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The Head of Medusa files The Head of Medusa, read online The Head of Medusa, free The Head of Medusa, free The Head of Medusa, The Head of Medusa 0972d4015 The Epic Story Of Witches, Gods, And Monsters That USA Today Called A Must Read Continues In The Third Book Of The Elementals Series When Nicole Cassidy Moved To A New Town, She Discovered That She Was A Witch Descended From Gods But That Was Nothing Compared To Learning That It Was Up To Her And Four Others With Mysterious Elemental Powers To Help Save The World From The Titans, Who Would Soon Return To Earth Now Her Relationship With Blake The Fire Elemental Is Finally Heating Up But She Must Remain Focused, Because Typhon, One Of The Deadliest Creatures In History, Has Escaped From The Weakening Prison World Only One Object Can Destroy Him The Head Of Medusa Herself Follow The Elementals As They Journey To The End Of The Earth, Facing Choices That Will Put Their Lives And The Entire World At Risk Will They All Survive The Mission Find Out In The Riveting Third Book In The Elementals Series, The Head Of Medusa

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    Nicole, Blake, Chris, Kate and Danielle are back in this third installment of the Elementals series by Michelle Madow In the first book Nicole moved to a new town and learned that magic is real She also discovered she not only had magical powers but unlike her friends who were witches, she was a demigod The group of five were gifted extra abilities when a comet passed by and then learned of a prophecy and that they as a group needed to help save the world from the Titans who would soon return to Earth The latest mission the group needs to take on is to find a way to obtain the head of Medusa to use to defeat those crossing over from the prison world In order to obtain Medusa s head they need to first take off on a mission to retrieve a sword to use against Medusa and the action doesn t stop from there The Elementals series is an extremely action packed, fast paced young adult fantasy adventure based heavily on Greek mythology There s never a dull moment in the books as the characters take on each dangerous task to try to save the world There s a tad bit of romance in the books but really it s a secondary plot point as the action usually completely takes over the story This is definitely one series that I ve found myself completely enjoying and highly anticipating each book as they come out It s set to be a a five book series and each has been filled with fast paced action so far in the journey It s fun to read about the Greek Gods and other mythological creatures involved and I can t wait to see what happens next after the twists and turns in this read I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.For reviews please visit

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    My heart dropped at his question I d hoped he was going to say something else maybe something about his feelings for me And just when I thought that this series just keeps getting better and better, The Head of Medusa came out to say, SURPRISE BITCH This sequel started out with Nicole talking about her feelings and it was such a worst sequel for someone who s never been a fan of this ship couple, a.k.a yours truly I m just sad to say that this book kinda fail me Maybe I expected a lot I mean how can I not I thought this sequel was about Danielle, my favorite character in this series That she ll finally have her moment, but I was wrong, because everything still spins around Nicole and Blake and I just kept getting tired of it.I also have problem with the sequence of events in this book Since the book was super fast paced and focused too much on the characters, there were a lot of things that doesn t make sense to me Like how easy was it for them to literally run away from a God they tricked, even if we are talking about a minor God here Don t get me wrong, I liked my YA read to be fast paced because it can make me, as a reader engage in the story, but not this time around I didn t need extra information about the characters any since they are already introduced on the first book, but still somehow, along the way, they fell flat on me and the emotions just weren t real for me any.It s too late for me to give on this series already, so I guess I ll still read the next 2 books and I ll continue to hope that it will get better.

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    Dwa poprzednie tomy bardzo mi si podoba y i nie mog am si doczeka a si gn po t cz.Ogromnym plusem jest to, e autorka umiej tnie przypomnia a nam, co wydarzy o si w poprzednich ksi kach Czyta am je jako 3 miesi ce temu i rzeczywi cie niekt re rzeczy pozapomina am Na szcz cie na pocz tku dostajemy przypomnienie.Mam wra enie, e ka dy kolejny tom jest coraz lepszy Cho by o kilka rzeczy przewidywalnych, to jednak autorka potrafi a nas te zaskoczy Akcja ca y czas p dzi Czytamy to bardzo szybko i przede wszystkim nie spos b oderwa si od tej pozycji.Ksi ka ta ko czy si w takim momencie, e ju nie mog doczeka si kolejnej cz ci.Naprawd polecam t seri , zw aszcza je li kto lubi mitologi greck.

