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The Captive (Griffin Force, #1) chapter 1 The Captive (Griffin Force, #1) , meaning The Captive (Griffin Force, #1) , genre The Captive (Griffin Force, #1) , book cover The Captive (Griffin Force, #1) , flies The Captive (Griffin Force, #1) , The Captive (Griffin Force, #1) 17343d97127fd Former Navy SEAL Jake Williams Is The Newly Appointed Head Of A Task Force Assigned To Rescue A Kidnapped American Diplomat Their Only Hope Is Mya Amari, The Daughter Of A Notorious Algerian Hostage Negotiator, But She Is Full Of Secrets And Complications Something Jake Takes As A Personal Challenge As They Grow Closer, The Threat To The Mission Escalates And Time Runs Out For The Hostages Can Jake Unravel The Web Of Deception To Save Them All Without Getting Caught In The Crossfire Mya Amari Has Been In Hiding Nearly Her Entire Life To Escape Her Father S Enemies But When Her Sister Is Kidnapped Along With An American Diplomat, She Ll Do Anything To Bring Her Home Including Walking Into The Enemy S Lair She Doesn T Trust Anyone, Especially The Too Handsome For His Own Good Commander Williams, But When All Her Careful Plans Explode Out Of Control, He S The Only One She Can Turn To With The Truth About Her Family Is It Too Little, Too Late

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    I came away from this book feeling almost emotional battered I got so caught up in the story, I felt like I was trying to negotiate for some hostages, right along with this team I enjoyed every minute of it and I m sooo grateful that I don t have to really live a life like this.Jake is a Navy SEAL and is very dedicated to his job and in doing it well In fact, he s so brusque that he has to take a few lessons on compassion and gentleness from his foster sister, Chivonn His mission is to offer protection to Mya, while also rescuing an American diplomat Mya s father has a hand in dangerous business and no one is sure who to trust, who will betray, and what is truth I couldn t help but to like Jake right off the bat, in spite of his abrupt and gruff manner He s someone I would definitely want to watch my back and have on my side Mya is kind of prickly, but once those thorns are removed, a surprising woman is uncovered Within these pages, I found a ton of adventure, many moments of suspense, some sweet romance, and a bit of mystery I loved the quick pacing and the way things unfolded in twists and turns I hope in this series will be written Content moments of peril, kidnapping, mild violence mild romance kissing Clean I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    This is the first book I ve read by this author so I didn t quite know what to expect beyond some good reviews I had read I enjoyed the main characters Jake and Mya, but felt like I only got to see the surface of their personalities and sensed there are layers there Since this is the first book in the Griffin Force series I hope their characters are delved into deeply in future books, as well as other members of the task force There are some scenes with action, but they are spaced widely with scenes of transportation and descriptions of the safehouse and the mission, which seemed vague The technical precision I m used to in the writings of other suspense authors was missing, but it also allowed the plot to not get hung up on details An element of quick romance was present, based on mutual physical attraction It will be interesting to see how the long term relationship plays out throughout the series Thank you to Ebooks for Review for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review

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    Julie Coulter Bellon is one of my favorite authors so I was excited to learn she was writing a new series I love her books because I know there will be action, suspense, drama, romance, fantastic dialogue, and it will be clean This book delivered in all those areas.Jake is a former Navy SEAL heading a group charged with the task of rescuing an American diplomat who was kidnapped Mya is the daughter of a hostage negotiator who they re hoping will help them Mya is a bit upset at first that she s kept out of the loop and she s a bit hostile towards Jake She s also keeping a huge secret that would make a difference in how Jake handled this assignment.Jake was easy to like right away He s handsome, smart and capable He had personal issues with another member of his team that he needed to sort through He came off a little brusque towards Mya, though, so he had to channel of his kind sister, Chivonn, to get Mya to open up to him I wasn t a huge fan of Mya s at first She was uptight and upset that she wasn t included in the briefings so she was cold towards Jake She did grow on me as she warmed up to the team and I learned about her life and family relationships.This book felt like a scenario that could truly happen in real life I couldn t turn the pages fast enough or put it down until I knew how it ended I enjoyed getting to know the members of the team and was excited to learn that her next book will involve one of them I received a copy of this book from the author to review My opinion is 100% my own.Mel s Shelves

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    I feel like I just got off the longest rollercoaster ever There were so many turns and twists and my stomach rolled a few times It was exhilarating I want to go on it again I m glad this is a start to a series I m not one to pick up a book with some politics or terrorists in them and I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed it I can t seem to figure out how to tell you about it and give it the justice it deserves The writing is amazing The characters believable The rifts between Jake and Ryan made me uneasy and I was surprised how that turned out I love that the author added a man who stutters as one of the heroes I enjoyed the romance building and the jealousy added in there was an awesome idea I liked the team building idea with several different agencies and countries involved I really liked where they took Jake and Mya in the mountains It was if I could see it too But the suspense really was, in my mind anyway, going to kill me if I didn t hurry and find out how it would end and would anyone die If you want a book with suspense, a little budding romance in a serious situation, safe houses, team building, some violence, foreign foods, terrorist plots, traveling to foreign countries and hostile areas,hostage negotiations, father and daughter reunions in dangerous situations, than this might be for you I can t wait for the next book

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    I loved this one But I might be a little biased since I wrote it.

