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Nameless: The Darkness Comes pdf Nameless: The Darkness Comes, ebook Nameless: The Darkness Comes, epub Nameless: The Darkness Comes, doc Nameless: The Darkness Comes, e-pub Nameless: The Darkness Comes, Nameless: The Darkness Comes 4928ef95e21 Luna Masterson Sees Demons She Has Been Dealing With The Demonic All Her Life, So When Her Brother Gets Tangled Up With A Demon Named Sparkles, Luna The Lunatic Rolls In On Her Motorcycle To Save The Day Armed With The Ability To Harm Demons, Her Scathing Sarcasm, And A Hefty Chip On Her Shoulder, Luna Gathers The Most Unusual Of Allies, Teaming Up With A Green Eyed Heroin Addict And A Snarky Demon Of Some Import After All, Outcasts Of A Feather Should Stick Togethereven Until The End

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    Mercedes M Yardley is a breath of fresh air in the dark urban fantasy genre Her first book in The Bone Angel trilogy may appear at first glance to follow a familiar path, but her tale breaks away from the pack, filled to the brim with humor, heart, an invigorating young heroine who raises casual sarcasm to an art form, and enough darkness to satisfy both dark fantasy and horror fans alike, while spinning a new mythology for both demons and angels that engages the imagination This was my first Yardley book, and it won t be my last.Highest possible recommendation.

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    Update An interview with the author of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Masterson is an odd girl who sees demons Reed Taylor is an odd guy who hangs around with an angel And when girl meets guy, things get pretty crazy This is probably THE thing I love best when it comes Mercedes M Yardley s stories, the fact that when she gets two people together, you know you re not going to get just any old boring relationship I must say I learned that lesson well with Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu, Yardley s not quite horror not quite romance love story novella that I read last year What amazed me most about that book was her treatment of her two outcast characters, the way she gave them each a purpose and emotional depth even though as serial killers they are far from deserving of any admiration or sympathy The characters in Nameless are perhaps not quite so extreme, but I likewise experienced some of those same vibes from Luna and Reed Taylor two very unique individuals who find in each other a kindred spiritso to speak I had a feeling I was going to be in for something special, and I was right.So how does a girl deal with being able to see things that nobody else can Luna s never had many friends, and the only people close to her are her brother Seth and 1 year old niece Lydia Perhaps this is why she comes across to me as socially awkward, sometimes doing and saying strange things or acting like she can t make up her mind At the same time, I had to admire the brave and positive face she puts on The way she takes the Luna the Lunatic comments in stride or shrugs off the weird looks she gets when she s talking with the demons only she can see, all that just makes me want to cheer her on So as to whether or not you ll form a connection to her character, I think it can go either way.But if there was one thing that really touched me, it was Luna s devotion and love for her niece When Lydia is kidnapped by the worst sort of demon, Luna s anger and desperation felt so raw and close to the surface that it was practically palpable As the mother of a Sweet Baby Girl myself, at times it was almost gut wrenchingly difficult to read about Luna s distressing search for Lydia, simply because every one of her fears was like a piercing knife to my heart In my opinion, this part of the book was done very well Not only did it make Luna feel real for me, it also made me care about this story and want to see it through.The overarching plot is quite good too, even if at times it felt a bit rushed If books had remote controls, imagine that someone has pressed the fast forward button through some of the scenes in this novel Perhaps the book could have been a little longer, giving me information and letting some of the major happenings sink in The way Luna s narration sometimes zipped from one event to the next didn t give me enough time to digest some of the things that went on, especially when it came to her meeting and subsequent relationship with Reed Taylor Regardless, their love story was an interesting one to say the least I think the impact of the story would have been even stronger if there had been time to let those feelings deepen.But in the end I was very happy with the way things turned out Well, okay, maybe a little gutted by the ending, but still happy Yardley s brand of storytelling and writing style is tremendously addictive and her characters are a treat, I d looked forward to reading of her work ever since I got my first taste Nameless left me very impressed, especially as a full length novel debut for the author and the first installment of a planned trilogy I can t wait to see what s coming next.

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    Mercedes is such a wonderful and talented person and a close friend Starting this I didn t enjoy it all that much Luna seemed snarky for snarky s sake And I don t find urban fantasy all that interesting But then as the story unfolded and the characters started gaining a bunch of depth and complexity, I started loving the story and caring about all of them MOUTH is probably my favorite though, and the Tip Toe Shadow is quite creepy Very cool to see its part of a series too since the ending of this novel was fantastic My favorite novel of hers PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS comes out later this year Super excited about that Check out her work

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    2.5 stars It was a cool concept but I found the story to be repetitive and a bit exhaustive The main character is constantly screaming, shrieking, yelling, cursing, punching, and stalking away or riding away on her bike She was always cranked up to a 10 and that got annoying fast There are many moments where characters have certain important, crucial information but fail to disclose for no reason and that was frustrating to read I also didn t understand why certain times she freaked on a demon going to someone and then other times it was no biggie to see a demon approach or touch someone I must have missed something I did like the character of the Mouthy demon even if he was one of those I know something you don t know Don t say I didn t warn you even though I haven t told you anything characters he wasn t a stereotypical demon so he provided some complexity and I enjoyed his interaction with the MC even though she was yelling so much.

