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  • Kindle Edition
  • 182 pages
  • Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour, #6)
  • Cat Mason
  • English
  • 04 February 2018

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    The stage isn t gonna rock itself It was like coming home, being able to immerse myself in the life and shenanigans of the Shaft family again I didn t realize how much I missed them until I was back in the foldsigh.Ireland is a fabulous addition to the crazy train She s badass and feisty, exactly what it takes to survive Cunter and life on tour with the highly successful rock band While they welcome her to the family, she s used to being an only child and has a hard time understanding the concept of family time She keeps her past and her pain to herself She lets her anger keep her fueled and her tongue is sharp, especially when she comes face to face with the cause of her fury And oh what an explosion that reunion is I was tempted to stay clear of the flying debris, but I couldn t resist getting as close as possible so I wouldn t miss a single sigh or curse, touch our taste It was worth the risk, though my kindle was almost a casualty, practically melting with the heat emanating from the sexual chemistry between them.And then there s Jazzy, the boss , the princess who has all those big strong men wrapped around her tiny finger There is no doubt where she gets her big buncha crazy from, along with her love of bacon I loved her hard Though the series is supposed to end with this book, it doesn t feel over to me Especially since the losers of the x rated scrabble game didn t pay up yet I was looking forward to that scene.So far, I ve only read Cat Mason s rockstar series But her talent is very obvious so I m sure that anything she writes will be awesome I m publicly declaring myself a fan and announcing that she has been moved to auto click status If she writes it, I will read it.

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    I so wish I could give this book than 5 stars, actually I would love to give all of the books in this series than 5 stars I m lucky enough to be able to say I ve stalked Cat for a long time and her writing gets better and better This book is so bittersweet because it s the end of a legendary series but it all comes to a beautiful end with this book I must say if you haven t read this series you need to especially if you love romance, humor, mystery and everything in between I am so going to miss my shaft boys, I m a shaft lover for life I would definitely recommend any and every book by Cat Mason Shaftboysaremine bittersweet Tina

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    Cat Mason is one of my very favorite authors with the EW hash tag, and there isn t a book that she s written that I haven t absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED And Punishing Me is no exception Ireland Taylor was a shy teenager, who loved Dominick Bradford But he broke her heart at 17, when he used her and left Now she s the new bassist for Shaft and loving every minute of living her dream The downside is the blast from the past who now goes by Mack, and is the second in command of security It brings all the old feelings to the surface covered in anger and hate Mack finally has the opportunity to prove he s not the joke everyone thought he was, when he s thrown into the top dog position He is serious about doing the job well, but he didn t count on Ireland She s no longer the sweet girl he knew, instead she s angry and self destructive But the time he spends around her, he realizes that they still have a strong connection Will he be able to get Ireland to forgive him I LOVED this story so very much But I have to start with my favorite line which isn t easy with this author to pick just one that got 5 Stars on its very own I almost wet my pants laughing when Hunter says, Dude, someone call the NFL We found the missing air from Tom Brady s footballs It s been pumped into the right side of Mack s face I have said it before, and I ll probably keep saying it, no one can create hilarious dialogue like this author, with her original gift of words Cat Mason s brilliant writing style never ceases to amaze me, and her well placed humor never fails to make me laugh until my stomach hurts so I ve learned to not drink anything while reading any of her books The character development is fantastic, with a hilariously entertaining cast of secondaries A fast paced, HIGHLY addictive , and well written storyline flows perfectly Flammable chemistry simmers below the surface, until it ignites into FIERY FLAMES of sexy scene goodness that leaves ashes in place of panties, and the love is all encompassing, which makes me sigh like a girly girl I, also, find myself a bit sad big ugly tears falling that it s the end of one my very favorite series of all time But for now, once again, I m shouting from the rooftops that I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY and guess what HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL