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    It is always a happy day when I get to sit down and read one of Julie Bellon s books New releases from her are like Christmas for me Lucky me, I got to read this book over the Christmas holiday so it was like Christmas and Christmas for me This book is the beginning of a new series but still brings the same elements that I ve come to know and expect from Julie Bellon There is always action and mild suspense along with the romance in her books and this book was no different.Jake is all things a male lead should be Strong, brave, smart, handsome and determined to keep people safe He is a take charge kind of guy but he is also kind Especially to Mya when she doesn t really look to deserve it I really loved Jake consistently in all situations.Mya was a bit prickly but it s her moments of weakness that helped me connect with her That and her love for her family.I read through this book quickly and was a bit sad to see it come to an end It s so easy to get wrapped up in books by Julie Bellon She is one of my favorites

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    The Captive by Julie Coulter Bellon Griffin Force 1 4 STARSFirst book in a new series that I want to read the next book This is full of drama, action, mystery and romance suspense It is a clean read but does have some violence.A US diplomat and his translator has been kidnapped Terrorists want money and prisoners to trade for him.Mya Amari is a lawyer in Canada She has been asked to help to get her father involved to help mediate with the terrorists She has not seen her father since she left Algeria.Jake Williams is a former US Navy Seal He has been called in and asked to lead a team to get the diplomat home He has also been asked to keep Mya safe.The danger happens before they even get on the plane You are not sure who to trust Jake and Mya to not get along off the bat I love watching this story unfold It keeps you wanting to find out what will happen next.I was given this ebook to read for free in exchange of a honest review.

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    This book reads like front page news Bellon s knowledge of current events and her ability to write them into an exciting, credible story is first rate.We meet Jake Williams again introduced in Ring Around the Rosie and his task force of one American, two Canadians, and an Algerian woman, Mya who is the key to their whole mission Mya s father is one of the best known negotiators in Africa and Jake s task force relies on her to talk her father into brokering the safe release of an American statesman.But everyone on his team is not who they seem, and Mya also has a secret objective of her own Once started the action never stops The plot is Bellon s special forte and her writing is excellent The characters are multi dimensional, the setting so real you can smell it, and the story full of surprises I enjoyed the book very much and can t wait for Griffin Force 2.

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    The Captive is a fast paced action adventure story that takes us from the US to Algiers as a team is put together to rescue two hostages It felt like something that could be taken straight from today s news headlines, except we get to see all the unexpected hiccups that lead to the happy ending I enjoyed watching the team interaction and watching how they bonded and worked together well, mostly again, hiccups I simply adored Jake the way he led his men and woman , his bond with his sister, his honor and respect for others, his strength and determination to fulfill his mission whether personal or professional Mya was a hard one for me First impressions of her weren t great, even as much as I tried to empathize and remember where exactly she was coming from and what her head space was like at that moment All through the book I d alternate between being drawn to her and admiring her tenacity. to just not quite understanding her actions and wanting to shake some patience and sense into her Despite my struggle with Mya at times, I still felt the attraction and connection between her and Jake and enjoyed how things played out for them.And just sayin , Colt sure captured my attention as well Overall, this made for a great modern day romantic suspense story full of intrigue and excitement, but wasn t overly heavy I listened to this via audible audio book and the narrator did an excellent job bringing the story to life Great voice, great acting I could recognize which character was talking and who s point of view we were in just by the voice inflections I d enjoy hearing stories from him.

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    THE CAPTIVE was a read with some action and suspense, but mostly about two individuals with a lot to lose and are trying to do the right thing While I didn t love the book, there was a lot of potential and potential for the ensuing series The romance built as the two main characters experience some tough things together, which always creates a bond, and then learn to trust each other when they really don t trust anyone.My biggest issues with the story was the probability of what happened and the way things just didn t work for me realistically I ve read quite a few military based romantic suspense and always love how strong the characters are and have to be for what they do Jake definitely fits that persona Just the interactions and the lack of communication from higher up and then how things come about in the end It was all to convoluted to me I mean what Navy trained SEAL would try to stop someone who is a big honcho in his own right when they re under attack to question him and talk when they re supposed to be running to safety They re trained to be quiet and methodical under pressure Then there were other things that just didn t fit along with who these characters were supposed to be Without these issues, it was still an interesting read and I liked the characters overall It just didn t quite give the the consistency and depth I would have liked in this type of story.In the end, was it what I wished for This one gets a 3, which means it was just okay, I could take it or leave it.Content Some violence, but clean.Source Received a complimentary copy through ebooksforreview.com, which did not affect my review in any way.

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