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KAPOW Bad Girls Edition summary KAPOW Bad Girls Edition , series KAPOW Bad Girls Edition , book KAPOW Bad Girls Edition , pdf KAPOW Bad Girls Edition , KAPOW Bad Girls Edition 6ba55641a6 Celebrate The Modern Uprising Of Strong Female Role Models With The Stories Of KAPOW Kick A Powerfully Original Women Super Female Main Characters SUPER Comic Book Worthy POWER Seven Stories Written In Literary Form Inspired By The Classic Tales Of Super Heroes And Heroines With The Bad Women Setting The Stage For The Opening Of This Dual Anthology With Their Wicked Ways, Super Strengths, And Master Plans Of Domination And Demise DS Books Proudly Presents KAPOW Bad Girls Edition

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    This was an awesome collection of short stories Not only did I read the first one and then have stop myself from grabbing the Good Girl Edition to see the other half I had that problem with every story in this book Right as it finished I wanted to continue with the next book The stories are creative, action packed and full of amazing bad a girls doing some bad a stuff If I had time to read I would have finished this book in a matter of hours It s an easy read, the stories just flow along you don t even realize you have read 20 pages until you re late for whatever you had to do I can t wait to read the second half.

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    It took me a while for me to settle into this theme and get the hang of what this was all about, but once I did, I was very enthralled Delightfully awful yet powerful women, wreaking their havoc upon the populace There was such a variety of power types throughout this book, and the women themselves were quite fascinating.It s really hard to pick a favorite story, because they all deserve recognition, so kudos to everyone involved Following is a summary of what I especially loved.Kitimiri by Frantiska Oliver was a great, intriguing story that made me want to learn about the characters and their universe.With Broken Wings by Jae Malone is also a good story, a very strong piece in my opinion.Vibora by Jude Johnson Great storytelling, as well as technically superior, this tale had something new and interesting in every scene, the pacing not falling flat even once It made you interested to learn about this world.Copper by Valarie Savage Kinney This is the first work of hers that I ve read, and it was absolutely captivating Very well told, plenty of action to intrigue you with just enough mystery embedded throughout to keep you wondering about the story behind the story.Overall, this was a highly enjoyable collection, and the diversity of the authors styles is very much appreciated Well done

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    You re not supposed to love the bad guys, or in this case gals, but these stories give you no other option Seven different stories of the sort of women you would see in comic books AND SHOULD BE COMICS, and each story is a different direction than the last Feeling the anger and background of each woman makes them understandable, yet still, jaw dropping events of their wrath wrap each page This is a two part collection, each story leaving on a cliffhanger, which also follows the trait of a comic icon These cliffhangers grab you, making you drool for the next installment I am not sure if you will like the good girls after seeing the side of these bad girls and why they are so darn devilish, but I can t wait to see how these tales turn til the end.

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    This is an amazing Collection of StoriesI started Reading , and literally couldn t stop.i actually burned biscuits because i was enjoying it so much.Each Bad Girl is surprising and amazingthe stories left me hanging and Wanting to know .i don t want to give too much Away, But can sayif You want to read An amazing Set of Storiesabout some Awesome Bad Girls You need to Check out KAPOW Bad Girls Edition

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