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    I swear, this lady is too talented with writing it s unbelievable I loved Seth since he was introduced He was such an interesting aide character and very mysterious I was so excited to read his story and of course learn about Tiffany I loved their story and to say how excited I am for Colby and Cam is an understatement I have grown sooo incredibly close to these characters, I can t believe after Cam and Colby s novella, it will be over All these characters hold a place in my heart I know I probably say this alot, but I m serious With Mrs Johnson s writing and understanding all these characters, I have completely fallen for all of them Todd is still my favorite and he s the one that surprised me the most Loved Tiff and Seth Loved this book Love A.M Johnson Love this series Love everything with this series

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    OH THANK GOD FOR THIS BOOK I was in such a book rut Blame it on the holidays Blame it on whatever I m just SO HAPPY that I picked up this book and read it straight through Honestly, the muse being Stephen James helped out A LOT in my decision making Thank you Ms Johnson for that visual and sorry I didn t start with books 1 and 2, but Seth and Tiffany s story was calling out to me and I NEEDED to read their story first Now, excuse me while I go dip into my endless supply of Mr James picture images and make a thousand teasers for all the amazing quotes I shit you not, I really think half my book is highlighted Two souls, two hearts, two pasts aligned this was what I was waiting for, this was my moment My heart is your heart remember Two steps Two heartbeats Two breaths. I want to gush so much, and write this long winded review on how much I loved it, but then we would be here all night, and I would never stop talking about how wonderful both Seth and his Angel, Tiffany, really are They were absolutely amazing, and wonderful, and glorious and just plain soulfully beautiful So instead of writing it all down, I will show you how much this book made me feel It truly was a MAGICAL book These two broken souls didn t have the easiest childhood, but they made it through the turbulent storm and found each other They immersed in each other once they realized that they were meant to be together than to be apart and miserable I loved, LOVED this couple immensely They were flawed, broken, shattered and overall lost, but they were perfect Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

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    POSSIBLE SPOILERS PRESENT WITHIN REVIEW So, I started with the third book in the series not knowing if that would make a huge difference to me with prior characters and their stories But it really didn t matter at all Sure I had to get to know some of the characters, but everything was pretty much explained as to who they were and what they meant to each other Seth Montgomery and Tiffany Webster are best friends They hangout together and do friend things But, Tiffany s feelings go deeper than that She will settle for any kind of relationship that Seth offers because she knows that Seth is only a one night stand sort of guy Seth deals with woman issues because of his mom s abandonment years ago He s got it bad that all woman are the same and after only two things MONEY PRESTIGE the family name means a huge bonus He constantly abuses woman Not physically, but emotionally by using sex as a tool Only now that he spends time with Tiffany, he feels that maybe he was wrong She changes his way of thinking She doesn t care about the money or the family name She accepts Seth for who he is and slowly the hard wall that he has put up around his heart begins to crack Maybe he can have a real relationship with her But, what Seth doesn t know is that Tiff has a secret of her own One that she has been keeping from her friends And, it s a really sad one One that brought tears to my eyes When it s revealed, it brings Seth just a little closer to letting down his guard and giving Tiff of a piece of him What will happen, though, when Tiffany experiences a horrifying act that no woman should ever have to go through I think that it just brought them even closer together But, what will it do to Seth This was definitely an emotional ride So many ups and downs to their relationship I was so rooting for Seth to let down his guard and finally let Tiffany in He had such potential to be a really excellent hero He was a great friend and talented musician, but it was his past and his father s influence that kept getting in the way of his thinking He was smart with that brooding intense stare Not one to smile much, but when he did it was infectious And, the whole kissing thing was an added swoon towards Seth Tiffany was such a likable young woman She, too, was a great friend and one hard working chick But, what was in her past was tragic and so not totally her fault She paid the price for it each and every day It was not fair for such a beautiful and talented person to live with such pain I loved their story and was impressed with the author s talent to write such a moving and passionate novel I guess I should go back and read the previous two books in the series to see how each one really came to be a couple Looking forward to reading from this author My heart is your heart Tiffany Chap 37

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    Seth Montgomery grew up believing that ,money , power is all women wanted His dad taught him that so he swore that no women would control him ever Never would get the chance to destroy his heart Cause he had seen first hand His mom leaving and abandoning Seth s family Tiffany Webster for three years she had been falling in love with Todds best friend Seth but she knew that Seth only wanted one night stand and felt like she wasn t his type But one night Everything changes truth comes out But can to broken souls learn to let go and trust and feel again And SURVIVE Loved loved loved loved this book

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    I love love love this story Seth and Tiffany s story is so perfect to end this wonderful series Its kinda sad that this is the last book but what a way to end it Seth and Tiff are so perfect for each other, they deserved happiness after all the pain they went through I love love that the whole gang has come full circle, Im a sucker for HEAs, so Im so happy how the story goes Im looking forward for wonderful stories from A.M Johnson because She is a brilliant storyteller.

