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Tintenblut quotes Tintenblut, litcharts Tintenblut, symbolism Tintenblut, summary shmoop Tintenblut, Tintenblut 98412f34 The Captivating Sequel To INKHEART, The Critically Acclaimed, International Bestseller By Cornelia Funke, An Author Who Is Emerging As A Truly Modern Classic Writer For ChildrenAlthough A Year Has Passed, Not A Day Goes By Without Meggie Thinking Of INKHEART, The Book Whose Characters Became Real But For Dustfinger, The Fire Eater Brought Into Being From Words, The Need To Return To The Tale Has Become Desperate When He Finds A Crooked Storyteller With The Ability To Read Him Back, Dustfinger Leaves Behind His Young Apprentice Farid And Plunges Into The Medieval World Of His Past Distraught, Farid Goes In Search Of Meggie, And Before Long, Both Are Caught Inside The Book, Too But The Story Is Threatening To Evolve In Ways Neither Of Them Could Ever Have Imagined

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    The Inkworld Mesmerizing, Deadly, UnforgettableMaggie and her father Mo have a unique gift They re silvertongues When they read aloud, things in the book become so entranced by their voices that quite often characters will follow the sound into in the real world That delight often comes with a price Something comes out, something goes in That s how Maggie lost her mother, all those years ago, and how Dustfinger was ripped from its pages Dustfinger spent twenty years in the real world with only a burning desire to go home.Maggie has her mother back but all she can think of is that inky, wondrous world of the adventures and mayhem, the beauties and the beasties, and the glory and the magic She has to find a way in, if only so she can look.Slowly, one by one, the characters find ways to disappear into the heart of the Inkworld will they ever surface And if they could, would they even want to The sequel didn t entrance me in the same way as the first book It kind of felt a bit too long and there were parts that dragged But, the author did such a good job with the Inkheart that I will read anything involving the Inkworld I love these characters so much,Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Tintenblut Inkspell Inkworld, 2 , Cornelia Funke Inkspell is the second novel in Cornelia Funke s Inkheart trilogy The first novel, Inkheart 2003 , was critically acclaimed and was made into a major motion picture released in January 2009 The third novel, Inkdeath, was published on September 28, 2007 in Germany 2011 2 1389 687 9789645668608 21 2 1392 733 9789643697488 2 1393 763 9789643917081 .

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    I really wanted to give this book 4 stars But my conscience got the better of me so 3 stars it is There were some things in this book that genuinely disturbed me, and I m going to point them out..Before I do, though, I have to tell you, I loved the book over all But I m probably not going to sound like itFirstly, there are language issues with this book Farid uses the B word twice, and quite a few of the other characters use the D word a lot The D word was in the first book a bit, but not nearly so much And the B word is what really disturbed me It was completely unnecessary, and brings the novel down a peg because of it I regard this as of a children s book because of the age of the main character, this is why it affects my rating Secondly, Meggie is only 13 and the entire romance between her and Farid is really annoying Not so much that they love each other, but that they re so young If Funke wanted it to be a romance, she ought to have made Meggie at least 16 in this book Of course I think that s still too young, but it s better than just 13 I don t care how grown up she looks Also I don t think that just because the girls in the Inkworld get married when they re Meggie s age means that Meggie would want to get married at 13 or that she should get married at 13 I just really think the whole little romance thing was way overplayed But here s a little on the up side I liked the over all story in this one better than the last The Wayless Wood makes me think of Sherwood Forest Actually the entire story kind of has a Robin Hood feel to it The Bluejay is kind of a copy of Robin Hood Different Yes But it even says that he steals from the rich to give to the poor Now is that original No But it s okay, because Funke manages to make the Bluejay seem less like a copout of Robin, and intriguing to the story.

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    3,5 SterneDer zweite Band hat mir viel viel besser gefallen als der erste Wo ich den ersten noch recht langweilig fand war der hier um einiges spannender und actionreicher.Dennoch werde ich das Gef hl nicht los f r diese Reihe einfach das Alter berschritten zu haben Cornelia Funkes Schreibstil ist zwar wundersch n m rchenhaft und passt daher auch super zur Geschichte, die sie dem Leser erz hlt, allerdings h tte das Buch f r mich dadurch auch so seine L ngen.Die meisten Charakter Entwicklungen haben mir gut gefallen und ich werde auf jeden Fall auch noch den dritten Band lesen, da das Ende hier doch etwas fies war

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    After enjoying Inkheart, the first book in this trilogy, Inkspell was a huge disappointment First, I thought Meggie s character suffered a tremendous loss in her falling in love with Farid She became less independent and less self reliant Their relationship struck me as unbelievable, as well, which angered me to think of kids leaving this book with the idea that relationships work like Meggie s and Farid s Writers of young adult fiction should be responsible Further, I felt the writing dropped in quality Funke did telling than showing, and as a result I had a hard time staying present with the characters.I wonder if she planned to write a trilogy when she began Inkheart Inkheart was just richer and believable This book, it seems like there are too many threads and she s having a hard time keeping track of them all I m hoping the last book will be better.Finally, I was disturbed by the trials Funke put her characters through Prison, death threats, kidnappings the ways the characters handled these, I felt, was unrealistic I think my opinion would be different if these situations didn t strike so close to home Why don t any of the characters show symptoms of PTSD Fighting bad guys just isn t as easy as she made it seem.

