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    Borrowed this from a friend who won it in a giveaway

    In short I loved it The love hate relationship was amazing, the two main characters were quite messed up, and had a lot of things to work through I really enjoyed their personalities because they weren t oh so perfect as they usually are in this genre Frankly, at some point I even disliked Alexander

    What I hated the author s idea of choosing names for her characters Argh, I got soooo confused with those names Grace, Georgia Celia, Cynthia, Clare, Charlotte Then we have Hettie, Holly, Hannah, Helen, Harriet and some of those names pop up only two or three times, and readers are expected to remember who is that and do not let me start on dog names Dog, Digger, Doris, Dora and talking of D Dan the farrier Bert and Bev were almost the same person for me, couldn t it have been Bart And talking about rarely used names I still don t know if Flossie was a person, a dog or a horse

    Hot scenes incredibly hot I had to take showers in the middle of reading, hehehe And I m guilty of re reading them, ahem

    Ms Russel, I am looking forward to the second novel of the Draymere Hall

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    As much as some of this book infuriated me Alex is a tempermental, judgemental, abusive bastard, and if he d pulled half the crap he pulls with Hettie with me I d have dumped him out on his rear a long time ago I still enjoyed the story I liked Hettie, with her flaws and her demeanor, and I enjoyed reading about her, but I still wish she had buggered off to South Africa and left that idiot behind I feel the only reason she got together with him in the end was because he was gorgeous and lust ruled out over common sense.

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    Actual rating 3.5I won this book on a Goodreads giveaway.Before I started reading this book I was a bit skeptic about whether the plot would fall into the category of cliche love stories or it would offer a new perspective and a different approach to showing relationships Somehow, this book managed to do both of these things at the same time.At the beginning, I was a bit put off, because there were too many characters thrown in at once and several of them with similar names It took me a while to understand who is who But at the same time, I m glad that this book also offered and gave focus on other stories, aside from the main, romantic one The characters were well developed, with interesting backstories What I didn t like, though, was the fact that sometimes there were too many unnecessary descriptions, which were drifting the focus off the plot Accordingly, I loved how some important scenes were described nonchalantly, in only one paragraph view spoiler eg Al meeting Celia hide spoiler

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    I won this book on goodreads first reads wins Since I m from North America, it took me a little bit maybe a quarter of the book to get used to the dialect. But once I put that in the past, A Bed of Barley Straw was a wonderful contemporary romance There were surprises and plot twists and laugh out loud moments, but there were also secrets revealed, and tears shed, hot steamy scenes and mushy romance Neither character, Hettie nor Alexander, are good in relationships, nor have either of them really had a successful one Al, was a complete jack ass through the majority of the story and at times I wanted to slap him, or just throw the book across the room But that is the sign of a good story, right When you are so into the story that you want to yell some sense into the characters Or yell at the characters for being so stupid This was indeed a frustrating read, but rewarding as well And I will of course read the next book, if there is one the ending seemed to make me think this might turn into a series If you like country romances, with dogs, barns, and horses, this one s for you

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    I got this book from goodreads THANKS I definitely powered through Sam Russell s novel, I couldn t put it down and I m still not sure if its because I liked the book or was frustrated with it probably a mixture of both The story definitely drew me in, the lead female Hettie was very likable and you can t help but want everything to work out for her On the other hand, I spent the better part of this book wanting to backhand Alexander, the guy was just a complete asshole Most of his internal dialogue just made me dislike him even He was always talking about Hettie s reputation and then fucking or trying to fuck every female he interacts with infuriating Sam Russell obviously wanted him to be a flawed character, but it made it oh so hard to back their relationship when for 90% of the book I wanted Hettie to run screaming from the man.But, despite myself by the end of the book I wanted everything to work out for the couple and thoroughly enjoyed reading through their rocky relationship.This book is worth a read if your a fan of the genre, just don t expect to add Alexander to your list of sweet and adoring book boyfriends.Happy reading,C.

