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Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1) explained Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1) , review Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1) , trailer Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1) , box office Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1) , analysis Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1) , Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1) e0e4 All Of Her Life, Cadence Cade Williams Has Been Lied To With Her Ailing Father On His Deathbed, A Whispered Secret Sends Cadence S Life Into A Tailspin Determined To Either Confirm Or Debunk Her Father S Claim, She Sets Out On A Mission To Grow Close To The Only Man With Evidence To Set Things Straight To Do That, Cadence Earns A Position In An Elite Security Firm Owned By Her Father S Old Army Buddy, Noah Mac MackinleyMac Is The Only Man Who Could Hold The Evidence To Support Her Father S Claims But First, She Must Prove Herself Worthy Of Mac S Trust And Get Close Enough To Find The Truth Her First Mission Is To Watch Over An Eight Year Old Girl, Harley ClarkHarley Is Not An Ordinary Girl She S The Daughter Of A Rock Star Despite Her Fragile Appearance, Harley Has Tenacity And Brilliance Like Nothing Cade Has Ever Seen To Everyone S Surprise Including Her Own Cade Forms An Unlikely Friendship With The Beautiful WallflowerHer First Assignment Just Became Interesting When Harley S Rock Star Father, Jax Clark, Enters The Scene, Cade Can T Deny The Instant Attraction For The Self Proclaimed Bad Boy Tattoos, Piercing Eyes, And A Raspy Voice That Sends Thousands Of Fans Into A Screaming Frenzy, He S Than Just A Heartthrob Worse, Jax Starts To Pay Her Attention Than She Expects She S Faced With A Choice Get Lured In By The Celebrity World And Lose Any Chance Of Finding Out The Truth, Or Stick To The Plan And Avoid Jax At All Costs To Earn Mac S Trust

  • Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1)
  • Michelle Jo Quinn
  • 12 January 2019

About the Author: Michelle Jo Quinn

Michelle is addicted to romance She believes in happily ever afters and loves writing about couples who get there.When not writing, she props her feet up on her favorite lounger and binges on Netflix shows, or reads one or two books at the same time She enjoys red wine, dark chocolate, cake, and can talk your ears off about delicious food Travelling is high on her list, whether alone, with frie

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    I am a sucker for a man with kids And this was no different This is a really sweet story and it was a pick me up that I needed 3 I wanted Stars.Cadence Cade Williams is on a mission She moves from New Jersey to Vancouver to see if Mac from Mackinley Security is really her father but Mac doesn t trust her but employs her anyway Her first assignment is a high profile case Cade becomes a bodyguard Or babysitter depending on what way you view it.Cade and Harley forge a strong connection and Harley feels as if she can finally confide in someone Due to her mother being absolutely frigging nuts, Harley acts far older than her eight years She has been the personal assistant to her mother until she moves in with her father Harley is far older for her age as I also think that it has to do with her heart condition and has a positive outlook on life Jax Clark Rockstar God doesn t really know how to deal with his daughter His ex is frigging nuts as I mentioned before But with Cade around the build a bridge to cover the distance Until Jax forces Cade to take a different type of action Although at times I felt as if Harley was the main character and that Cade and Jax were secondary characters It flowed well But I still wanted .There was so little interaction between Jax and Cade that it was somehow hard to believe that they would work I wanted them to get to know one another I will continue the series as I think that Ms Quinn has potential but it could have been fleshed out slightly .

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    I can honestly say I was surprised by this book I didn t quite expect that the character I loved the most was a, eight year old child A child that Cade was hired to protect I loved the connection between these two, it was immediate and just what Harley needed Given her mother s behavior, she really needed a positive role model in her life and Cade was perfect Jax seemed to want to do right by his daughter, now that her mother didn t want her I liked him well enough, but he needed time to figure out how to be a father The story really flowed and I got caught up in it almost immediately I even had tears running down my face a sign of a good book to me , but not because of any drama between Cade or Jax, but for Harley Like I said, I was surprised how much I enjoyed her role in this story.This is one book you will not regret taking the time to read.

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    Absolutely was hooked from start to finish The way Cade came in and brought Harley out of her shell and showed not only her but also Harleys dad Jax a rock star god what love was truly about Story line was well written character development was great over all an absolutely amazing book You wont be disappointed.

