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Killer Cupcakes (Celebrity Cupcakes #1) pdf Killer Cupcakes (Celebrity Cupcakes #1) , ebook Killer Cupcakes (Celebrity Cupcakes #1) , epub Killer Cupcakes (Celebrity Cupcakes #1) , doc Killer Cupcakes (Celebrity Cupcakes #1) , e-pub Killer Cupcakes (Celebrity Cupcakes #1) , Killer Cupcakes (Celebrity Cupcakes #1) d55d7d63816 Ava S First Day Of Work At Celebrity Cupcakes And Coffee Goes Horribly Awry When Television Star Penelope Rose Drops Dead After Eating The First Cupcake Horrified That She Might Be At The Top Of The List Of Suspects, Ava And Her Totally Hot Co Worker Easton Set Out To Investigate What Happened Will They Be Able To Solve The Mystery Or Will Ava S First Day Of Work Be Her Last Killer Cupcakes Cozy Mystery Series Killer Cupcakes Murderous Muffins

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    ShallowThis is one long conversation between a girl and her crush about who killed a celebrity It takes place all in one scene Briefly entertaining.

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    Hollywood has a new bakery, Celebrity Cupcakes Coffee , opening and celebrities showed up to help promote When a murder takes place, the suspect list is long.My first read by this author The storyline was very well written and an easy flow The characters were well described and not too complex I will be reading by this author

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    Another great hit for Milda Harris Killer Cupcakes is full of mystery, laughs, and cute crushes Ava has a very stressful but exciting first day of work at Celebrity Cupcakes or Killer Cupcakes as her and her cute co worker Easton nickname it It s full of murder and mystery solving just like the author s other series Adventures in Funeral Crashing which is a must read too I can t wait to see what happens to Ava next and hope Easton is there to help her solve the mystery

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    Not ku Issues with this story start with all the unnecessary chick stuff to the lemon filling of the cupcake to mimic Marilyn Monroe s blond hair when not only was she famous for many hair colors but mostly the platinum blonde which is NOT really yellow You catch someone who is dying or dead, your first thought is not going to be the paparazzi taking pictures for tabloids Then she thinks about dead body, then she thinks about needing refresher CPR course, then she is thinking about the cute guy who has his hands around her waist, getting her out of the way of a dead body Seriously Then she goes back to thinking about all the cameras and pictures And, no, it doesn t have to be the cupcake , and anyone who has watched a couple of CSIs knows that Then they start to chit chat and somewhat flirt, all the while yes still at the murder scene By the way, mentioning over and over how you re freaking out doesn t really sound believable when the other sentences around are all cute guy hot guy ad nauseum.And the almost constant of every single guy being thought hot or whatever, it s ridiculously teenage hormonal stupid Just as stupid as oh well everyone s a suspect that was there nearby then going to those and others and basically saying oh so and so is guilty they had motive, then a page or so later the same thing with someone totally different It takes 12 on a jury to convict, not 12 in a who done it game using no logic and guessing everybody, in turn, with out any connecting reasons.The story painful to read as it was, stopped at the 75% mark to change over to recipes 3 was basically rinse, repeat, spit it out 1 through freebie site, 3 through writer review email1 Killer Cupcakes 2 Murderous Muffins 3 Death by Chocolate 4 Dead as a Donut

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    This is the first time reading this author and the first in this series The main character is Ava and she is starting a new job at the grand opening of a cupcake shop The surprise guest at the ribbon cutting is an actress from a Whodunit tv series The guest takes one bite of the special cupcake and turns white and dies Ava and the nephew of the owner Easton, decide to figure out who did it It was a quick page turning book Look forward to adventures.

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    Cover Title The title and cover are fun and draw you in.Characters The characters are kind of one dimensional You don t get to know much about anyone Plot Who killed the star of Whodunnit Overall It was a quick and easy read I wish it had been longer You don t really learn anything about any of the characters The whole book only covers maybe a few hours, at best It needed to be longer to give the reader some insight into the characters and actually like or dislike them.

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    A fun and quick read that I could see as a full length novel The characters and varied and many and could be broadened to fill the story But the author chose to make this a short story which as enjoyable just the same.I have read other short mystery stories by this author and found them to be entertaining This book is perfect for those who want something to read that will hold their attention in a short amount of time This book fits that need perfectly.

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    Sweet nothings Typical of the genre Light on the stomach, sugar sweet and topped with the usual array of stereotypical characters Yet it works There are millions of readers eager to snaffle a satisfying bite sized short story such as this Ideal for any time of the day, any time of the year I m sure another batch of cupcakes are on their way Tuck in and enjoy It s not haute cuisine, but it s not meant to be.

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    You read the blurb, you ve read this short, mostly, by a new to me author While there is absolutely nothing to fault about the excellently executed mechanics i.e inviting characters, pacing, etc , the story itself was or less disappointing as it was clearly a couple of expanded scenes of internal monologue.Rating 3stars

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    A cute, short quick read, that had a little romance and a little mystery It was different then other romantic mysteries I have read, but I enjoyed it Ever so often you need a quick read and this was perfect.

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