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    By the standards of many, Dominick Mack Bradford is doing pretty well for himself Working on the security team for popular rock band Shaft, and not just crowd control, nope, he s on their personal security detail Practically living at the band s private compound and overseeing the security of the band s wives and family members while the rest of the band is on tour, but even still he doesn t feel like he s really earned their trust and respect.If it weren t bad enough being the butt of many of their practical jokes and shenanigans, recently the band has added a new member to their lineup The only female member of the band, new bass player Ireland Tyler just happens to be a girl from Mack s past one whose heart he kind of managed to absolutely shatter way back when, turning the sweet innocent girl he once knew into the wild thrill seeking, out of control rocker she is today.Naturally, they get forced together, working in close proximity, tempers flare, tensions ignite, ancient history gets dredged up and, being a Shaft on Tour novel, all of this happens amidst hilarity and hi jinks as the rest of the band and their growing families all try to have a good time.Told from alternate POVs Mack s and Ireland s story is, in many ways almost a coming of age story for each of the main characters Both have issues from their pasts beyond their personal history with each other that they ve never really dealt with, that played into why their former relationship failed, but still prevents either from living genuinely fulfilled lives Both of them need to grow up a little and try doing some adulting.Building upon, without being dependent on the other books in the series, this interrelated standalone tells a singular love story, set against the backdrop of a cast of characters that have been steadily built up over the preceding five books, and serves not just as that singular story, but as a culmination of the series, bringing everything together to a magical conclusion.I ve said before that the Shaft on Tour series is my favorite rocker series I ve read and I ve read quite a few and with this book rounding out the set, I m certainly not about to change that opinion now.

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    Storyline 5Angst 3Tissue 0Value 5Panty Scorching 5Over All Rating 4.5 StarsKindle eArc provided by AuthorReviewed by RobinIreland has joined Shaft and just wants to have fun When she s bored and alone, she just needs to create a party for herself Although they can get a bit out of hand Everyone just needs to chill It s too bad Mack is the glorified nanny of the band When he screwed her over as her first love , she vowed to never give that power to any man again If she can just ignore him, this band gig should go over just fine, right Over the last few months, he and I have had a great silent agreement He stays out of my way and I pretend he doesn t exist It has worked rather well, if you ask me.That is, until today, when the asshole decided to do something nice and help me carry my bags to my car.I have no desire to make nice with him Call it impolite or bad manners, but I see no reason for me to be courteous to the bastard and pretend I have anything for him other than a very strong hatred and an intense desire to relocate his junk from between his legs to between his eyes.Since both heads have to share that tiny brain anyway, I d simply be making it easier to relay messages between the two Mack was pretty much on my last nerve at the end of the last book with Ireland acting out of control I was so happy to see him starting to focus and mature a little bit Jazzie is the BEST That little girl makes my heart sing and she has me wrapped around her finger as well She truly stole the story I loved how the little princess brought Mack and Ireland together Without her bossiness, I doubt they could have even been in the same room for than five minutes Both of them had huge chips and I really enjoyed seeing Mack work to redeem himself.Now it s time to be sad and reflect back on all of the awesomeness of the Shaft books This was a great way to end the series and I will miss my bacon fiend, I mean bacon friend Hunter Love this band

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    Ireland is the new member to the band She s feisty, sarcastic, and doesn t like to play by the rules She also has an unforgettable past with a member of the security team, Mack Mack is relatively new to the band, but has a lasting impact He does so well with everyone, especially the band kids He s a great protector and a huge asset to the band Shaft is on tour and Mack is home with Rae and the kids There s a part of him that wishes he could be with the band on the road, but the stable family life is something he enjoys He also gets to enjoy spending time with Jazzie When the band stops home for a while for a break in the tour, everyone is excited, all except for Ireland She doesn t want to be around Mack because it just hurts for her to remember everything they had and then lost It has been eight years, but both Mack and Ireland can feel the tension, but also the sexual desire As Ireland starts to hang out with the band , she begins to know the wives and the kids better She s really starting to find her place in the band and a place to call home It s everything she never had growing up Mack is struggling with trying to watch the band, but also not to put his hands on Ireland But some alone time together may be all they need for them to find what they lost all those years ago Also, Mack is now going to be on the road instead of Henry since his daughter was just born Will Mack and Ireland finally be able to share a life and love together Or is eight years too long for them to work out Loved this book Sadly, the Shaft on Tour series comes to an end I am truly so sad to see these band members and family go The Shaft family is one that you will never forget I would truly and honestly recommend this series to anyone It is by far one of my most favorite series ever You must begin with the first book in the series, Escaping Me.

