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In the House of the Vodouisant (Moorehead Manor #2) chapter 1 In the House of the Vodouisant (Moorehead Manor #2) , meaning In the House of the Vodouisant (Moorehead Manor #2) , genre In the House of the Vodouisant (Moorehead Manor #2) , book cover In the House of the Vodouisant (Moorehead Manor #2) , flies In the House of the Vodouisant (Moorehead Manor #2) , In the House of the Vodouisant (Moorehead Manor #2) 0c817b0cc2b73 Three Years Have Past Since The Horrors Of Moorehead Manor Almost Took The Lives Of Emily, Adam And Jimmy Now The Legacy Of Moorehead Is Pulling Our Heroes Back Into An Even Deadlier Encounter Of Black Magic And Betrayal That They May Not Be Able To Survive The Finale To The Moorehead Manor Series Concludes With Book To The Dark Room Of Souls

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    Emmy, he called about Moorehead Manor That stopped her She bounded back up the seating at a quick pace Lower your voice Do you want someone to figure out that we burned the place down Apparently, somebody already has Emily s eyelids tightened and her brow furrowed What do you mean Creepier house and villain but didn t enjoy as much as the first Not a bad story, don t get me wrong just couldn t get into it this time around as much as the first one The ending tied it all up nice and neat but felt rushed in a few places but exciting at the same time.I did love Emily in this one All in all, would recommend if you want to see what happens to them next.

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    In the House of the VodouisantFrom the first page to the last this was so fast paced I couldn t put it down I was afraid I d miss something Very good story line I can usually figure out the ending to some degree but this caught me completely off guard Nothing ended like I thought it would I d recommend this to anyone who likes a good story.

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    WowA fantastic book, many twists and turns, I thought I knew what happened next, when boom another twist Recommended read.

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    WowExcellent reading material highly recommend it and the first in the series too once I started them I couldn t put them down

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    A must read Just finished reading the second book must say I wasn t expecting it to be as good as the first one but I was pleasantly surprised I thoroughly enjoyed it a must read

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    This story was much creepy than the first.Emily,Jimmy and Adam are invited to help a wealthy guy to get his granddaughter back, she appears to have been taken by an evil spirit and the guy tells the guys that if they don t help him he will tell the police what they did at Moorehead Manor three years ago.This was another story that I couldn t put down, I wouldn t say it was better then the first but I did enjoy it, there was a good story line, plenty of plot twists and some romance with a happy ending.I can t wait to see what book 3 brings.

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    I would recommend this book to everyone It is short, clear and revisiting I didn t want to put it down and when I had to, I couldn t stop thinking about it.I also liked that it gave a little history and a glimpse into the goody religion This was a good read.

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    Interesting readThe plot moves quickly, although the addition of descriptive ambience would be useful to help generate tension Other than a couple of minor inconsistencies in details, I found the book very engaging and would recommend it.

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    This one was a good read.

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    Good 2nd book I really enjoyed this book I liked the way the characters worked in the book I will be telling my friends it is a must too read both books.

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