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  • Modern Girls Guide to Friends With Benefits (Modern Girls Guide, #3)
  • Gina Drayer
  • English
  • 13 July 2019

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    An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the writer and the publisher for the opportunity to read this DNF 49% I give up I can t read this any I tried, man, I really did, but I just can t stomach the heroine any longer Megan was a spoiled, manipulative 30 year old who threw hissy fits when things didn t go her way Look, I m 27 years old, but I never acted the way this bitch did in the story Let me enumerate all the shitfuckery she did 1 At the start of the book, Megan was having a dreadful week Her house had a huge termite problem, and her publisher was forcing her to write a story she didn t want That s why she was looking forward to her big birthday celebration in some fancy hotel on a mountaintop with her friends When they arrived at said hotel, they found out that Megan had to share a room with her best friend, Peter That wasn t a big deal because they d shared rooms before When Peter arrived, Megan was really bitchy, because of course, she was having a bad week so she felt like she had the right to be WOW And this was after Peter spent an exhausting few hours just to get to the venue.They had a spat, and you know what Megan did next She walked out Well, not before she flashed her naked body to Peter Um What the fuck First and foremost, why the hell would you do something like showing your naked body to your platonic friend Because it was established early on that they were platonic Who does that Second, using your sexuality to end an argument Yeah, that s real mature.2 During Megan s birthday party, she got drunk and started flirting with a random guy She also dressed provocatively because, well, she wanted to and in Megan s universe, that s enough reason to do shit Said random guy started getting frisky on her, and she hated it Things went downhill pretty quickly, ending with a fist fight between Peter and the dude Okay Getting yourself drunk, dressing and acting provocatively she was purring at men and stuff , and relentlessly flirting with guys when you know you can t handle them are totally irresponsible actions You should know your limits Christ You don t need to be 27 years old to know that.3 After the disastrous party, Peter escorted Megan to their room Megan proceeded to seduce Peter into having sex with her She succeeded.And this is the point where I raged like hell I don t know about you guys, but I felt like Megan forced herself on Peter At the last moment when Megan slipped him inside her , he was still resisting, and that for me, is rape, or at least close to it Dubious consent Coercion Sorry, I don t want those So, yeah Fuck this shit.P.S It s a real pity because the writing was nice Sigh.

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    I have a feeling that I might be in the minority, as quite often when it comes to romance books like this one And with these kind, I mean your rather cliche, well everything I actually liked it too much to DNF but while it had some quite fun and cute moments the entire thing felt way too tried It like half the situations were beyond cliche and the other half felt like Drayer is trying way too hard to make this quirky I think the writing style is quite good The plot well, I am a fan of bestie to lover stories and this one was a bit meh and way to0 melodramatic The characters were. well the guys are all a bit dim r super duche bags, quite frankly Except for the two gay guys they seemed to dole out life advice on a stick instead The women are all a bit catty And let me just put it out there I am not a fan of Megan I found her self centered and totally immature, a totally drama queen and rather manipulative Half the time I kept thinking, she is supposed to be 30, but behaves like 12 And all those situations Spoilt and selfish is all I can see I did like Peter, except he wasn t the brightest bulb was he And I honestly don t think men are that stupid I think it s rather sexist of us women to assume men don t have a clue like ever oh wait except when they are gay, then the ball game changes apparently My biggest issue with this however The sex and the supposed chemistry between Megan and Peter.There was none No chemistry Drayer kept mentioning there was, but I couldn t see it at all The smut It felt generic Like now we doing this kind of scene let s start and a go to b then c as example Why Peter, I m getting the distinct impression that you want something, she teased as he crawled up her body She giggled and tried to wiggle out from under him, but he caught both her hands.Peter wasn t sure what she had in mind, but she was an alluring siren He d follow her anywhere.Really I found Megan s smut talk and behaviour obnoxious At best.But mostly the smut felt plotted and overdone.So not a series for me. Buuut I still lurve the cover and bestie to lover beats insta anyday

