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Trinity (The American Mail-Order Bride #35) summary Trinity (The American Mail-Order Bride #35) , series Trinity (The American Mail-Order Bride #35) , book Trinity (The American Mail-Order Bride #35) , pdf Trinity (The American Mail-Order Bride #35) , Trinity (The American Mail-Order Bride #35) f09c57739a Trinity, Bride Of West Virginia, Is The Th Book In The Unprecedented Book American Mail Order Brides Series After A Fire At The Brown Textile Mill In Lawrence, Massachusetts, Twenty Two Year Old Trinity Kroger Agrees To Become A Mail Order Bride, Traveling To West Virginia Her Intended, Mr John Witherspoon, Is Nearly Fifty Eight Years Old Shocked By The Age Difference, It Is Far Too Late To Change Her Mind, The Ceremony Taking Place ImmediatelyNathanial Witherspoon Tries To Stop His Father From Making A Grave Mistake, Arriving At City Hall Too Late The Shabbily Dressed Young Woman In His Father S Company Cannot Be His New Stepmother It Would Be Impossible, Because, Although Poor And Uneducated, She S The Loveliest Thing He Has Ever SeenTrinity Is Drawn To Nathanial, Who Showers Her With Gifts And Clothing, Writing Heartfelt Letters She Came To West Virginia To Find A Place Of Belonging Never Could She Have Imagined Falling In Love So Deeply So Passionately, Yet Not With Her Husband Nathanial Has Stolen Her Heart, But They Can Never Be Together

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    Intriguing StoryI am reading the American Mail Order Brides series in order which is also the order in which the states were added to the Union Although each story has been unique and having it s twists and turns,this story is one of the most unique storylines I have read Although the age difference is unusual, I don t doubt such marriages happened The author s style is easy to read and or less believable.I do recommend this book.

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    What a predicament I ve never read a mail order bride book quite like this one Carre is a new author to me I believe she writes intimate books than I prefer, but this one was a sweet, yet amorous book.

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    In one word.creepy.

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    Trinity Bride of West Virginia American Mail Order Bride 35 By Carre White5 5 starsAfter the textile mill fire, Trinity had no recourse but to become a mail order bride, with her inability to find a job and nowhere else to go When she gets off the train, she s immediately taken to the courthouse to be married To her shock, her husband is much older than she ever imagined, to her 22 years, he s 58 But with no options, she goes ahead with the marriage.Nathaniel arrives from NYC too late to stop his father s wedding He thinks that his father must be losing his mind to marry a woman so young And he believes that such a young woman marrying a man who is old enough to be her father, probably older, is because she is a gold digger When he sees Trinity, he s shocked at just how beautiful she is and can t believe that she is his new stepmother.Trinity and Nathaniel are attracted to one another, but neither will ever step over that line They both are respectful of the boundaries But Nathaniel showers Trinity with gifts, and they write letters to each other, that do express their feelings Mild Spoilers I don t normally do spoilers, but there have been many low ratings on this book because such a young woman married such an aging man Yes, his body was aging and not muscled and yes, he snored and had age related issues But he treated her with loving kindness, respectfulness and he spoiled her than she ever imagined Yes, she had marital relations with him, as he was her husband, which is why many gave low ratings But the author showed the truth of many situational marriages during that time I applaud the author for going that route and that is what truly had me liking this book so much and for pushing it up to the 5 star rating.

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    Good storyI enjoyed this story of adventure , suspense, and romance The author took liberates with the characters in her story, I m not sure how I feel about them.

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    The premises of the book its something I despise for all intent and purposes she cheated on her husband with his own son, I don t care about the letter at the end giving his blessing its just the authors way of trying to convince the readers her lead characters did nothing wrong Honestly I d like it better if they didn t end up together.

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    For this book in the series I have mixed feelings Trinity arrives to West Virgina and is married to a man old enough to be her grandfather but falls in love with her stepson Crazy right I don t know how I feel about the love story occurring while she is married.

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    This series was my first experience with multiple authors working together to write a series on a large scale I enjoyed every book in the series and found several new authors that I hadn t read before.

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    A Story that Will Pull your HeartstringsI liked this story Trinity was put in a odd situation She married the father but had fallen in love with the son at first sight It is a page Turner because you want to find out what happens.

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    Scandal This book was pretty scandalous, whether in 1890 or 2016, lusting after your father s new wife and having the gall to kiss her would cause quite the stir In the end, love prevailed.

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