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    Won this book on Goodreads Thank YouThis was an excellent romance story with all the angst and drama of two people who can t keep away from each other Hettie, who as a young girl got involved with a married man, and Alexander whose mother abandoned him and his brothers when he was a teenager Their difficulties in establishing a relationship due to Alexander s preconceived ideas about women, especially Hettie And Hettie s difficulty with intimacy Hettie works as the manager of a stable at a large estate Inter weaved in this romance is the life of the other siblings and training and care of horses for hunts and horse competitions The story held my interest and surprisingly I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the competitions, training and care of the horses Highly recommend this read.

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    I got the book from a goodread giveaway It was quite interesting and capturing book I was a little bit disappointed that the main female character was losing her wild attitude and the male one was getting even jealous and annoying as the book was reaching the end However I liked the vivid descriptions and love hate romance.

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    The inspiration for A Bed of Barley Straw was multi layered, but there were three things in particular which stirred my creative juices and got me writing.The characters were my initial motivation I saw Hettie, my heroine, as strong willed and captivating, but far from perfect Someone who hadn t always got it right and still makes mistakes I knew that Hettie would be no shrinking violet and that her history with men would be chequered Complicated to the point that she had abandoned romance, Hettie would find it easier to love the quirky dogs and horses that she shares her life with.My hero, Alexander Melton, is darkly flawed I enjoy a challenging character, but there had to be morality at the core Finding the damaged decency buried in his heart was the crux for Alexander, a test of character development To take a man with too much pride but create him worthy of love Events which occur through the story were intended to shake both Alexander s and the readers preconceptions Leading him through his journey of discovery was deliciously infuriating.The clash came next I love a glorious mismatch A freefall into lust with absolutely the wrong person the gritty struggle which ensues between chemistry and reason My idea was to delve into the minds of two people who are struggling against formidable attraction, and to find out if the wrong person can ever become the right one.I had a lot of fun exploring that dilemma The sparring, the spats, the stand offs and the battles of will The moments of physical and emotional connection The stimulation to write became boundless And finally to the setting My passion for the country side and my background in horses and farming dropped the tale in rural England I could clearly envisage the picturesque Cotswold village and the grandeur of Draymere Hall Villages can be a wonderful stimulus, spurning a wealth of colourful characters, intrigue and gossip Add to that the joys of a cosy local pub in which to play out the antics and my scene was ready to tempt the characters in.

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    I received this free in a Goodreads Giveaway This is a long romantic story of boy meets girl, things go wrong, things get better then wrong again etc.Set at Dray House, a large house with horses stables The story is mostly about Alexander, one of the sons of the owner of the house one of the stable girls A relaxing read, but not all that exciting, a bit predictable.

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A Bed of Barley Straw summary pdf A Bed of Barley Straw , summary chapter 2 A Bed of Barley Straw , sparknotes A Bed of Barley Straw , A Bed of Barley Straw 3d8920d You Can Bury The Past, But Can You Ever Forget It Hettie Redfern Has No Time For Men, For Anything But The Most Vital Of Needs She Has Learnt From Past Experience Her Career Is Rewarding, Horses Are Trustworthy, And Dogs Are Easier To LoveSo When Alexander Melton Returns To Draymere Hall, Where Hettie Manages The Stables, She Quickly Concludes That Despite His Good Looks, His Arrogance Leaves A Lot To Be Desired Unfortunately, That Doesn T Stop Hettie From Desiring Him, And The Attraction Is A Powerful OneProud, Judgemental, Damaged For Alexander Women Are A Convenient Pleasure To Be Used And Forgotten So Why Has He Let Hettie Redfern Get Under His Skin A Foolish Obsession, Given Her ReputationA Clash Of Characters, A Physical Attraction Too Strong To Resist History Unravelling In A Perfect Storm Of Frustrated Passion

  • Paperback
  • 372 pages
  • A Bed of Barley Straw
  • Sam Russell
  • English
  • 13 February 2019
  • 9781518687648

About the Author: Sam Russell

Sam Russell lives, works and writes from the family farm in rural Essex and describes herself as a farmer by day and author by night.Proudly independent, she is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors.Her passionate, contemporary romances are set in the countryside and she credits Jilly Cooper for inspiring her to write hunks, horses, hanky panky a