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    I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.WitchWar is the fifth and final book in the WitchBlood Series We thought that WitchHunt was going to be the last book but then Emma gave us great surprise when she said that she was writing another book I guess Jess, Daniel, Brittany, Eva and the rest of the characters said no we re not through yet We still have to say Yeah, will I am hoping that Jess is not through yet and still has to tell us And maybe just maybe she will nag Emma until she tells us of her story Sigh A girl can hope can t she Jess and Britany are back with fun and adventure for us if that is what you would like to call getting into a few fights fun and adventure Jess and Brittany have taken her ten years into the future Jess is still with Daniel and is just as much in love with him as ever if not But she hasn t seen a lot of him lately he has been spending a lot of time away from home on business Eva and Daniel have been doing a little work for Sabastian and the council in London Jess and Brittany are beginning to put two and two together and are coming to the conclusion that something is going that they are not being told about But they are eventually pulled into it without exactly knowing it While Daniel is in London trying stop a war Jess and Brittany take a visit to the States to help out Jess cousin who are witches But they don t get to hang around long when they are drug back home with their investigation When they return home they find themselves in a world of trouble and a few fights During one of these fights or battles they lose someone whom they love very much With this person or vampire gone they don t have a clue what is going to happen to them now What are they going to do Will their world ever be the same again How will they ever survive without this one person who has always held them all together Jess is the same person ten years later as she was before only she has grown up a lot and is taking care of her own life and fighting her own battles now Jess and Brittany takes us on quite a few turns in Witchwar and down some scary paths too But somehow they always seem to come out on top I am really going to miss Jess, Daniel, Brittany, Sabastian, Eva, Luke and all of the other characters in the WitchBlood Series I have enjoyed taking this journey with them and hope to go on journeys with them in the future Yeah I know this is the last book Crying now excuse me while I wipe a few tears from my eyes Sorry about that Emma it has been a very great journey indeed But I hope this is not the end Emma has become one of my favorite authors as well and I can t wait to read of her work in the future I know that anything she writes will be brilliant no matter what it is Reading the WitchBlood Series has been fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who loves to read and who just loves a great story Until next time Emma, thanks for the wonderful stories You are an amazing author

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    Whew I read this final Witchblood novel in one sitting, eager to find out how it would all work out It s a long while since I read the other books in the series so it was good to meet up with these characters again.

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    Love how the characters from all the books came together Nice ending but still would like , maybe a short 10 years later update That would be amazing.

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    This is the fifth and final book in the Witchblood series I loved it Jess James is a wonderful character I have enjoyed watching her growth from an angst ridden teen to a formidable vampire and witch or Vitch as Brittany calls her It s now ten years later Jess and Daniel are still very much in love However, trouble is brewing on the horizon The supernatural world is threatened with exposure Can Jess and the gang stop it in time This story hooked me from the first page and I read this book in one sitting I must admit that I have missed these characters, as they have become friends Not only do we meet with the previous characters of the series, such as Brittany, Daniel, Eva, Sebastian, Luke and Saffy to name but a few , Leo and Brooke from WitchFire also make an appearance.The story took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotion from beginning to end The story is full of action and danger I loved the way the story unfolded there are several twists and turns that surprised me There are also several fight scenes However, there was one that was extremely intense and had me sitting on the edge of my seat There is also a huge twist that I didn t see coming, it left me in tears I won t say whether they were happy or sad ones, as that would be a spoiler I reached the end of the story with bittersweet feelings This series has been a journey into a unique world of vampires, witches and angels It has been an absolute pleasure to read and I am sad that it has come to an end However, all good things must come to an end and I am now looking forward to finding out what the author comes up with next.Emma Mills has written a fast paced story that flows beautifully It is also a masterpiece of originality I have never read anything like it before This author is on my favourite authors list and I will read any book written by her in the future.I highly recommend this YA Paranormal Romance if you love stories with vampires, witches and angels Lynn Worton

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    I am an unabashed fan of Emma Mills and I can t tell you how sad I am to see this series end But I also can wait to see what she comes out with next The characters in these books have been through so much and the reader feels like they have been right there with them In this last book, Jess and her friends are ten years in the future and they once again find themselves in the middle of an epic battle But this time, the stakes are even bigger This time, the supernatural world is no longer hidden and everyone is in danger, supernatural and human alike.Ten years into the future finds Jess much secure in her new life She is strong and confident, although still a baby by vampire standards She is different from the other vampires in existence and this gives her power than most of the others This makes her valuable to the supernatural world, but it also makes her vulnerable I love that she stood on her own in this book She is still with the yummy Daniel, but she has her own life and her own strength now I love how much her character has grown Now she is the problem solver, the one to go in and really save the day.There was so much that was unexpected in this book and I really enjoyed that The twists and turns kept coming and took the story to places I wouldn t have imagined This book, perhaps than all of the others, really brings out the feels There are happy moments, scary moments, frustrating moments and everything in between Love, love, love

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    Full Review at What s Beyond Forks WitchWar takes place about 10 years into the future Jess is fully comfortable in her skin now She s still her strong, lovable, snarky self She s still with Daniel, although he s become quite the working man so, you don t see as much of him So much happens within this book There s lots of the unexpected I love being surprised, and there were things happening that I definitely didn t see coming Whew WitchWar brings out all the feels it made me happy, sad, giggly, giddy, and everything in between This is a fantastic read for paranormal fans of all types.The ARC of WitchWar by Emma Mills was kindly provided to me by the author for review The opinions are my own.

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    Overall, I enjoyed this series and the mc, Jess, grew on me as the series progressed, to the point that I was very fond of her by the end I also liked the secondary characters in this book, witches and vampires, and would have liked to see of the weres, so was disappointed that they didn t make an appearance till the end.

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    A rouge vampire has unveiled the supernatural world to the world can jess and her friends find the only witch who can turn back time and stop it all from happening

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