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    Christian Romance Clean and sweetI loved this book mainly because I like Traumatized heroines for some reason Call me mean but I love when they triumph and this girl did Her husband is still mourning his dead wife and I really hate that trope Big time But what caught my attention was Sugar the cutest dog ever and little Mae I loved these two characters so much And then there was Ray, the butler aka the housekeeper, the cook, the nurturer I loved them all Especially the heroine Annie She couldn t speak but she sure did shout And the hero was so sweet Yes he did mourn his first wife and didn t consummate the marriage but he was a really good man The cast of characters touched my heart Especially Gabe That poor boy I loved him The villain was truly evil He was so mean and he mistreated everyone I loved this book It can be a little religious but I don t mind that There is zero passion but there is romance My younger self wouldn t have read this but I am glad my old lady self did It was really good It just made me realize how old I really am will definitely read the others in the series Not all at once but I will read them.

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    The Bartered Bride is another lovely country historical romance from Lena Goldfinch Book three in THE BRIDES SERIES, it satisfies in a sweet way just as the books before it.Jem Wheeler is a widower, struggling to care for his small daughter and grieving his late wife Annie is a mute young woman, put in a terrible position not of her own doing She s to be bartered off to the highest bidder will her new husband be kind to her Will love ever blossom between them in such a confusing arrangement This was a sweet story It was very interesting to have a mute heroine and see how that plays out in a spur of the moment marriage How a relationship would deepen even with no conversation to be had between the man and woman I found the romance of The Bartered Bride to be quite touching Some moments were so beautiful So yes, of a deep love story It does have some adult situations, so I would recommend to eighteen and up.And there s not only romance, but danger, drama, excitement, horrific crimes, and lessons learned I found myself sighing dreamily one moment, then breathless with fear the next Fans of historical fiction of sweet romance and faith will surely enjoy THE BRIDES SERIES by Lena Goldfinch Overall, a beautiful story Looking forward to I received a copy of The Bartered Bride from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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    I really enjoyed this Very likeable characters in a compelling storyline 4 stars

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    After his wife s death, Jem takes his little daughter on the train to her uncle s home On the way, they meet a young woman in a desperate situation she is about to be sold off in marriage to the highest bidder Without forethought, Jem steps in to help the woman, Annie, and marries her on the spot Love could grow between the two of them, but there are a few complications to surmount before their marriage can really move forward, namely, Annie s muteness, Jem s grief over his wife s death, and revenge from the man who had previously intended to marry Annie The Bartered Bride was lovely I was reminded why I put others of Lena Goldfinch s books on my favorites list Her writing was good, her plot complicated and enjoyable, and her characters deep and like able Annie s disability was very interesting Born unable to form spoken or written words, she learned to communicate with hand gestures and facial expressions, with training in sign language It was fascinating to learn about her disability and to imagine how hard it would be to play guessing games with people all the time Can you imagine not being able to say I love you to your family or ask a simple question Part of the book was spent trying to overcome the communication problems Throughout the novel, readers are reminded of Jem s grief over his deceased wife It would be extremely difficult to lose a spouse, and that was obvious But I wondered what Annie went through Her life was certainly not pleasant and she had baggage from her previous bad experiences I appreciated that Jem found out about those problems and took the time to help her overcome them Overall, this was a fascinating look into history, speech disabilities, and human depth I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sweet historical romance I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Bartered Bride written by Lena Goldfinch Jen Wheeler, a widower, was traveling with his little daughter Mae They were on their way to Colorado Springs to see her uncle Jem gets off at a stop and sees Anne Anne is mute from birth but can clearly hear She is being sold to the highest bidder Jen is appalled The man Creed who purchases Anne does not sit right with Jem Jem doubles the asking price and buys her and marries her right on the spot She is quite the mess all dirty and bedraggled.Although, he was not looking for a wife since he still mourns the death of Mae s mother he could not leave her He reboards the train with Anne, his daughter Mae and an abused dog.The story unfolds from there It is a sweet western romance The story examines the different lives people are subject to in order to survive Each character is a survivor from neglectful or abusive parents Anne with her handicap just wants to be invisible and live her life in the safe background of others Deep in her heart wanting love and a family.Jem has the patience to understand Anne and she too can interpret all his plight The book is quite open to love without vivid sexual explicitness I enjoyed the story very much and feel it could be read by all age groups.

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    The Bartered Bride turned out to be quite different from what I expected, but in a good way Some outcomes I d hoped for turned out differently, but I could see the author s point.This story may appear simple, but it is in fact complex than it seems different themes interwoven to pass across a myriad of inspirational teachings, some easily discerned than others from the story of a man whose life portrayed that the most painful of losses and wounds can be healed, to that of a mute woman whose story showed that there s hope for the abandoned, and that anyone can find true love and be blessed by God These are just two wonderful messages The story is packed with so much , and, no, it s not overdone While I m without doubt that The Bartered Bride can be enjoyed by all, I believe it will be better appreciated by mature minds.Overall, this is another well done work by Lena Goldfinch Goldfinch has become one of my favorite authors, one whose work I always look forward to reading

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    Annie is a woman silenced with a life full of heartache When she was about to be sold to a man with horrendously mean eyes Jem steps in Jem has lived a hard life the most recent of which is the loss of his beloved wife leaving him a single father to his 2 year old When Jem steps in and buys Annie their lives go on a whirlwind of mistrust, miscommunication, and hurtful secrets And all of that leads out to a new life filled with family and closure.I really liked this romance story, it wasn t sappy by any means, and there was no sex The most it had PDA wise was a few kisses which was a nice change of pace Jem is a man filled with doubt, selfloating, and guilt When he gets to know Annie all of that s starts to change And when Jem first met Annie she was a woman trying to blend into the background, She was a shy, mute woman who just wanted a chance to be normal She has never trully felt love before, so the chance with Jem and his family gave her exactly what she was looking for.This was a great 300 page read Recommended for all historical romance lovers.