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    Einfach nur wundervoll Vor 13 Jahren h tte ich es sicher sogar noch mehr geliebt

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    Cornelia, you need a better editor Your editor would tell you to figure out which characters are essential and kill off the rest The difficulty with the book is that it s written for younger kids, but it is too complicated, not all of the storylines are as riveting as the rest, and there are too many complicated emotions for young readers to comprehend or enjoy The characters are a bit static and thus predictable , as well This isn t to say that the emotions aren t realistic, or that the characters don t act true to form, or that the story isn t well plotted There s just too much of it to be enjoyable In other words, it s too Harry Potter esque to be fabulous.On the other hand, this book is about 200% better than Inkheart It doesn t ramble as badly, it has a relatively straight plotline, and the precipitous drops in suspense suffered by Inkheart are nearly invisible in Funke s second effort The flat relationship between Mo and Resa is balanced by Meggie and Farid, the plot moves along in a confined space and time, and Dustfinger the real mover and shaker in the plot finally gets equal time It s just a shame that you have to read Inkheart to be able to really understand and enjoy Inkspell.

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    I like that the story got complex with the second volume It didn t fall into cliche storylines or plots That said, this book felt really long to me And the story felt rather loose Like not a lot was happening, given how long I spent listening to it I m willing to admit that a lot of that might have been due to the fact that I was listening to it on Audio It was 18 hours long, and while Brendan Fraser did a good job, his reading was a little dramatic for my taste I prefer a understated narrator I think part of the problem is that pretty much everyone in the book is a POV character Not only does it mean there s a lot storylines, but if you know what everyone s thinking and doing all the time, it pulls a lot of the tension out of the story I want to finish the series to see what happens, but honestly, I m not looking forward to another 19 hour slog through an audiobook, or reading a 600 page novel just to satisfy my curiosity.

