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All Roads Lead to Hades explained All Roads Lead to Hades, review All Roads Lead to Hades, trailer All Roads Lead to Hades, box office All Roads Lead to Hades, analysis All Roads Lead to Hades, All Roads Lead to Hades b2bd When Jamie Was Five, His Family Was Murdered The Murderer Had Never Been Found Now, At Twenty Two, His Life Is Still In Danger, But Jamie Stopped Caring A Long Time Ago Meeting Strange, Secretive Kyle Breaks His Gloomy Routine He Finds Himself Intrigued He Finds Himself Wanting He Is Ready Almost For Everything, Just To Stay With Kyle Even If Kyle Himself Might Be The Reason For The Endless Nightmare That Is His Life Warning M M Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable

  • Kindle Edition
  • 126 pages
  • All Roads Lead to Hades
  • K.S. Morgan
  • English
  • 22 September 2019

About the Author: K.S. Morgan

K.S Morgan currently lives in the capital of Ukraine She is an obsessive reader of well written dark romance novels she loves reading and writing about cold, closed off characters who then meet the person who changes their entire life K.S started writing when she was only four years old, and while her first works were naive and childish, she loved them and wanted to do her best When she got

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    First things, first I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.How fun was that D So many MM books follow the same handful of formulas that I find it refreshing to read something out of the norm, something a little unique Especially when it leans towards the darker side of things All Roads Lead to Hades is one of those stories that can be easily spoiled, so I will do my damnedest to leave the mysteries intact.Jamie s family is murdered when he his five, leaving him the only survivor Seventeen years later, Jamie is still living in fear When he crosses paths with Kyle, Jamie instantly suspects something is not quite right Still, there is an attraction, and a romance blooms You are taken on a ride of secrets, suspicions and mystery and even though I realized rather early what was going on, looking at the other reviews, that probably had to do with me as a reader than the story itself.There is a warning for possible objectionable situations, nothing worse than your average Law and Order episode, but if you are upset easily, you have been warned.In the end, we get a little dark, some romance and a few twists and turns along the way There is a handful of editing proofreading issues but nothing that hurt my enjoyment of the story Nothing that a thorough proofread couldn t fix right up But if you are one of those readers who become indignant at such things, wait until the next edition.

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    I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review.Wow, what a twisty, turny story Just when you think you might have figured it out and I didn t , it take you off in another unexpected way.Jamie, a sole survivor when his family is massacred when he is 5, meets Kyle a man who seems perhaps too good to be true.The first half of the book is through Jamie s eyes and then we see Kyle s story, which is heartbreaking.I loved this story, it kept me guessing but for a lot of the book I didn t like Kyle I was unsure what to make of him and found him creepy.One small thing though Some of the formatting is a little off Paragraphs end in the middle of sentences and then the new paragraph starts with the rest of that sentence Some sentences are one words which again look odd.

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    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Ms Morgan for offering up your story.It s not really easy to rate this book because it gives very mixed feelings It is above all a psychological thriller that can give a feeling of uneasiness But at the same time it is a book that when you start to read it you go to the end That s a book that we love or hate, but it does not leave indifferent Do I like the main characters Not really because they are both manipulative and neurotic but in the light of the childhood they had, this seems comprehensible For me, their relationship grows much too quickly and they do everything in a hurry But this can also be explained by the fact that they don t know what will bring them the next day, will they still alive for them better is worth to live intensely the present moment than to take the time to gradually build a lasting relationship.It is also important to say that some acts, some feelings may seem shocking to some readers But that s all the ambiguity of this book After some hesitation I gave the maximum rate to this book, because even if I don t like the two MC, or certain passages of this story, that is related to morality than to the quality of the book There are a few flaws, but it is a very involved story, disturbing but also very well written and very intense Excellent