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    Punishing Me starts with Ireland, a young musician, being seduced and abandoned by Dominick Bradford Fast forward a few years and we see Ireland as a successful rock star However, she s a bit of a mess, not trusting men but using them quite happily Then Dominick comes back into her life.The first two chapters really captivated me, but then the story became awfully confusing The first two were from Ireland s point of view, and from the story, I thought that her minder, Jared, would be the foil for Dominick But Jared disappeared and then we got Mack s point of view It took me a while to figure out Mack is also Dominick It was further complicated by other characters were coming in with their stories a dad with his kid, a guitarist with his pregnant girlfriend I m assuming this is legacy stuff from the other books, but very often I had to struggle to figure out who was who.Verdict The writing style is superb, and the characterisation wonderful 5 stars for those two, but the name changes and number of people wandering in and out was confusing and that interfered with the plot development ARC given in return for an honest review

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    I loved it It was full of everything I have come to expect and love in a Shaft On Tour story and I m so happy this isn t the end The story itself, was full of craziness mainly from Hunter and his daughter Jazzie who had some great one liners As for Mack and Ireland the story was fun, with a lot of build up due to their prior history together but when they finally worked it out, boy was it hot This has really made me want to go back and reread the rest of the series, and reminded me of what a fantastic series this is, and its one I would certainly recommend to everyone Especially if you love your Rock star romance, full of hot rockers, hot sex, crazy shenanigans and a lot of dirty scrabble.