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    Thank you to netgalley and Victoriy Editing for providing this reading copy.When I started this book I had a few problems with all the names and differents character and who belongs to who, but after I few chapters I settled into the story.I really enjoyed the setting and especially that group of friends You could feel the well knit bond they have and how they always stand in for each other I really liked that.The couple in the center of this book are Megan and Peter They are best friends and decide to take their friendship to the next step by being friends with benefits I have to say that I coulnd t really connect with both characters Megan was too harsh and boyish for me taste, while Peter appeared to be kind of weak, far away from the described womanizer image My troubles with the characters made it difficult for me to feel the chemistry between them I did enjoy the sexy times though.Even for me the ending was a bit too cheesy and everything felt a bit rushed This is my first book by Gina Drayer but it won t be my last as I really enjoyed her writing style I am looking forward to read her other books about this group of friends.

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    AH MAZE ING Seriously such an awesome book, but I love Gina s writing I am so looking forward to Kim s story Great job again

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    Very interesting concept to an old story which many have tried but few have mastered No, judgment just observation Especially, after a friendship this long in the making Emotions are hard under the best of conditions but to add history and underbelly battle wounds, Yikes Megan is the younger sister to Simon A good friend and business partner to both Simon and Matt Along the way, Megan and Peter became BFF s Mainly, I would say because although she, Simon, and Matt came from money and standing in the community, Peter has never had to prove himself to her with his two best guy friends he has always felt a need to since he did have the financials to show for it You see when Meg s mom died she looked for ways to one feel things and two, get attention from her father The senator being himself was always in the public eye It was Simon s job to keep Meg out of the press In turn as, his friends for Peter and Matt s job too to do the same Over the last couple of years, the dynamics of the group has begun to change The guys are coupling with her best friends And the boys are now expanding their business out of Chicago with an office in New York So, Simon, Kim, and Peter Peter is temporary, have all moved there Peter s been there for four months Matt and Beth are expecting their first child and Meg s life is crazy and out of control or at least it feels that way You see the fixer upper home she bought is a money pit The contractor and his partner are the only good thing in the whole scheme that helps Her erotic book series of which she is on the last one to finish her contractual obligation to the series has hit a major writer s block It s due in three weeks, Yikes Not to mention she is turning thirty, YAY Not She s late getting to her own Vail ski birthday weekend they have every year Her brother messed up so they are short a cabin and she will have to room with Peter Not a problem there are two rooms When she gets there, she sees a Jacuzzi and strips and grabs a bottle of wine and she s in Naked in the Jacuzzi should not be a problem since she was told by Julia, Simon s girlfriend, that Peter s plane was snowed in in New York he wouldn t be there until tomorrow morning So, feeling sorry for herself from being tired, the house, writer s block, no Peter, no cabin, and turning thirty, Yay her When she hears Peter s voice Now she is cussing up a storm Then she hears a woman s voice Accuses him of being a man whore for bringing a slope bunny to the cabin at one a.m How and who does that He tells her to get out so they could talk She says no three times telling him just go to bed He won t stop After three times him saying it she gets out covers her hair with her towel and goes to bed Leaving him with a woody This book was cute and had a lot of funny moments I just couldn t get over how many times it took them each arguing themselves out of their own views It was irritating Meg is one stubborn chick who didn t want to get out of her own way I give this 4 stars Provided by netgalley.com Follow us at www.1rad readerreviews.com.

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    See my full review here Some spoilers may be included in my review.I love Meg She s a badass and doesn t care what people think Peter is pretty awesome and when shit hits the fan, his first thought is of Megan and I can totally get behind that Oh, and Meg is a writer Did I forget that Within the book, she s a writer and she writes erotic stories Best selling erotic stories She s also a college professor, but her real income is from her writing She s amazing And that shit that hits the fan It only boosts her career as a writer She s so cool This book deserves all 5.0 out of 5.0 stars and maybe even a few bonus stars I actually let my kindle get drenched in the rain because the morning it came out I started reading it and the drive to work was too long WIthdrawals As soon as I parked, I was powering up the kindle and reading while trying to get out of the truck with my stuff It took me almost fifteen minutes in pouring rain to get inside because I could not stop reading By the way, that epilogue I m dead.So when is Kim s book coming out She s next for the Modern Girl s Guide book series and I absolutely cannot wait Kim s book will be educational, I m sure