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    This is an unusual story I wish it was longer because it has very interesting characters and I wouldn t mind reading about them I d say all of them are crazy, but in a good way, except for the murderer of course Kyle is complicated, I can see how his obsession with Jamie was formed and it chills me to think about his life before he actually met him When Jamie wanted to have all holidays celebration, I think it meant for Kyle than for him, because Kyle needed it just as much I didn t guess the murderer The confrontation was sort of dark, I still can t think about what Jamie did calmly, that s just omg He has some darkness inside that I didn t see at first In the end I changed my opinion, Kyle now seems vulnerable to me, and frankly I d say it s Jamie who is dangerous out of them too.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank so much to K.S Morgan and the M M Romance Group for the oportunity of reading it because i realy loved it.I had a bit issues about it, mostly in the start, maybe for the first half of the book i felt like i woudn t like it and didn t feel like much was going on, but when the book was around the half, i realized how wrong i was There were some events that change the way i was feeling about the book and from that moment i couldn t stop reading There was a very interesting turn of events and that was the part i loved the most of it, but i dont want to say much about it so i don t spoil it to everyone else The problem i had from the book was that i didn t think the emotions of the characters were well transmited, i coudn t feel the pain, the love or anger from each of them and that is always a big deal for me, that s why i didn t give it a higher rate.The book start a bit slow but it get so much better, the plot was different to what i m used to and is always good to read something that goes to unexpected places.I have a few comments on the characters, but that may have some spoiler so beware before keep reading thig.I think there was some hopelessness in Jamie, and maybe that explain the careless way he act around someone that, from the start show some signs that something wrong was going on with him there was a phrase on the book that i liked feelings are often illogical and irrational and i believe that his conduct was a clear portray of that, because he needed to believe in someone even knowing he shouldn t.Kyle was my favourite character, i think his backstory made the character sympathetic and the creepy way he acted also reflects how feelings can make someone act irrational, but in this case i think he was in a really dangerous path and i dont see a happy ending in this situation, obsession is not love, even if may seem like, but i think for the story it worked well It was the getting to know him that make the book so great for me.Overall i believe it was a great story, it had some interesting twist that keep my attention all the time and make it worth reading.

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    Originally Reviewed for Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews with a copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review Rated 3.5 out of 5.0 Stars Well where do I start I applaud Ms Morgan on publishing her first book That said, it doesn t really read like a first book, particularly since is it a self published book on I may have seen a couple very tiny editing issues, but it was far above many of the self published books we see from time to time This one had some time taken on it, and was well edited Good job Now to the story This is going to be a hard one to review without giving spoilers, but I ll do my best Jamie, as the blurb said, was only five years old when someone killed his father, his mother, and his beloved little sister All of this happened shortly after Jamie s arm was broken in a strange altercation with a teacher at his school.Over the years there have been other strange occurrences and death seems to be following Jamie Now suddenly Jamie has been offered a room in a house owned by a strange man named Kyle, who seems to be keeping a secret or maybe just outright lying about the reason for his generosity.What will happen as the story progresses and Jamie finds out the truth No spoilers, you will have to read it for yourself I liked this story I thought it was above average for a first time book, and was surprised than once while reading it at the sharp plot and storyline twists and turns Frankly I had no idea what was happening until the very end of the book Well played Ms Morgan Based on my liking it and the above average writing in the book, I m going to rate it 3.5 out of 5.0 stars Honestly, if this book had had another 80 100 pages and the characters had been a little fleshed out, I think it definitely would have been a 4.0 or 4.5 Hopefully the author will add a little to future works But that is just my opinion Some of you might love it at this length I look forward to reading further works from this author.

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a hard book for me to review On one hand, K.S Morgan has delivered us a fresh, exciting and chilling story about a young man, Jamie, who has spent his entire life running away from an unknown person out to kill him On the other hand, we have a story that is underdeveloped in many ways with several grammatical errors.In the end, I ended up giving the story 3 stars, but there is a lot of potential for The synopsis is spot on We have Jamie who has nothing in life All that he has ever loved has been taken away by a monster out to destroy him Jamie just goes through the emotions of living, not really caring any if his luck of surviving has finally run out He visits a man who is renting a room, Kyle, and he slowly begins to enter the land of the living again Kyle, though, has secrets and lots of them Jamie knows this but he is drawn to Kyle s strength and the security he offers.The first part of the story was a mess, plain and simple The story moves extremely fast and nothing is developed The reader is thrown in the lives of these two with zero character growth and a choppy story To be honest, I was nervous that I would never get into the story because everything was rough around the edges.Once Jamie decided to celebrate Halloween, the story got immensely better Life began to be breathed into the characters I wasn t as detached as I was before The story also takes off It s not simply Jamie having a sucky life Honestly, when I hit this point in the book, I didn t want to put it down I was invested It may have taken a while, but it happened Overall, I enjoyed the book, I really did With some work, this could be a great story Worth the read though.

