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    1.5 stars Due to unprofessional behavior by this author towards other reviewers, I debated posting my full review out of principle I can t condone or promote authors who attack me or other reviewers simply because we don t care for their work However, would be readers deserve an unbiased opinion, and I wrote this review before negative events took place Let the chips fall where they may I enjoyed Quinn and since it ended on a cliffhanger, I was looking forward to reading this book Unfortunately, it just didn t live up to my expectations.The heroine, Alexis, is largely responsible for my disappointment She grew up the sheltered daughter of a mob boss, but it doesn t excuse the level of her naivet She is so easily swayed that I got whiplash trying to keep up with her emotions She s overly quick to forgive, and her willingness to makes excuses for the despicable behavior of others made it impossible for me to connect with her I like my heroines to have a little backbone Lexi is so fragile that when she hears upsetting news, her eyes literally roll in the back of her head and she almost passes out She s painted as a victim, but I wound up feeling irritated than sympathetic towards her.There are a few plot twists, but they seem far fetched, and the characters reactions are ludicrous Other unfolding events are just plain odd or confusing There are continuity issues as well, including contradictory details of a major plot point J.C Cliff s writing style seems different here, or maybe I just didn t notice it in the first book The language is unnaturally stiff and formal in places, especially given the tone of the rest of book The smell of bacon cooking slams into my olfactory senses My lips twitch with mirth In the end, conflicts are glossed over without any lingering consequences for bad behavior.Overall, this is an extremely disappointing conclusion to the story ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Using my 1 star to vote a big fat NO seeing as I didn t finish Quinn 1 I have no interest in putting myself through the trauma of trying to read this one.

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    5 TeamRambo For Life Hashtags Whew thank you so very much J.C for this AMAZING conclusion to Quinn s story I absoutely fell in love with Quinn in the Blyss series, and then part 1 of his story was intense and powerful, the second part is so emotionally riveting that you will feel the pain written on the page.J.C has always been the queen of cliffhangers, however the eloquence with which she fulfills a reader is exceptional This series has it all, suspense, sex, love, gut wrenching emotions, and a phenomenal story.Do NOT hesisate, buy these NOW and fall IN LOVE with Rambo and his Angel

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    I read both of these books I did enjoy them to a certain extent They are fiction and I never nitpick all the unbelievable details of a book of fiction I basically react to Was it enjoyable Did it entertain me So my review is based solely on those points so yes, they took my mind off of the real world for a spell.Sadly though, in the real world, this author chose to attack a blogger in the most unprofessional manner I have seen in all my years of blogging Not only did the author attack the blogger personally and unprofessionally, but then asked for her followers to attack the blogger as well The author posted some very disturbing posts, and then sent out an apology of sorts that did not even come close to a sincere apology and instead laid blame again on the blogger I read the bloggers original review, although a little over the top, it was not a harassing review It was in fact a REVIEW Which is what authors expect when placing their books in the hands of readers No book will ever be everyones favorite book, and every Author must at all times refrain from bad public behavior I will never condone any act of Bullying.Due to these matters I will not rate the books as I fear of being attacked myself, either by the author or the authors supporters, and I will support my fellow bloggers in this blatant attack upon our community.

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    Holy Shit What A Book This Was, I Don t Know Where To Begin, I Have So Many Emotions Running Through Me At Moment I Read Till 4am, Sobbing At the End I Can Honestly Say You Won t Be Disappointed By It.Carry Straight On Where The Last Book Left Off, You Get Straight Into The Thick Of What Is Going On And Things Unfold And Spiral Drastically Out Of Control.Lexi And Quinn Are Torn Apart And Hearts Are Broken But I Will Say No More Than That I Wanted To Hurt So Many People In This Book And At One Stage Wanted To Cut Quinn s Balls Off I Can t Really Say Much More Than I Absolutely Think This Books Rocks And You Need To Read It And Read It ASAP I Can t Wait For STRYKER S Story This Author Is A New Favourite Of Mine.Reviewed by Donna