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    As a reader who s obsessed with rock star romances for the glitzy worlds depicted and the erotically charged interactions that pull you in and intoxicate you like a drug, I m always thrilled to find a new addition to the genre on the shelf Through five previous installments Ms Mason has crafted a series of larger than life characters brought together with the chaotic rock star world as a backdrop that has flirted with readers and kept them coming back for With this sixth release the curtain is coming down by bringing two bruised souls back together from a young love that ended with harsh words Unexpectedly reunited as adults, the pain of the past still lingers, as do their feelings of love, that give them the chance at HEA once again if they re just willing to let go of the past once and for all.Ireland grew up in with parents who were dedicated to their clinical trials than they were to her She was left with nannies at first and later on she was left to her own devices, an adult in a child s body She was a good and quiet girl though doing everything she could to gain their love From good grades to volunteerism she tried to be the daughter they wanted, but nothing she did got their attention It was a lonely existence with the only bright spot coming from the bad boy who made her feel like the only person in the world She felt valued in his eyes and in turn she saw a young man of worth behind his bad boy persona Weeks of happiness got crushed in a moment of harsh words and hardened her heart from that moment on As an adult she s a wild child, flitting from one meaningless sexual encounter to the next in an attempt to keep her heart safe With everyone around her exuding happiness, loneliness is her constant companion with sex, drugs, and rock n roll the balm to her soul With the realization that running from her past is no longer working though, she dives right in to become a part of her new rock n roll family which puts her in close quarters with the man who left her bruised long ago and who has her emotions in chaos once again It s an emotional tug of war, teeming with sexual tension, as each tries to gain control over their emotions when their closeness becomes too much of a temptation It s a battle with lots of ups and downs and misunderstandings A battle made harder because of Ireland s duality When in the spotlight Ireland is an outspoken and hard partying musician, but behind the scenes she sheds a tear or two over what might have been and for what she desperately wants, which ultimately had me aching right along with her as her and Mack always felt a bit out of sync From start to finish Ireland s an appealing heroine with her tough girl exterior and uncensored commentary She appears tough but she s fragile due to her parent s indifference in childhood and their desire to use her fame now You can t help but feel sympathetic as she appears to have it all and yet feels unworthy in their eyes.Feelings of unworthiness is what binds her and Mack As a troubled young man he felt he was never going to amount to anything The only time he felt important was when he was with Ireland, who made him feel like a better man, like a king Fear of the future though had him making a decision that haunted them both for years to come Fate brought them back together but in many ways he still feels lacking and unworthy of her From being the butt of many jokes amongst the band members to being second in command in security, he feels frustrated and wondering what he has to offer Ireland which leads to hurtful words that continues to keep them from their HEA Seeing her flirty nature and in your face sexuality amps up his jealousy though, and in one defining moment, he stakes his claim with the realization of the power of love and that love makes him a better man Mack is a bit arrogant with a commanding presence who doesn t always say or do the right thing He owns up to his mistakes though and in sweet and sexy ways tries to make amends with Ireland every chance he gets He s a strong willed man who exudes badassery, but shows a softer side when playing with tiny diva in training, Jazzie Their scenes are charming as she has everyone wrapped around her finger and he s not ashamed to admit it He and Ireland have a crackling connection, antagonistic one moment and full of sexual intensity the next as seen through their unexpected encounters where each vies for control Through it all I adored Mack and his talent for dirty talk balanced with sweetness and was happy he finally realized his true worth.Reading this book was like coming home and seeing all the band members was like a reunion as each vied for attention They re a rowdy bunch with interactions full of F bombs and naughty talk that you can t help but laugh at Hunter especially kept me entertained and is a character you ll not soon forget in this unconventional group of friends that make a tight knit and supportive family I normally don t care for children in my romances but Jazzie is a mini adult with language and sayings that belie her age and lead to many laugh out loud moments Ms Mason crafted a story with a fast pace that nicely balanced the romance of Mack and Ireland with the ever evolving lives of the band members that fully immersed me in their HEAs from the first page to the last Though this book stands nicely on its own, this is an entertaining cast of characters whose stories you won t want to miss So do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to watch the exhilarating show they put on throughout each book in this series

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    Loved this seriesI hate seeing this series come to an end I have loved all these characters so much I loved seeing Dominick finally get his HEA

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Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour, #6) characters Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour, #6) , audiobook Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour, #6) , files book Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour, #6) , today Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour, #6) , Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour, #6) b31d8 Being The New Bassist For Shaft Is A Dream Come True For Ireland Tyler Sold Out Stadiums And Screaming Fans Are Just Bonuses To Being Able To Play Music She Loves The Only Downside Is It Brings Her Face To Face With A Blast From Her Past And Her Only Regret Dominick Bradford The Second In Command Of Security For The Band May Go By Mack Now, But All Ireland Sees Is The Boy Who Used Her And Left Her Broken Hearted When They Were Just Seventeen Years Old Could This Be Her Chance At Revenge After All These Years, Or Will It Cause Old Feelings To Rise To The Surface And Cost Than She Is Prepared To Give Mack Has Been The Number Two And The Butt Of Most Jokes For As Long As He Can Remember When He Is Suddenly Thrust Into The Top Dog Position He Is Determined To Prove He Has What It Takes To Run The Security Team During The Last Leg Of The Tour The Only Thing He Didn T Count On Was Ireland Tyler The Wild And Crazy Bassist Is Far From The Sweet And Na Ve Girl He Met All Those Years Ago And It Has Him Wondering How Well He Really Knew Her At All Will Mack Be Able To Resist Her And Do His Job, Or Will He Be Consumed By The Flames And Be The One Left Wanting This Time

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When she isn t writing, Cat is spending time with her kiddos, losing herself in a Netflix binge, or reading a book by one of her favorite authors She was born and raised outside of St Louis, Missouri, just over the Mississippi River in Granite City, Illinois Cat writes romance of all kinds with twists of humor She has love of fictional men with filthy mouths, and lives on Bai Watermelon and sa