Bird DogDisappointing While BD had a cool and effortless flow, with lots of smooth, deadpan dialogue, LR feels forced and convoluted Since it s supposed to be a sequel to BD, there s kind of an assumption that most readers are already familiar with events leading up to the main character s Harold Bird Dog Dodge current predicament, and for those who aren t, some explanatory passages are stuck in like annoying post its throughout the novel The entire novel reads like a rough draft, with some good ideas and quality dialogue but some very lame passages we could easily do without some of the laughable and unconvincing seduction scenes and debatable plot twists On top of that, the Bird Dog, while not exactly a one dimensional puppet, seems far less interesting this time around Needs work.

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    Gearhead noir about an aging hipster with a spreading waistline and receding hairline protecting his last vestige of youth,a vintage Fifties auto Low Rider is an amusing crime novel that almost reads like a Western, what with car clubs attacking him and his car A horse opera on wheels.

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    Totally silly but really fun

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