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    All Roads Lead to Hades possesses a unique story line and interesting, strong characters This is a twisted romance mystery, it has some shocking and disturbing moments, but it s hard to stop reading once you started Jamie is a young man whose family was murdered He can t find a place to live in his small town because people are scared to befriend him, but one day he receives a call from Kyle who offers him a dream house for basically just a few bucks.Some of Jamie s decisions seemed strange to me at first Only later I realized how much the death of his family and the murderer who kept stalking him affected him He wasn t afraid to die any, he was waiting for it to happen Kyle was a mysterious and beautiful stranger who showered him with attention, but from the start Jaime could see that Kyle was hiding something I didn t figure out what it was I didn t have an idea of who the murderer would be, so I can say I was genuinely shocked I won t say anything about him, but let s just say that he s a really creepy individual.I loved romance between Kyle and Jamie It was beautiful, fresh and unusual, it had a lot of moments I didn t see coming I think spoiler about the type of the ending here view spoiler a couple like them will be together forever, considering what kind of past they share Jamie is Kyle s whole life, always has been, and Kyle became a new sense of purpose for Jaime, he brought him back his desire to live again hide spoiler

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    Disclaimer a free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review For our generation walks as in Hades, without the divine Friedrich H lderlinJamie Brooks returns to the small town of Greendell where it all began A stranger offers him a room for rent for a paltry sum and Jamie accepts His landlord Kyle appears to know so much about Jamie s past and vows to protect him Jamie is conflicted and wants to trust Kyle despite the latter s secretive ways He takes a risk anyway and gives in to their mutual attraction However, Jamie s stalker is still out there biding his timeFrom the get go, a lot of things in the book screamed red flag for me Kyle, Jamie, the stalker and Kyle and Jamie s twisted love affair Despite all those warning signs, my curiosity was than piqued With a morbid fascination, I kept on reading and did not stop until I was done My eyes bugged out often than I could remember doing so while reading this book At first, I could not believe how foolish Jamie was in trusting Kyle easily and allowing himself to fall for the guy that quick I also could not believe how strange Kyle s behavior was and how obsessive he was over Jamie Later on, as secrets were revealed and the truth started trickling in, I understood somehow and I felt sorry for both of them especially for the childhood trauma they suffered through and how their past affected them as adults The big reveal was a bit predictable for me but the details leading up to it and what happened afterwards held my attention Author K.S Morgan sure knows how to spin a tale fraught with tension and surprises The romantic angle, though, was a tad unrealistic at first but considering the circumstances, I was willing to accept it for what it was As a whole, the story was dark and convoluted and a far cry from the usual M M romance I get to read It may not be for everyone and may not meet some reader s expectations However, I did enjoy this psychological thriller Otherwise, I would have rather slept than stayed up late again and finished it in one sitting.

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    A free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review My feelings towards this books are a bit ambivalent I didn t really care for the first half of the book The story was too rushed, as was the relationship between Jamie and Kyle Their relationship seemed like an obsession Kyle and convenience Jamie I missed the build up, the getting to know each other part of it was completely missing And I m sorry I don t really believe that someone like Jamie, being on the run and have had many near misses with a stalker intent on killing him, would accept someone spying, lying and omitting truths at face value Their relationship was too much and too soon, Kyle was too creepy for my tastes.Then, around 50% of the book we got to know Kyle, and ironically this was my favourite part of the book The flashbacks of his life were well paced and gave a good insight to who he was, and why he did the things he did I m not condoning the stalking in any way shape or form From his point of view, he d known Jamie for the most part of his life, he was the one constant, the one thing that kept him sane The last part of the book was again a bit rushed In general I also feel like this book would ve benefitted a lot from adding a few side characters, adding a couple of scenes showing how they spent their days at work etc Something outside the Kyle Jamie bubble that the book was centered about All in all, it was a good storyline, but a bit underdeveloped and rushed.

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