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Snowbound for Christmas (Annie Acorns Christmas Shorts, #9) summary Snowbound for Christmas (Annie Acorns Christmas Shorts, #9) , series Snowbound for Christmas (Annie Acorns Christmas Shorts, #9) , book Snowbound for Christmas (Annie Acorns Christmas Shorts, #9) , pdf Snowbound for Christmas (Annie Acorns Christmas Shorts, #9) , Snowbound for Christmas (Annie Acorns Christmas Shorts, #9) ed3a206c87 Hopeful That The Back Left Tire On His Truck Will Hold, Jack Branson Begins The Last Leg Of His Long Journey, Desperate To Reach His Family S Farm And Surprise Them On Christmas Eve Nature, Though, Has Other Plans For The Returning Serviceman This Snow Filled Christmas Needing To Find Shelter, He Spots The Glow Of Lights From A Small Farmhouse And Seeks Sanctuary From Those Within But Then, The Worn Door Opens, And The Slim Fingers Of Dortha Hudson S Right Hand Twist The Gold Band Around The Ring Finger On Her Left One, As She Ponders The Decision She Must Now Make The Past Four Years Have Been Hard Ones Does That Mean She Should Settle For An Easy Way Out, Or Should She Hope For A Christmas Miracle So Begins This Latest Offering From Internationally Beloved, From Women S Pens Author Annie Acorn Set In Rural, Post World War II Indiana, Her New Novella Draws On Memories Of Childhood Christmases As She Recounts The Story Of Characters Destined To Delight Her Eager Readership Settle Yourself Into A Comfortable Chair By The Fireplace, Sip On A Cup Of Spiced Tea, And Nibble A Gingerbread Cookie As You Wrap Yourself In The Love, Laughter, Family Warmth, Romance And Second Chances Of An Annie Acorn Christmas This One You Ll Reread Every Holiday Season

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    Jack Branson is headed home on leave after WWII It is Christmas Eve and a storm stops him dead in his tracks very close to home but not close enough When he knocks on the door of a farmhouse he doesn t expect to meet the woman of his dreams but he does.Dortha Hudson and her twin 4 year old daughter s greet Jack and tell him he can stay until the storm blows over which means he will be there at least for Christmas day Dortha who is a war widow has been trying to decide whether to marry a man she doesn t love just so her twins will have a father and a roof over there heads Now I know you already know the outcome of the story but it is a fun Christmas story to read The twins are great and so are Jack and Dortha Short and sweet.

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    A Heartwarming Christmas StorySet at the end of WWII a young soldier is attempting to surprise his family by returning home for Christmas He is forced by a severe snow and ice storm to seek shelter very close to home In short, he endeavors himself to a young widow with two young girls that will likely change his future.

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    A refreshing short read 42 pages of hope and love Adds to the Christmas spirit with the winter snow storm, warm and cozy setting, Heartwarming story centered around a chance meeting of a widow and a stranded serviceman returning home from WWII on Christmas Eve A feel good innocent read.

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    Not greatI didn t like this book.it couldn t keep my attention and I didn t especially like either the plot or the characters.

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    This was a waste of time Glad it was only 99 cents but hardly worth that 51 pages Sorry but that was my honest opinion.

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    A good read.I really liked this book I loved the romantic part of the book I would recommend this book to anyone who likes love stories.

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    What a beautiful novella The perfect Christmas story.

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    Great, easy to read Happy Loved Christmas and this book added to the Christmas spirit Good reading and short.Great short stories Heartwarming

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    Lovely Christmas story A poignant, sweet but simple story in a bittersweet time in our past WWII has just ended, the allies victorious, but so many families have been torn apart with devastating loss Ms Acorn has chosen to write a heartwarming story of a chance meeting between a returning serviceman and a woman whose husband died during the war He is stranded with her and her 4 yr old twin daughters by a snowstorm It seems that God has His hand in bringing them together, as Jack and the little girls are drawn to each other almost at once And an attraction is felt between Jack Dortha, easing her fears she would have to accept a man whom she didn t even like in order to provide for her family I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who is a fan of stories that touch your heart

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    Twelve Christmas stories.

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