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Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated pdf Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated, ebook Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated, epub Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated, doc Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated, e-pub Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated, Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated c349fc56085 A Fun Treat For Jane Austen And Whit Stillman Fans AlikeImpossibly Beautiful, Disarmingly Witty, And Completely Self Absorbed Meet Lady Susan Vernon, Both The Heart And The Thorn Of Love Friendship Recently Widowed With A Daughter Who S Coming Of Age As Quickly As Their Funds Are Dwindling, Lady Susan Makes It Her Mission To Find Them Wealthy Husbands And Fast But When Her Attempts To Secure Their Futures Result Only In The Wrath Of A Prominent Conquest S Wife And The Title Of Most Accomplished Coquette In England , Lady Susan Must Rethink Her Strategy Unannounced, She Arrives At Her Brother In Law S Country Estate Here She Intends To Take Refuge In No Less Than Luxury, Of Course From The Colorful Rumors Trailing Her, While Finding Another Avenue To I Do Before The Scandalizing Gossip Can Run Its Course, Though, Romantic Triangles Ensue NOW A MAJOR FILM STARRING KATE BECKINSALE, CHLOE SEVIGNY STEPHEN FRY

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    I was very excited to see that there was a new Jane Austen movie coming out The film, Love and Friendship, was based on the Whit Stillman book, Love and Friendship, which was in turn based upon the Jane Austen novel, Lady Susan Since I hadn t read either of the two books, I decided it would be interesting to read them both before seeing the movie so I could see how the different versions compared with each other ABOUT THE BOOKS Lady Susan, in its original form, is a short novel, told mostly through letters, which follows the schemes and manipulations of the titular Lady Susan Love and Friendship by Stillman is a longer book in which Lady Susan s nephew attempts to re frame the story in such a way as to vindicate his aunt from the vile slanders of the DeCourcy family and their lackey, the Spinster Authoress MY THOUGHTS I am sure this will come as no surprise but, of the three versions, my favorite was the original Jane Austen novel The story was witty and irreverent and had than a touch of Oscar Wilde esque style and wit to it As a heroine or anti heroine , Lady Susan is delightfully wicked and unrepentantly schemes, connives, and seduces her way through polite society My only complaint was that Jane Austen ended the novel rather abruptly Rather than continue telling her story as it happened in letters between the characters, Austen opts to sum up what happens next in a short epilogue Jane Austen never submitted Lady Susan for publication It was published by her family after her death without the extra polish and editing that she gave to her better known works, which may account for the less than perfect ending, but, as far as I am concerned, being so enjoyable that you wish it was longer is certainly one of the better faults a book could have have The Whit Stillman book, Love and Friendship, on the other hand, was less delightful First of all, I have a feminist issues with the book The original is a story about a woman who doesn t feel the need to be likeable or to conform to society s expectations of what a woman widow mother should be Lady Susan owns her life choices, her sexuality, and has no shame in doing whatever she needs to do to get her way She doesn t care about morality, reputation, duty, or shame, and only cares what people think of her when she needs to manipulate them into doing what she wants In fact, she gets away with the most blatant misbehavior partially because she is so confident in her cleverness and powers of persuasion and knows that she can spin almost anything to her advantage Her letters to her American friend, Mrs Johnson, in which she drops all pretenses and actually shows pride in her powers of manipulation, are downright hilarious and a lot of fun to read Yet Stillman decided that this woman needed a man the alleged nephew to tell her story and restore Lady Susan to respectability and likeability by explaining away everything that makes her interesting To be fair, Stillman made the nephew such a blockhead that the original wit and wickedness of the story still shines through but the layer of whitewash the narrator applies to vindicate Lady Susan is totally unnecessary and comes across as peevish and tedious The narrator s constant digs at Jane Austen aka the Spinster Authoress was clearly supposed to be humorous and clever but was just plain annoying instead and very little of the filler content and extra scenes he tacked on to make his book longer really added anything to the story other than length The only time Love and Friendship comes close to holding its own with Lady Susan is at the end While Jane Austen s Regency era morality demanded that the wicked Lady Susan get her comeuppance at the end of the book, Whit Stillman is able to frame things in such a way that Lady Susan gets to have her cake and eat it too If only Stillman had ended his book there, I might have come away with a favorable impression of Love and Friendship but while Jane Austen s book ended too quickly, Stillman s meanders on for another chapter with his insufferable narrator The film version of Love and Friendship seems to split the difference between Stillman s book and Jane Austen s novel The vindicating nephew is nowhere to be seen thank goodness but the excess padding Stillman added to the story dragged and the overall tone of the film was much blander than the original novel with much of Lady Susan s spice and sharpness smoothed away Overall, I am grateful for Whit Stillman and his book, Love and Friendship, for giving me a reason to discover a hidden gem of the Jane Austen canon but, in the future, I will be reserving all my love and friendship for Jane Austen s Lady Susan, rather than waste any of my time on either of Stillman s adaptations.