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    Quinn Part 2 Undaunted Men JC Cliff5 starsHoly you know what I never saw ANY of this coming I actually had no idea how things were going to play out as we last left Quinn and Lexi in a very disturbing situation Book two picks up right where we left off Let me tell you that I received this book last night and I couldn t put it down I read this book in literally hours yes it is that fantastic Oh deception, deception, and deception I was gasping and fist pumping the air all at the same time due to disbelief and no she didn t moments My entire mind was consumed by the web of lies woven throughout the pages There is one situation though I really want to talk to JC about something that I hope to from a specific character because I had a little twinge of hummmmm there Yes Im talking in code because you all know I don t do spoilers You do NOT want to miss clicking the conclusion to Quinn up Im sitting here trying to figure out what else I can tell you but Im so afraid of letting something out that you really need to experience the train wreck your brain will be in personally and not from me giving you hints on what lies ahead I can tell you that JC has written Quinn and Lexi perfectly Kimber is back as well and we all know Im in love with that sweet pup Stryker and Hunter are in the mix through the story and I loved getting to know them better Stryker is something else What else I learned is that I need and am going to go back and grab up the Blyss Trilogy I had no idea Travis was already out there roaming around in book land I have to know the story behind he and Jules and yes they are both in this release When his name popped up in the first book I just didn t make any connection gah You will be floored, flabbergasted and giddy as you flip the pages of this one I do have to say I need to keep my emotions in check better because I wanted to transpire once things came to light again not to give anything away but there was a lot of restraint in how things were handled hell to the no beat that asshat to the ground Last, I have to comment on the cover Look closely right underneath Quinn s left pectoral muscle oh yes it did Im still on a high from this release lord help us ladies because Stryker is next up and he also had a pup Ranger Yes I know Im ridiculous Atrox Security is one of a kind ladies What a gift LOVE LOVE LOVE this one Thank you for the ARC I will be waiting not patiently for Stryker s story LOL Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

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    This starts right where Quinn left off, so make sure to read book 1 first Not to mention that you really don t wanna miss is anyways, it s been an awesome series Once again I was lucky enough to Beta read the conclusion to Quinn and Lexi s amazing story We have Quinn actually believing Lexiwhat the hell He should really know better, wouldn t you think And remember in book 1 where JC tells you right off that Quinn has his one night rule Well, he puts that to good use, only this time She s been around for awhileAnd she s at the door when Lexi shows upoopsAnd do you know why Lexi shows up Nope, not tellingjust say it s for a legit reasonand I wanna cry once again.This was a fast paced, gritty, no holds barred read please read the warning before readingas there is certain subject matter that could be detrimental If non consensual sex, kidnapping, murder and mayhem are not for youthen you may want to pass this one by as I d hate to see is downgraded for those things necessary to the plot line.In this action packed story we get Quinn trying to do his best to get Lexi home safely There are untold dangers lurking on the trails of the Appalachian Mountains and Lexi seems to find almost every one Twists and turns abide as we see Lexi try to run from her feelings, Quinn try to make her see where he s coming from We get questions, answers, and WTF moments We see the good and bad.Secrets come to light, misunderstandings abound And the end Oh myJC Cliff can weave a tale She makes the characters comes to life Quinn is my very own MacGuyver, only hottersexier manly.Everything you could want with the sexy all wrapped in an understanding, caregiving package He s not intensely dominatingbut he is ALPHA He knows what he wants and he expects you to go along with it He is the leader of the pack.This intensely emotional read will leave you begging for in the Undaunted Men Series.The feelings JC Cliff can evoke with an ex military billy badass and a mafia princess Awe inspiringI don t know how many times I messaged her complaining of my raccoon eyes and running mascara This was a wonderful, heartfelt conclusion Andyou get a taste of Strykeroh yummmmmm while he s not Quinn, or TravisI m sure JC will change my mind LOL5 Spectacular Stars

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    These characters, this writing style and I just aren t compatible I have a difficult time taking them seriously enough to allow me to actually get into the plot or their outcome I m sure many will like it, but it isn t for me copy given in exchange for an honest review

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    Not going to ever read

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Quinn, Part II (Undaunted Men, #2) download Quinn, Part II (Undaunted Men, #2) , read online Quinn, Part II (Undaunted Men, #2) , kindle ebook Quinn, Part II (Undaunted Men, #2) , Quinn, Part II (Undaunted Men, #2) b7c7eeea963f QUINN IS BACK And Pushing The Limits On It All Suspense, Sex, Love, Gut Wrenching Emotions With A Fiery Intense Conclusion To His And Lexi S Story The Alexis Runs, The Harder Quinn Fights For Her It S An Undeniable Truth Bad Things Happen To Good People, And Lexi Is Not Impervious To The Realities Of The Life She Left Behind Keeping Lexi Safe At All Cost, Quinn Remains Unwavering In His Duties, Constantly Putting His Life On The Line, Time And Time Again Two Tortured Souls Are Pushed To The Edges Of Their Sanity And Their Love Will Be Put To The Test Tempers Flare, Emotions Burst, And Love Flickers, But After The Ultimate Explosion, Can Forgiveness Be Found Amongst The Rubble Alexis Needs Quinn Than Everand Quinn Must Decide If Lexi Is Truly His Fate Or If Their Romance Was Never Meant To Survive Beyond His Mission One Thing Is For Certain Neither Quinn Nor Alexis Will Be The Same After Surfacing From The Mountain Trails Now That They Ve Survived The Wild, Can They Survive Each Other