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Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saints MC, #1) chapter 1 Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saints MC, #1) , meaning Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saints MC, #1) , genre Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saints MC, #1) , book cover Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saints MC, #1) , flies Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saints MC, #1) , Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saints MC, #1) 3f36cfc504555 Griffin Storm Wasn T Prone To Violence, But When Someone Takes What Griffin Holds Dear, The World As He Knows It Is Gone Retaliation, Revenge And Rage Fuels Him His Club, The Uncertain Saint S MC, Do Their Best To Offer Support, But Griffin Is Beyond Redemption He Ll Do What He Has To Do Kill Who He Has To Kill He Doesn T Care If That Means He Dies If It Gets Him What He Wants, Then It S Worth It He Fakes It All Until The Night He Walks Into A Sex Shop For Batteries And Lays Eyes On A Woman That Will Change His Life Lenore Makes Him Think Past Tomorrow Makes Him Want To See Just What The Future Might Bring But His Life S A Dangerous One Built Around Pain And Deception, And Not For The Faint Of Heart He Won T Give Up The Past, Not Until He S Done What He Promised To Do And If That Means She S Not There When The Dust Settles, He Ll Risk It Lenore, Though, Won T Give Up On Him She Ll Fix Him, Whether He Wants Her To Or Not

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    3.5 StarsLani Lynn Vale sure knows how to write a book She really is one of my GO TO authors when I want to read something safe, and sexy, with hot alpha bikers.That being said, I didn t quite love this one as much as the last two books she has released I can t really put my finger on the why something just didn t click with me in this one I found the plot about the bad guys a little convoluted and I didn t feel the connection between Griffin and Lenore like I usually do in this author s books For me it felt like they didn t really spend a lot of time actually together Griffin seemed to pop over, have sex, then disappear for days at a timerepeat He also came across as an asshole a lot of the time More so then usual for this author I mean his asinine comment about her cancer Gone and fucking sunk my cock into a girl that could die Like I needed that in my life was really frigging crass Lenore, again, was a fine character I liked her, but something was missingI don t know, for someone that owned a sex shop I expected She was almost docile Sure she got mad when he pulled his constant disappearing acts, but like a second later she was back to beingdare I say, boring I guess.Anyway, it wasn t a bad book by any means I enjoyed it, the sexy times were hot I just didn t LOVE it as much as previous books Side Note I just want to add, that if a stranger came into my home and saw my dildo sitting on my nightstand, then walked over and sniffed it, I would NOT in any way, shape or form find that shit sexy That s really seriously nasty gross

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    4.5 Griffin Storm very appropriate name is fuelled purely by rage, his son has been taken from him and his only thought is revenge He s not looking for a woman after all the last woman he gave his heart to brought him nothing but pain, well apart from his son Tanner His ex wife Noreen cheated on him and to top it off she was a poor mother to their Tanner.Despite the fact that he s not looking for a woman one finds him anyway Lenore is not the type of woman he normally goes for but there s something about her that he can t ignore or resist, regardless of how hard he tries.His growing feelings for Lenore are one thing but he needs revenge like he needs to breathe and he can t let it go His son s murder seems to be tied to something bigger and he s determined to get to the bottom of it but he s no idea who s pulling the strings but they know exactly who he is.This book was fabulous, the story kept me glued to each page along with Griffin his brothers and Lenore.The author who s completely new to me has assembled an amazing cast of interesting characters What makes them so amazing you might ask They feel real, they re troubled but dealing and Lenore is strong, incredibly strong, no TSTL moments for this girl She s intelligent, brave, loyal with a huge heart, she knows how to listen and follow instructions all of which is something of a rarity these days when some book females are so stupid it s a wonder they can dress themselves.This came so close to 5 which is rare for me but it was that good and I enjoyed it that much.I have to thank Pam for this without her review I m not sure I d have found this.