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    After just completing both a re read of Lady Susan and re watching of Love Friendship, I thought it was high time that I read the movie adaption s companion book It was meant to be read with an understanding that the author has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek and as such I knew it would be best not to take it too seriously I also realized as I barely got started that it was a very good thing to read this book after experiencing the movie and the Lady Susan novella as it assumes the reader is cognizant with both In fact, the whole last half of the book is Lady Susan I definitely recommend skipping to that first and then going back if this is the reader s first encounter with the story.My impressions of Love Friendship the book were milder than I was hoping It was fun, but it felt passive voice than I was expecting I felt like someone was telling me about a story and inserting his opinions of what he observed rather than me as the observer along with the narrator, if this makes sense.All in all, I was glad to pick it up and again, I would suggest it as a follow up companion rather than standalone Lovers of the movie adaption would probably enjoy it most as recap to enjoy.

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    Ostensibly written by Lady Susan Vernon s nephew by marriage in 1858, this is an attempt to vindicate Lady Susan, who, in the original novella, is the most awful mother and an accomplished flirt The nephew claims that anonymous spinster maligned his aunt by making up certain situations and dialogues He attempts to remedy that with his own memories and fails The dialogue is terrible It s stilted and unnatural but in the movie, it s funny The actors can pull it off and make it seem funny The narrator is a dreadful, pompous, bore who inserts his very Victorian ideas into the story While I do feel bad for Lady Susan, being around the same age, it would have been hard for her as a poor widow, to find another husband or some other way to live In the original novella, she s scheming and callous but according to her nephew, Lady Susan and Alicia had their own language and often shared inside jokes any listener would misunderstand Riiigghttt The story is a bit funny in parts but mostly because I saw the movie so I can picture the actors facial expressions I don t think Jane Austen would have written a character so stupid as Sir James Martin She poked fun at people but not people who are truly intellectually challenged, as Sir James seems to be Lady Susan still isn t very likable despite her nephews assertions to the contrary and Frederica comes across as kind of Fanny Price ish This is a so so attempt at fan fiction and I applaud his attempt to go with a lesser known work I didn t have high hopes coming into the movie but expected better of the novelization.

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    29th Dec 2016 Watched Love and Friendship in the cinema and enjoyed it very much 9 10th Jan 2017 Reading the first 22% of the book while always wishing that I could re read Lady Susan before continuing with this version.11 13th Jan 2017 Realizing that Lady Susan is in the appendix and reading 60 100% of the book the original is so much better 13th 16th Jan 2017 Reading 22 60% and getting and frustrated about this silly defender of Lady Susan. He s getting on my nerves And this unnecessary chapters about him and things he thinks are important arghRealization Of course I prefer the letters of the genius authoress to this version OK, maybe reading watching the same story three times in 3 weeks was not the best idea But well it showed clearly how much better her letters are Conclusion Read the original Lady Susan or watch the film adaption of this book instead No stupid narrator and it s so much funnier thanks to the good cast, especially Kate Beckinsale is perfectly conceited and outrageous as Lady Susan.

