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    Immortal Moon is a beautifully enchanting and incredibly touching story of the discovery of love and life in the most unlikely of places I literally breathed a sigh of relief and happiness as I walked back into this spectacular world that calls to every part of my heart The mysterious world, the amazing characters, and the brilliant storyline bring such an overwhelming feeling of home and contentment The I learn about the Moon family and their friends, the I fall in love with them, and the I hate to leave them behind when the pages stop turning There is so much depth to each beautiful character, and I love immersing myself in their lives This series is truly incredible Anya is a strong, determined, and beautiful woman who lives her life on her own terms She has had a dark, painful past, and all she wants is to create a future filled with love, peace, and fulfillment Her family knows how far she has come, and they love, cherish, and encourage her to build a life that she enjoys Recent circumstances has brought a new face into her life that she won t soon forget Jarret Campbell lives his life in the shadows with no attachments or commitments, and he likes it that way He liked it until he met Anya that is Something about her calls to him in a way he has never known before He feels a pull that he can t control, and he doesn t want to fight The problem is that his life isn t fit for such a beautiful and independent woman, or so he thinks What happens when two intensely stubborn and deeply hurting souls find each other Will these two find their happy ending, or will Fate decide to play a cruel trick on these unsuspecting souls I didn t know much about Jarrett when I met in Voodoo Mood, but getting to know him has shown me what a beautiful soul he possesses He is exactly the type of man that Anya needs to help finish healing her broken spirit He breathes life and light into her world In turn, she has flipped his world upside down and shattered his defenses, and he is finally starting to realize just how much he truly needs her in his life These two are becoming whole for the first time ever, and they know how wonderful and beautiful it is Challenges lie before them, but they are willing to fight through them for the sake of something better.June Stevens has completely blown my mind and stolen my heart with this magnificent continuation of the Moon series I can t say enough good things about it The characters will destroy your heart and transforms it into something breathtaking by the end This is a story that will live in your soul forever, and you will never forget how you felt or how they turned your world upside down.

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    As a fan of The Moon Sisters from the first book in this series which I had the pleasure of reading earlier this year Voodoo Moon , I was really looking forward to seeing just what June Stevens Westerfield had in store next for this amazing ensemble of characters who from the very first few pages had me truly liking them Loving how strong willed they were, tough physically and mentally yet had hearts of gold even though they all had been saved by Pinky from terrible childhoods, each Moon Sister you feel very protective of and really route for them evoking that kind of loyalty to one character in a series or a single novel is an extraordinary feat in itself but to evoke loyalty to several takes true skill, something I believe June Stevens has.This particular instalment in the series, Immortal Moon concentrates on Anya Moon, the rough, tough, quirky, yet sexy barmaid that is liked by all Back in the first book she had a one time tryst with Jarrett who for better a phrase rocked her world Now 6 months have gone by, Jarrett has been away investigating any leads he could find to the possible proof that his former partner survived her swan dive off the ledge and possibly into the sea missing the rocks below which if she would have hit would have killed her instantly With no leads to follow and nothing to do he reports back to base bringing him back to the city, back to a close proximity to Pinky s bar and back to Anya.Both have thought about nothing but each other, neither looking to another within that 6 months for company, something that is rare for them both..Anya has spent her time fighting in the ring at the fight houses to burn off the extra tension she has felt, winning even though she is a norm, even beating men 4 times her size Because of her superior fighting skills she is often accused of cheating and it is due to one such encounter after a fight when she is running from the sailor and his friends that she bumps into Jarrett who saves her She swore never to be with a vampirewell, not again anyway and for Jarrett never to be with a norm, well not again anyway either.A tale of twist and turn that pulls you in, has all of the makings of an exceptional novel which i truly enjoyed, Thank you June and I really do look forward to book 3 5 Stars