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    Lia s Bookish Obsession This is a review for an Adult Romance Novel, which mean s there will be foul language, swoon worthy guys, curly desirable woman and great detail scenery You have been warned

    There aren t many Romance novels that can t honest hold my attention without the physical romance scene, until I read Modern Girl s Guide to Friends with Benefits by Gina Drayer

    I gave this book a solid This book not only held my attention throughout the erotic scenes but also held my heart once the characters left the bedroom I found the characters not only entertaining, yet also relatable It s extremely refreshing to read a novel about a thirty year old female protagonist whose living a life of male free independence, rather than the common age differences between a strong male figure and a na ve fresh face female who needs Alph male protection I found that this novel held a great balances between the complicated factor of male and female relationship, respecting once independence while also being romantically respectfully dominances, aka FWB.

    The tone of the novel constantly changed during the rise and fall of the scenario outside of the bedroom It not only help my attention but allowed me to feel the tension between characters The overzealous fan taking liberties away from the fictional author in the novel The tone was even true to reality when politics, public image, along with the acceptable gender roles between men and women were thrown into the plot of the novel.

    Beyond the tempo I love the fact that the characters are successful individuals, who are confident in what makes them happy, or kinky in some cases, but they also have their vulnerable One scene that illustrated this factor while managing to steal my heart is Megan vs Spandex Honestly what person doesn t have body issues But lover by didn t see her as faulted, nor did he compare with a twenty something or other women instead he did what any great man would do, he loved every inch of her body without hesitation, why banishing the death viper grip garment commonly known as spandex

    Even a woman as spectacular as I am still needs a little help from time to time If you haven t noticed, I m not exactly perfect She wasn t anything like the false dentate and models he preferred She sure hoped he like real and awkward because that s about all she had to give Meg, you re beautiful Peter grabbed the garment And these things are fucking awful Don t ever wear them again

    My favorite character in the novel is Peter, because Peter constantly makes mistakes sigh I m married, to a Peter, someone that can t seem to get it prefect on the first attempt but tries his hardest on the second I fell in love with fictional Peter the moment he became conflicted Peter had the most character development and the most amazing character growth that I ve ever seen in a male from a Romance Novel.

    This novel is just an amazing read that I am going to recommend to my male female friends I m excited to have had the opportunity give to me by Victory Editing, to read The Modern Girl s Guide to Friends with Benefits by Gina Dryer, for an honest review If you re interested in reading this book, don t worry the book was published on Jan 15th and available for eBooks.

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    Happy Reading

    LiaThis review was originally posted on Lia s Bookish Obsession

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    I m not sure why I followed through with this one I liked the other Modern Girl s Guide book I read last week, but really not enough to read another But I saw higher reviews for this one than for the first one and hoped the story got better It really didn t In fact, the same things I didn t like in the first book were plaguing this one Lack of communication, a stupid male lead, a catty woman all present The names and the situations may have been different, but the thought processes and actions were blazingly familiar Now, if I had read this one first, I might have liked it better And maybe if I had given space between the books, it would have been a higher rating The writing is good The characters are not unlikable However, as it stands, I probably won t read any in this series.

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    I loved this book Okay, I loved all 3 of the books so far in this series but I think that this one was definitely my favorite I m a sucker for all things friends to lovers and the author did not disappoint with this story Megan and Peter s flirtation in MGG s One Night Stands had me really looking forward to this book They have been best friends for years and they both finally realize that there may just be something there Megan suggests a friends with benefits arrangement since neither are the relationship type These two have insane chemistry and it is obvious that they really do belong together The progression of their relationship has its ups and downs but in the end, of course there is a happy ending This was a fun read and I m looking forward to from this author

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    Really nice romance This is the second book I read from the modern girls guide series, since the last book I was waiting for Megan and Peter s story I really enjoyed, Megan is crazy but the nice kind of crazy, like that best friend that you would never imagine settling down but deep down is just waiting for the right guy to come along.It turns out she has been in love with him for the past 15 years and just now they are giving a chance to the whole friends with benefits thing I liked when things started to change, both feeling the same but in doubt about each other s feelings Great read and I loved the end Can t wait to read by Gina Drayer.

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