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    While this may be Mercedes Yardley s debut novel, she has built quite a reputation with her short story collection, Beautiful Sorrows, and novella, Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu A Tale of Atomic Love Mercedes blends the fantastic with the weird, often with the budding of a romance or journey through a mother s love and loss Simply put, she writes some of the best fiction out there because of how she can wow and peel open the emotions of the heart.Nameless The Darkness Comes seems like a perfect type of story to craft for her debut novel Luna is a young woman who has seen demons since her childhood She s got a bit of an attitude about this burden, but there is kindness under her shell Nameless is the story of her encountering forces strong enough to break open her shell and how she ll respond, either to become hardened or to find a way to let the loving person out without becoming weak, as she fears.Mercedes wields her gift for strange and fantastic imagery to show us her version of the demon world and combines that with her sensitivity to multiple forms of human relationships, each striking open strong emotional reactions Luna lives with her brother and his very young daughter His wife left him years back and Luna has helped him take care of her They have a troubled past because their parents are dead and father killed himself Luna meets a troubled guy with attractive green eyes and begins to fall for him Around this time, the demon world interferes, pushing them apart and threatening the lives of everyone she loves.The story starts out with everything I wanted from Mercedes, touching moments of loving people facing the darkest our world has to offer mixed with her unique narrative voice that blends humor and attitude seamlessly I knew right away that I loved the world she was revealing, with its demons that slither around like snakes only she can see I enjoyed how her and her brother have some animosity over him not taking seriously her claim of seeing demons, as well as how she loves on his child as her own When she meets Green Eyes, I was already reading with a constant grin at the snarky humor, and often laughed out loud.As the story unfolded, however, the meat of what I enjoyed so much in the beginning thinned out into minimal interest Part of this may be because of how Luna became separated from the characters, taking away the exchanges that made the first part so enjoyable and stealing opportunity to strengthen my empathy for whom she cares for Her snarkiness also lost its humor There were action scenes with demons and a haunted house, but they just weren t as powerful as her best and seamed to hold back at times for a grand finale This could also be because she was chasing after people I hadn t developed enough sympathy for.Around the 75% mark, the story turned around and ended very well The pieces laid by scenes I marginally enjoyed ended up having significant impact on her journey and struggle An event around the 60% mark really made her relationship with her brother take hold Another made me feel her connection with the girl Really, from 75% on there is wave after wave of strong emotion and fantastic imagery in the action.Nameless is the first book in a trilogy that promises to uncover the rest of the iceberg of this war with demons The heroine, Luna, is strong, funny, and rooted in empathy through all the emotions we experienced with her in this first installment I m hoping for the second and third books to consistently display the kind of unrelenting story elements and narrative voice that made the beginning and end of this book so memorable and enjoyable Mercedes is so gifted, I have total faith that she can.

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    Reader beware Do not start this book unless you have several hours free I know the phrase I couldn t put it down is beyond overused but it s quite true in this case I made the mistake of picking this book up for the first time early one morning and ended up late for work before I could finally tear myself away Thankfully the story is wrapped up neatly at the close of the novel and we are not left with a cliffhanger waiting for the next book in the trilogy.Yardley s characters are believable even in a world filled with demons It is easy to connect with them, especially the main character, and you will wince as each suckerpunch revelation hits her Watching her sarcastic, arrogant exterior wear away from blow after blow to expose the brittle core of equally mixed fear and anger was a beautiful journey.While some scenes are certainly dark and sometimes macabre, the overall tone of the novel is one of a fighter reeling from the punches but somehow staggering to her feet again and again The book does deal with topics like insanity, suicide, drug use and of course the demonic but it would probably fall on the higher end of a PG 13 in a movie.I would highly recommend this book to any teen or adult interested in the darker side of the paranormal or who like to see sarcastic females stand up to the demons and shrinks of the world.Yardley balances gritty reality with the paranormal world of demons through the viewpoint of a smart mouthed punk, Luna, who not only sees demons but interacts with them on a regular basis This isn t a story where the heroine blithely waltzes around avoiding the pitfalls of real life, though Luna s interactions with the demons don t go unnoticed and she and her entire family struggle with the effects of what the outside world perceives as her insanity.

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    For horror lovers this is an incredible read For non horror lovers like me, it s still an incredible read Mercedes has a way of taking the gritty side of life and showing it in a lyrical and snarky way Luna is one of my all time favorite characters, and she takes a backseat to Mouth The plot is full of twist and turns that will spin you straight into the hearts of all of the people filling these pages Ir s an endearing, sometimes heart wrenching, tale of love and good versus evil that will keep you feasting on words and longing for with the final sentence.