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    Immortal Moon is the second book in this series We follow the middle Moon sister Anya and her budding relationship with the uber sexy vampire Jarrett The book opens just how any book should, showcasing how kick ass Anya is We read about her taking down guys twice her size and walking away from it I love reading about female leads that are like this No one wants to read about some weak female We want ones that can stand on their own Anya doesn t seek out her relationship with Jarrett, it just happens Maybe it was meant to be Even though she has a No Vampire rule, secretly you think she made the rule because she is waiting on a certain brown eyed vampire If you have read the previous book, you read about the two of them meeting Now we follow them as they try to start a relationship Because of Jarrett s job and Anya s apprehension, a relationship doesn t seem to be in the stars When a enemy shows their face, a new path is created that may further end any attempt at a relationship We do get some background into Anya s story She has a tortured past Thanks to Pinky, she was able to leave the situation I loved this book and felt that it was even better than it s predecessor This book focuses on romance rather than suspense Lets face it, we all like some steamy romance Stevens does a great job in creating this story It s not like most dystopian novels, there is still a functioning structure to the city involved She is able to bring in a lot of aspects of pop culture to make the story readable to the readers I loved that Jarrett referred to himself as Batman when Anya asked about his powers Stevens paints a vivid picture with her writing It engages the audience and keeps them hanging on till the end Overall this was a very enjoyable book I was a little sad at the end because it is a cliffhanger I knew it was inevitable but I still don t like them I highly recommend that you read this series if you haven t done so yet I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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    Do you like kick ass heroines Do you like everything paranormal Do you like feel good romance Well, you should stop reading this, and begin reading Immortal Moon The second book in the Paranorm World series by June Stevens Westerfield, Immortal Moon focuses on the middle Moon sister, Anya And from the very first page you get a sense at what a fiery, free spirit Anya is And her strength Because, wow, is she a strong heroine But she s likeable, too And that s something that can be hard to achieve writing a heroine that is both strong and likeable Too often, strong female leads come off as cold But June did an excellent job of giving the reader a sense of Anya s strength, while making her a character we d all love to spend the day with.Jarrett is your next book boyfriend, and it has nothing to do with him being a vampire He just has a way about him that screams for us to love him They Anya and Jarrett make a great couple, and I found myself grinning like a goofball, melting, laughing, biting my lip add any other clich you can think of as I read their interactions June did a wonderful job creating and fleshing out their characters.I read Voodoo Moon the first book in the series when it came out So when I got the opportunity to read Immortal Moon, I jumped at it, and I m so glad I did I love everything about this series The world building is awesome, filled with eccentric characters and paranormal myths and magic It s a really unique twist on a dystopian paranormal world It s neither all one, nor all the other But rather, a skillful twisting of the two dynamics, giving fans of both genres a great read To be honest, I wondered if I d like this book as much as I loved the first in the series and Fiona But I really did Even so, I think Because just when I didn t think I could fall any in love with June Westerfield s world I did And that s such a great feeling.

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    I was given this book by the author for an honest review.It took a moment for me to settle into this book because I had not read the first one, but the author did a really good job of catching me up so I did not feel lost or left out What June does though is make the reading fly by Something about her writing made 300 pages feel like 100 What I liked and disliked most about the book was the switching of points of view Don t get me wrong, I love to know what the characters are thinking and feeling, but I want it in 1st person so I feel a connection That was my only ding Other than that get ready to be screaming WHAT by the end By the end, I was really invested in the main characters and did not want it to end There better be a part two and soon I am ready and waiting now For reviews, go to bbsbookreviews.com

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    I am unabashedly a fan of June DJ, both IRL and on paper I was luck enough to be a beta reader on this novel and it s everything i love in an urban fantasy paranormal romance Anya is a literal kick ass heroine, tough on the outside and strong on the inside I love the dynamic her family plays throughout and let s face it, who doesn t love a little steamy romance with a hawt vampire, amirite Jarett is a swoon worthy man crush and when they come together, sparks fly I can t wait to see what else June has up her sleeve for these characters A worthy follow up to Voodoo Moon, which was one of my favorite reads.