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    This was my favorite book in the series Seth is so fucking sexy It s real and raw Tiff is so adorable There could be no one else for Seth She s perfect for him It gives you all the feels You also get some of the other characters in the series I love how they are like a family This tight knit group that are always there when you need them most It s a story of two lost souls finding their way home.

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    O M F G Johnson You.Fucken.Own.Me.This book was everything Seth Tiff s story was absolutely amazing , love your writing I honesty bookmarked and highlighted throughout the entire book sethmontgomeryisLIFE

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    This was one if those books that really made you sit back and take notice It was a love story that was not all that sweet and some things happen that makes you wanna say dang In the end you end up enjoying every minute of this story and it makes you realize how messed up life can be and what you might think is bad is really not that bad These people in this book went through so much in their lives and in the end they came out for the better This was a great story about starting over and getting the life that you were meant for I look forward to reading the next book in this series and seeing what will happen.

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    This book has left me absolutely speechless This book is about healing, accepting, love, and courage Seth grew up thinking that all women wanted was money and power, at least that is what his father raised him to believe Seeing as how his mother abandoned her family.Tiffany has been in love with Seth for the last 3 years But she feels like she isn t good enough for him and with him only wanting one night stands yeah so not her But one night could change everything but can 2 broken people learn to trust one another and Still Survive FIND OUT TODAY received and advanced copy in return for my honest review.

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    Amazing This was a powerful and amazing story, like I always said Amanda you have a gift, this books is dark, and though but very emotional at the same time Seth and Tiff you are in my heart, you are amazing Tiff u have the power I want to be u when I grow up This series has a romantic and emotional story but they are really a family, that has situation and they complement each other I will recommend this book and this series to anyone because is 100% perfect Keep going girl.

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Still Surviving (Forever Still #3) summary pdf Still Surviving (Forever Still #3) , summary chapter 2 Still Surviving (Forever Still #3) , sparknotes Still Surviving (Forever Still #3) , Still Surviving (Forever Still #3) fe71fb3 Hate Anger Distrust It Fed The Animal Status Money Power It S All Women Want Never Yield Never Give Them A Piece Of Who You Are These Were The Ideals That Seth Montgomery Had Lived With Since He Was A Child After His Mother Abandoned Their Family For Another Man, The Same Man Who Took Everything From Seth S Father, Seth S Life Turned Dark He D Never Give A Woman All That Control He D Never Give Them The Satisfaction Of Destroying His Heart Tiffany Webster Had Been Falling In Love With One Man For The Past Three Years Her Boss S Best Friend The Day Seth Walked Into Her Bar, The Day His Steel Blue Eyes Met Hers, She Was Hooked But, Seth Montgomery Was Unattainable, And Only Into One Night Hook Ups With A Certain Type Of Girl A Girl Tiffany Was Not Tiffany Was The One Girl Seth Had Ever Considered Breaking His Rules For, But Swore He D Never Corrupt Until One Night When Everything Fell Apart And Hidden Truths Surfaced When Your Past Hurts So Much It Makes It Hard To Breathe And Your Heart Ache, What Else Can You Do What Path Should You Take To Feel Something, Trust Someone Again Two Hearts Two Souls Align One Shift One Break And You Re Falling Feel This Trust This Survive This

  • Kindle Edition
  • 253 pages
  • Still Surviving (Forever Still #3)
  • A.M. Johnson
  • English
  • 16 July 2018

About the Author: A.M. Johnson

A.M Johnson lives in Utah with her family where she works as a full time nurse If she s not busy with her three munchkins, you ll find her buried in a book or behind the keyboard She loves romance and all things passionate Amanda enjoys exploring all genres and bringing life to the human experience.