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    Aviso cierta informaci n en la rese a puede ser spoiler si no leyeron el libro anterior No quise leer la sinopsis de este libro para que no me adelantara nada de lo que pasar a tampoco le la sinopsis del tercero , as que cuando empec el libro fue casi como abrir la caja de Pandora Y no estoy usando la comparaci n refiri ndome a las sorpresas caja de Pandora est siendo mal usada ltimamente , sino que dentro del libro est n todos los males Clich s Olvidos, tramas poco consistentes No, Sangre de tinta es un retrato de todos los males que hay en esas historias que amamos demasiado y queremos que terminen bien Pero ya desde el principio se nota que, para los protagonistas, todo ir de mal en peor en un mundo muy medieval, que se rige con otras reglas y los manejos de un autor megal mano Para evitar spoilers, s lo dir que varios personajes queridos vuelven al Mundo de Tinta o van por primera vez a ra z de la aparici n de villanos conocidos que sobrevivieron a los acontecimientos de Coraz n de tinta y un nuevo lector mago con unas habilidades impresionantes Eso desencadena una serie de alteraciones en la historia y Meggie, ayudada por otras personas, intentar que las cosas lleguen a buen puerto Me encant que se haya complicado El escenario cambia y eso lo hace m s impredecible, al igual de emocionante Qu hay en el Mundo de Tinta Qui n o qui nes lo gobiernan Cu les son sus animales, sus especies C mo es su gente Esas preguntas se contestan a lo largo de la traves a de los personajes y se puede ver que, aunque parezca un worldbuilding sencillo, existe la intenci n de hacerlo crecer Es curioso como el libro de la ficci n Coraz n de tinta y el mundo real se retroalimentan Y tambi n da mucha pena ver c mo los que quedan de un lado y del otro se a oran As que Sangre de tinta est cargado de emociones, tanto de las buenas como de las malas Los personajes se involucran en una trama palaciega que empieza a afectarlos m s de lo que desear an, ya que en ese mundo existen dos pr ncipes o tres, depende de c mo lo miremos que pelean una guerra silenciosa Los personajes merecen un p rrafo aparte porque sent que se trasformaban todo el tiempo Ya no son los inocentes que conocimos en el otro libro creo que todos han perdido algo y se ven arrastrados en una historia que cambia segundo a segundo y no los deja en paz Meggie est en la adolescencia y empieza a tener sus inquietudes, Mo no est seguro de que vivir en un libro sea muy bueno, Farid no es de un lado ni del otro, pero le importan personas de ambos Seg n mi opini n, el personaje m s incre ble de este segundo libro es Mo, porque deja de ser un encuadernador apacible y se convierte en algo m s no puedo decir m s porque es una de las grandes genialidades de Sangre de tinta Hay unos cuantos cap tulos dedicados al crecimiento de este personaje y son los que m s disfrut Por supuesto tengo que nombrar a Dedo Polvoriento, que no para de sorprenderme con su comportamiento adusto pero afectuoso cuando quiere Todo el tiempo dice que es un cobarde, pero a m no me parece que lo sea Cre que este libro se me har a m s pesado o que le encontrar a alguna falla garrafal, de esas que no se salvan con nada y arruina la experiencia de lectura Y la verdad es que no hubo nada de eso Funke sigue cont ndonos las aventuras de Meggie y compa a con una fluidez alarmante, de esas que hacen que nos preguntemos c mo se le ocurri y c mo lo describe tan bien Lo afirmo sin dudar esta saga infantil juvenil es una de las mejores que he le do en mi vida, porque no resigna calidad ni calidez en ninguno de los cap tulos Se pueden inventar mil giros en una historia, agregar personajes geniales, crear un mundo incre ble, sacar ochenta spin offs, pero eso no es nada si no se lo acompa a con una narraci n que guste, con una combinaci n de palabras que atrapen y causen, al menos, la sensaci n de que la autora tiene talento para contar el cuento A Funke el talento le sobra Qu puedo decir en contra Casi nada Lo que me sigue molestando es el tiempo que los personajes viven como prisioneros se pasan todo el libro encerrados en alguna parte y, como en Coraz n de tinta eso tambi n suced a, se me hizo repetitivo Tambi n hay un retraso de los desenlaces porque hay un vaiv n de mensajes que tardan demasiado en llegar a destino o no llegan nunca recordatorio el Mundo de Tinta se maneja como el medieval En un momento me exasper , hasta que aprend a convivir con ello No todo puede ser un xito en el primer intento Me hubiera gustado, tambi n, que las mujeres fueran m s participativas Hay una clara intenci n de Funke por demostrar que en ese mundo que, a la vez, fue creado por un hombre los roles est n fuertemente marcados Uno de los pr ncipes, por ejemplo, proh be que las mujeres lean Esto se compensa con Resa, Elinor, Violante y Roxana, que, a pesar de parecerme est ticas, tienen una vida interior muy interesante.Otra cuesti n que quiero mencionar porque la pens mientras le a es la similitud de Cabeza de V bora, uno de los malvados de este libro, con Lord Voldemort Funke usa frases de la saga Harry Potter en los inicios de los cap tulos es decir, los ep grafes as que esa conexi n no me parece casual No es una cr tica, sino un detalle para destacar Es evidente que los libros de Mundo de Tinta fueron hechos por una devoradora de libros, adem s de una escritora muy capaz Y me result incre ble c mo se trata el tema de la creaci n de las historias Creo que cualquier persona que se considere autora deber a leer esta trilog a El final me hizo llorar, no s lo por las consecuencias de la guerra que se desata, sino tambi n por la genialidad en la construcci n nada se da en diez p ginas, como suele pasar con otros libros Todo se gesta en la mitad del libro y se va agigantando hasta que toca la p gina 657 s , es largo Y termina, obviamente, con un gancho para seguir inmediatamente con Muerte de tinta, cuyo t tulo augura mucho sufrimiento A modo de resumen, Sangre de tinta no tiene nada que envidiarle a su antecesor y es un salto perfecto hacia la conclusi n de la trilog a Y, sinceramente, espero que no sea una conclusi n definitiva Rese a en Cl sico Desorden

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    Inkspell one word, one adventure With a completely original idea, a great plot, and a fantastic overall fantasy, this story s got it made I absolutely loved it Inkheart and Inkspell have become some of my favorite books Dustfinger the clear winner for my favorite character, I have to agree with Orpheus there He can hide his feelings at will, which is very admirable just ask Farid He believes himself to be cowardly, but he will go to great heights for the ones he cares about, such as Farid and Roxane He truly does have feelings, although you may not be able to tell just from his face I loved the ending it made me want , made me want to keep on reading Oddly enough, it reminded me of Star Wars III, when it seemed that all hope was lost and the Dark Side was going to win The Adderhead is immortal I see him as the Chancellor in Inkspell , Dustfinger is dead of which I was so sad , and Orpheus is in Inkworld acting like a stuck up egotistical megalomaniac who owns the world.Hopefully the situation will become better as time goes onin Inkdeath.

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