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    Lady Susan by A Partial, Prejudiced, and Ignorant Historian Note This review is coming from the perspective of someone who has not yet had the pleasure of seeing the movie, Love and Friendship, but has previously read Jane Austen s epistolary novel, Lady Susan TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL Retelling, Epistolary NovelSETTING England, 1794 Surrey, Kent, and London to be specific MAIN CHARACTERS Lady Susan Vernon, Mr and Mrs Charles Vernon, Mr and Mrs Johnson, Miss Frederica Vernon, Mr Reginald DeCourcy, Sir James Martin, The Spinster Authoress, and our narrator Rufus Martin Colonna de Cesari RoccaWHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVEL Only once in a blue moon will an author attempt to write about Jane Austen s Lady Susan I read and enjoyed Lady Vernon and Her Daughter back in 2009 which did redeem Lady Susan and was interested to see Mr Stillman s interpretation.WHAT I LOVED Sparkling and Sharp This is how I would describe the humor of this story The narrative is written from the point of view of a younger relation of Sir James Martin who claims to possess the extraordinary ability to imagine just how everything was, even in those circumstances when he could not have been present Not sure how much of reliable a source Rufus is, but it is clear from his first paragraph he is a bit of a buffoon puffed up with self importance I think Mr Stillman was poking fun at a lot of Jane Austen s characters who rattle, pontificate, and are cut from the same cloth Aside from his pointed and subjective defense of Lady Susan, Rufus s takes plenty acerbic jabs at Jane Austen and the DeCourcy family and how they manipulated and falsified the true history of this story Layout What may not be evident from the book blurb is that this book is divided into two different parts The first is Rufus s narrative of the events, the second is Jane Austen s complete novella Lady Susan with some annotations and such from Rufus So if you haven t had the pleasure of reading Lady Susan yet or if it has been awhile, no need to fret it is included in this tome Even though I read Lady Susan a little over a year ago, I appreciated that it was included here so I could read it again Fleshed Out In Lady Susan, not all characters exchange correspondence with each other There are some characters we only learn about through the letters of others I really enjoyed how this narrative gave readers a fuller picture of all the key players in this story I especially enjoyed the extra attention given to Sir James Martin, Frederica Vernon, and Charles Vernon Helpful Extras Character list, locations list, genealogical table, and numerous annotations I love all the organized and useful extras provided in this book They definitely lend themselves to understanding the story better.WHAT I WASN T TOO FOND OF Sometimes Hard to Follow and Inconsistent Some of Rufus s speeches are a bit long winded and circuitous, which while hilarious in a Mr Collins Dogberry kind of way, they sometimes left me wanting to say like Mr Bennet I have not the pleasure of understanding you Especially early on in the story In addition, I was disappointed that Rufus only had comments on Letters 1 15 of Jane Austen s Lady Susan After reading his snarky remarks and edits for the first fifteen I started to look forward to seeing them after each letter, but from Letters 16 41 they were discontinued because Rufus felt the malicious falseness of Jane Austen s account to be self evident CONCLUSION I think Whit Stillman s retelling of Lady Susan is a remarkably clever and appropriate way to celebrate Jane Austen s selfish, scheming, and infamous antiheroine While maybe not entirely successful in the attempt to vindicate Lady Susan, like Jane Austen s novella, this work was a satirical and irreverent diversion I m looking forward to comparing it to the film Austenesque Reviews

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    I had never read Jane Austen s Lady Susan and wanted to read it I happened to pick this book up from the new release section in the library The pretense of Love and Friendship is that Lady Susan s nephew is accusing the, spinster authoress , Jane Austen of slandering his aunt s reputation and he intends to clear her name His excuses and explanations fall flat and really serve to make her look even devious and the foolish characters even foolish Both of the books were written with a sort of satire and commentary of the deviousness and scandalous deeds of Lady Susan The full text of Jane Austen s Lady Susan is at the end, as the Appendix with snide comments interspersed by the nephew who tried to vindicate Lady Susan This was an easy, quick, enjoyable read I got to kill two birds with one stone and was finally able to get around to reading Jane Austen s Lady Susan.

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    This strange volume was a won in a twitter giveaway along with tickets to the movie I say strange because I don t know who the target audience for this book is To any Austen fan, Stillman s interpretation is condescending The footnotes, which I initially found humorous and very meta become patronizing and irrelevant However, a narrative version of the story would not aid newcomers to Austen as it is no accessible than the original story My biggest gripe with this book, and I very much wanted to enjoy it, is that the narrator is constructed as this new character and he is completely unnecessary to the plot His story adds no value on top of Austen s and just serves to insult the reader The film based on the book was excellent, and a much better use of my time Even better is the original text of Lady Susan, unannotated for the true Austen fan.

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    I m sorry to say I didn t enjoy the book as much as the movie While all nearly all the lines in the movie are in the book, the book has a Collins like narrator who I found tedious My mood was not the best when reading it, so perhaps the fault is all mine I m glad I saw the movie first Barely 2.5 2.75

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    Really glad I did not give up on this book Especially cracked up reading about the semi colon p.132 if we learn to master the semicolon we would expect to be successful in whatever path you chose in life

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    Both Austen s original and Stillman s additional defenses of the story are poignant and the best form of satire.

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