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    loved it want to read

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    My apologies to the author for the late posting of this review Anya has a rule she does not date vampires But after she had what she had with Jarrett 6 months ago, she realizes she hasn t dated anyone When Jarrett is in town for two weeks, she takes advantage of what he offers Anya pushes ALL of Jarrett s buttons, in ways he never imagined they needed pushing by any woman, norm or para When a past case comes back to life, in ways than one, Jarrett must make the ultimate sacrifice.This is book two in the Paranorm World series You really should read book one, Voodoo Moon, before this one Here s why.Voodoo Moon got 5 stars from me, primarily because of the world building in that book It was brilliant, little hints and snippets that took some time to come together, but when they do, it s fabulous There is none, well, almost none of that here You get some, just not enough in my opinion to give you the full picture, the complete picture of this world, post The 2012 Cataclysm So that s what I knocked off half a star.The other half I knocked off was the ending I m not going to go into details, because that will spoil it for you, but I mean, it was proper chuck your kindle at the wall, spit your dummy out, tantrum inducing ending AND I did not see it coming Which is a good thing Had I seen it creeping up on me, it would not have had the same impact.The story itself is very well written, from both Anya and Jarrett s point of view Slightly different, in that Anya has her say in the first person, and Jarrett s voice is in the third So tell me, please, Ms Stevens, do we get of Anya and Jarrett in another book Because I need to know, you know I NEEEEEEEED long emphasis on the E to know 4 stars same worded review will appear on Goodreads, BookLikes, .co.uk, .com, Kobo and Barnes and Noble

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    Sometimes when you stumble upon a great book the second installment turns out to be a disappointment That is not the case with Immortal Moon, the second book in the Moon Sisters series It is equally as enjoyable as the first book.There are three Moon sisters Fiona, Anya and River This book is Anya s story Anya had been living her life working at the pub owned by her adoptive vampire father, Pinky ever since he rescued her as a child She maintains being emotionally detached from men by having inconsequential trysts and never dating vampires Her one true vice is that she loves to fight No, she doesn t do bar brawls, she likes fighting legitimately in the ring and she s good too.Yet, Anya is uncommonly drawn to one vampire He is Jarrett Campbell, assassin for the Black Blade and her sister s best friend Jarrett is in and out of Nash City and on a previous occasion they hooked up Now, Jarrett is back in town, looking as tasty as ever and he wants her to help him fill the two weeks he has off from his job Oh boy, this spells trouble in three different languages.When someone from Jarrett s past shows up looking for a little revenge, he realizes that his desires for Anya only puts her life at risk While Anya is one tough female, she is still only human and can easily be taken out by a paranormal.I really enjoyed this installment Anya is one if those characters you can help but admire She has overcome a miserable beginning and is now one confident, strong and capable woman.Once again, Ms Stevens has crafted a action packed adventure complete with plenty of hot monkey love However, she did leave one doozy of a cliffhanger.

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    Everyone has their rules Anya Moon has one that she always follows Never date a vampire Being protected by Vampire Jarrett Campbell has her rethinking that rule Jarrett has lived a long time and never allows a relationship to develop Anya Moon has him rethinking that rule Jarrett s job as an assassin has him traveling around and so he is never in one place that long He certainly would never become involved with a Norm like Anya Moon Sometimes life takes different turns and Anya and Jarrett finds themselves unable to resist the attraction they feel for each other Unfortunately, Jarrett s life as an assassin comes with many dangers and when his past returns to haunt him, Anya gets caught up in the danger Jarrett will have to decide how far he will go to save her.It was fun watching Anya and Jarrett try to resist their attraction to each other Each was breaking their own rules but love did not seem to care Anya was quite admirable with her ability to fight and defeat even the biggest and toughest of the men sent her way In 500 years, Jarrett has never felt as he has for another woman Anya could be the love of his life But first, the two must survive danger that has come calling How do Jarrett and Anya handle that Pick up Immortal Moon and find out for yourself You ll be glad you did This story has everything you could want hot loving, suspense and danger, and a few surprises to keep us on our toes We will all be looking forward to the next book about the Moon sisters.

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Immortal Moon summary pdf Immortal Moon , summary chapter 2 Immortal Moon , sparknotes Immortal Moon , Immortal Moon 2674242 Anya Moon Only Has One Personal Rule Don T Date Vampires She Never Dreamed The Price For Breaking It Could Be Her LifeIn His Five Hundred Years As An Assassin, Jarrett Campbell Has Never Gone Beyond A One Night Stand With A Woman As A Vampire, He Knows A Lasting Relationship With A Norm Is Out Of The Question But Anya Moon Is Just Too Intriguing To Pass Up A Two Week Fling Can T Hurt As Long As They Both Know How It Will End Right Caught Up In A Romance He Never Expected, Jarrett Forgets That His Life As An Assassin Is Never Safe Especially When One Of His Past Targets Returns From The Dead Now He Is In A Race Against Time To Save Anya But Is Her Life Worth His Death

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  • Immortal Moon
  • June Stevens Westerfield
  • 03 August 2019
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