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    This is part of a series The hero is introduced in the previous book, and I love how Jem s story plays out It is quite some time since the first book and a lot has happened He is now a widower with a child and they come across Annie who is mute Under less than ideal circumstances, Jem marries Annie to protect her Watching their love grow as they encounter big and little problems warmed my heart This story held my attention and was hard to put down I hope to read from Lena Goldfinch.I had a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Jem Wheeler s wife has recently passed away He and their daughter Mae are on their way to his wife s former home Jem isn t sure why he is going there, but he feels the urge to take Mae to her mother s home On the way the train they are on comes to a stop and Jem decides to check on his horse and get he and Mae some food What he encounters changes he and Mae s life forever.Annie hasn t bathed in days, but there is a reason for this She must keep the man she is travelling with away from her at all costs Annie can t speak to defend herself so she must rely on other resources to help keep herself from being abused Annie s mother abandoned her when she was 3 leaving Annie an orphan The family that Annie was with could no longer care for her so now she is travelling with a disreputable pastor who is set on selling her to an equally disreputable man This is where Jem and Annie s paths cross Seeing the transaction taking place and Annie s distress over the treatment of a young puppy Jem steps in and offers to marry Annie and take the puppy with them Needless to say he makes an enemy of the man who wanted to purchase Annie.Annie is amazed that Jem would marry her and take her with him saving her from the man with the evil eyes Mae understands it isn t to be a real marriage, but she is quite willing to be a caretaker for Mae and help Jem in any way she can Jem has closed himself off from caring about anyone since his wife has died When they reach the ranch he throws himself into the work that is needed When he realizes how pretty Annie is once she cleans up he pushes her away feeling disloyal to his first wife Of course the man with the evil eyes is a neighbor of their ranch and it is inevitable that they will see him Jem vows though that he will let nothing happen to Annie or Mae From the moment Annie arrives on the ranch she starts to realize what a special man Jem is By her quiet loyalty Annie manages to win over Jem s young brother in law Ben and Ray who does all of the cooking for the ranch What Annie wants most though is to win Jem s heart as he has won hers This was such a sweet story I loved how Jem swooped in to Annie s rescue Even though Jem was closed off because of the death of his wife he still was able to rescue Annie from her situation and give her a new life I loved the way the author portrayed how patient Jem was with Annie not being able to communicate I enjoyed the softening and awareness that Jem started having for Annie even though he felt he was being disloyal to his first marriage The suspense was sort of secondary to the story of Annie and Jem, but it definitely kept me up too late wanting to find out how the whole story ended This is the 3rd book in The Brides Series with The Unexpected Bride being the first book and Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe, a short story, being the 2nd I recommend all three books They probably don t have to be read in order, but Jem is in the first 2 books so to get a feel for his background I would recommend reading them in order I hope that author Lena Goldfinch will be writing another book in the series as I would really like to know what happened with one of the characters in this installment.

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    This is a very sweet wonderful historical romance about a man who is still grieving for his late wife while struggling to raise his daughter When he comes across a mute lady who is to be bartered off to the highest bidder he is stopped short wondering how anyone could treat a lady this way Annie is lost, alone wondering what this new life will bring her, wondering if she can Indore this life that she is about to be thrown into Jem isn t looking for another wife but he just couldn t leave her as he steps in and marrying Annie she is left with thoughts of what her new world will be like, what kind of man he is and will he be kind to her Can they build a loving relationship, will love ever come to past between the two of them.This is a very sweet story with a new twist of a mute lady trying to make the best of the life God has given her I found this to be a very interesting read and loved how the author spun the story and their relationship learning to overcome issues and dealing with not being able to communicate like normal people This really was a very touching read that really grabs your heart as the author tells of all the trials each have to deal with and learning how to give and love again The author spins a story of romance, danger, excitement as she gives us a story we can really sink our eyes into she teach not only the characters but we are selves need to remember these lessons as well This really is a breath taking read that will keep you invested as you turn the pages to see what other excitement the author has in store for you This truly is a very touching read you will not want to miss.Book Obsessed Chicks Review

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The Bartered Bride (The Brides #3) download The Bartered Bride (The Brides #3) , read online The Bartered Bride (The Brides #3) , kindle ebook The Bartered Bride (The Brides #3) , The Bartered Bride (The Brides #3) fdc3e61f1cf7 COLORADO Jem Wheeler Has Always Been A Survivor He Just Wants To Make A Fresh Start In Colorado Springs After The Loss Of His Wife But Then He Happens Upon A Young Mute Woman Being Sold Off To The Highest Bidder He Wasn T Looking For A Mail Order Bride He Wasn T Looking To Rescue Anyone Either But Desperate Circumstances Can Drive A Good Man To Do Things He Hadn T Planned On Doing When Jem Steps Into Annie S Life, She S Not Expecting Anyone To Save Her Mute From Birth, She S Just Using All Her Wits To Survive All She S Ever Really Wanted Is A Family Of Her Own For Someone To See Her To Look At Her Long Enough To Hear The Things She Can T Say Can Annie Finally Break Through The Silence To Win Jem S Heart Book In The Brides Series Sweet Historical Western Romance A Mail Order Bride Novel A Full Length Novel Approx , Words Each Book In The Brides Series Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Novel, But Reading In Order Will Provide A Complete Reading ExperienceThe Brides Series The Unexpected Bride Sleigh Bells Milestone A Short Story The Baretered Bride