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    4.5 StarsReview to come

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    Griffin is a Texas Ranger He is also a member of the Uncertain Saints MC a motorcycle gang made up of a small group of lawmen with broken pasts Together, these men take care of the criminals in a way that their jobs in law enforcement don t allow After losing his son in a brutal murder, Griffin is set on revenge but when a search for batteries leads him into a sex shop owned by Lenore he has no idea that the tiny redhead behind the counter is about to change his life forever.Whiskey Nights doesn t follow the traditional MC recipe Instead of being a group of lawless one percenters, this band of misfits are set on vigilante justice the line between right and wrong is used like a skipping rope As with many MC novels, this one held plenty of action, danger and violence but the search for the culprit kept me guessing until the end.Griffin was about as alpha as they come Possessive, jealous, forceful and a bit controlling but in the immortal words of Lenore Did I care Not a fucking bit Why Because Griffin was sexy as fuck As protective as he was filthy , the man went from aggressive to sweet at a rate of several orgasm per minute If there s a sign up sheet for a ride on a Texas Ranger Biker Vigilante Foul Mouthed Hunk, you can just go ahead and add my name to the top of the list.Lenore was strong and spunky and had just enough weirdness to make her endearing Instead of cowering in a corner when things got tough, she took it all in stride and came out swinging literally Even though this is a case of insta love, their romance had some pretty sweet and epic moments, but what makes them such an awesome couple was the hot as fuck sex these two had Three of the five stars I m giving this book are purely because these two were so damn hot together No place or object or angle was off limits.The plot was interesting and the chemistry was hot but what made this book stand out for me was the writing The author used a lot of humour in this book which enabled a nice reprieve from all the angst, violence and drama these characters dealt with Every character we meet along the way had a certain quirk, or a story of their own and coupled with the few side plots in this book it made for an interesting, fast paced, action packed and rich read And did I mention all the hot sex This is definitely a series I will be continuing ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    3.5 4 Not Your Typical MC Book Stars Griffin is part of a MC Club, however this is not your typical MC club, all the brothers in the club all happen to be in some type of law enforcement, Griffin himself is a Texas Ranger who is out for revenge on the persons responsible for the death of his child Lenore is the owner and operator of the towns only adult toy store, she and Griffin meet when he makes a late night purchase at her store Their introduction was quite cute and entertaining.When Griffin meets Lenore he feels things he doesn t want to feel, he tries to stay away but much to his dismay, he is drawn to her over and over again which makes him surly to her, as his main focus is on getting revenge on the people who took away his heart, his reason for living I absolutely loved Lenore, she wanted Griffin and nothing was going to stop her..including Griffin She was sweet yet tough and I absolutely loved how she stood up to Griffin As Griffin continues on his path of revenge, danger is lurking and soon Lenore is in the path of lies, deceptions, and danger.This was my first Lani Lynn Vale book and I have to say I really enjoyed Griffin, Lenore, and the secondary characters This book has it all loyalty, humor, suspense, danger, sexy times, and a dirty talking Alpha I m definitely looking forward to the rest of the series Fantastic narration by Mason Lloyd and Kendall Taylor

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    3 Stars What happens when the one person you love the most, is suddenly gone You would anything to get justice for them even if it means going about it the wrong way and getting revenge Griffin has suffered an imaginable loss that no one should ever have to go through and the only cares he cares about is causing an insermountable pain on whoever shattered his world Being a Ranger and a member of the Uncertain MC, he has the means to do it and he won t stop until he gets justice.Lenore is the owner of a popular sex toy shop When a sexy biker walks in asking for batteries, she s literally at a lost for words and her panties But she knows that someone like him wouldn t go for a girl like her To her surprise,Griffin sees something in her that he likes and he wants her BAD.I really liked the Griffin and Lenore s first encounter and I found it highly entertaining What I didn t like was the insta lust and they getting together so quickly Everything was rushed and it didn t feel real for me I also couldnt connect with them as a couple because of that Griffin s loss was a real heartbreak and I felt for him on that level and I wanted him to find his purpose and be happy again.If you re a Alpha male fan amd love a revenge plot,then this story is for you Arc kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    This was an interesting read for me I enjoyed it but at times, I was a little confused with the story line I had to reread a few passages because I thought something was missing Griffin was definitely your dirty talking alpha male There was one scene where he sneaks into Lenore s house and man was it HOT He is all about Lenore right from the start Though, there were a few times he pissed me off I know he had good reasons and totally understand them but he hurt Lenore and it made me mad on her behalf.Lenore was my favorite character I absolutely loved her She wanted her man and nothing was going to stop her She was tough and I love how she gave it right back to Griffin She definitely goes on my girl crush list The prologue was sadjust a warning I literally cried There were a couple of inner monologues by Griffin throughout that had me tearing up too Loved the epilogue but I wanted I m definitely interested in Mig and Annie s story Safety Gang view spoiler Griffin s son was murdered in a drive by shooting The prologue has him being there right after and seeing his son It also talks about the funeral It was very upsetting to me I have 3 kids and cannot imagine the pain and loss so just be advised Griffin was married to Tanner s mom He found her cheating on him He did say he loved her at one time However, the way he handled the infidelity told me that the feeling was gone when it happened Also, he realized what he had with his wife was different than what he has with Lenore She s his true love in all ways It didn t bother me at all Lenore is not a virgin and there s no mention of her past They use condoms until they don t He doesn t mention using them but he carried them around so I assume he did Griffin pushes Lenore away twice but never really leaves her He keeps track of her and has others protecting her He wasn t denying his feelings just worried for her safety hide spoiler