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    For my first experience with Mercedes M Yardley, I inadvertently ended up choosing her first full length novel I apparently have a habit of doing this, as I just recently found out I was doing the same with Glenn Rolfe s work Because it is her first full length, I ll be a bit nicer than my original assessment had me being Nameless and I did not get along It got off to a fantastic start, and I thought I would love it However, that swiftly proved not to be the case None of the characters felt believable except for the brother, who had a fairly small part The insta love with accompanying overly dramatic confrontations and sob stories made me groan Honestly, this felt much like a young adult novel than an actual adult oriented novel The dialogue, especially internal, is frequently cloying, and the tendency of the MC to give pet names to everyone makes me want to hork.Most of the way through the book, I was fairly sure I was going to end up giving it a two stars or less review, but for some reason I had to keep reading it I ll admit, part of that was probably because it brought out the snarky in me and I needed something to mock right then However, the end turned out to be somewhat interesting, so I m glad that I stuck with it In fact, I had even commented that I was glad that I had stuck with it to one of my bookworm acquaintances before I started on the epilogue.And then, of course, after reading the epilogue I went on one of my Why we gotta ruin perfectly good end with some warm n fuzzy plaster for the cracks Yeah, I know, it s the first book in the series so it was kind of inevitable that would happen, but I felt like the book had redeemed itself for a lot of the earlier displayed faults only to let out a rather unfortunate ate hardboiled eggs yesterday fizzle of flatulence at the very end I want to read some of Yardley s short fiction, but I have to admit that Nameless has scared me off of her longer works.

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    Originally published at Risingshadow.Mercedes M Yardley s Nameless The Darkness Comes was a nice surprise for me I m not a big fan of modern urban fantasy books I admit that I tend to avoid reading them , because most of them are or less boring and their authors recycle the same plots over and over again This book, however, caught my attention, and I found it enjoyable, because it was something a bit different.One of the reasons why I like this book is that it manages to be both whimsical funny and dramatic and also macabre at the same time There s a nice balance between the dramatic scenes, funny moments and macabre happenings This is something that is rarely found in urban fantasy books.Mercedes M Yardley shows her readers the gritty and darker side of urban fantasy in this book She combines dark happenings and grittiness in an intriguing way.Here s a bit of information about the story The story is told from the protagonist s Luna Masterson point of view She s a great narrator, because she describes things and happenings in a sarcastic way She fights against demons and can talk to them When her brother, Seth, gets into trouble, Luna decides to help himMercedes M Yardley has created good and interesting characters Her characters feel realistic and they have their own personalities Luna is an especially intriguing characters, because she s a strong and courageous woman, but she also has a vulnerable side to her This is good, because I ve often felt than a bit frustrated when I ve tried to read urban fantasy books, because the protagonists in them have been as shallow as possible and I wasn t able to find anything interesting in them.Here s information about the characters Luna Masterson has been able to see the demonic ever since she was a child She tries to hide the fact she can talk to demons and see them, but sometimes she slips up and that causes her problems She often talks and interacts with the demons Seth is Luna s brother He takes care of his daughter Lydia with Luna, because his wife, Sparkles, left him Reed Taylor is Luna s friend and doesn t judge her He used to be a drug addict Sparkles is Seth s wife She isn t a very nice person Readers will find out interesting things about her I have to admit that I was amazed at the author s ability to add sarcastic humour to the story and dialogues Luna s thoughts and opinions about several happenings are delightfully sarcastic and sharp and I couldn t help but laugh out loud at certain points.The author writes amazingly well about such difficult things as insanity and suicide I think it s good that she writes about how people feel about when Luna talks and interacts with demons, because what s normal to Luna is crazy to others For example, the dialogues between Luna and Seth reveal a lot about how a member of her own family feels about her ability, because Seth can t see demons and has difficulties understanding his sister and her behaviour.There s a well written and realistic scene about a suicide attempt In my opinion the author writes about the suicide attempt in a surprisingly realistic way and manages to awaken the reader s sympathy for the characters Considering that this book is fast paced entertainment, it s amazing that the story contains a difficult scene like this.I liked the ending, because the author has written it well I won t reveal what happens at the end of the story, but I think that readers will like it very much I ll also mention that I think that fans of H P Lovecraft will be delighted to see a certain cosmic entity mentioned briefly in the story.Mercedes M Yardley is a relatively unknown author, but I think that she will become a popular author, because she has a talent for writing interesting urban fantasy and she can create fascinating characters Because I liked this book and found it interesting, I intend to take a look at the author s novella Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu A Tale of Atomic Love and short story collection Beautiful Sorrows in the near future.Nameless The Darkness Comes is an exciting, fresh, fast paced and entertaining urban fantasy book for readers who are interested in modern urban fantasy books It s one of the best modern urban fantasy books available for readers, because the author has written a good story and knows how to move it fast forward If you want your urban fantasy with style, attitude, grittiness and good characters, Nameless The Darkness Comes is the book to read.Good entertainment

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