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In the Land of Dreamy Dreams chapter 1 In the Land of Dreamy Dreams, meaning In the Land of Dreamy Dreams, genre In the Land of Dreamy Dreams, book cover In the Land of Dreamy Dreams, flies In the Land of Dreamy Dreams, In the Land of Dreamy Dreams 5a3a0648bba6a IN THE LAND OF DREAMY DREAMS Is Ellen Gilchrist S Fabled First Collection Of Stories, The Book That Won Her Acclaim In And To Which Each Of Her Subsequent Works Has Been Compared Peopled Largely With Young Southern Females Who Chafe Against The Restrictions Of Their Upper Class Lives, These Stories Convey The Humor And Tragedy To Be Found Wherever Retreat Into Imagination Is Preferred Over Reality Introduced Here Are Nora Jane Whittington, Rhoda Manning, And Other Recurring Gilchrist Characters Beloved For Their Failures, Tenacity, And All Too Human Hope In The Face Of Frustrated Love

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    I would love it if every one of my friends would read Ellen Gilchrist, at least this book, at least the short stories, or at the very least, Why I live at the P.O I have read her stories over and over and over, and find some new nuance to marvel at every single time She has an authentic Southern voice, which is a rare thing, and to be treasured.

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    A remarkable collection Heady, powerful, brilliant Just like Barry Hannah, Ellen Gilchrist takes the Southern tradition from Faulkner and Welty, breaks it like a stick over your knee, then brandishes boldly The reader feels the impact of words upon emotionso much so that when the mark fades, you still can t forget And ache for .

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    This lovely book was a real treat It was Ellen Gilchrist s first published collection of short stories back in 1981, but the stories resonate just as clearly today The characters are completely human even though one doesn t always like them, their actions and words are dead on If you haven t already, step into Gilchrist s world of the deep South and meet Rhoda, Nora Jane, and many, many Highly recommended.

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    This little book of short stories got better and better, the I read The characters were as real as any people I ve known in real life, with the same capacity to surprise and shock me My favorite was Traveler.

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    In the Land of Dreamy Dreams is Ellen Gilchrist s first collection of short stories It was published in 1981, yet it is as fresh and whip smart as if it were published last year The stories are set from the 1950 s to the 1970 s in the South Most of the stories have a New Orleans connection and I enjoyed that, as I lived in NOLA and could actually see some of the stories unfold.The very first in this collection, Rich, was a sleeper It started as this sweet, slow, almost go no where story about a boring young couple who was wealthy, connected, wise, and lucky Out of freaking nowhere it ends with a murder suicide and the killing of a dog at a hunting camp The story Garden of Eden ended with this coy scene that you had no idea where it would unfold from here You don t know how to swim he said No she said, Isn t that dreadful Then what are you doing in this boat Hoping it won t turn over she said, smiling a wonderful mysterious French smile, holding on lightly to the gunwales while he rowed her to her mother s doorstep.Reading this book gave me the same feeling that driving past someone s house at night and catching a brief scene through a window a family moving around their living room, a head tilted back with laughter, a woman rocking a crying baby, a man yelling as he crosses the room quickly, a lone face staring out the window who startles when they realize that they are looking at you and you at them, but then you are gone and the entire scene is there in your head I think I enjoyed that the most about these stories The snapshot into peoples lives Lives full of problems, and worries, and passions, but no real conclusion None of the stories felt tidy and cleaned up In fact, most of them left off with me thinking, Well WTF happens now My favorite story, as of this moment, and it can change, was the title story, The Land of Dreamy Dreams The protagonist was awful, I truly do not understand tennis as a sport, in fact I find it pretentious and stupid, and yet, I was fascinated by the entire story that began with a woman calling off tennis forever and claiming it was like dying It begins On the third of May, 1977, LaGrande McGruder drove out onto the Huey P Long Bridge and dropped two Davis Classics, and a gut strung PDP tournament racket into the Mississippi River, and quit playing tennis forever That was it she said That was the last goddamn straw She heaved a deep sigh, thinking this must be what it feels like to die, to be through with something that was trouble than it was worth.

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    Wow I started this book on the train ride home which isn t very long and already I m reeling Dang this lady writes an intense novel short story.There is not much to say about this book, now that I have finished it This one was even intense than the other one of hers that I read and loved The stories really did leave me reeling Although it was a great book, I live in a very small apartment, so I no longer save a book just because I enjoyed it If you would like me to send you this one, just let me know I would say that it s probably a book suited for women, but some men could appreciate it By no means is it girly it just deals with things from a very feminine perspective, I d say.

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    Begin reading her and you will read everything she ever wrote

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    On a whim, I looked to see if my local library had any books by Ellen Gilchrist, because the bookstore does not I found this I ve not read anything by this author in years, and I was quickly reminded why she is one of my favorites Whether you love or hate her characters, especially Rhoda, there s just something truly remarkable in their southern stories I m about to blow the dust off some of her other books I have and reread them.

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    I first read this collection of short stories by Ellen Gilchrist as a freshman in college, a little over twenty years ago We read Reynolds Price that semester, too, and I fell in love with both authors This was my first reread Why on earth did I wait so long I d remembered that Gilchrist was a fantastic writer, but I d forgotten how good she actually is Each of the characters is fully formed You love them You hate them You squirm with them You re shocked and bewildered by them, yet completely identify with them Rhoda, Nora Jane, and many, many await you Come meet them Highly recommended.

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    Update Wow A collection of 14 short stories, first published in 1981 This is my first time reading Ellen Gilchrist Enjoying the stories very much so far, and don t know why I ve never picked anything up by her before now Her characters are often comic or tragic, flawed, vain, some beautiful, many unlikable, but all of them entertaining Set in and around New Orleans, LA circa 1970 s If you re looking for a little Southern Gothic fix I recommend checking her short stories out.

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