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    DiDi s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsIf you have stayed away from reading a Motorcycle Club Romance because you feel they aren t for you, I suggest you try Whiskey Neat it is not a typical Motorcycle Club.At last a MC Romance that is different When MC Romances first came out I read them all as they released, after a year of devouring them I started getting bored with them, they were either starting to all sound familiar or the authors were pushing boundaries that I don t care, like cheating or going for the shock factor in the books For me, Whiskey Neat is a refreshing MC Romance, It s like MC Romance meets Romantic Suspense in a great way To be honest Whiskey Neat had the grit and sexiness of the ALPHA Bad Boy Biker and the feel of a Christie Reece Last Chance Rescue book my favorite Romantic Suspense Series , meaning Whiskey Neat was a WIN for me.Griffin Storm is a member of the Uncertain Saints MC, the Uncertain Saints are not your typical MC, they are made up of law enforcement officers who walk a thin line between being officers of the law and vigilantes Each has had something tragic happen in their life and they are determined to make whoever initiated the crime pay by any means necessary Griffin s loss is one of the hardest losses a person can ever go through He s numb and devastated, yet determined to make all responsible pay.Lenore is the owner of a sex toy shop, she is funny and sassy, but behind her outward appearance she is battling something devastating by herself.I fell instantly in love with Lenore and Griffin, they are both injured souls fighting life shattering battles and demons Even going through the battles Lenore was going through she maintained a positive outlook Griffin is in such a bad place at the start of this book, meeting Lenore was the best thing to happen to him, it was the catalyst to make him start feeling again Then something happens that makes him push Lenore away and it causes Lenore to take on the battle for their love and to help ease Griffin s demons Will Lenore s stubbornness and Griffin s friends be enough to save him Lani Lynn Vale did an amazing job of creating a romance where both main characters who fall in love in spite of the fact were dealing with heavy, heartbreaking issues I was worried about the book being too emotionally heavy, Ms Vale was able to magically pen a story that was sad, emotional but entertaining as well The secondary cast are great, they add humor and support the main characters perfectly I absolutely LOVE Lenore s Dad and Griffin s Mom The rest of the Uncertain Saints are all carrying secrets and pain, I cannot wait to read each of their stories.Whiskey Neat has everything I love in a romance It is a solid romance, complete with ALPHA males, sexy bikers Texas Rangers, suspense, lots of emotion, hope, love and comedy It is definitely a re read for me and a great start to a series that is going to be one romance lovers do not want to miss.

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    5 Whiskey Neat StarsHoly Canoly This book guys, I am telling you is amazing This was the first book for me by this author and I can tell you it will NOT be the last I was sucked in from the very start right to the end I didn t want it to end Those are the best kind of books aren t they The ones that leave you wanting and with a smile on your face that was this book for me.Griffin the smexy beast will find his way into your heart of hearts he is a fellow I want to get to know I want to smack his ex wife And I want to give this larger than life man a huge hug Lenore is freaking ACES people I love that she was a strong female character right from the beginning She might be shy but shy does NOT mean weak Boy does she have a backbone I loved that I loved that even though life was kicking her she wasn t laying low She was still herself I am intrigued by the rest of the cast of characters I am so OCD that I finished this book at 1 30 am last night but won t start the second book till I write my review, because I don t want anything to distract me from it Ha The narration was awesome I have listened to both these narrators before and enjoyed their books Kendall bring the emotion to Lenore I loved that And Masons voice. all kinds of yummy You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.

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