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    Faulty Love I was gifted this book for an honest review I m not going to retell the story because there s a whole lot of story to tellsome things you do need to know is 1 it s a cliffhanger, 2 it s a love triangle and 3 if you haven t read Faulty Family then you need to as this book follows on from that one.This book had like 6 povswe had Nina and her love interest Danny and Scottthe husband, we get introduced to these main characters in book 1 but in book 2 the author brings in another 3 side characters but they are interconnected in the story I did get a little confused in the first 10% trying to figure out where the other characters fit in but after that they fit in really well and those povs are needed to get the feel of the story.If you ve read Faulty Family you ll know there s a lot of culture in this series and a whole lot of detail.it s erotic, passionate and there s a whole lot of temptation, flowing emotions, deep and forbidden fruityum It s also suspenseful and got a political edge to it Do I need to go on..I m not going to say any because it will ruin it so just one click today and take a chance on this new author because he will blow your mind Well done Kaleb on this seriesI LOVE it I can t wait to read book 3 for the conclusion, this series definitely live up to its name Faultybecause you know what they sayLOVE IS BLIND This series really does prove that.

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    I really enjoyed this book I got extremely frustrated with book one, but book two takes the story so much further I could not put it down Much story More characters come to life and we get much excitement I like where the story line is going and can t wait to read I was worried we d stay hung up on Nina and Dan, I love how we re getting to know everyone And the sex is hot, I mean so hot

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