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    Lovely story, looking forward to reading in the series.

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    This was actually a sweet story Its not your typical rock and roll bad boy story Not at all and honestly I hate those lol I read this because I discovered this author during a Facebook event and loved the video for her book Harley was such an enchanting child She s different and very wise beyond her years She s far mature than a typical 8 year old little girl should be She does have a heart condition and that has a lot to do with the way she is and her mother Fiona is God awful I mean who has their child play her PA Yeesh Harley can be so adult sometimes I forgot she was a child I know some reviewers might think her character is really unbelievable Well you dont know many kids then There are some very unique children out there Admittedly this isn t totally a romance because its centers around Harley mostly Jax and Cade to a lot of dancing around and dont necessarily get together until a bit later in the book I know some complained how the romance wasn t a big part of it Wellthe name of the book speaks for itself Of course I wanted the intimacy between Jax and Cade to be detailed but it wasn t totally necessary We got the gist and I was able to overlook it myself because of how the book flowed Cade was a bit complex sorta She s been let down a lot in her life A father who s hated her but only tolerated her because of her mother On his deathbed throwing a curve ball at her that he s not her father So, she goes to her father s friend to find out the truth Mac isn t nice to her at all He s got the information that she needs but he treats her like crap and she works for him at his security firm He s never given her an assignment til now so she can prove herself That one s a doozy She meets her new assignment in Harley and its instant love and adoration for the child Her father Jaxshe s thrown for a loop and tries really hard to remain professional She does to a point and you gotta give her props for that Jax is a huge rock star He s loved by everyone and especially women He s not sure what to think of Cade but he totally likes her and is drawn to her He s a typical rock star but he has a sweet genuine heart and he s trying to have a relationship with his daughter after she s recently started living with him He s trying and he wants to be a good dad but is having trouble balancing it all and having feelings for Cade Jax wants Cade in their lives and he refuses to let her go He wants a family that includes Harley and Cade What is he willing to sacrifice Everything Its not gonna be easy and this book is one heck of a ride I couldnt put it down y all I recommend the book and I ll keep a look out on of Ms Quinn s work This is her debut I believe and she did great I think for a 1st.

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    I ve been looking forward to reading Harley for sometime now And I can thankfully say that the patience has paid off plus the paperback version is a gorgeous addition to my book shelf Michelle s writing and way with words really brings the story of Cade, Jax and Harley to life and it s a thrilling, emotional, and in some places steamy read that I couldn t put down, nor did I want it to end.There is sizzling chemistry between Cade and Jax who by the way is so very swoon worthy and I really enjoyed the build up in their relationship But what I was very surprised to enjoy the most was actually the sweet relationship that Cade builds with Harley, Jax s 8 year old daughter It s testament to Ms Quinn s writing that I ended up feeling just like Harley, wishing and hoping that the two highly influence adults in her life would have a HEA together.I can t wait to see what s next in store for the West Coast Rock Star series here s hoping it ll feature members of Jax s band

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    Not your standard rock star romance I liked it this much This story wasn t the standard rock star either meets woman and is attracted to her and gets her to go on tour with him or woman joins rock tour in some work capacity and falls for rock star In his story, the fact that the guy was a rock star was sort of background information It was important to the story but it wasn t the biggest part of the story.I enjoyed the book quite a bit because it focused on the relationships Jackson Jax is the Rock Star who recently got full custody of his daughter Harley, who is eight years old and has a heart defect He hires a bodyguard for himself and one for his daughter Cadence Cade is the bodyguard hired for Harley, who is old beyond her years from living with a mother who didn t care about her and having a Dad who was on the road without time for her.Jax wants to be of a father but doesn t know how Though Cade and Harley have an immediate connection which allows Harley to start acting like a child for the first time in her life Jax is attracted to Cade and also grateful for the way she is with his daughter The book is heartfelt and romantic and has a storyline about Cade s family as well as Harley s mother The rest of the band was introduced as well as the band manager and some other interesting side characters I would definitely read of this series.

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    Enjoyed itThis was my first read by this author and I really enjoyed this book It was a quick read, awesome storyline, and loved little Harley I really liked that it wasn t all sex and drugs this book had substance.Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis

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    I literally devoured this book in one day.

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