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Two from Isaacs House quotes Two from Isaacs House , litcharts Two from Isaacs House , symbolism Two from Isaacs House , summary shmoop Two from Isaacs House , Two from Isaacs House 08188878 From Author Normandie Fischer Comes A New Romantic Suspense That Takes The Reader From The Hills Of Italy To The Jordanian Desert And From There To An Israel On The Brink Of War With Hamas Rina Lynne Has Never Traveled Far From Morehead City, North Carolina So When She Inherits Her Father S Secret Stash, She S Ready To Kick Up Her Heels And Go Adventuring Before She Settles Down To Marry Her Long Time Fianc First Stop, Italy Enter Tony Aka Anton , An Engineering Geek Conned Into Helping His Israeli Cousins As A Sort Of Spy From The Moment He Meets Rina, He S Distracted, Which Is Not A Good Idea When There S Already Been Murder And Theft And From The Moment Rina Meets Tony, She S Fascinated, Which Is Also Not A Good Idea He S An Arab American, And She S Half Jewish And Engaged And Then There Are All Those Bodies Dropping Around Them, Each Linked To The Gathering Storm In The Middle East

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    Two people are in well over their heads Rina wants to have a little fun before settling for I mean, settling down with her intended husband Tony wants to help a familiy member infiltrate a terrorist group while at the same time extricate a childhood friend from that same organization Neither of them is prepared for the depths of trouble this is going to get them in, nor how being in hot water together is going to lead them to fall in love.I really enjoyed this story The exotic locations, the food, the budding romance between two people who clumsily grope their way toward a better understanding of themselves and their own needs it s just a great ride for everyone, and one I heartily recommend.

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    simmer build to something very special Overall 5 out of 5 starsPerformance 5 out of 5 starsStory 5 out of 5 starsIt all sounds a bit intriguing The drama The suspense The culture of another country The mystery of a murder The one last thing to do before you marry The one things of a father long gone The one trip The one It was all just delicious to gobble down The layers The depth The hidden details There was so much to love about this one Yes, for me things started out a bit slow but it built up and things took off This was a much enjoyed book Listening took it to that next level of oh my The unexpected romance The unexpected murderThe narration was good Brandon Potter did the job well of keeping up with the travels and the country changes with diction, pitch, and tone throughout the entire listen It was clear, clean, concise, and the pacing was good.

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    My So Called Review

    I love a great suspense novel but lately I ve been feeling the need to change it up a bit This past year I ve primarily read psychological thrillers and I love them but I m also starting to get burned out a bit, it happens So I ve been on the lookout for mysteries and thrillers that focus less on the psychological and offer something new I ve not read before When I came upon the opportunity to participate in Normandie Fischer s blog tour for Two from Isaac s House, I read the synopsis and discovered it s a mystery full of romantic suspense and political intrigue which perfectly fit what I ve been looking for

    Rina is a somewhat timid young lady from North Carolina who s engaged to be married Upon the death of her father, she learns that he left her a large sum of money which is very surprising because Rina was brought up to believe that they were extremely poor Financially independent for the first time in her life Rina decides to re evaluate some things She loves her fianc but isn t sure if she and Jason share the type of passion and romance she d always envisioned within a marriage Rina decides to venture off to Italy so she can have a bit of an adventure before settling down to get married What she ends up getting is far than she d anticipated.

    While in Perugia, Rina meets two men on a train One of the men traveling next to her looks to be Middle Eastern and is clearly hiding a gun beneath his jacket The other man is Tony, a very attractive Arab American working as an engineer in Jordan When someone is murdered on the train, Rina realizes that her fantasy vacation is turning vary dangerous As she gets to know Tony better they begin to develop feelings for one another but can Rina trust him Is Tony really an American engineer Is he some sort of spy Or is Tony something worse all together

    Two from Isaac s House is a fun, fast paced story that is full of twists and turns Fischer does an incredible job of making you feel like your right there in the story with Rina and Tony Her writing is wonderfully descriptive and you become completely immersed in each lush and exquisitely detailed scene I also really loved Rina s character, she starts out letting other people her father and fiance control her life but was able to realize the wrongness in that and took advantage of an opportunity to change, for herself.