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    The third installment in the Elementals series sees our gang setting out on another adventure, this time to Antartica to claim a sword they need to claim the Head of Medusa This is all in an effort to stop the Titans from opening the portal from Kerberos and unleashing their special brand of hell on Earth.Their adventures take them to movie star Flynn in LA where things really start to hit the fan The last third of this book was engrossing and that ending was awesome, even if I did predict who the traitor was and guessed that something was going to happen to X no spoilers here from a reference made at the start of the book The earlier twist involving one of the elementals came out of nowhere and it was a good surprise, but to be honest, I m not overly connected to that character and I m not hugely concerned over what happens to Y.I loved that we had romance in this one as I ve felt it was lacking a litle in the first two books Nicole and Blake are so sweet together and I adored all the romantic moments and seeing their relationship develop Blake is totally swoon worthy I did feel that the plot took a bit of a backseat in this one and not a hell of a lot happens until the fast paced last portion Another thing I really like about this series is the greek mythology and how creatively Michelle has woven the mythology into the plot.All in all, this was a decent continuation of the series, and I m definitely invested enough to want to continue Particularly after that spectacular ending Thanks to the author and Barclay PR for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    This series continues to be a good one I like how this one had a lot action and it got going from the start Which was nice because I hate being bored I m so glad I already bought the next book because that ending was something else but in a good way.

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    Another great book in this super fun, fast paced series The Head of Medusa picks up right where The Blood of the Hydra left off This is the third book in The Elementals series in which the group s limits are put to the test and loyalties are tested One thing that stood out for me was the romance, it most certainly gets a lot spotlight in this book compared to the previous two in the series Some are saying this one is primarily a romance book, I on the other hand wouldn t go that far Nicole and Blake finally decided to make themselves an official couple Yes things finally heat up, but they are still evolving as a couple It was interesting watching them find their way as a couple and trying their best to remain focused on the task at hand I cannot wait to see how things heat up even so hopefully in the next book My next favorite thing about this book was the pacing Michelle is a master when it comes to perfect pacing and makes her stories super fun to read, I had a blast reading this book This is the perfect book to pick up if you re suffering from a book hangover If you follow my blog you know I am a sucker for a good plot twist The big one in this one I guessed pretty easily I was slightly let down, but at the end of the day it didn t make the book any less enjoyable for me.Now let s talk action On one hand I felt there wasn t quite as much action packed moments as there were in the last book of this series As I mentioned above the romance is a bit pronounced in this book, so the action is still there just not as much as the last book However on the other hand, I believe the group as a whole are starting to see some major repercussions of their actions, without spoiling anything for you things are much serious in this one than the first two books To put it bluntly, shit hits the fan I don t want to go into this too much, you know I hate spoilers But there is a MAJOR, I repeat MAJOR cliffhanger, so be prepared I m not sure how I ll manage to wait for the next book with that ending A couple of things to sum up my review Imagine Starcrossed meshed with Percy Jackson, that s The Head of Medusa I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fast paced book with plenty of romance, Greek mythology, magic and fun

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    No spoilers, but I knew it Grrrrr Full review on Lisa Loves Literature later this week as part of a blog tour This one ended up feeling quite a bit like a much quicker read than the first two Not in a bad way necessarily, just seemed to go pretty quick It was something that when you picked it up, you had trouble putting it down The different tasks the Elementals had to face in this book where definitely good ones, and the first one especially was pretty unique, well, compared to other books like this that I ve read And then of course the part of dealing with Medusa, that was great We have our five normal members of the gang, and then we had someone come back from the last book Someone that I just wasn t sure if they should trust him, no matter how much he tried to convince them he was there to help In the battle with Medusa there is a shocking turn of events for one of the five, now six At the beginning of the book we had a little bit of help from a surprise person And at the end of this one we have a little bit of a setback, something that will cause a problem for not only one of the five, but for all of them who have to try to solve this big event without them to help While I kind of had a good idea of what could possibly happen, I didn t know exactly how it would unfold, and I definitely didn t see just who would be behind it overall Once again Madow has written a really fun book, with unique takes on the Greek mythology and putting it into modern day, like the Percy Jackson series Definitely another highly recommended book in a highly recommended series

