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    As is usual in an anthology of this type, you ll find fantasy tales ranging from fairytale to sword and sorcery serious, comical, epic adventure, and maybe a little love This collection showcases works from some true masters as well as some still learning the craft of writing, so expect varying degrees of quality Read further for my brief review on each story.GERARD by Kristen KitchellAn epic poem of Gerard s joining in Beowulf s ranks, this work is an utter delight Ms Kitchell has masterfully captured the style and flavor of the original Beowulf, down to scintillating swordfare and amusing alliteration 5 starsNIGHT OF THE LUNIACS by Toneye EyenotA gruesome werewolf horror, beautifully depicted and graphic in detail Fair warning to sensitive readers that there are disturbing elements There are a few grammar issues, but not enough to affect the pleasure of this read 5 starsTO CAPTURE A PRINCESS by Dona FoxFine storytelling with images that will stay with you and an old world fairytale flare You ll enjoy the twists I d have like to see better attention to grammar on this story 4 starsTHE QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN HAMMER OF DELGARD by Roy C Booth and Brian WoodsThe dwares are charming, and the story is everything you want from this genre though length limitation forbade the kind of conflict that makes a work like this edge of your seat Overlooking the rudimentary style and passive voice, this is a fun fantasy adventure 4 starsTHE GRAND MISTAKE, OR THE IMPORTANCE OF READING DIRECTIONS by Sam ReeseFunny, extremely entertaining, and so well written that Mr Reese grabs hold of you, yanks you into this comic escapade of barbarian vs troll, and doesn t let you go until you finish the story 5 starsTHE PHOENIX BURNS by Kat DoughtyA sprawling, delightful story that reads like a flavorful historical and propels you into suspense in its paranormal elements Ms Doughty achieves a remarkable character arc for the length of story she provides Here is a master wordsmith 5 starsMERCY by Edward P CardilloWell written and character driven, Mr Cardillo s story, Mercy, is a painting in words You are dropped into the winter ravaged forest to experience this world with the Indian brave like hero, Arok His tribe is on the run in ancient and forbidden territory, and his decisions are what save his people 5 starsDEVOURED AND SLAYED by Essel PrattA pagan spin on Medieval fantasy and written in a stilted omniscient point of view, Mr Pratt takes you on a somewhat traditional knight s quest but with twists in the success that will leave you breathless This is another work that needed a bit attention to grammar 4 starsVOYAGE OF THE FIREWALKER by Richard RamseyA swashbuckling tale of pirates and a Firemaster of The Order of Firewalkers, Voyage of the Firewalker is an action packed teaser I say teaser because Mr Ramsey never shows us what it means to be a Firewalker, and the ending gives you a taste for 5 starsED THE RED AND THE BATTLE OF MICKELCAERN by Charie D La MarrLa Marr has a way with humor in this tongue in cheek farce where a Norse god ridicules a sect of druids in an effort to rescue the people the pagans plan to kill in ritual sacrifice Prepare to giggle and guffaw 5 starsTHE AMBASSADOR by Brian BarrAn interesting view on the nature of war and the manipulations of monarchs, this story carries a Jonathan Swift flavor Barr is a storyteller with an interesting style There are errors in writing and formatting, however 4 starsTHE RITE OF SEROTH by William BoveA tale of prophesy and magic, The Rite of Seroth is a fantasy that fell short of its potential I struggled with Mr Bove s style, feeling as though his wording led me in a circle around his ideas rather than on a straight path This story also had enough spelling, grammar, and tense errors to interfere with my enjoyment of the story The hero is a jellyfish character, swept along in this tale by external influences and having no depth or purpose within himself 2 starsSHE WALKS WITH ME by Amanda LyonsWow Ms Lyons takes you on an introspective journey of life with a self appointed warrior heroine through the perspective of her scribe historian In a few pages you experience the scribe s life, from childhood to death as an old man, but are not left feeling rushed or unsatisfied A spectacular offer by a talented author 5 starsOBSIDIAN QUEEN, DIAMOND KNIGHT by Roy C Booth and Chad MichaelsThese skilled storytellers present you with a tale of classic good vs evil A knight in literally shining armor, magic, and epic battles for supreme power make for an edge of your seat story 5 starsTHE WOLF LORD by Justin HunterMr Hunter is a beautiful writer, and this werewolf story is hewn from the best words Grammar mistakes within dialogue tags and failures to break paragraphs between characters made for some confusion but overall, the story is edgy and captivating 4 starsNO TIME FOR SORCERERS by Sam Reese and Melissa McDannellA fun jaunt of bored mercenaries against a ridiculous spellmaker, this one is sure to make you laugh I would have liked to see a few well placed commas, but the oversight in grammar doesn t detract from the enjoyment of the story 5 stars Lost Gods and Forgotten Cities

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Lost Gods and Forgotten Cities summary pdf Lost Gods and Forgotten Cities , summary chapter 2 Lost Gods and Forgotten Cities , sparknotes Lost Gods and Forgotten Cities , Lost Gods and Forgotten Cities b83ad3c Tales Of Sword And Sorcery Come To Us Across The Ages, Across Worlds, And Across Time Legends About The Warriors And Priests, The Lost Gods And Forgotten Cities Of Old, And The Things That Were Done In Their Time, Live Within The Fires Of Man The Words Of The Storyteller Who Sits There By The Flames To Speak Of It All With Great Reverence And His Own Special Magic Take Us To Other Realms As We Seek To Understand And To Build Our Own Kingdoms Of Might And Magic The Storyteller Is The Soul Of Man, The Flame And The Wick By Which He Thrives Here Then You Will Find Such Storytellers And The Worlds They Weave With Their Tales Dark And Light, Humorous And Stark, Uplifting And Bleak Heroes And Monsters So Bold They Could Only Be Forged In The Fire Of The Spirit, The Imagination Of Man Kristen Kitchell, Toneye Eyenot, Dona Fox, Roy C Booth, Brian Woods, Kat Doughty, Edward P Cardillo, Essel Pratt, Richard D Ramsey, Charie D LaMarr, Brian Barr, William Bove, Amanda M Lyons, Chad Michaels, Justin Hunter, Sam Reese, And Melissa McDannell

  • Kindle Edition
  • 203 pages
  • Lost Gods and Forgotten Cities
  • Amanda M. Lyons
  • English
  • 20 February 2019

About the Author: Amanda M. Lyons

A longtime fan of horror and fantasy, Ms Lyons writes character driven novels that, while influenced by the dark and gothic, can also be heavily laced with fantasy, romance, history and magic Amanda M Lyons has lived her whole life in rural Ohio, where she lives with her fiance and two children She is the author of Wendy Won t Go Collector s Edition, Eyes Like Blue Fire, Water Like Crimson So