    The only part I slightly struggled with was the Middle Eastern conflict and terrorist plots I m not used to reading books that have so much of the plot centered on real world issues so it took a little getting used to for me This was just a slight thing though and of a personal preference of what I m used to reading If you re in the mood for an exciting, suspenseful and romantic mystery then Two from Isaac s House is definitely the book for you This is the first book I ve read by Normandie Fischer and I look forward to reading by her

    A huge thank you to author, Normandie Fischer and TLC Book Tours for inviting me to participate in this blog tour and providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    ByCarol Boyeron December 2, 2015Format Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseNormandie has written a brilliant novel, one that is so current with todays world of terrorism, a novel unlike her others, filled with romance, espionage, suspense, and faith in God From the moment she first saw Tony, on a train to Perugia, Rina s heart fluttered as Tony helped lift her suitcase she was taken with the twinkle in his blue eyes and his height, since she herself was 5 10 Although engaged to Jason, there was no passion in their relationship. Rina s trip made possible thanks to money she inherited from her father who had kept her thinking they were poor had made her angry Rina wanted to be free to be independent before she settled down, thus the perfect opportunity Little could Rina imagine the adventures she would be involved in, with terrorist activity, murders, leading to suspicion of those she thought she could trust Tony was involved in a way that caused fear as he fought to keep his identity as a double agent for the Israel s from Rina, and others Tony was an engineer, looking like he was taking a language course from the same school as Rina He was needed to get answers for the cause and the man on the train who was Ibrahim and dangerous Rina had many doubts along with her strong attraction to Tony The plot thickens, twists and turns with heartstopping fear and narrow escapes Relationships with Adam, and Rina s friend Acie, and the betrayals of siblings all made for rich character development, as the tension and changes increases with each one The ending is one you think will go a certain way but does it This book by Normandie deserves the 5 stars it has been getting, its bound to gain in major proportions and would make a great movie I loved this book

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    Amazing how much one could hear, as if the silence weren t silent at all Rina, an 5 10 young American woman, has lived in shadows her entire life Her miserly father controlled her life and forced her to live a life in penury and her manipulative fiance Jason will soon take over Her life is without passion When her father dies leaving her unexpectedly financially independent, she is off to Italy to discover the world before she settles down to marry Jason However, Perugia has in store for Rina than just language classes and exquisite food She meets two men on a train She is unexpectedly attracted to a tall, polite, handsome Arab American named Tony The other man travelling next to her is hiding a gun under his jacket and looks middle eastern While on the train a murder is committed Danger seems to be closing in on Rina and as she tries to discover exactly who Tony is, is he American or Arabic and why is the gunman from the train constantly in her peripheral vision Although she fears for her life and wants to get on the next plane back to the US, her instinct tells her to stay and solve the enigma about Tony This story will keep your heart thumping as the storyline is alternately told by both Rina and Tony This is the first book I ve read by Normandie Fischer and I found it to be a fast paced, believable and intelligent read.

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    Normandie Fischer s latest story does not disappoint Reading her writing is just like enjoying a good visit with a friend I enjoyed Rina s voice, so much like the author s, and I loved following the story of the characters One of the strengths of the book is that Acie and Adam strong supporting characters are introduced early on In fact, I would have like to see the character of Adam developed a bit As always, Fischer s descriptions and settings are great I recently read a blog post about that very thing, that in this fast paced technological world perhaps sometimes we need these longer, slower paced stories to give us opportunity to slow down and savor the joy of reading This story had just the right amount of suspense to keep me turning pages yet a slow enough pace think vacation in Italy that I could put it down when it was time to do what I had to do As always, I look forward to reading of Normandie s work

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    Am I the only one who didn t love this book The reviews on and Goodreads are very good so keep that in mind Here s what I like about the book, Rina and Tony They are a good couple Here s what I didn t like, the spy stuff Tony is not seemingly sophisticated enough to be infiltrating the terrorist training camp for Israel This just didn t work for me Take that out and let Rina and Tony solve some other murders in Italy and this would be a cute Romantic Suspense There is also a lot of dialogue A Lot Of Dialogue I would have liked to have seen of Italy and less talking I liked the dilemma of Tony and Rina s backgrounds but would have like to have seen about that While this book had some positive aspects it was an overall miss for me.Provided by TLC BOOK TOURS

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    Deception, Middle East conflict, spies and romance what else could you ask for The book is well written with great character development I could not put this book down I have read other books by this author and you can not go wrong with her books I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book for this honest review Many thanks to Normandie.

