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Hustle chapter 1 Hustle, meaning Hustle, genre Hustle, book cover Hustle, flies Hustle, Hustle a450f96c0fa27 South Eastern University Where The Football Players Are Royalty And Andrew Fayden Is King College Was Supposed To Be Brook S Chance To Escape The Rumors And The Harassment That Plagued Her At Home, But She Hadn T Planned On Meeting Andrew Fayden Now, She S Finding It Hard To Think Of Anything Else Or Anyone Else She S Determined To Wipe Him From Her Mind Though Because He Is The Definition Of Unavailable He S Got An On And Off Again Girlfriend Always On The Sidelines And A Flood Of Girls Willing To Take Over That PositionAnd His Popularity Makes It Hard To Keep A Low Profile, Something She Needs To Do If She Doesn T Want To Be Pulled Back Into The Drama Of Her PastDespite All The Warnings, She S Finding It Hard To Resist And He S Making It Hard To Say No

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    3.75 4 STARS I hated this book at times but the writing and the heroine had me proceeding to see how things would end for a nice girl like Brooklyn The heroine is taken by the hot, arrogant, manwhore, quarterback, Andrew Fayden It seems he has a girl already named Fallon and everyone keeps telling Brooke so Drew and Fallon are connected, they share a past and still have a relationship of sorts here in South Eastern University Layer that drama with our heroine seeing something that makes one of Drew s teammates furious and aggressive and a crazy sister on the lamb to the mix, and this book was nonstop drama As for Brooke and Drew s relationship, there could have been a lot communication on Drew s part but I did like how he stands by Brooke when all hell breaks loose on her You don t disappear and make it easy on them He s quick to respond You fight back I could identify with Brooke s character and wished that her scholarship had been for a school further from home and this sick group of people Secrets, bullies, and lies, all make Brooklyn s life a war zone.Drew s feelings for Brooke were well written and realistically paced He said the shittiest things in the beginning and really only wanted one thing from Brooke However, slowly you could feel him trusting the good in Brooklyn and what they could have in one another I completely bought his feelings for her and found the two of them an odd but interesting pair.I can t really recommend this read as I m not sure what friends will enjoy this level of drama some over the top and cruelty The hero is also a pretty hard sell I didn t love him, but I warmed a bit to him throughout the course of the story Overall, this read takes a ton of twists and turns and poor Brooke shouldn t trust anyone

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    4.5 Stars I really loved this one I was up all night reading it last night Brooklyn is a very sweet girl She s also a virgin She s just started college and hoping that her past stays in the past At first we know nothing about Brooklyns past We only know that she was homeschooled because of it and her mother is very over protective Brooklyn and her new roommate are getting a tattoo when they run into the college football team Andrew is your typical sexy, cocky manwhore He s the star of the football team and he s a mystery to me He s very forward when it comes to Brooklyn letting her know he wants her At first I didn t like Andrew He was an asshole His ex girlfriend and him were always running off together and fighting When his ex came in the room he just dropped everything and they would go off some where and argue I didn t like her at all Slowly Andrew and Brooklyn become friends but I was still unsure if I trusted Andrew or not He seemed to only have one thing on his mind and that was getting Brooklyn in the bed I was nervous she wasn t going to be able to tell him no He was VERY persuasive lolThere were so many secrets going on in this book I couldn t put my kindle down because I needed to know what was really going on Something happens around 50% that made me nervous for Brooklyn It seemed like this poor girl was always at the wrong place at the wrong time Then around 70% shit started hitting the fan I was nervous for Brooklyn again But it wasn t Andrew that was making me nervous Secrets were coming out and I knew it was about to get ugly I wanted Brooklyn to stand up for herself and not hide like she did in high school I loved that Andrew wanted her to do the same I deducted a half star because I felt Brooklynn was just too nice Ugh The ending was very OTT and I kind of felt a few things were left unanswered IMO But I still loved it If you like a book filled with drama, secrets, a tight group of friends and a sexy as hell football player that will have you fanning yourself this is a book for you I hope you give it a try I will defiantly be looking for books by this author

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    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS Angst galore My word So good I have to say this author can write

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    This is one very large package of angst I had difficulty cultivating a real like for Drew, the main male character He s the campus heart throb and star quarterback with a chance at an NFL contract upon graduation I spent most of my time questioning whether or not he was on the up and up He had secrets and lots of them including a noose around his neck But then again, so did our main girl, Brook Some bad happenings in her past reared their ugly heads bringing about misery in her attempt to put the past behind her and make a new start as she begins her freshman year of college She s also a virgin with her eye on the douche bag quarterback There is a bit of criminal activity taking place on campus that sets up some suspense for the group of college students and even questions as to who you can trust among them.This is another sports themed romance with little to none of the actual sport evident in the storyline Readers get a trip to the football field but all they see is their star quarterback on the sideline with his cell phone Not sure I m able to believe this I ve yet to see a college football player talking on a cell phone in the middle of a game and I ve watched plenty of games The suspense gave this one a boost of interest There was also a surprise among the group of friends that came out of nowhere and most likely will shock readers a bit.I haven t seen it mentioned in any reviews that I ve read, but there is an overabundance of editing errors, mostly small and careless that would be easy fixes with some proofreading a knowledge in correct use of your v you re and definitely a lesson in the use of apostrophes, particularly These kinds of sloppy errors are among my biggest pet peeves and drive me crazy when it is a constant problem throughout the manuscript as here.I sincerely wanted to love this book but it just didn t happen because of the reasons listed above There are way too many editing problems along with over the top angst and unrealistic plotting And when all was said and done, the ending felt too rushed and not very fulfilling after all that had transpired on the road to happy ever after.