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    This review was originally posted on About to Read For Fairytale fashions, reads, and visit abouttoread.com The Head of Medusa was as exciting as I was expecting it to be Michelle knows how to write books that just keep you turning pages The chapters are short and always end on a cliff hanger Similar to the prior novels, I m really curious to see where this is going to happen next One thing that surprised me with the Head of Medusa is that the story takes a darker turn than the previous novels I wasn t expecting that I suppose things got pretty dark in book 2, but I wasn t invested in the particular characters that were affected, so it didn t seem like too big of a deal to me Book 3 is a different story There are a lot of parallels to Rick Riordan s series, which may bother some people If you loved Rick Riordan s work and are looking for a similar story, I think you ll love this 4.5 stars

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    3.5 4 FangsI m glad I continued with this series, because these books are continuing to get better This book was a fast paced and action packed journey I blew through this book so quickly I always like how Madow s books are fun and quick reads Some of the events missions seem a bit ridiculous, but this is a fantasy novel, so that is expected I really enjoyed how Madow continued included Greek mythology in this book It was really interesting to learn about some of the heroes, goddesses gods, and creatures that are all a part of Greek mythology It was easy to see that Madow has done a lot of research, and it really paid off One thing that bothered me about this book was Nicole It bugged me that she was so good at everything I felt like Nicole was constantly the only one out of the group who was able to do crucial tasks It got really repetitive and annoying It made her seem like she was a special snowflake, which really bothered me It annoyed me in the previous book as well Hopefully this will change with the next book The romance between Nicole and Blake was a lot prominent in this book I thought they were really cute together They felt like an insta love couple, which has bothered me since book one However, their romance was a lot better in this book because it was lacking the drama from the previous books There were a lot of sweet moments between Nicole and Blake, and I appreciated those little moments I would have liked their romance to have been of a slow burn, but I am just glad that they are happily together now There were some plot twists that I really did not see coming in this book Some of the plot twists shocked me, made me cheer, and some crushed my heart.DARN YOU MICHELLE MADOW Overall, I enjoyed this book The Head of Medusa was a fun and fast paced read I am looking forward to seeing what will happen in book four 3.5 4 Fangs This ebook was given to me in exchange for a honest review MrsLeif s Two Fangs About ItFacebookTwitter

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    I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.This series is so addicting With such a fast paced read, I can t help but keep turning the pages to find out what happens next I love how the plot thickens in the next installment of Michelle Madow s Elementals series She has packed so much adventure and action into this series, and I love it There is always something exciting happening, somewhere new to visit The main characters in the book keep growing closer with every new task they face I am seeing some personal growth in some of the characters as well I really like how Danielle seems less bitchy as the series progresses Nicole is still wrestling with some of her inner turmoil I don t know why, but I just can t connect with her character at all She is very annoying to me, and I prefer the other characters to her While there is a little development with the characters, I feel like they could use a little depth.While some parts of the story were predictable for me, there were a few things that surprised me I am excited to see how these things wrap up in the coming books.I think that the fast paced way that the book is written takes away from some of the details in the book The book is mostly action and dialogue I know that many people prefer fast paced books, but in this instance I feel like the pacing takes away from the world building More details about the world and characters would have been better to me, as opposed to a quick read.As with the first two books, I love the premise It is very unique, which I absolutely approve of I adore the mythology that it woven with paranormal It s definitely not something I ve read before.Overall, I enjoyed this book It flows together very nicely with the second book There is plenty of action and I can t wait to read the next book in the series If you are a fan of Michelle Madow s books, you will not be disappointed If you loved fast paced young adult fantasy, then this book is for you More reviews on my blog The Alchemy of Ink

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