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    Magic Games is book two in the Dragon Born Serafina series by Ella Summers.I like the concept of the powerful Dragon Born I just wish was explained on what they are and can do Why are they put to death etc We get a few twits and surprises in Magic Games, but I feel the story isn t progressing enough It could be because I m not reading the Dragon Born Alexandria alongside this one The series co inside Magic Games is a little fast paced then Mercenary Magic. Here we focus on the magic games which are a sequence of battles designed to crack a mage, but we don t get an explanation of what it s designed to crack Her mind Her magic What Kai and Sera are not yet in a relationship, but it s heading that way By the end they are together He s helping her out and waiting for her to share her secret I liked that Sera has a talk with her sister Alex It gives you a little insight into what s going on inside Sera s mind Then we have the ever impending secret and will it come out It s still safe except from an ancient mage and his gang of bad guys I will say that this series reminds me of her Legion of Angels series, but instead of Angel s we get magic and mages Magic Games was a fun read I enjoyed and now onto the next Rated 3.5 Stars

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    I really like the concept behind this series, which focuses on mercenary Sera Dering, hiding her true heritage as one of the powerful Dragon Born But the Magic Games had really little to keep me invested in the story When I read the first book the thing I loved most about it was the unique worldspace that Summers created, where mediating supernatural was commonplace in the streets of San Francisco But this instalment although fast paced that the Mercenary Magic, had very little development of the world and the characters The plot lacks subtlety with fights that don t progress the story and main characters that lack depth Because of this, I didn t really feel devoted to what was happening and I barely flinched when a character was hurt But that being said, I still think this book series has a lot of potential I mean vampires attack in high end clothing shops and Sera s boyfriend is a powerful CEO, who can turn into a dragon But I also think that I would have liked it a lot if characters and their world was expanded upon, so that the reader doesn t have to suddenly jump from one scene to the next Nonetheless,a decent read that combines the best parts of romance and paranormals.

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    Still a good read.Small peeves Why bother fading to black for sex scenes when there s plenty of innuendo and sexual tension before and after It s also weird that decapitation and gore is ok for the presumably YA audience the author is attempting to include, but sex is not It s ogling him , not ogling at him The ogling at phrase was repeated so many times in this book as well as the next one that I m reading now that I ve started cringing every time I see it It would have been nice if the author explained what, exactly was supposed to be cracked in the heroine early on Her will Her mind Her control over her magic Reading over and over about how she was going to be cracked by the Games was frustrating as it wasn t explained what exactly was to be cracked about her I think a brief explanatory phrase only came near the end or in the next book.

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    This book is definitely an improvement over book one in terms of pace Again, I m not liking Sera I m glad there was a conversation between her and Alex when she was experiencing doubts about her feelings for Kai The Magic Games aren t exciting for me so far Finn makes me laugh not good in a villian 12 24 15 Alden IS an interesting character I want to know about his motivations other than delusions of grandeur The Kai Sera consummation was anticlimactic I expected a little bit than ehhhh, let s go Naomi Riley together would be an interesting pairing I m not sure when book 3 is coming out I m also not sure I m going to return to this series.Overall, it s a fairly decent read I wanted to fall in love with this world, but didn t Sera is a major stumbling block for me Had I been invested in her character, I would be enthusiastic As it is, I m not Happy reading

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    A fantastic sequel to Mercenary Magic, Magic Games takes us on a wild ride through Sera s new challenges Filled with loads of Kai Sera scenes yay and the kick ass action expected from this series, Magic Games delivers so much and Reading this book on the edge of my seat kind of paints the right picture.I m absolutely loving where this story is going and can t wait to read the third installment

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    Serafina is Dragon Born something that carries an automatic death sentence as the Magic Council has declared that these very powerful individuals are an abomination So she and her twin sister, both working as mercenaries, have kept their magic hidden But in order to save lives, she had to use a great deal of it and now she must be tested, as every other mage does, in the Magic Games where what she could be exposed and put her brother and sister at risk To make matters awkward she and Kai, a powerful dragon shifter who is on the Magic Council, are attracted to each other and he s coaching her for her tests I find it cool that the twin sisters each have their own series and yet what takes place in each affects the other You get plenty of action, sexual tension, a romance and a mystery Sera is definitely a kick butt, sarcastic and strong willed heroine who is also very vulnerable when it comes to a relationship and her belief in controlling her magic.There is a small similarity to Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series in that each of the twins works for a mercenary guild and fights monsters with a sword in a world with a lot of magic That s pretty much where the similarities end as even though there are shifters and vampires, using magic is much bigger in this world.I m enjoying the series and like Kai in this second book.

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    Too short I want Serafina is still trying to hide the fact she is Dragon born In the meantime Kai and Serafina are getting closer to one another It is an exciting fast read, I am looking forward to the next book.

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    PredictedSome important things occur this time around and I predicted some of them but not all The sex scene was a tease so not a lot of detail, but learning about the voice in Sera s head was very interesting A few things were a shock which is always nice I think the only thing I would like to know about is her sister.

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    I decided to end this story with this book I really liked Kai and even Sera, but the story itself didn t get any reactions from me It seemed super similar to the Angel books of Ella, but instead of angels this one was about magic and mages.

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    This series reminds me a lot of the Kate Daniels series Sera is a great character, and I like how the author has written a series for her sister Alex and now for her partner in crime Naomi I can t wait to see where the series goes

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Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, #2) download Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, #2) , read online Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, #2) , kindle ebook Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, #2) , Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, #2) a58b260a8c88 Dragon Born Mage Sera Dering Was Sentenced To Death Before She Was Even Born Condemned As An Abomination By The World S Supernatural Council, She Has Escaped Her Fate For Twenty Four Years By Pretending To Be Human Until Now When The Council Finds Out Sera Has Been Hiding Her Magic, They Re Determined To Find Out Why They Send Her To New York City To Compete In The Magic Games, A Series Of Trials Designed To Break A Mage S Mind And Crack Her Secrets And The Fighting Pit Is Only One Of Her Worries An Old Enemy Is Stalking Sera From The Shadows, Preparing To Make His Next Move To Survive The Week, Sera Has To Trust Dragon Shifter Kai, The World S Most Powerful Mage Even Knowing He Has His Own Plans For Her Magic Games Is The Second Book In The Dragon Born Serafina Urban Fantasy Series The Dragon Born Series The Dragon Born Serafina And Dragon Born Alexandria Sister Series Can Be Read Independently Or Together Suggested Reading Order Mercenary Magic Dragon Born Serafina, Book Magic Edge Dragon Born Alexandria, Book Magic Games Dragon Born Serafina, Book Blood Magic Dragon Born Alexandria, Book Coming Soon And Books Coming Later