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    I received an ARC of Lost and Found from the author in return for an honest review When English teacher, Lexi, is dumped by her long time boyfriend, she is too depressed to continue working and goes on a stress leave While on leave, she meets a gorgeous guy, Tommy, but she s not ready for a relationship It s actually hard to sum up this story succinctly even though it s a novella because so much happens It reads like a novel and kept me turning the pages The author does a wonderful job keeping up the tension and as a result, keeping my eyes glued to the pages The characters are real and charming You ll fall in love with them and if you like sweet romances, you ll fall in love with this book I wish they would make this into a tv movie Hallmark are you listening.

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    This is a really enjoyable read and a quick one The story is well constructed and the characters of Lexi, Tommy, and even their dogs are written with plenty of personality built in Lexi has taken off work to recover from a devastating breakup It takes her a bit to realize that the reason that it was so hard to deal with is that the ex was a controlling, mean, jerk Apparently, it took his absence from her life and meeting the character, Tommy, to make her realize it Both Lexi and Tommy have dogs and they meet each other at a dog obedience class In an effort to keep from giving away the story, I ll just say that their chief conflict lies with Josh While I was expecting a little bit from the story, as in the conflict was a little too easy to solve and the bad guy could have been so, this is a romance story after all, and a well written one at that This pleasant read still earns 5 stars from me, as it is everything it is supposed to be A great offering from Jeanne Bannon.

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    I truly loved Lost and Found by Jeanne Bannon Lexi is a woman whose heart has been broken She takes a leave of absence from her teaching job to heal Stuck with the French bulldog her ex gave her, Lexi enrolls her pet in a dog training class There, she meets Tommy and his dog However, Lexi goes to great lengths to deny any attraction for Tommy to avoid venturing into romance again.Lexi and Tommy are richly developed characters Their relationship is not the clich , love at first sight kind Rather, it develops over time, which makes the whole experience of reading this novella completely engaging The two characters are further strengthened by the relationships they have with their dogs I found this addition extremely endearing I thoroughly enjoyed the novella and look forward to reading from Jeanne Bannon If you love contemporary romance, I definitely recommend Lost and Found.

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    Full disclosure I am not a Romance fan But I really enjoyed this book It s a heartwarming story, well told the kind of story we wish would happen in real life full of warmth, redemption, happiness and true love The characters are well rounded The far from flawless heroine is likable and, even better, easy to relate to most of us have made the kind of mistakes she has It s nice to see how her character develops in the course of this short novella The hero is a little too flawless, IMO, but this is a romance, after all and he is charming enough to be hard to dislike You WANT him to be real The addition of two dogs, for this animal lover, made the book irresistible Highly recommended.

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    I was given an ARC of Jeanne Bannon s latest novella, Lost and Found in return for an honest reveiw It is a captivating romance I ve read some of Jeanne s YA novels and her writing was familiar and comfortable Like coffee with an old friend Lost and Found fearlessly tackles the concepts of an emotionally fragile women and her journey through a relationship which goes terribly wrong She must overcome fear, tragedy and the challenge to face a new love The characters are real and oh so relatable I especially loved how even the dogs had their own personalities and role in the story This was a beautifully told story and I very much enjoyed reading it Jeanne has done a fabulous job This novella is highly recommended.

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    Lexi feels her life take a downward spiral when her boyfriend, Josh, breaks things off with her Not only does she have to deal with that pain but there s a new puppy in her life that she didn t ask for.Ms Bannon does a fabulous job of telling the story of a woman who feels she s losing control and how she climbs out to find her old self and starts living life again.until a repentant Josh shows back up I have read Jeanne Bannon s work and she certainly didn t disappoint with Lost and Found I highly recommend this short story

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    I was given an ARC of Jeanne Bannon s latest novella, Lost and Found I picked it up and couldn t put it down It had me laughing and crying It was what I d call a complete story in every way The characters are well fleshed out and even the dogs are special and have their own personalities Jeanne managed to tell a big story in a novella length work She tackles the issues of emotional breakdowns, love lost and love found, along with a tragedy set against the backdrop of a stalker ex boyfriend This was a very well told story and I loved it.

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    Lost and Found by Jeanne Bannon is a well written story Lexi loses herself to heartbreak She is when her ex leaves Josh abandons Lexi and to make matters worse he leaves her with a dog she doesn t even want This story takes you on Lexi s journey to make herself whole again Lexi is able to pick up the pieces with the help of her furry friend She is able to find the love she truly deserves This story celebrates the idea of everyone having a soulmate.

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    Lost and Found is a beautiful love story that will warm and touch your heart I enjoy a book when a hero who rides in to save the day then rides off into the sunset with his soul mate I fell in love with the main characters, and also their dogs Great job, Jeanne Now give us

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    A copy of the ePub was received in exchange for an honest review.Lexi is struggling after her long time boyfriend leaves her His parting gift was a puppy and Lexi is not a dog person The English teacher decides to go to obedience school with the little French bulldog At the first class she and her pup meet Tommy and his dog their story begins Lost and Found is a predictable contemporary romance This quick read is good for a rainy and or snowy afternoon.

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Lost and Found summary pdf Lost and Found , summary chapter 2 Lost and Found , sparknotes Lost and Found , Lost and Found 212ded3 Can What Was Once Lost Be Found Again Lexi Is So Distraught After Long Time Boyfriend, Josh, Dumps Her She Has To Take A Leave Of Absence From Her Job As An English Teacher Josh Leaves Behind The French Bulldog He Bought For Her Just Before Things Fell Apart Lexi Is Not A Dog Person And Contemplates Giving The Pup Away However, It S All She Has Left Of Josh And So She Gives The Little Mischief Maker A Little Time While At Puppy Obedience School, Lexi Meets Tommy, A Handsome, Happy Go Lucky Type She Could Easily Give Her Heart To If Only She Was Ready Still Pining Over Josh, Lexi Gives Tommy The Brush Off And They Lose Touch As Much As She Doesn T Want To Admit It, Lexi Comes To Realize That In The Short Time She And Tommy Spent Together, He D Left Of An Impression On Her Heart Than She Cared To AdmitA Winding Road Of Unfortunate Events Brings Lexi And Tommy Together Again, But Are They Meant To Be, Or Does Fate Have Another Plan

  • Paperback
  • Lost and Found
  • Jeanne Bannon
  • English
  • 19 March 2018

About the Author: Jeanne Bannon

Jeanne Bannon is a USA Today bestselling author She has worked in the publishing industry for over twenty five years, first as a freelance journalist, then as an in house editor for LexisNexis Canada She currently works as a freelance editor and writer.