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    Two From Isaac s House by Normandie Fischer Genres Suspense, thriller, romance Time Period Contemporary Locale Mostly Perugia, Italy and ends in Middle EastCharacters Rina American learning Italian in Perugia, Italy Tony A spy, of sorts Acie Rina s new friend Adam Rina s Rabbi archeologist uncle from Israel A variety of terrorists Fun and fast paced, who s the bad guy sort of story that had me on the edge of my seat all the way through Brilliant novel set in a lovely Italian village with food, food, and food, but filled with intrigue, danger and strong character descriptions that will pull you right in.I love Tony, the reluctant spy who just doesn t fit into the life he s living, despite his apparent intelligence Rina is an amazing character Strong, yet vulnerable in ways that are endearing She wants to do the right thing, and heads in that direction throughout But there s a strong attraction to someone she isn t sure she trusts, and not sure about the ties he seems to have with those she deems shifty, including a gunman.Would I consider this a typical Christian fiction book Nope Drinking is an accepted norm in the story, which, to be honest, really is the norm in Italy Some forms of language are used, and thoughts of where one would like another to touch, or daydreams of ways of kissing, and slightly heated kissing There was sleeping in the same bed without physical intimacy But there were faith elements that were honest and engaging characters seeking God and quite a bit of praying Plus, both main characters ponder scripture and faith issues they recall from wise people in their youth I was enthralled with Uncle Adam, a rabbi, who is seeking the truth of Yeshua as Messiah from Isaiah 53 and Daniel Gripping This is my third Normandie Fischer book and each one I ve enjoyed Sadly, the first, Becalmed, I only listened to The narration was pretty awful, and I truly felt sad that her book was so dismally represented Not a choice the author made, by the way The book, however, was great The narration for Two from Isaac s House, was first rate Brandon Potter did an outstanding job Pure listening pleasure Ms Fischer is an author to remember She is quite the writer with descriptions that are perfection Her fresh storylines are imaginative and flow so well that I don t want to put them down Another good one

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    Two from Isacc s House is written by Normandie Fischer This is an extremely suspenseful story about a young lady from Morehead Citiy, NC who finds out that her father had been acting like they were poor her entire life and right after his death she is granted a marvelous stash of money Rina goes for a trip of a lifetime and just when she thought all she had was a boring life Excitement surrounds her she suddenly no longer has the boring life, but is in the midst of murders, murderers, terrorist and so much I just loved how Ms Fischer wrote the character of Rina She s a timid girl from North Carolina always in the background wearing clothes that didn t fit her then in her fianc s, Jason, shadow as he had known her since she was in her early teens and was a well known area lawyer who was very comfortable telling her what to do She has always loved Jason, but never felt the romance and passion, of which she only dreamed about When Rina finds out that she has money, she decides she s going to go on a world tour by herself She starts off in Perugia and decides to take an Italian language course She just blossoms from there The other character I just adored was Rina s new found bestie, Acie Oh she s just too fun to be around and who ever reads this story will hope to someday have a friend as fun, dependable, adorably committed and inspiring as Acie She also helps Rina remember her self confidence just when she needs it most I loved how Ms Fischer could explain the countryside and the grandeur of the different countries that Rina visited I could imagine the wonderful fields, the sandy beach, the center of the city and the winding streets as written by this wonderfully descriptive author I also just loved how just when you thought you knew what was going to happen next she throws in another twist to keep you on your toes and ready to keep those pages turning A beautiful quote from the book is, Faith is like a muscle Use it, it grows Ignore it, it withers Looking for romance, excitement, suspense, mystery look no it s all in this book I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest review.

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