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    It is going to be difficult to explain my 5 Stars when Drew was such a manwhore and Brook, at least in the beginning, was driving me mad with the pressure she was putting on him to be than just a hook up.With that said, the characters had grown on me and the story kept me on tip toes.It was an extremely busy week for me There was no time for dreaming but for the life of me I couldn t stop thinking about this book To a point that, when running one of my many tasks lastminute.com.post office I was praying to find a massive queue How sad was that Wishing for quality time with my kindle at the post office The story was packed with drama and action, a manwhore who I couldn t wait to see on his knees, a on and off ex girlfriend which was a total bitch I have to say and a heroine who survived hell at school All those elements combined gave me a constant butterfly feeling in my tummy Hence my 5 Stars.Thanks Jojo Loved the recommendation 3

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    Phew Fans of college drama and angst would really like this book This book was strangely addictive, even with all the neverending drama and angst Although, I will admit I almost DNF d this book because Drew came across as a total jerk in the beginning But I kept reading, suddenly finding myself understanding Drew as he burrowed his way into my heart His character is complicated in a realistic way He s someone who tells the truth, never sugar coating things But I do wish I got his POV too I loved how Brook stayed true to herself and her friends, but she was too nice, a pushover And that drove me crazy But she did have some great moments where I wanted to high five her While I liked this story, my rating is based on not getting Drew s POV, and the ending with view spoiler the kiddnapping, shooting, T.J and Brook s sister hide spoiler

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    As much as I love angst and drama, this was way over the top for me The heroine came off as whiny and a bit of a martyr The nice ness was ridiculous Nobody talks or acts like that Or at least they shouldn t The hero was just a dick who pressured the heroine into having sex and kept getting mad when she didn t want toeven while having his on again off again ex in his life And it was than obvious the outcome of the drama involving the ex Nothing surprising there The story had huge potential, but the author failed to deliver I expected the heroine to finally grow some balls and stand up for herself, but she didn t She was either running away or telling everyone she was staying away from their own good Brooklyn was a very disappointing heroine and Drew was an even disappointing hero And in the end, they both deserved each other.

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    3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This was better than I thought it would be I was in the mood for an angsty college romance, and I got it Every once in a while I am in the mood for the love triangle, or I am tempted by a blurb that just promises angst It is always a gamble, because I think they have to be just right to be enjoyable instead of making me just hate the mcs instead I think this book succeeded While it isn t going down as one of my favorites, or it might not be all that memorable with how many books I read, it was still pretty enjoyable.Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Brook and Drew s story They meet in a tattoo shop, and are instantly attracted Brook is a new freshman, and Drew is the star football quarterback junior They keep on bumping into each other, and Drew doesn t hide the fact that he would like to have a ONS with Brook Brook is a virgin, and doesn t want that type of situation being her first They decide to form a friendship, but of course that doesn t last and stronger feelings start to develop Drew has a complicated relationship with his ex that always seems to be around, and this is another reason Brook is hesitant to start anything with him They have some friend drama, some ex drama, some sexy times, some sweet times, and some old drama come upbut they eventually get their HFN.POV This was told in Brooklyn s POV.Overall Pace of Story Good It was on the longer side 514 e pages, but it read smoothly and I didn t feel the need to skim.Instalove No Instalust for sure, but the stronger feelings didn t develop until later.H rating 3 stars Andrew I really disliked him at first, but once he started showing the h his true self he became likeable.h rating 4 stars Brooklyn Poor girl was always trying to do the right thing and was punished for it I thought she was a good character, and I appreciated how she demanded to mean than just a hookup for the H when they first met.Sadness level Moderate This did have some tough subjects that make it sad at times, but I didn t personally cry.Heat level Moderate They do have some good chemistry together.Descriptive sex Yes.OW OM drama Yes The H has an off again on again abusive relationship they yell at each other and the OW hits him with OW since high school OW claims that she has no issue with him sleeping with girls, because she knows he ll end up with her She even makes friends with h, but you can assume how that ll goSex scene with OW or OM view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    Being kind doesn t mean be a fucking doormat or fucking stupid.

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    Hustle by Ashley Claudy was a stand alone and my first book by the author.Andrew Drew Fayden was the star college quarterback with the NFL in his sights He was gorgeous, cocky, confident, arrogant and basically an asshole to most women He had his eyes on Brook and was surprised when she wasn t an easy conquest.Brooklyn Brook Shaw was a freshman that preferred to stay on the sidelines She was beautiful, bright and genuinely kind She kept running into Drew but refused to give in to their chemistry for a one night stand.Claudy detailed the chase with a multi faceted suspenseful vibe I liked the premise of the story except I m never fond of triangles and once that was evident, I hated the direction I m a loyal kinda girl, so the multiple girls was a turn off With that said, I still couldn t put it down And there were so many facets to the storyline that brought twists and turns to what was expected Not everything appeared as it seemed I was intrigued and hooked until I read it all in one sitting.It was written with a single POV, Brooke s, but there were bonus scenes from Drew at the conclusion of the book It was well written and well developed but with so many twists, there were a couple items that weren t completely fleshed out and I was craving detail and conclusion I also was craving an epilogue Drew and Brook got their HFN but I wanted a deeper dive into the future Otherwise, it was enjoyable, suspenseful and entertaining.

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